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Chapter 376 – Decisive Battle Between Heavenly Talents

The great golden bell shone with resplendent light. Symbols covered its surface. The long and drawn out ringing of bells turned into the chanting of sutras. Golden ripples continuously rippled outwards.

In the distance, many of the railings of the sky battlefield had been broken, all smashed apart by the ripples of this bell. However, Shi Hao was right in front of it, and yet he still stood firmly.


He struck down on the great bell, one strike after another, with ferocious power. The entire place shook from his strikes, ringing together with the great bell.

“Yi, something weird is happening!”

The people were all shocked and amazed. Their eyes were opened wide and glued to the battlefield.

Symbols covered the surface of the great bell, turning into materialized scriptures that separated and descended. They surrounded Shi Hao like a large buddhist robe and rang with ear-splitting scripture sounds.


Shi Hao did his best to break free. He continuously produced seals to blast it apart.

This scene was a bit mysterious. The divine clothes from those symbols that separated had surrounded Shi Hao to seal him within.

Shi Hao’s entire body erupted with fiery light, composed of both his own dao flame, as well as the Vermilion Bird’s flames. It blazed ferociously, submerging the divine clothes in its heat.


A mysterious chant sounded. The enormous bell released tens of thousands of silky threads. The ancient symbols on the bell surface flickered, and immediately afterwards, they flew out towards Shi Hao.

“What is going on? There really are scripture sounds, as if deities are chanting them!” Huo Ling’er revealed a worried expression.

In the sky, waves of scriptures rippled outwards in a seemingly endless manner. They continuously diffused from the bell and formed golden symbols. Shi Hao was caught up and restricted within.

Eventually, the sound of scriptures became even louder than the sound of thunder. Symbols blazed about, and golden light submerged heaven and earth. His entire body was buried under it.

“This is a god refining weapon dao used to create a soul servant!” One of the supreme experts cried out in astonishment.

The people were all shocked. Shi Yi was able to comprehend so much while still so young! He was trying to turn Shi Hao into a soul servant, something that he definitely should not have delved into at his age.

Shi Hao released a cold snort. His aura flared, and the divine light within his body formed small sparkling furnaces. His entire being became as such as well, as if he had turned himself into an eternal divine furnace.

At that moment, the attack wasn’t able to harm him in the slightest. On the contrary, this flesh furnace illuminated and began to absorb the energy around him. He melted down those symbols into a dao flame to refine his own body!

“Yi, this is so strange. Is the younger bother going to defy the heavens? He used symbols to make himself into a furnace! Not many individuals among the noble king level could even do such a thing!”

The crowd gasped in shock. The battle between these two Stone brothers was truly amazing. These two individuals were both heaven warping talents, with performances that were just absolutely astonishing.


Finally, Shi Hao rushed towards the heavens. His body transformed into a blade, a world-shocking immortal sword, and hacked towards the clouds with incomparable sharpness. With a qiang sound, the symbol-formed divine clothes were sliced apart.


His sword did not stop there, hacking straight onto the great bell and causing it to tremble continuously. Under everyone’s shocked gazes, Shi Hao’s body formed a sword and ferociously hacked down on the great bell.

Several dozen strikes later, the radiance between the two faded. The great bell swayed. Shi Hao’s real body emerged, and his fist slammed down onto the great bell.


Finally, golden cracks appeared. The great bell released a crisp sound and quickly cracked apart.

“What? The great bell lost! Yi’er’s dao weapon was destroyed!” The Demonic Spirit Lake’s people’s faces were ugly. They were all furious.

Everyone else held their breaths. Was the battle about to end? Everyone clenched their fists tightly as they nervously watched the battle.


Shi Hao’s final fist dropped onto the great clock, blasting it apart. It turned into nearly a hundred fragments that flew in all directions. Meanwhile, the figure within flew out and coughed out large amounts of blood.

“Yi’er!” There were people who cried out.

“Shi Yi suffered a huge blow. He is going to lose!” The crowd was in an uproar. Noise immediately erupted, because many felt that the great battle was about to end.

This place was chaotic with endless clamoring and noise.

Suddenly, a blazing streak of golden light flew out murderously at Shi Hao. It was just too fast, surpassing everyone’s expectations.

The bell had shattered, and a figure with blood flying from his mouth flew out. However, at that instant when everyone thought that Shi Yi suffered a great injury and the battle was about to end, a shocking turn of events took place.

This was a golden crow, one that emerged from within the bell. The bell was like a golden egg that was nourishing it, and only when the bell wall was shattered did it emerge and release this fierce strike!

Upon closer inspection, the figure that was blasted outwards vanished. It was just a clone; the so called blood-spitting figure was not the real body.

