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Chapter 370 – The Day of the Duel

Demonic Spirit lake was located deep within a wild and uncivilized location. It was a restricted zone that was terrifying and mysterious. Few creatures from other races dared to approach this place after all these years, because if they did, they would simply be digging their own graves.

With a flicker of holy radiance, a magical artifact penetrated through space and brought out a youth. After descending onto the mountainous region, he began to advance slowly.

This place was extremely quiet and secluded with not many enormous beasts in sight. Two enormous mountains towered in front of him like gates. Between the two mountains was an enormous web that was silvery-white and translucent.

Sacred Spiderweb Gate!

This was the entrance to Demonic Spirit Lake, an enormous divine spider web. It is rumored that it could encompass the heavens and cover the seas; it could surround practically anything.

It was obvious that this wasn’t Shi Yi’s first time here. Demonic spiders emerged as soon as he approached the gate. There was no need for words. They enthusiastically welcomed him inside.

An enormous lake came into sight. Spiritual essence filled the place; this was the scene behind the gate.

The great lake was silvery white. Spiritual essence existed in dense quantities here. A few spiders were crawling about on the lake surface, glistening brightly as they absorbed its divine essence.

This was precisely Demonic Spirit Lake. The entire lake was created from spiritual energy, so there was a nearly endless amount of essence here. Cultivating here would allow one’s cultivation speed to quickly advance.

Broken walls could be seen by the shore. These were from a dilapidated palace, and they hinted at the glory of the ancient era.

Even though the palace was in terrible condition, there was no lack of life force here. There was a large net on each wall, and laying on them were terrifying spiders. This place was full of blood essence.

Legend has it that deities lived here endless years ago. In the end, their divine palace collapsed and became ruins. The gods and devils all departed from this place.

Of course, this place was not in total ruin. Within the greatest depths, there were more than ten grand and majestic heavenly palaces that still stood tall. A hazy light emanated from them.

One of them in particular was suspended in midair. It was rumored to have existed since the time when archaic gods and devils contended for supremacy. It had not fallen after suffering the endless torment of time.

This was the the heavenly palace of the Demonic Spirit Lake, as well as its most important location. Outsiders could not enter this place, or else they would be killed without discussion. The rules were so severe that even if pure-blooded demonic spiders wanted to get closer, they still had to make a report to their superiors. Otherwise, they would be bringing a disaster onto themselves. This was a place of utmost secrecy.

A large golden spider appeared from within the central heavenly palace and laid out a great resplendent path that led directly to Shi Yi’s feet. It allowed Shi Yi to enter this solemn and sacred place.

Rocks were floating one after another around the palace. The sky was already dark by now, and so they began to light up. They were like a heavenly constellation as they flickered with symbols and revolved around the palace.

Above the central palace was another web that was almost completely transparent. Unless one’s cultivation was high, one simply wouldn’t even see it. It was as thin as hair as it surrounded the enormous palace like divine chains.

“Yi’er, after this battle, we will hold a celebration for your sake. You are the number one in your generation!” The great golden spider smiled as he spoke in an extremely carefree manner.

“I thank martial uncle for his praise!” Shi Yi solemnly paid his respects.

Had any other people been here to witness this scene, they would definitely be dumbfounded. The giant golden spider’s background was astonishing and he had lived for an extremely long time, yet he now willingly became Shi Yi’s martial uncle.

“I await the day you become the lord of this wasteland region. You will rule over the land under the heavens and submerge countries with your presence,” said the great golden spider. He then turned around and looked towards the limits of Demonic Spirit Lake. “Pass down this message. Send an invitation to all of the Archaic Divine Mountains. In two days, I will arrange a feast to celebrate the unrivalled glory Yi’er will seize.”

“Martial uncle, it is still too early. It won’t be too late to celebrate after the battle ends,” said Shi Yi.

“Some of their locations are rather far away, so let’s just send out the invitation first so they can start their departures earlier.” The great golden spider turned around and looked at Shi Yi. “Yi’er, there shouldn’t be any accidents during this battle, right? I’m sure you can just directly kill him.”

