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Chapter 366 – There Are Still Rivals

The mountain was extremely tall. Even though there were ancient trees, they were sparse. The most eye-catching part of the summit was that large rock.

The indistinct individual sat within the throbbing flame. The aura he released was enough to suffocate all of the birds and beasts within this mountain range.

The pair of pupils was extremely sinister as they flickered with a light that was scarlet like fire. He was quiet and still, yet he still gave off a strong intimidating aura, as if a demonic god was cultivating.

Soon after, several figures appeared. They quickly hurried from the mountain range to the summit. If others were here to witness this, they would all have been shocked from their speed.

Moreover, every single one of these individuals’ blood and qi were extremely great. The ridiculous energy surged around them like waves, enough to completely intimidate the outstanding talents of a region. These individuals were all pure-blooded creatures with powerful natural talents.

However, when these creatures came to the summit, they all became extremely careful. They acted respectfully and with reverence. They earnestly paid their homage and then stood there with their heads bowed.

“How are things going?” The male sitting within the divine flames asked. The scarlet blaze within his eyes seemed like it could burn through heaven’s palace and intimidate a region. It made those youths all tremble.

Even as pure-blooded creatures, they couldn’t help but fall back. They almost went on their knees.

One of the youth respectfully saluted and reported, “We have already finished searching. Fairy Yue Chan is currently within the Fire Nation’s ancestral grounds in search of the liquid left behind from the archaic Vermillion Bird’s rebirth.”

“Is that so? I estimate that she will fail. Someone should have already obtained it first.” The individual sitting cross-legged on top of the large rock spoke calmly.

“It has already been thoroughly searched. Grandma Xihua is at her side. She is extremely powerful, at the very least at the supreme expert realm.” Another pure-blooded creature added, seeming slightly nervous.

If others found out that such a powerful youth who rarely encountered worthy opponents within his peers and could freely roam through the great wastelands was so cautious and respectful in front of this male, they would definitely be horrified to the extreme.

These were all well-known figures among pure-blooded creatures. They were the best from their individual races’ generation. As long as they grew up, they would definitely become unequalled.

Their innate talents were world shocking. If several decades had passed and they were able to reach great heights through the strength of their bloodlines and talent, they should be able to influence the rise and fall of an entire region!

However, it was precisely these outstanding characters that were treating this male with reverence and not the single bit of disrespect.

The male sitting on top of the boulder indifferently said, “It’s just an old woman. There are ways to deal with her.”

His voice wasn’t loud, and there wasn’t any fluctuation in it, yet it carried a mysterious power. The entire heaven and earth resonated with his words, rumbling as he spoke.

“Won’t this create a conflict with Heaven Mending Sect? It might bring about endless troubles.” A youth gathered his courage and said.

The others’ expressions changed, for they feared ‘that person’ would become angry. His will was not easily defied, and if he decided to execute them, then no one would be able to stop him.

The individual on top of the rock did not become angry and instead calmly opened his mouth. “It’s only one of fairy Yue Chan’s spiritual bodies. No matter how we treat her after we capture her, it wouldn’t create any huge disturbances.”

The individuals all shivered inwardly. They all knew ‘this person’ was dominating, but they were scared of his matchless strength. He always did things without any restraining fear.

These individuals all understood his natural disposition. He was most fond of high and remote females. Two years ago, he had captured a divine beauty from a great sect and forcefully kept her at his side, triggering a gargantuan disturbance.

In the end, he avoided a great tragedy. He became stronger and stronger through a path of blood.

“Senior, that is only a spiritual body, so there is no need for such risks. After all, it is still the Heaven Mending Sect! They might send out large troops for the sake of their reputation.

The youths saw that his mood wasn’t too terrible and added a few sentences.

“The body that entered the wasteland region is different. It won’t scatter and contains a true spirit, so it’s not much different from the true body.” When he reached this point, his laugh became cold and rather deep. The scarlet light within his pupils burned even more furiously, as if it could burn into the ninth heaven!

“Slowly, break her down slowly from her spiritual body, letting her real body sense what is best. However, I don’t only want her body, I want her heart as well,” said the male on top of the big rock.

Even though his voice was calm, it made those youths shiver uncontrollably. They no longer dared to say anything else.

“The gray flood dragon went to search for the supreme divine treasury, so why hasn’t he returned? Considering the amount of time that had passed, he should be back.” Right at that time, a youngster spoke, revealing a look of confusion.