“Dao weapon into divine technique!” Everyone was shocked. This kind of technique was something that even noble king level figures found difficult to grasp, yet it was produced by a young man!

All of these techniques and methods were concealed for the sake of this final decisive strike.

The dao bell was just a medium for the golden bird. It was carrying a precious technique, one that would be revealed at the most crucial moment!

Shi Hao had exhausted a large amount of energy to shatter the golden sun, only for it to turn into a large bell. He then shattered this dao bell, but ended up encountering the true golden crow precious technique contained within.

Everything happened too quickly. When he exhausted most of his energy to destroy his enemy’s dao weapon, he never expected that this was just the beginning, resulting in him suffering this great attack!

Shi Hao’s mind was greatly shaken. Even someone as powerful as him was caught unprepared. In the instant the golden crow pounced over, he narrowly avoided a fatal blow aimed to crush his skull.

However, his shoulder was not so fortunate. Large amounts of blood gushed out, and his shoulder bones were almost clawed apart. Blood continuously flowed out, and several terrifying bone-deep bloody holes could be seen.

He quickly retreated, but the golden crow wasn’t willing to let him get away. It continuously attacked, almost like it was stuck to his body. Its beak struck down straight for his eyes.


Both of his arms weaved about to block the golden crow’s beak. His left arm was in intense pain, as if it was fractured. He lost a large chunk of flesh, and bone could be seen in that wound.

This was still the result of his flesh being so powerful. If it was anyone else, their body would have immediately exploded.


Strong winds swept about as the golden crow moved its wings. It swooped down and attacked in a way that was simply unavoidable. It was too swift, with killing moves that linked up one after another.


Shi Hao was struck in the chest, causing him to cough out large amounts of blood. His body flew out horizontally. He glared at his opponent and opened his mouth to spit out symbols, initiating his counterattack.


The golden crow changed forms, revealing Shi Yi’s real body. His two feet trampled downwards. WIth a peng sound, one of them smashed into his opponent’s chest, sending his already flying figure to travel even quicker. Shi Hao’s body smashed into the surrounding railings.

Within kacha sounds, Shi Hao’s collision smashed apart a large region of the faint golden railings. The Sky Battlefield was damaged to a terrible state.

Everyone was simply stupefied. This chain of murderous attacks left everyone horrified! The attacks just now were all done in order to produce this final result.

Shi Yi charged over ferociously to deal the decisive blow onto Shi Hao.

Shi Hao’s gaze was chilly. When he saw Shi Yi close in, he soundlessly prepared to unleash his ten heavenly passages. He was going to temporarily lock his opponent in place and end it all with one attack.

He believed that at this crucial moment, Shi Yi’s guard will definitely be lowered when he approaches.

However, Shi Yi did not follow through all the way. When there was still a bit of distance between them, he suddenly backed up and abandoned this attack.

“Little brother, I’ll give you another chance! Come!” Shi Yi said. Just now, his heart rate suddenly quickened, and his dual-pupils became especially sore, indicating that something bad was about to happen. As a result, he stopped himself.

Shi Hao soundlessly scattered the force he had prepared and did not display its full might. He propped himself up with the railing and with a cold expression, he said, “Stop speaking nonsense!”

He was now truly angry. Right now, his chest was under incomparable pain from his serious injury. He admitted that this ‘senior’ of his was truly formidable and outstanding, making him suffer so greatly.

Shi Yi was also in shock. Even pure-blooded creatures would immediately explode under his attacks, especially that last kick, which was enough to shatter even the vajra unbreakable body, yet it wasn’t enough to finish this junior brother of his.

“The younger generation truly does surpass the older!” On top of the carriage, the Stone Emperor sighed and said.

The other supreme experts were shaken as well, and all of them revealed complicated expressions. They knew that they themselves definitely wouldn’t be these two youths’ opponents if they were at their age, that these two were truly deserving of their reputations of supreme youth.

Regardless of how this battle ended, the two stone brothers’ names would shake the wasteland region and enter the books of history.

In the next moment, the two individuals rushed up again, and with a hong sound, large stars began to appear one after another in the void. Shi Hao stood within them, as if he was standing in the star-filled outer space.

“Yi, what is happening?!” Everyone cried out in astonishment.

Shi Hao stood midair in the Sky Battlefield. Endless great stars appeared around him, and they had long linked up to form a resplendent and dazzling starry sky.

He was like a divine king as he took stepped forward, pushing aside these great stars one after another as he advanced towards Shi Yi. His opponent couldn’t avoid him at all, because this place was now just like the cosmos.

