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Chapter 380 – Beheading the Dual-Pupiled

“Is the battle between supreme youths going to end like this?!”

“What is going on? Has the younger Stone brother killed Shi Yi? It’s too blurry, I can’t see it too clearly. What exactly happened over there?!”

The black battlefield shattered, and the fluctuations in the arena became even more intense. Everything was destroyed by the diffusing shockwaves. All of the battlefield’s railings and cornerstone were destroyed.

The supreme experts here widened their eyes and circulated great divine abilities as they observed everything carefully. This was simply beyond their expectations. The older Stone brother used the legendary supreme being bone and even displayed the ‘seizing light from heaven’ that was known to destroy all enemies, yet the end result was completely flipped upside down.

“How could Yi’er lose? How could he die?!” Shi Yi’s relatives from the Martial Imperial Manor were all stunned. Their voices were shaking, and their faces were pale. They felt as if they had lost everything.

Even though they couldn’t see the battle situation, the vague silhouettes and cries of suffering still allowed them to understand what kind of horrible thing had happened.

“How could the dual-pupiled individual lose? During the archaic years, the dual-pupiled individual was known as being unrivalled. Even gods and devils would all be forced to retreat before his presence. Things should not have ended like this!” The golden spider supreme expert muttered while full of unwillingness. A flash of sinister and vicious light flew past his eyes.

Fire Emperor, Stone Emperor, Wood Emperor and some others were using great divine abilities. Their eyes released symbols as their gaze pierced through the light to witness the state of the battle. They couldn’t help but gasp.

At this time, the brilliant light that had submerged everyone’s senses had finally dimmed. Everyone else could now clearly see the situation as well.

“Ah, Shi Yi is finished! Victory belongs to the little one!”

Everyone cried out in astonishment. They were all incomparably shaken.

The younger one’s body was tall and slender. As his long hair scattered behind him, he seemed to possess the grandeur of a monarch that overlooked the world. His entire body was resplendent and covered in mysterious symbols. One of Shi Yi’s legs had been torn off, and blood continuously trickled out from the wound.

Shi Yi staggered backwards. Just now, his body had been locked down, and as a result, he was left in a situation where he had to give up that leg and back off quickly. This naturally led to him receiving an extremely severe injury.

His hair was dishevelled. Right now, he only had one arm and one leg remaining, and blood covered his body. His battle armor was in tatters. His face was now lacking in color and extremely pale.

This deity like youth was currently in a miserable state. He seemed like he was on the verge of dying!

What kind of result was this? When he used his dual pupils, the two were still on equal levels with neither side being able to take advantage of the other. However, when he used the supreme being bone, he actually suffered so greatly.

“It isn’t yours, and it will never truly be yours!” SHi Hao said. His divine might was intimidating as he stood in the distance.

This was a clear-cut contrast between the two supreme youths. One possessed a heroic pressure, while the other was swaying back and forth. As for who was strong and who was weak, the verdict had already been made.

Shi Yi’s eyes were shining as they stared continuously at his younger opponent. Symbols flickered within his eyes as he tried to see through him.

From start to finish, he had always felt that the other side possessed a mysterious aura, and if he could crush this aura, he would be able to see the source of the power. Shi Yi believed that Shi Hao might have some kind of astonishing divine artifact that allowed him to separate himself from everything.

As a result, he also used his own divine precious artifact — the Void Halberd as a precaution. However, he found that he was left gravely mistaken!

“Reborn… Supreme Being Bone!” Shi Yi’s eyes seemed to have lightning running through them. He released a roar that was full of pain and unwillingness. His judgment had actually been mistaken!

The older Stone brother had finally understood how gravely wrong he was!

He wanted to use that true bone to kill his younger opponent, ending this fight in the cruelist way possible. He was going to use the supreme being bone to obliterate his last connection to Shi Hao, yet he never expected that this would lead to this bitter consequence.

Who could have thought that the younger stone brother’s natural gifts were so great that the supreme being bone would be reborn! Once it was activated, the reborn true bone’s aura flooded the heavens and completely restrained the former true bone!

After thinking it all over, Shi Yi became filled with agony. He had chosen his own route of defeat. If he had used the dual-pupils’ power to fight, it wouldn’t have ended like this.

“After stealing my bone, it seems like this is all you are capable of!” Shi Hao said. His voice was ice cold. These words seemed to descend like a sharp sword into Shi Yi’s mind, making his body tremble. He immediately spat out a mouthful of blood.

Right now, not only was Shi Yi’s body in intense pain, his heart was suffering from an even greater humiliation. He was a dual-pupiled individual that was unrivalled during the ancient years. He represented an undefeated legend, so how could he be weaker than anyone else in this world?!

