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Chapter 371 – Opening the Dusty Battlefield

The sky was covered in specks of light, and these lights scattered downwards like brilliant petals. The passage was shining with resplendent and holy radiance, and Shi Hao walked out with large steps.

The domain embodiment’s figure went rigid. Just now, its butt had been groped, this… was inconceivable! What kind of identity did that figure have? There was actually someone who dared to provoke him like this! A shiver ran down his back.

That passageway was just too far. If he had been closer just now, who knows what kind of unthinkable result could have happened!

The domain embodiment trembled. Even now, he felt some restraining fear. He was the Void God Realm’s will and extremely powerful, yet there was someone that could take advantage of him.

He earnestly thought things over. Might one of the deities that took part in the creation of this spirit world still be alive? But that still shouldn’t be correct. If it was a deity, why would it lower itself to do such a thing?

Nearby, there were many creatures who were dumbstruck. This fellow was too ridiculous! He didn’t walk a normal path but instead suddenly created this kind of passage!

Dense mist swirled about as Shi Hao walked out from the passageway. His eyes were bright as he looked about. In an extremely narcissistic manner, he yelled, “When the sky roars, the great Shi Hao will make his dazzling entrance!”

Everyone became speechless. This fellow truly knew how to stir things up!

“Ah pei! This little bastard’s skin is so thick!” The creatures from Demonic Spirit Lake were discontent. They were all furious.

“How did he get here? How can he create a passage in the Void God Realm? It seems rather amazing.” There were some who were confused.

This place stirred with commotion. Shi Hao’s entrance was extremely unconventional, making the people there shocked and furious.

The multicolored light receded and the passageway disappeared. The domain embodiment’s face was rather unpleasant to look at, and only after a long time had passed did he ask, “Why didn’t you come here through the true path?!”

“True path? My body is true, the path is true, so I’ve always walked the true path. As for why I arrived by air, it’s because I had no choice. This place is drowned by people, so I couldn’t enter and could only do this,” Shi Hao replied.

There was not a single hint of a smile on the domain embodiment’s face. What he really wanted to ask was who sent this youth in, but how could he do so in front of all the people here?

In the distance, the Fire Emperor, Stone Emperor and the other experts trembled. They stared at the location where the passage disappeared for a long time and couldn’t calm themselves down.

“Younger brother, you finally came. I’ve waited for you for a long time already. Why don’t we start this battle now?” Shi Yi opened his mouth. The edges of his clothes fluttered behind his standing figure, and his hair flew about. His eyes revealed a malicious glint.

Everyone tensed up. They all knew that the true battle had come. All those days of waiting was for this very moment; they were finally going to see who was stronger and who was weaker!

“Little demon, you’ve provoked my Demonic Spirit Lake again and again. Today, everything will conclude. I want to see just how much longer you can play your little tricks!” In the distance, an enormous spider shouted with hatred.

Shi Hao first killed a black-eyed demonic spider within Stone Country’s capital, and then he destroyed their gate and several palaces in the Void God Realm. They were absolutely furious.

Shi Hao indifferently glanced over, seeming as if he didn’t care in the slightest. This look was full of contempt, and the meaning it implied was that he didn’t accept that statement and welcomed the battle. This was simply undisguised disdain.

This kind of look was humiliating and one that did not give any ‘face’. He completely disregarded all the demonic spiders, making their faces fall ashen and become utterly unpleasant.


The domain embodiment shouted loudly. He brought Shi Hao and Shi Yi into the heavens, where they then stepped into a golden passageway. At their sides, sweet smelling lotus flowers drifted about  sacred springs.

This great golden road led straight into the skies. It was mysterious and sacred, leaving a yearning feeling in everyone’s hearts. It was clear that it connected to the sky battlefield.


A sky-shattering sound rang out. Many people soared up on their precious artifacts towards the heavens, and many of these were cultivators from great sects.

This golden passageway seemed like it could take them into the world of deities. Shi Hao was rather curious, looking left and right from the domain embodiment’s side. Sometimes, he would even go to the edge of the road to pick a few lotus flowers. This filled the domain embodiment’s head with creases. Did this fellow really come here to fight with everything on the line? Why did he not seem nervous in the slightest? Wasn’t he a bit too relaxed?

“Younger brother, it seems like you haven’t grown up yet. Still a child…” Shi Yi released a gentle chuckle.

The domain embodiment remained silent. One of the two was truly a little devil, while the other was mature to a ridiculous degree. They were both extremely abnormal.

“What are you worrying so much for? Look, there is a bird over there. Are you going to nag it too?” Shi Hao pointed into the distance at two messy old men that were hiding sneakily within the crowd.

These were precisely Coin Elder and Bird Grandpa, and there was a little bird on one of their shoulders. It seemed rather discontent and shouted angrily, “Mind your own damn business!”

The crowd was completely speechless. This… was a really disrespectful bird! Bird Grandpa hurriedly shushed it and told it not to say stupid things.

Shi Hao’s group seemed to have entered the nine heavens on this great golden road. They entered a mysterious domain where hazy mists fluttered about and strong winds blew ferociously.

Those that followed over could not enter the golden passageway, because this was not prepared for them. They could only fly on their own precious artifacts. However, the higher they went, the more difficult it became due to the powerful resistance.

“Not everyone has the qualifications to watch the battle.” The domain embodiment merely said this softly.