“Interesting. It is just the precious technique of a descendant, yet it was evolved to such a level. Even pure-blooded creatures who are familiar with this precious technique would be shocked.” In the distance, a divine flame jumped about. A figure with fiery light overflowing from his eyes stood there. Behind him were a few of his followers, all of which were pure-blooded creatures.

Shi Hao produced a river of stars, and within the great stars, lightning crackled about unendingly. This was the Suan Ni’s precious technique, and it was evolved by him to such a level.

The stars were all spheres of lightning, and at this moment, they created the sun, moon, and stars, filling up the battlefield. He was like the ruler of this small universe.


Shi Hao’s advancement pushed aside the stars, detonating them into a sea of lightning. This scene was simply too horrifying. Everyone’s eyes widened; this was definitely an ultimate attack!

Even the domain embodiment’s old face went dark, because the Sky Battlefield was most likely going to be ruined.

Shi Yi was struck by this attack. Despite having dual-pupils, allowing him to see through everything, it was just too late. He had long been surrounded by the great heavenly bodies and suppressed by the sun, moon, and river of stars.

Thunder rumbled. Like a vast sea, the great stars smashed apart one after another and filled every inch of this place with annihilating energy.

“Dual-Pupils Break the Heavens!” He shouted loudly, left with no choice but to use his unique divine ability.

He opened up a pure land that stretched about one zhang in diameter. It was peaceful and silent, and no lightning could invade this tranquil area. His pair of blazing eyes was the only thing within it.

“So powerful!” Everyone sighed in admiration. Was this the power of the dual-pupils? How terrifying!

However, Shi Hao’s attack did not end here. The great stars continuously erupted and exploded, blasting against that pure land. In addition, a vermillion bird took to the the sky and rushed towards that pure land.

This was also a chain of unrelenting killing blows.

Shi Hao battered his opponent with the Archaic Vermilion Bird’s Four-Fold Barrage and tried to break into that pure land. His arms quickly changed, erupting with a crimson radiance and releasing a fist-sized small bird.

“You’re courting death!”

Shi Yi laughed coldly. His eyes flashed, and that Vermilion Bird became dim and was on the verge of shattering.

However, with a hong sound, the Vermilion Bird changed again, going from scarlet to pitch-black. It turned into an inch long fish and swam within the pure land. Its speed was incredibly fast, as if it was a black streak of lightning.

Everyone was petrified. What was that? It could actually move within the space opened through the dual-pupils! This was just too heaven-defying! They couldn’t see it all too clearly, and only the two individuals on the stage could experience its power, since its speed was just too fast.


The inch length fish slammed its tail onto Shi Yi’s chest, immediately causing him to cough out blood. His body flew backwards, and bone cracking sounds could be heard.

“Kun Peng!” Shi Yi’s teeth were clenched as he spoke in a voice only he himself could hear. He looked at Shi Hao and said, “You obtained the complete technique?!”

At that moment, he released the pure land. The great stars around him exploded, and lightning immediately entered his body.

“Excellent! I need this kind of precious ability!” Shi Yi released a low roar. His body erupted with radiance to block this onslaught of electricity.

At the same time, Shi Hao made his move. Even though he didn’t reveal the Kun Peng’s form, his body lit up, becoming golden with black streaks running within. This form seemed like a human Kun Peng, and it was closing in at an extreme speed.

“Then I’ll gift you the precious technique!” His fist smashed down straight at Shi Yi’s forehead. His entire body was covered in the Kun Peng’s symbols and circulating its strength; it was utterly terrifying.


Shi Yi’s eyes were wide open. His right eye was pitch-black, and black radiance seeped out like flames. Upon closer inspection, however, they weren’t flames, but rather condensed from ancient symbols. That eye represented destruction; it released a streak of dark light to confront Shi Hao.

Shi Hao shifted his body, and dark light swept past his body. His chest area was immediately dyed with blood and was almost sliced open. It really was terrifying!

His fist also descended, and it was similarly shocking. Shi Yi tried his best to dodge, but his arm was still caught up in this attack. A kacha sounded, indicating that his bones had cracked.

Shi Hao possessed an incredible speed with the Kun Peng movement technique used to its limit. He once again avoided the destructive dark light and chased after Shi Yi who was blasted outwards and trampled down with his feet.


Shi Yi had no time to dodge and could only use his injured arm in defense. A kacha sound sounded once again, and his arm was almost torn off. Moreover, this kick struck the left part of his chest. Bones immediately broke, and a clear depression could be seen.

He coughed continuously, and blood was spat out mouthful after mouthful. His landing broke apart a large portion of the Sky Battlefield’s cornerstone.

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