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Chapter 372 – Vermilion Bird Versus Qilin

The fluctuations in the sky battlefield were incredibly intense. The battle between the two youths seemed like a battle between a soaring eagle and a mountain smashing ape. Their fast and ferocious attacks left everyone shaken.


Divine light erupted, and it was as if the heavens itself were blasted open!

The two individuals traded attacks and shot all over the battlefield. They both seized every opportunity and released ferocious attacks while moving. The scene affected everyone’s minds greatly.


The center of Shi Yi’s palm flickered with purple radiance. A mist curled up, as if a great purple cloud was being formed. The haze began to blur the entire sky battlefield.

His body was as strong as a dragon’s, and he moved like lightning. His feet were a foot above the ground as he quickly shot forward with his right arm striking outwards. His entire body was enveloped in purple multi-colored light, and it was exuding energy that was so ferocious that it was a bit horrifying.

Shi Hao released a grunt and charged in a similar manner. Scarlet multicolored light submerged his body, and his arm shone with sparkling light. The ancient symbol at the center of his palm shone to meet his opponent head on. He didn’t back off in the slightest.

Right at that moment, everyone could hear what seemed to be the roars of a dragon and the cries of a phoenix resounding through the air. The two individuals attacked each other ferociously and continuously collided. Light continuously erupted between the two of them.

Floating in the void around them were ancient symbols that were imprinted within this world. They embodied great daos and were resonating with the two of them.

The two individuals’ fight was truly world-shaking. They had just begun, yet the most terrifying and great divine abilities were already revealed. Gusts of wind smashed about and auspicious multicolored lights surged.

Everyone felt dizzy from what they saw and were extremely astonished. All of them began to wonder how many of them could take their attacks at their cultivation realm. Needless to say, these two were truly supreme youths!

Shi Yi’s eyes revealed an indifferent expression. His leg stomped on the ground and caused the earth to quake. The entire battlefield began to tremble, and countless symbols extended beneath his feet.


Everyone sucked in a cold breath. Forget about a normal battlefield, even an archaic demonic peak would be shattered. However, the sky battlefield was completely unaffected with only symbols flickering about.

“His strength is so great! That kind of electricity indicates that he originally could have stepped onto this battlefield, but was only being stopped by symbols.”

Right at that time, Shi Hao soared into the air. He could feel a powerful force smashing at him from underneath like an enormous sledgehammer.

Shi Yi’s black hair drifted behind him. His eyes became even colder as he directly rushed into the air. His entire being was like a streak of lightning as he charged at Shi Hao murderously.


When they collided this time, both of their arms continuously shook. In just a split second, over a thousand exchanges were made. It was incomparable and at a speed where no one could keep up.

Finally, the entire world was blasted by thunder. Purple radiance and scarlet multicolored light erupted as if two stars had smashed together. The two individuals flew out backwards.

This strike did not decide the battle, but was rather the beginning. Now, the true confrontation’s curtains had been raised.

Shi Yi’s feet stepped on the void, and each time his foot descended, a dull sound would be heard. It didn’t sound like he was stepping on air, but rather as if he was stepping on a divine drum, making people’s souls tremble.

“What a terrifying foot technique. What kind of divine ability is this?” Someone from the crowd asked.

Shi Yi pressed forward, and with each step, his power would increase by a large amount. During his fourth step, this entire place trembled in response.

Even Shi Hao’s expression changed. This kind of precious technique was extremely terrifying, as its power seemed to continuously increase. It almost seemed like every step could cause the entire world to rumble and almost shatter.

He couldn’t endure it anymore and rushed forward murderously. A glaring red streak of light flew out from his palm and hacked at Shi Yi. The sound of a bird cry followed the attack.

Shi Yi released a low grunt. His right arm shone with purple light, and it was as if a barbaric dragon had revived as he faced the attack with his finger. With a large explosion sound, it made contact with the red light and created a dazzling eruption of radiance.

At the same time, he took his fifth step. The world seemed to explode with the sound of death, as if a thousand people were roaring at the same time. Everyone began to shiver inwardly.