The domain embodiment’s face was extremely unpleasant. Two battlefields were destroyed in succession, something that was truly unprecedented. With a honglong sound, an even more ancient and magnificent stage appeared.

It was ashy-brown in color and formed from fragments of stars. The most crucial part was that there were ancient patterns of gods and devils carved in here, making it an elite location out of the deity-level stages.

“This won’t do. The dual-pupiled individual cannot lose. I have to change this result,” said the golden spider in a low voice. He looked towards his clansmen and spoke softly.

By now, the crowd outside the battlefield had long erupted into commotion. If nothing unexpected happened, this battle was going to come to an end. Shi Yi was at a clear disadvantage. Without an arm and a leg, it was practically impossible to make a comeback.

There shouldn’t be any suspense left in this battle!

“Shi Yi has lost. No, he is my Heaven Mending Sect’s disciple, so how could he be defeated? This shouldn’t be the result!” A chilly light flashed through Grandma Xihua’s eyes.

An elder appeared in another direction. White hair scattered down his tall, bronze figure. Eyes that were like golden lamps shone from his head. Even though his age was great, he was full of vigor and vitality. When he spoke, it sounded like the ringing of a copper bell.

“We did not find where he is located. It’s difficult to locate his physical body,” the elder said.

“Grandma, you have acted a bit excessively. Why don’t you just let it go?” When the quiet and elegant fairy Yue Chan heard this, she frowned. A bit of discontent appeared on her pure-white and sparkling face.

“Young miss, this does not concern you.” Grandma Xihua left for the distant skies, where she then quietly talked to that elder.

Grandma Xihua began to talk to him privately. “Elder Zhong, did you bring the forbidden artifact? Prepare to take action. The younger Stone brother decided not to enter my sect, so he will become a huge problem in the future. Rather than allowing him to grow up, it’s best if we interfere and take his life now.”

“Wu, this is the Sky Battlefield after all. Even if we brought the sect’s ancient precious artifact, it might not necessarily work. There is a certain amount of risk involved.” A golden ripple rang through Elder Zhong’s eyes. His voice sounded like the grinding of metal.

“The younger brother cannot be allowed to win. Shi Yi is entering my sect, so no matter what, he cannot lose!” A vicious light flashed through Grandma Xihua’s eyes. Her tone was incomparably resolute.

A divine flame burned in the horizon. A male was situated at its center. Scarlet flames jumped within his eyes, and scenes of the stars in the heavens being burned down could be seen. As he overlooked the Sky Battlefield, he said to himself, “These  supreme youths are both extremely powerful. I am shocked.”

“Senior, are we still going to take action?” One of the pure-blooded creatures behind him spoke.

“These two individuals cannot peacefully coexist. Moreover, some unforeseen changes might take place. Let’s wait for now!” The ‘senior’ spoke.

The ashy brown battlefield was grand and vast. As it situated itself in the sky, a faint mist curled up about it. Both parties stood at opposing ends while circulating their terrifying energy.

In reality, there was no suspense left in this battle. Not much action could still take place.

“Let’s end this!” Shi Hao shouted.

Shi Yi was silent. Could he even fight at this point? His body was in tatters, losing an arm and a leg. His expenditure of essence energy had been severe, to a point where it was practically dried up.

“I’m unwilling!” He said to himself. He had not utilized the dual-pupils’ most profound mystery, which was also his greatest trump card. However, did he even have the energy left at this point?

He felt great remorse. Why did he have to use the supreme being bone and push himself onto a path of no return? If it wasn’t for that decision, it might not have ended like this.

Regardless, he still had to make a last stand. If he could display the dual-pupils’ greatest divine might, he still had a chance. Shi Yi roared. His entire body lit up as he began to risk it all.

Those eyes were incomparably terrifying. Shocking scenes of the sun and stars falling from the heavens emerged, and the power to change everything erupted.

The older Stone brother’s eyes were shedding blood. He wanted to forcefully activate the dual-pupils’ divine might, but he had exhausted too much energy, and it was difficult to activate. This left him with even more remorse.

“I am unwilling! I, Shi Yi, will not be weaker than another in this life!” He roared.

“You’ve lost. You’ve brought disaster upon yourself when you stole my power!” Shi Hao’s cold voice smashed down on Shi Yi’s ears.


Shi Hao’s chest released precious light, and the world was once again submerged under symbols. The chanting of sutras sounded. Everyone could vaguely see a small supreme golden figure sitting there that seemed to be chanting incantations.