Soon after, at least half the people gave up. They simply couldn’t fly on anymore. There was a pressure here that made them feel as if they were being suffocated.

This was a mysterious and ancient place. The great golden passageway brought Shi Hao and Shi Yi to the outskirts of the heavens. They arrived at an ancient domain!

Other than the haze, a ruined building appeared before their eyes. The grand and imposing construct floated in midair, and despite having collapsed, it still gave off a solemn feeling.

“We’ve arrived. That place is one of the sky battlefields!”

The crowd was shocked. The battlefield that floated in the skies was extremely large. It was enough for these two to fight to the end.

From what they could see, it was a faint golden color, as if it were cast from divine gold. There were many rules and orders carved in place. The golden stone stage seemed dignified and magnificent.

“The sky battlefield that has remained dusty for so many years is finally about to be opened again! It really is exciting! I hope that the day when heavenly talents collide will come sooner!”

In the distance, a divine flame throbbed within the haze. A extremely arrogant youth surveyed the divine-level stage. His eyes burned with scarlet flames, as if they could burn through the stars in the heavens!

Behind him stood the imposing figures of several powerful pure-blooded creatures.

“This one isn’t large enough. It isn’t as large as the one recorded in the records.” At another place, the witch muttered to herself. Her beautiful and seductive eyes bloomed with an astonishing radiance.

Nest to her was a middle-aged male. He seemed like an existence detached from this world, almost like an immortal. He said, “The scope of the stage’s area is related to the cultivators’ cultivation realms.”

With a flash, Shi Yi and Shi Hao seemed to have simultaneously stepped onto the battlefield. The two were separated by quite a distance as they confronted each other. This dusty battlefield was suffused with killing intent after what seemed like just a moment.

The faint golden battlefield and enormous centerstone were vast and fierce. They flickered with heavy and ancient symbols to prevent shockwaves from leaking outside the stage.

“Who do you think will win? What will be the end result?” This was the question many people were wondering about. They had discussed this continuously over the past few days, and they were going to get the results soon.

“I think that the dual-pupiled individual has eight times the chance of winning. After all, he is truly strong and balanced in all aspects. On the other side, even though Shi Hao is rather stunning, he lost his supreme being bone and lacks essential knowledge.”

This was a thought that a large portion of the crowd shared. They all felt that Shi Hao was inherently weaker and in an inferior position.

“Not necessarily. After losing his supreme being bone back then, Shi Hao’s body was in a dying state. He should have died, yet he survived and still became a supreme youth. Since he managed to create a miracle, I believe that he will show us another amazing sight. His chances of victory aren’t small.” There were naturally those that were on the other side and favored Shi Hao.

There were heated discussions everywhere as they analyzed this battle. After evaluating everything they knew, they felt that the odds were seven or eight to one in Shi Yi’s favor, for he was just too outstanding. His natural circumstances were just too perfect!

On the stage, the two figures turned into beams of light. They were like two comets as they collided, erupting with dazzling radiance. The explosion that resulted was thunderous.


This was unlike any ordinary confrontation, but rather like the collision of two Archaic Divine Mountains. The entire world rumbled in resonance, and incomparably intense shockwaves  that left everyone greatly shaken were released.

With this attack, haze roiled and divine light surged. The divine force that resulted was too terrifying as they battered down like boundless ocean waves. It didn’t seem like something that humans could produce.

After a period of time, peace was restored to that place. The various streaks of light disappeared, and the only thing left were two figures in distant confrontation.

Everyone was overwhelmed. The power just now left many people shaken. If it were themselves up there, they would have most likely died. That one strike was just too difficult to defend against.

“Little brother, only a month has passed, but your physical strength has become even stronger.”  Shi Yi’s eyes flickered with light. A type of annihilating power could be seen within them.

“You’ve used the golden body liquid again?” Shi Hao revealed a look of shock.

Afterwards, the two sank into a state of silence. However, many people noticed that their auras were climbing and becoming increasingly terrifying. Shi Hao’s clothes began to flutter about, making him look like a revived deity!

Shi Yi was in a similar state. His pores widened, and streaks of divine light gushed outwards. His entire body seemed like it was taking in and sending out divine flames as he resonated with the world and received its natural force.

“Yi’er, you absolutely cannot hold back. Hurry and kill him!” From the distance, the large golden spider said to itself.

Besides it were several supreme experts. It was obvious that their relationships with Demonic Spirit Lake were excellent. “Golden spider brother, we’ve received your invitation. Once this battle ends, we will definitely attend and celebrate!”

“I believe that it will definitely be a grand occasion. This youth named Shi Yi will definitely rise to greatness. He is worthy of his matchless reputation.” Another supreme expert nodded and spoke.


Shi Yi’s palm became purple. Multicolored light gushed out, as if purple energy had arrived from the east. It possessed an unrivalled aura as it struck out with terrifying power!

Currently, his divine might was astonishing and difficult to block. Forget about the sky battlefield, even those that were watching trembled. They could feel the horrifying energy.

“What kind of precious technique is this? It’s so powerful!”

With a weng sound, at what seemed to be the same time, scarlet multicolored lights erupted from Shi Hao’s location. It was as if he was being reborn through flames as an incomparably powerful divine force swept out.

He raised his right palm and pressed outwards. Recreated on his scarlet palm was an ancient symbol that flickered with an astonishing fiery light!

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