It was clearly just a step, yet such an abnormal effect was produced. It left everyone dumbstruck and horrified.


When Shi Yi’s sixth step lowered, the space around them released a cracking sound. A purple mist filled the air and covered everything.

“Those are Qilin steps!” Someone cried out after finally recognizing the divine ability.

Shi Hao was currently feeling an extremely great pressure, as if he was being crushed under tens of thousands of mountains. It felt as if he couldn’t even breathe as he faced this seemingly unending pressure.


Following a short shout, Shi Yi took his seventh step. Killing intent overflowed into the heavens, and a roar that sounded like three thousand devils shouting shook the world.

It was as if all living things were going to be extinguished and this world was turning back in time. It was just too horrifying!

All types of symbols rose within the sky battlefield and formed an enormous curtain of light. It surrounded that area, or else large numbers of cultivators would immediately explode.

This was the Qilin steps technique. It possessed an unmeasurable might that could destroy the world and exterminate all enemies.

Shi Hao’s chest was in great pain as he faced this extraordinary pressure. He continuously made imprints as his body staggered in reverse. Eventually, a strand of blood could be seen on the corners of his lips.

“What? Even someone as strong as Shi Hao was injured?” In the distance the people were shocked.

Everyone looked at their own cultivation realms, especially the pure-blooded creatures that had fought against Shi Hao before. They knew how terrifying he was, yet he was actually injured.

“This is an archaic vicious technique, the true Qilin technique that is not passed down among descendants. It’s the pure-blooded Qilin’s divine ability!” Someone cried out in astonishment.

Perhaps this really was the correct explanation. Shi Yi had obtained the Qilin technique, and at this moment, a portion of its power was revealed. It shook the entire world and made all the cultivators present tremble.

How heaven defying was the Qilin precious technique? It was actually in the hands of a human! Hadn’t this long been lost in transmission?!

Soon after, everyone recalled that Shi Yi was a dual-pupiled individual, and that his eyes could see through all things fabricated and into the source. He most likely used those eyes to pry into the great power left behind by the Qilin.

“Hold on, it seems like a damaged Qilin technique. It isn’t complete.” In the distance, a supreme expert opened his mouth. When his eyes opened and closed, brilliant light would shoot out.

Blood leaked out from the corner of Shi Hao’s lips, but he did not fall back. Instead, he roared and spat out a gush of scarlet flames. It formed a divine bird and smashed forward.

He did not become dejected in any way and seemed rather unaffected as he fiercely attacked Shi Yi. His own body seemed to have become a huge scarlet flame.


The divine bird that flew from Shi Hao’s mouth halted Shi Yi’s steps. It brought with it endless flames and made his Qilin steps sluggish, unable to display their full power.

Meanwhile, Shi Hao’s body was extremely strong and powerful. He was like an invincible vermillion bird as he soared into the air.

“That’s the Vermillion Bird’s precious technique!” Many people cried out. They were so shocked that their jaws almost dropped onto the ground. They had just seen the great Qilin precious technique, yet now they saw the use of another precious technique, the Vermillion Bird’s precious technique. It truly was shocking.

Shi Hao’s entire body was blazing with flames that emitted terrifying energy. His body was like scarlet jade as it released a precious sparkling luster. He possessed a forceful and thunderous might. Within the terrifying flames were streaks of electricity.


His movements were too fast. As he charged violently, his palms were like wings. The winds began to stir around, and the heavens seemed like they were going to be shattered.

This time, Shi Yi was sent flying after being struck by his opponent’s fiery wing. He was like a kite with its strings cut loose and was almost struck outside the sky battlefield.

Blood flowed out from the corner of his lips, which he wiped off with his sleeve. His face was full of shock, but soon after, indifference returned to his eyes. He once again soared up murderously at Shi Hao.

“The Vermillion Bird’s Four-Fold Barrage was actually used to such a high level! Despite being young, his abilities are to be respected! Just how powerful is his physique?!” In the distance, the Fire Emperor sat on top of a chariot within jumping divine flames.