“Who can foresee what will happen before it does? I believe that I am without equal, but even though I hold this faith, I still should not act carelessly,” Shi Yi calmly spoke.

Soon after, people everywhere began to discuss animatedly among themselves. Demonic Spirit Lake had sent out several invitations, and they were all sent out towards the the most remote Archaic Divine Mountains to invite their supreme experts.

This was truly an act of great confidence. Many people became speechless upon hearing about this.

“What can Shi Hao bring to this battle? His physical body, which is his greatest strength, is only equal to the dual-pupil individual’s. What else could he possibly have?” There were people who were clearly biased towards Shi Yi.

These people gave examples of support one after another. They all believed that the golden body refining liquid had made Shi Yi perfect without any weaknesses.

Comparatively speaking, the body of a dual-pupiled individual should be weaker, yet he was able to fight against against Shi Hao in physical toughness. If they fought with each other on other aspects, the dual-pupiled individual would undoubtedly hold the advantage.

“Dual Pupils can split apart heaven and earth and bring natural power to all living things. This kind of divine might is unfathomable, so how can Shi Hao even defend himself?”

“The supreme being bone in particular creates an even greater disparity. One lost their primordial true bone, while the other has improved and molded it for himself to make his body flawless.”

Before this decisive battle had even begun, the outside world was already buzzing with excitement. They were carrying out heated debates about who would become victorious.

It went without saying that Shi Yi held the advantage; this was an undeniable fact. What he had Shi Hao did not have, while what Shi Hao did not have he did have.

Finally, the day of the decisive battle had arrived!

The real world seemed to immediately became quiet. After clamoring with noise for several days, the major sects, manors, and ancient countries became quiet.

All signs of the discussions had vanished. It was as if everyone had disappeared off the face of the earth.

It was because they had all entered the Void God Realm!

Today, the Void God Realm was packed to the brim, something that had never been seen before. Every passageway was crammed as young talents appeared in the pure land one after another.

“That’s the Tuoba ancient family’s retired clan leader! He actually made an appearance.”

“Who cares about that? Look over there! The true master of the Western Beast Mountain has come! It is actually that enormous old white tiger!”

“Are your eyes closed? Those characters are insignificant. There is no lack of pure-blooded creatures that arrived here, and a few respected sect masters personally came.”

When one looked down on this place, they would find a large expanse of figures. There were creatures of all types, and they were moving together. Several hundred to a thousand creatures had appeared, for this was a grand occasion that was rarely seen in many, many years.

Everyone held their breaths in anticipation. This day would definitely affect all of the wasteland region, and this battle would be recorded in history. Regardless of the result, the two individuals were the brightest focal point of this day.

“He arrived! The dual-pupiled individual has appeared!” Everyone cried out in astonishment. They couldn’t help but move aside to make a path.

Shi Yi’s body was tall and slender, yet his physique was quite strong as well. His steps were majestic. A head of thick black hair fluttered about, and his eyes were covered in a mist, as if they were suffused with primal chaos.

He walked over step by step, as if he was a heavenly deity descending into this world of mortals. He possessed the grandeur of a ruler. Even though he was still young, many older generation characters felt like they were under great pressure.

Dangerous, exceedingly dangerous!

This was the feeling these experts received from their sharp senses. In particular, after seeing those pupils, everyone’s hearts trembled. It was as if the they could see the sun, moon, and stars being destroyed within them.

There was an enormous golden spider at his side that accompanied him the entire way here. Apart from the giant spider, there was also a group of humanoid creatures, and all of them were releasing terrifying auras.

Demonic Spirit Lake’s powerful figures had arrived, and they were all in humanoid forms!

Not far away, there was an old woman on crutches who was looking in this direction.

“Grandma Xihua from Heaven Mending Sect. No wonder the Demonic Spirit Lake doesn’t look worried at all despite the wasteland region going into turmoil. It seems like they have some form of insurance through Shi Yi.”

