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Chapter 377 – Life and Death Decided Through a Divine Ability

Shi Yi flew out backwards, shattering a large amount of the faint golden cornerstone. The Sky Battlefield was in a state of destruction. After suffering the attacks of both individuals, the stage was falling apart.


Shi Hao chased after him. He trampled down ferociously with a seemingly golden sole, bringing forth a dazzling light. It landed on the ground, shattering that area and causing rocks to fly everywhere.

Shi Yi stuck close to the ground as he weaved left and right, as if he was a flood dragon. He dodged the sharp streaks of light within the broken Sky Battlefield.

With a stomp of his feet, Shi Hao shot into the air and pursued viciously. He was so fast that he was like a demon, quickly appearing not far from where Shi Yi was. He smashed his fist outwards, and despite his peaceful and calm appearance, the attack caused the entire battlefield to shake and release thunderous rumbling sounds.


They could clearly see that this battlefield was cracking apart. This was a place situated in the heavens, and large pieces of cornerstone were falling down.

The crowd watching from the distance was horrified. This battlefield situated in the heavens was extremely sturdy, yet today, it continuously suffered damage. It was almost destroyed by the two youths’ attacks.


Shi Yi’s right eye gushed with a divine flame. The dark light, or more correctly, the mysterious symbols, burned about. They were formed from beams of light and moved just like flames. They sealed off a piece of the sky to block the incoming attack.

Shi Hao snorted coldly. His two arms extended, as if a great Peng was spreading its wings. His arms were both golden colored. Two streaks of light shot out of his pupils in an incomparably divine and heroic manner.

His two arms continuously made seals, producing endless golden symbols. It was as if the heavenly stars were recreated and branded into the void. They collided with those black flames.

The black flames were all mysterious symbols. Under such powerful force, they violently swayed and were almost extinguished.

“So powerful! What kind of divine ability is this? It could actually fight against the dual-pupils through brute force!” Everyone’s expressions changed greatly. They all revealed looks of disbelief.

During the ancient years, once the dual-pupils revealed themselves, who could fight back? They were known as heavenly divine beings that swept through everything before them. Those eyes contained endless mysteriousness and could not be resisted.

Yet today, the dual-pupils were being subdued by Shi Hao, leaving everyone in a state of disbelief. It was rumored that the dual-pupiled individual during the archaic years had never suffered defeat, reigning unrivalled his entire life!

With a wenglong sound, the two youths once again collided intensely within the battlefield. They then fell in reverse. Shi Hao’s entire body was covered in golden patterns, but apart from this, there weren’t any significant changes.

Shi Yi’s body was trembling, and blood flowed from his lips. After receiving a heavy blow, he actually suffered greatly again.

“So formidable! Is the little brother going to defy the heavens? He severely wounded the dual-pupiled individual even though not many people favored his victory when this battle started. How do you all feel now?” Someone asked in a low voice.

“Don’t be in such a rush. The battle hasn’t concluded yet. As for who is stronger and who is weaker, it is still difficult to say.”

A hazy mist curled about. Shi Yi’s eyes were cold and indifferent. His left eye swirled with a divine radiance that seemed to pour out and wrap around his body. Following that, a wave of orchid-like fragrance diffused through the air.

His body shook, and bones moved around. Sounds similar to beans being stir-fried continuously sounded, and furthermore, the sounds of winds and thunder followed.

His scars quickly faded, and the broken bones recovered. Shi Yi’s entire body illuminated, with every inch of his body blazing dazzlingly. He was surrounded by holy multicolored radiance. A divine might exuded from him.


At the same time, metallic sounds continuously sounded, shaking people to their soul. Sparkling and translucent lumps began to appear one after another as they slowly covered his body.

“Yi, the legends were true. The dual-pupiled individual could use natural force to construct a divine armor suitable for themself.”

In the distance sky, the witch revealed an astounded look. Her white hand patted her snow white forehead, and shock filled her beautiful large eyes. She seemed to have thought of something.

The others were even more shaken. What was the dual-pupiled individual going to do?

The radiance flowing from the left eye condensed together, forming sparkling pieces that covered the crucial points of his body. The light was going to construct a world-shaking set of battle armor.

The metallic luster was cold and chilly. Shi Yi seemed to have separated himself from the mortal world. His head of black hair danced about above the mysterious battle armor that now covered his body. It was as if a supreme war god had walked through time to arrive from the ancient era.

“Are you finally going to go all out?” Shi Hao’s cold voice sounded. His shining body stood in the distance and circulated the Kun Peng’s force.

“Little brother, you are quite good, making me reach this level. However, to go all out? You are still a bit too arrogant.” Shi Yi spoke with a cold and indifferent expression. He once again strode over.