He had never cultivated the Four-Fold Barrage himself, but he knew of its existence from ancient records. Those that did not have physiques on par with the Vermillion Bird could not cultivate it, or else their body would inevitably be destroyed. This greatly shocked the Fire Emperor.

Huo Ling’er sat down and said in a soft voice, “Father, do you think he can win?”

“It’s not easy to say.” The Fire Emperor shook his head.


After a low roar, a purple Qilin appeared behind Shi Yi. It was divine and dignified, as if it was a revived heavenly deity overlooking its enemies.

At this moment, there wasn’t any point in holding back. The Qilin technique was revealed to the world.

Meanwhile, Shi Hao was fearless as well. His arms moved as if they were fiery wings. He released a shout, and a fiery Vermillion Bird appeared behind him.

It was bright red and resplendent. The enormous Vermillion Bird was vivid and lifelike, and its body covered the horizon.

“Embodiments of techniques!” Everyone became overwhelmed with shock.

These two individuals were limited by their cultivation realms, yet they could utilize such world-shocking divine abilities!

Shi Yi had merged with the Qilin, becoming as tall as a mountain. At times, he would be in human form, and other times, he would be a purple Qilin. Meanwhile, Shi Hao had merged with the Vermillion Bird. At times, he would be a strong young man, and at other times, a Vermillion Bird would soar through the air.


A mountainous purple Qilin surged with purple energy. It was grandiose and valiant as it pounced at the scarlet divine bird.

Shi Hao’s body merged with the Vermillion Bird. He used the Archaic Four-Fold Barrage to make his body fiery red. He seemed to possess an endless amount of energy. His body was surrounded by symbols as he rushed forward to face his opponent head on.

This was an incredibly great collision. The Qilin roared and the Vermillion bird cried. The entire sky began to tremble ferociously, as if it was going to be shattered.

The crowd was horrified. The light gold battlefield was constructed from special materials, and it was covered in even more mysterious symbols that could protect against everything.

Despite this being the case, there were small cracks that appeared on the cornerstone, shocking everyone to the extreme!

“This… Even on a deity level battlefield, this kind of scene is almost never seen!” Grandma Xihua’s face changed. She looked towards the quiet girl at her side.

Fairy Yue Chan had bright eyes and white teeth. Her beautiful hair fluttered about, and her white clothes were like drifting snow. She did not say anything and was extremely calm, and seeing this made Grandma Xihua become less tense as well.


A violent collision rang through the air. The railings of the sky battlefield were shattered into a dozen or so pieces. The domain embodiment was startled, and he personally acted to fix the gap.


In the sky, the purple Qilin and scarlet Vermilion Bird once again formed their human counterparts. One had purple energy surrounding him, and the other was surrounded in a scarlet haze. They began to exchange attacks in a lightning-like manner, swiftly and ferociously.

“So intense and terrifying! This is worthy of being a decisive battle between supreme youths! Even precious techniques like these are revealed. It really is shocking!”

The crowd discussed in a low voice. The fight between these two was just too intense! Their fight has made the skies dark and the sun and moon lightless. Ghosts cried and gods howled. It was as if hell itself had descended onto this world.

“Who do you guys think will win if this battle continues?”

“Why do I feel like the little one is a bit more ferocious? It seems like his chances of winning are a bit higher! That Vermillion Bird can simply break through the heavens and smash into the underworld!”

This battle left everyone dazzled and in a terrified state.


Shi Hao remained calm. He used the Archaic Vermillion Bird’s Four-Fold Barrage in a ferocious and overbearing manner. It was utilized with great proficiency and displayed to its greatest power!

With a pu sound, Shi Yi spat out a mouthful of blood. Under his opponent’s tyrannical attacks, he suffered an injury. His purple Qilin image began to tremble endlessly.

“Is the outcome going to be decided? Is the smaller one going to win?” Someone cried out in alarm.

“Impossible. Do you know who Shi Yi is? He is the dual-pupiled youth, and right now, he’s only using techniques. He still hadn’t used his greatest divine ability yet. He will definitely win this battle!”

“Even though you don’t want to admit it, it’s clear that Shi Yi has a ninety percent chance of winning. The cruel reality will be revealed soon.”

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