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Chapter 375 – Extreme Speed

The two individuals both increased their speed. Shi Yi’s entire body was golden like a great golden Peng as he charged murderously. The strong winds created made cracks appear everywhere on the sky battlefield.

Shi Hao’s entire body was shining, but something seemed different. There were black stripes within the golden patterns, and in a flash, his speed was raised to the limit. The crowd couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Wherever he passed, the faint golden cornerstone and railings would immediately explode!

The domain embodiment revealed an unpleasant expression as he furrowed his brows. Continuously fixing it like this would be a problem. He was considering whether or not to switch to another battlefield.

The two individuals moved face to face, both of them increasing their speeds almost to another level. They were like two comets as they flew across the sky with bodies that erupted with terrifying light. The fluctuations they produced made everyone’s heads feel a huge pressure.

Shi Yi felt as if something wasn’t right. His eyes seemed like they were burning, and golden symbols began to flourish within them. All types of symbols appeared as they focused in on Shi Hao’s figure.

That kind of speed was so fast that it left his mind greatly shaken. It was no longer as slow as a snail, but rather like a divine bird that had spread its wings. It was forceful and powerful, with a speed that was at an extreme as he flew over.

He originally wanted to break down his opponent’s movements, but he never thought that when he struck out with a fatal attack to remove his clan brother’s head, this kind of unexpected thing would happen.


Shi Yi made his move. His arm was like a Peng wing as it swept over, distorting the space around it. It was incomparably dazzling, and a terrifying wave of energy proliferated as golden light submerged this world.

Shi Hao shifted his body to avoid this beheading blow. His arm shone. With a peng sound, a grab was made towards Shi Hao’s arm; they were going to fight in close combat.


The sound of clothes tearing rang out. Fragments of Shi Yi’s precious clothes flew everywhere, exposing his arm. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing! The snail-like speed suddenly changed, and his opponent even made contact with his body!

“Blood has been drawn!” Someone cried out.

The two individuals made contact, and both of their movements were as fast as lightning. This time, things were different, because Shi Yi’s eyes weren’t as effective.

In that split second when Shi Hao’s right hand tore apart his opponent’s precious clothes, his arm flicked around and he struck out again. With a pu sound, it slammed into Shi Yi’s arm, causing blood to shoot high into the air.

Shi Yi had been greatly wounded. Even though he had only been cut, there was now a terrifying wound on his arm. It went all the way to his bone, and blood was oozing out.

Everyone was astonished. The dual-pupiled individual had encountered trouble! Did those eyes lose their powers?

Shi Hao did not use all of the Kun Peng’s precious technique, and merely used it to increase his speed. He immediately released another attack. Symbols appeared on his palm, radiating with precious light.


This time, Shi Yi brandished his fist to meet this attack. The two were blasted in opposite directions.

Shi Yi did not say anything for a long time and simply stared at Shi Hao. Just now, his speed had exceeded common sense, making him shiver inwardly for the first time. His expression never changed this much even when two bones in his chest were broken previously.

A pure white radiance flowed out from his left eye towards his arm. The wound was nourished and the blood stopped. Soon after, the wound closed, and not even a scar remained.

“Is this the withdrawal movement or the perfect great Golden-Winged Peng technique? Wait, you’ve been to the Northern Sea. This should be the Kun Peng’s technique!” It had to be mentioned that Shi Yi was extremely smart, so he was able to immediately guess at what kind of technique it was.

This time, his voice was extremely soft, so everyone else did not hear him. His eyes revealed a blazing light as he stared at this clan brother, as if he was staring at prey.

He did not wish for others to know, for he wanted to kill his opponent and then steal his natural luck. His lips revealed a sneer as he said, “Your opportunities aren’t shallow at all!”

Shi Hao’s eyes narrowed. This person was just too sharp! It was clear that he had fought with quite a few great figures. He was able to make a prediction immediately after seeing his movements.

Soon after, he calmed down again, because he knew that he would be able to do the same if he had dual-pupils. In this world, it was possible to count the number of times dual-pupils would lose their efficacy. It was easy to narrow down the possibilities through a process of elimination.

The withdrawal movement was a supreme divine ability of the human race. When used to its limit, it could allow one to warp and weave freely through heaven and earth.

As for other movement techniques, they were all grasped by the divine birds. However, they had been lost in transmission through the passage of time, making them difficult to search and restore.

“Little brother, is yours a damaged technique or the perfect precious technique?” Shi Yi asked seriously.

“Are you interested? What do you want to use in exchange?” Shi Hao ridiculed.

“Exchange? You are my brother, so we can study it together when we return.” Shi Yi spoke indifferently. There were clear implications behind these words. He wanted to capture Shi Hao and bring him back.

“I just fear that you don’t have the ability to do so!” Shi Hao coldly replied.


Immediately after, the two moved again. Their speeds were raised to the limit, interweaving as if they were two streaks of lightning. They collided hundreds to thousands of times; their speeds were too fast.

In the place where they collided, large numbers of symbols appeared. The golden symbols imprinted into the void and rumbled with noise, as if a grand scripture had been carved there.

A great Golden-Winged Peng could vaguely be seen. It merged with Shi Yi, producing the utterly terrifying aura of an archaic divine king.

“So powerful! This Shi Yi is formidable after all. He could analyze the precious technique to such a level. It really is stunning!”

Everyone’s mind trembled. The precious techniques this older brother grasped were truly shocking. The crowd estimated that he must have used his dual-pupils to analyze the precious techniques to reach their current state.

This was not merely a heavenly ability! Its use was surprisingly practical as well!

On the other side, Shi Hao had returned to human form. Only his fingers and palm still flowed with golden multicolored light and black patterns. He did not reveal the origin of the precious technique.