“You should reveal everything you have now, or else, you might no longer have a chance!” Shi Hao said.

“Then let’s see whether or not you have the skill to make me use all of the dual-pupils’ power.” Shi Yi’s expression was apathetic. His eyes were incomparably terrifying, and they were currently diffusing a chaotic mist.

A light shout sounded. The two individuals rushed at each other and a great fight was carried out once again!

Shi Yi swooped down like a golden crow spreading its wings. It soared through the air and faced Shi Hao face on with a terrifying speed.

Previously, he had used the golden crow hidden within the bell to attack and seriously injure his opponent. This technique made its appearance again.

He was an individual who was blessed with many opportunities. The natural gift of dual-pupils could see through all fabrications, allowing him to obtain this precious technique from traces of the ancient past. Even though it was damaged, it was still extremely terrifying.


Shi Yi smashed over like a golden sun. His entire body was surrounded by brilliant symbols and blazed with the endless flames of the golden crow. This attack seemed like it was going to tear apart the heavens.


Shi Hao shouted loudly. Faced with this ferocious strike, he did not seem to be perturbed in the slightest. His arm moved, and like a Kun Peng spreading its wings, a crazy gust of wind stirred about. Stones and silt flew everywhere through the Sky Battlefield as it continuously ruptured.

Several streaks of divine lightning flew through the air. Two spheres of golden radiance collided, creating a dazzling eruption. This was not only a clash between the golden crow and Kun Peng, since there were also the hidden force of the dual-pupils at work.

The armor around Shi Yi’s entire body ignited into flames. Mysterious symbols erupted, merging with the golden crow precious technique to fight against the Kun Peng.

Endless golden radiance erupted within the two youths, as if tens of thousands of volcanoes were exploding. The image of a divine bird and an ancient Kun fish swimming about could be seen. This place was absolutely terrifying.


Shi Yi flew out horizontally. His chest was covered with traces of blood. He was no match for the Kun Peng’s power. His entire body swayed, and the armor on his body cracked apart, on the verge of shattering to pieces.

Shi Hao pursued closely behind. He was so fast that a single step crossed hundreds to thousands of zhang. He extended his hand and swooped down towards the great earth like a Kun Peng.

“Little brother, you are too impatient!” Shi Yi snorted and suddenly turned around. The blood at his lips evaporated, and his eyes blazed. With a hong sound, the heaven and earth were blasted apart.

His eyes possessed an indescribable type of energy. Chaotic mist spilled out into this battlefield, splitting apart heaven and earth.

This entire space became different. As they stood within this ruined place, it was as if they were expelled from the Sky Battlefield.

This place was extremely dim and quiet. It was difficult to hear sounds of the outside world, as if this was a ruined piece of land from the ancient world. There were endless ruins, and the faintly discernible energy of primal chaos made this place seem utterly desolate.

What kind of place was this? Shi Hao was shocked at first, but he quickly calmed down. He noticed the outside world, only that it seemed rather indistinct.

He quickly understood. This was a world constructed from the power of the dual-pupils! He was completely amazed and couldn’t help but sigh in astonishment. The powers of the dual-pupils were terrifying after all!

If Shi Yi was given enough time, could he truly split apart and create his own world?

“You brought me to this place, but how does that help you at all?” Shi Hao seemed extremely calm.

“Obviously to capture you,” Shi Yi spoke indifferently. Then, his eyes swirled and he said, “Collect!”

With a hong sound, the space in this peaceful world quickly shrunk, forming a cage. Shi Hao was trapped within, while he himself broke out.

This bitter and silent world became blurry. All types of symbols flickered, and strands of chaotic energy curled up about, making this place seem strange and dreadful.

Everyone gasped when they saw this. Shi Yi escaped the trap and left his opponent sealed within.

The indistinct cage became smaller and smaller. It was dark and flickering with darkness, as if it led straight to an archaic prison. It was extremely gloomy and full of demonic energy.

“Not good! This is a small world opened by the dual-pupils. It is going to seal and completely refine the little brother.”

No one could anticipate that the battle would change to such a degree. The result was difficult to predict.


Within the shrinking cage, Shi Hao attacked, continuously smashing against the ruined world to break out.

However, this great world was created from tremendous divine might. It seemed to contain endless might that was difficult to overcome. With a pu sound, Shi Hao coughed out a mouthful of blood.

“Little brother, you should reveal everything you have now, or else, you might no longer have a chance.” Shi Yi was cold, his face without any expression. His dual-pupils illuminated, controlling that small world to make it smaller.

The situation was extremely critical. Shi Hao’s body released thunderous pi pa sounds within the ruins. It was as if his flesh was going to explode.