Someone muttered this softly. Those that knew a bit more revealed serious expressions.

With Shi Yi’s arrival, one of the main characters had appeared. They were now only waiting for Shi Hao so that this decisive battle could begin.

“Wu, there are so many people here. The sect masters and other monsters have arrived. This is a rare sight that can only be seen every couple hundred or so years!

Everyone knew that this was a battle on the divine level. Once this battle began, it would lead to great aftereffects!

In the distance, roars shook the heavens. Golden light shone resplendently as more than a dozen nine-headed lions appeared. They stood in their respective positions to observe the battlefield.

Rainbow divine light swept across the sky. Several enormous peacocks took to the sky and circled from above. Sacred multicolored splendor scattered down below them.

In another direction, white jade dragon elephants roared. They carried a few cultivators that emanated precious radiance, and these individuals were overlooking this place.

Looking into the distance, one would find creatures like Yazi, Pixiu, and Suan Ni. They were all enormous like mountains with terrifying auras. Radiant light shot out whenever their eyes opened and closed, creating a rather intimidating effect.

This still couldn’t be considered much. As time passed, more and more terrifying creatures appeared. Chariots rumbled one after another as they travelled through the sky and parked in front.

The ones pulling the carts were all enormous beasts and birds, and divine servants accompanied them. Brilliant light shone in all all directions as they released exuberant amounts of energy.

The supreme experts of the Archaic Divine Mountains had appeared, and they did not come by themselves. Chariots came one after another in succession, releasing a terrifying pressure that made others tremble and shudder in fear.

At this moment, the entire realm was full of creatures. They were everywhere and in countless numbers.

The appearance of these pure-blooded creatures, moreover being all great figures, truly left the young talents shivering and trembling with fear. They were all completely terrified. This battlefield was just too large.

Fiery light flickered about. A burning emperor carriage appeared that released an incredible pressure. The divine flames of the vermillion bird curled up about it. A middle-aged male was sitting within, and at his side stood a young lady dressed in scarlet clothes.

“The Fire Emperor has arrived together with a princess!”

When the voice just faded, another rumbling sound could be heard. Golden divine flames surrounded a stone carriage as it arrived from the skies. The Stone Emperor had arrived personally to witness this battle.

Following that, an ancient tree stretched into the sky. The Wood Clan’s emperor had arrived as well. These creatures weren’t of the human race. As they moved, ancient trees stretched across the sky and covered the sun.

The Ocean Clan’s people appeared soon after. They held golden tridents and travelled on waves as if they were moving across a great sea.

“Xixi… So lively. This battle really makes people excited.” The witch appeared. She was so beautiful that not a single flaw could be seen, as if she was sculpted out of fine white jade. Her tall body was particularly alluring.

Since she was here, it went without question that fairy Yue Chan would inevitably appear as well. They were fated enemies that had been opposing each other for a long, long time.

With things developing as such, everyone was waiting in anticipation. Where was Shi Hao? The other main character was nowhere to be seen.

As time went on, everyone began to stir restlessly. Discussions began to break out one after another. Could it be that he became scared and no longer dared to show himself?

Steps descended from the sky, shining with resplendent rays of light. The embodiment of the Void God Realm’s vague and indistinct figure appeared. His tone was indifferent as he said, “The other person had not yet arrived. Has he decided not to fight?”

It was obvious that he wasn’t happy. His voice was full of displeasure.

Everyone was speechless. The embodiment of this realm had even appeared, yet that fellow still acted in such a careless manner. Wasn’t this too easygoing? Was he really going to stand everyone up?!


Right at this time, an explosion burst from behind the realm embodiment. A resplendent passage appeared that was surging with holy and auspicious multicolored radiance.

No one could see it, but at this moment, the embodiment of this realm’s figure went rigid. A branch nudged him in the bottom, indicating… to move out of the way!

Following that, the resplendent light dimmed. A youth with large eyes walked out from the splendid passageway. Everyone was stunned and somewhat stupefied.

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