However, everyone was shocked to find that not only was his speed extremely great, his attack power was terrifying as well! The dual-pupiled individual is now in big trouble!

“Not bad, little brother, your speed is truly quite extraordinary. You have already surpassed the snail category in my eyes,” said Shi Yi.

“Less rubbish. Whatever you have, just bring it,” Shi Hao said. He was fully aware that there were endless secrets to the dual pupils. There were just too many uses. Slowing down the speed of others was simply one of its abilities.

“Don’t be in such a hurry,” Shi Yi said calmly.

The next second, the two individuals ran towards each other again. Their battle was incredibly intense, throwing the minds of the crowd into turmoil. Their eyes were becoming dizzy from watching.

“Heaven and Earth in Chaos.” Shi Yi spoke with a soft voice. His eyes flowed with a hazy mist, and the entire Sky Battlefield became different. It was filled with a white mist.

His eyes were incomparably deep. They surged with primal chaos, as if they were the root of this world themselves. A haze covered this place, making it blurry and no longer as distinct.

The sudden changes were far from reassuring. At the very least, Shi Hao felt as if his body received a great restriction. His movements no longer felt as smooth and unhindered.


Shi Yi’s attacks were all aimed to kill as he continuously used different techniques. He suddenly transformed into an incomparably fierce Bi’an that trampled on the primal chaos and crushed everything on its way over.

Shi Hao’s fist smashed over murderously, similarly transforming the terrain around him to prevent himself from being killed.

Sure enough, the Bi’an turned into multicolored light and scattered into the primal chaos. A streak of fiery light appeared on the horizon, and a golden sun emerged. It then smashed downwards.

“Yi, what kind of technique is this?” There were many individuals who were shocked. This kind of precious technique was absolutely terrifying. Even though there was quite a bit of distance between them, they still felt their heads being pressured. It truly was dreadful.

“This mist of primal chaos is lowering my speed,” Shi Hao said to himself. He was contemplating whether or not to stop holding back and directly use the Kun Peng’s technique.

In the end, he held himself back because he knew that he still couldn’t end it all with a single strike. The other side might still have undisclosed trump cards that could be used to suppress him at any time.

At this time, the golden sun in the sky had descended. Shi Hao dared not act carelessly and faced it head on. He used the True Primordial Record’s simple and unadorned symbols to resist this attack.

His hands continuously made imprints, causing all types of symbols to fill the sky. They were all bone texts of the most primitive and simple quality, yet they contained a miraculous type of power.

Of course, this was not all he used. He also used precious techniques and fired off great killing attacks from time to time.

The golden sun shifted left and right and continuously enlarged. Ultimately, it became enormous with an exploding noise, smothering the Sky Battlefield as it suppressed downwards.


Shi Hao brandished his fists. His body’s power was raised to its highest level, and after merging together with the plain and unadorned symbols of the True Primordial Record, his power became forceful and domineering.

This strike was so shocking that even all supernatural beings in this world were crying out. The ancient heroes that had died within this battlefield revived and cried out.

Within the dazzling radiance, the golden sun was shattered. This attack, which was created from symbols and natural dao, separated into ten to one hundred fragments.


Shi Hao was suddenly startled. After being blasted to pieces, the golden sun was not erased. It recombined, and those golden fragments turned into the purest of symbols.

They condensed together into a great golden bell. It continuously rang out, creating a sound that shook the entire Sky Battlefield.

Outside, many people covered their ears and quickly retreated. This sound was enough to make their souls unsteady, as if they were going to disperse. It was absolutely horrifying!

“Is this a power that can refine the enemy’s strength into a weapon for yourself? He really is a peerless lord! His methods are shocking. Just how many people in this era could do such a thing at his age?” Some of the supreme experts revealed looks of shock.

“This person is quite scary.” Grandma Xihua muttered softly before looking at fairy Yue Chan.

The white clothed fairy nodded her head. Her perfect face was extremely calm. A flash of divine multicolored light streaked through her eyes before disappearing. She then became expressionless and peaceful.


The great bell continued to ring in a long and drawn out manner. It was formed completely from golden symbols, refined from the sun. It was ‘bred’ from Shi Hao’s divine force; this was possibly a weapon gained from Shi Yi’s enlightenment.

The great golden bell suppressed downwards. The bell’s terrifying fluctuations diffused like waves and shook the Sky Battlefield until its railings began to smash apart in succession. It was clear just how powerful and terrifying it was.

It was now unavoidable. Shi Hao’s eyes became ice cold. He rushed towards the sky, and his body began to release all types of symbols. At times, he would be like a Suan Ni and at other times, a Vermilion Bird, to increase his fighting strength.


He smashed his fist out, striking against the bell’s fluctuations. After arriving before the great bell with much difficulty, he began to smash down ferociously on the great bell.

The crowd was horrified. Just how powerful was his flesh? The bell’s fluctuations had broken so many of the Sky Battlefield’s railings, leaving even the domain embodiment’s face ashen, yet Shi Hao’s body was unharmed in the slightest as he made his way up!

He continuously struck at that enormous bell in midair, making the entire world shake. A terrifying ringing sound was released.

“Not good, this fellow is too powerful. That weapon was something Yi’er painstakingly created. It can’t be destroyed just like that, right?” In the distance, the minds of the experts from the Demonic Spirit Lake were shaken. They all revealed looks of worry.

“Shut up!” The golden spider supreme expert shouted under his breath. He waved his hand, indicating for the Demonic Spirit Lake’s creatures to close their mouths.


The great bell continued to ring. Layers of symbols appeared on its surface, as if a scripture was carved on top. Eventually, the sounds of sutras actually sounded, shaking heaven and earth. It was as if the deities were chanting curses themselves.

“Is this the decisive blow?” A supreme expert asked softly while watching with his eyes widened.

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