This place was about to be disconnected to the outside world, and he was going to be refined within this dark space. Shi Hao coldly shouted and used the Kun Peng’s precious technique at full force. An enormous Kun Peng rushed out and spread its wings. It seemed as if it could shatter the endless great stars in the universe.


Finally, the small world was blasted apart. He immediately dissolved the Kun Peng’s symbols and collected them inside his body before rushing up.

“What? He broke free and destroyed the small world’s entrapment!”

This result left everyone deeply shaken. Legend has it that during the archaic years, no one could escape such a trap, yet the younger brother came out alive! He was valiant to a ridiculous degree!

Shi Hao broke free and rushed forward.

Meanwhile, Shi Yi’s lips carried a cold smile, and at this moment, he also took the initiative to attack. His eyes flickered as he released his divine light. Dark light erupted from his right eye, and white radiance swirled around his left. Rumbling sounds immediately ensued.  

One eye represented destruction, while the other represented creation. Yin and Yang swirled about, creating a wave of strange energy!

Black and white radiance erupted and surged over with extreme speed. It surrounded Shi Hao, leaving him greatly shaken. This wave of power was just too frightening! This definitely originated from one of the world’s most foundational laws.



Even the supreme experts were left in shock. They finally saw the most terrifying aspects of the dual-pupiled individual. If the user was someone like them, then just this foundational power alone could slaughter the giant figures of all regions and allow them to become unrivalled under the heavens!

Yin and Yang, these two energies could restore the world, and they could also annihilate it. It immediately submerged Shi Hao within.


Shi Hao did not hesitate in the slightest. He unleashed his ten heavenly passages to unendingly collect the black and white energies inside. He did not want there to be any additional problems and absolutely could not be careless now.

The ten great heavenly passages were different. They connected together, forming a seemingly immortal divine ring with him at the center. He looked just like a heavenly deity as he charged forward murderously and continuously used the Kun Peng’s precious technique.

“Yi, wait, the Heaven Mending Technique is coming out!” Someone cried out loudly.

“What? The Heaven Mending Technique is making its appearance?!”

Resplendent rays of light crushed down, as if they blocked up the heavens itself. It could even mend the heavens, so what couldn’t it do?

Shi Yi took action, using the Heaven Mending Technique to block the Kun Peng’s precious technique. In that split second, Yin and Yang energies erupted, clashing against the ten heavenly passages.

The two individuals entered an incomparably ferocious and intense deadlocked state. The surroundings erupted, especially the Sky Battlefield, which began to tear and crack apart. Large chunks of stone continuously fell from the heavens, vanishing from existence.

The shockwaves produced by these two were just too overwhelming, destroying everything around them. The faint golden stone and the surrounding railings continuously exploded.

Shi Hao’s body shook as everything around him exploded. The symbols of the Kun Peng technique interweaved within space, forming a fish and a divine bird, one yin one yang.

He could no longer care about little things any more, and no longer minded if the Kun Peng’s precious technique was exposed. The Kun fish and Peng bird emerged separately, one represented the force of the moon, while the other represented the force of the Sun. It was simply too horrifying.

With a hong sound, he released everything downwards. Moreover, it merged with his ten heavenly passages, becoming integrated together as they suppressed downwards. What kind of tyrannical power was this?

Shi Yi coughed out large amounts of blood and continuously took steps backwards.

Everyone was left in a tense and nervous state. These two individuals’ precious techniques were brilliant and diversified, and their greatest divine abilities were displayed. The spectators were left in a complete daze and utter shock. It seemed like the outcome of the battle was about to be decided.

Shi Hao activated the Kun Peng’s precious technique, and even supported it with his ten heavenly passages as he rushed forward in murderous oppression. He became more and more terrifying, shaking the Sky Battlefield until it collapsed to pieces!

Shi Yi continuously coughed out blood as he staggered about, but he was not defeated yet. Suddenly, his eyes became intimidating. Golden light shone resplendently, and two golden battle spears flew out.

This was too sudden. Two golden spears flew out from the depths of his pupils. It seemed just like something out of a legend. They pierced through the air with the power to conquer everything.


Blood bloomed in the air. Shi Hao’s left arm was pierced through, and the right part of his chest was completely shot through. Blood splashed everywhere in a dazzling manner. It all happened too quickly, giving him no time to dodge or put up a defense.

“Die!” Shi Yi shouted. His eyes flickered with light, and symbols covered this area as he controlled the two golden spears.

“Imprison!” Shi Hao shouted loudly. The ten heavenly passages illuminated, as if a heavenly domain was opening. Unfading might was released, sealing this area and placing everything under his control.

Afterwards, Shi Hao rushed forward. While circulating the Kun Peng’s power, he raised his arm. It was just like a golden divine wing as it gently swept forward.


Shi Yi’s neck was sliced open, and blood immediately soared high into the sky!

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