This time, the heavens fell and the earth cracked apart. Ghosts weeped and gods howled. Mysterious symbols flew out from Shi Hao’s chest one after another; this power was just too powerful. The spectators all felt their legs go weak.

Even the supreme experts were feeling great fear. They did not know what kind of mysterious force this was. It was clearly not seizing light from heaven, but even they couldn’t see through it. They were all greatly shaken.


Shi Yi roared and rushed forward. He used the most powerful strength to face his younger clan brother’s attack. He did not want to be defeated.

However, the result had already been decided. The younger brother was incomparably terrifying. Terrifying streaks of divine energy continuously descended from his body, crushing everything. There was nothing that could stop it.


With just a single strike, half of Shi Yi’s body split open. His body could not withstand this pressure and was about to fall apart.


Within the dazzling light, everyone saw Shi Hao, who was like a revived natural born supreme being. A fist pierced through Shi Yi’s body, creating an enormous bloody hole that went from one end to the other. Blood dyed the sky red.


In the distance, the golden spider released a low shout from the Demonic Spirit Lake’s party. Several fine spider hairs flew out. They were all golden in color. These were items left behind by the clan’s deities and regarded as secret ancestral artifacts.


The Sky Battlefield gently trembled. The mysterious spider hairs that had been refined for endless years disappeared without a trace. They penetrated inside and shot towards Shi Hao’s body.

The spider hairs were as thin as silk and left no traces. Within the ancient era, they were known as one of the most terrifying hidden killing weapons and impossible to defend effectively against. They were left behind by true deities, so they were naturally even more horrifying.

Shi Hao felt stabs of pain on his body’s surface and released a loud roar. His chest flowed with symbols and scoured his body to block that area. He suddenly turned around and looked towards the Demonic Spirit Lake with ice cold eyes.


At the same time, with a ferocious movement and a pu sound, he tore off another portion of Shi Yi’s body. The remaining arm was also ripped off.

Everyone was completely astonished. Shi Hao’s valiant might was unstoppable. Currently, he was like a supreme demonic god that killed all enemies.

In the Demonic Spirit Lake’s direction, the golden spider’s expression went rigid. After being swept by Shi Hao’s gaze, his entire body went cold. Many creatures felt their scalps become numb. It wasn’t able to change the state of the battle.

“Who dares to disturb the battlefield?” The domain embodiment’s face sank. He took large steps out towards the Demonic Spirit Lake’s direction.

“Go!” Grandma Xihua said in a low voice.

Elder Zhong’s pupils flickered with golden symbols. While in the sky, he activated an ancient forbidden precious artifact. A strand of mysterious force silently slipped into the battlefield.

“This is a curse that leaves no traces. It kills without any form. However, I wonder if it will be effective within the deity-level battlefield.” Elder Zhong’s old face revealed a trace of worry.

In the next moment, Shi Hao’s body suddenly trembled within the Sky Battlefield. His eyes seemed to have gone listless, and he almost fell there. It was as if his soul had been destroyed.

“It worked!” Grandma Xihua exulted. She clenched her fists in secret.

This was the power of an unparalleled great sect that crossed several major regions. They possessed many strange precious artifacts that showed effectiveness even within the Sky Battlefield.

“No way! Something is wrong with the young one. Is the situation going to turn around?” Everyone was shocked as they watched everything with disbelief.

Meanwhile, Shi Yi, whose entire body was splitting apart, released a low roar. His eyes shone, about to release a fatal attack. He then stood up.


Suddenly, Shi Hao moved. Expression returned to his eyes. He shot a deep look at Grandma Xihua’s location that was bursting with anger and killing intent.

The younger Stone brother’s chest lit up, surrounding him within a mysterious force. A supreme aura pervaded the air. The supreme being bone released its divine might, and the light waves that proliferated, trapping Shi Yi in place.

“It’s over!” He said softly.

Shi Yi was unresigned. His eyes shone and did everything they could to activate the greatest mysteries of the dual-pupils. Unfortunately, even though the will was there, he didn’t have the strength.

“I am unwilling! I, Shi Yi, will never be weaker than another!” He roared loudly. It was just one mistake, yet he had to pay the price in blood.


The younger brother’s palm slammed over. An enormous pressure swept over. Shi Yi’s eyes were trickling with blood, and with a pa sound, one eye was blasted out.


Shi Hao did not hesitate. His supreme being bone shone, and an unrivalled destructive energy flowed through his body from head to toe.

His left hand held several Soul Shattering Needles, and his other hand held a Soul Suppressing Pagoda. Together with the mysterious supreme being force, they smashed down together. With a hong sound, Shi Yi was killed, his body exploding on the spot.

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