“He’s dead.” The male on the large rock said coldly.

“What? The gray flood dragon died? Could it be that some old monster was there?” The individuals were shocked.

It was because they knew how extraordinary that gray flood dragon was. If it wasn’t an old monster that took action, not many people within the younger generation could kill him. At the very least, he would be able to preserve his own life.

“During his moment of death, I sensed that a youth who was younger yet stronger slicing off the gray flood dragon’s head,” said the male on the big boulder.

“A youth that is even younger than the gray flood dragon? Is that the sect’s heroic inheritor?” The individuals were shaken.

They were extremely agitated. He was still extremely young, yet he could kill the gray flood dragon. He must have been some heaven defying monster, or else it wouldn’t have been possible.

The number of people who could do such a thing could be counted on one hand. It was so rare that they immediately thought of the person.

“It is a native of the wasteland region.” The male on the large boulder spoke indifferently.

The youths were all astonished, and their expressions changed shortly after. The wasteland region could produce such an individual? It was just too shocking.

“We have just entered the this region, so there are many things we aren’t familiar with. We have been focused on fairy Yue Chan this entire time. It seems like we need to use some effort to understand this region,” said one of the youngsters.

“You guys can go take a look. I hope that you all can bring him back and make him my follower!” the male on the big rock said.

“Senior, don’t worry. We will definitely bring him back!” The voice was as loud as thunder. There was a horn on his head, and his aura was extremely terrifying.

“Don’t act recklessly. You all are stronger than the gray flood dragon, but that doesn’t mean you guys will win. I do not hope for another one of my followers to fall.” The male spoke in a calm tone.

“He’s that strong?” Those individuals were all incredibly shocked.

“If you find traces of him, you can report to me,” said the male on the big rock.

The youths all left like wind and lightning in their respective directions, causing plants to explode and mountains to rumble. They were pure-blooded creatures with high cultivation levels, so they could easily traverse through the great wastelands.

Not long after, the divine flame on the large rock extinguished. A figure stood up, and upon closer inspection, his age wasn’t great. He only seemed seventeen or eighteen in age, yet he possessed a world-devouring might!

Several thousand li away, Shi Hao descended from the sky. Large amounts of blood dyed the mountain region. The gray flood dragon’s several dozen meter long headless body dropped down, smashing apart the ancient trees and shattering the mountain stones.

It was because this pure-blooded creature’s physical body was too powerful.

Shi Hao was a bit regretful, because the the blood that had been scattered was all precious! Fortunately, his movements were quick, allowing him to temporarily stop the corpse’s bleeding.


The remaining creatures roared angrily. There were three individuals who rushed over to get revenge for the gray flood dragon. The other four quickly backed off to escape from this place.

Shi Hao drew his bow until it made a full curve. A golden streak of light flew out, and with a pu sound, one of the fleeing individuals was killed. His control over power was excellent, not allowing the arrow to explode its body and only enough to kill it. A corpse was left behind, and its original form of an enormous ferocious beast emerged.


He drew his bow once again, and a second arrow flew out. Another creature’s head was blasted apart without any suspense. The body of an extremely large tiger was left behind.

“I’m going to fight to the death!” The other individuals that originally wanted to flee turned around to join the three people from before and create a path of life for themselves.

It was clear that this battle would end with a clear result. Even a creature as powerful as the gray flood dragon and well-respected within pure-blooded creatures who managed to endure a hundred and twenty exchanges with Shi Hao was killed, so how could they stand a chance?

In the end, these individuals were all captured. He wanted to ascertain their backgrounds.

The results startled him. Above their boss, the gray flood dragon, was another ‘senior’ who had an even higher position. He was rumored to be so powerful that it even left these youths shocked.

“So powerful! It seems like there really are a few incredible creatures outside this region. Fairy Yue Chan and the witch aren’t the only ones. There are still others. I am still not without rivals… there are still rivals out there!” The devilish brat’s skin was extremely thick as he ‘humbly’ praised himself.

Unfortunately, as for that ‘senior’, these individuals didn’t know much. It seemed like they didn’t have the qualifications to associate with him and dared not talk too much about him.

After Shi Hao interrogated them and obtained enough information, he ended their suffering. They were cut down with a single strike, and several large corpses appeared on the ground. There were fierce beasts and vicious birds.

These were the cruel wastelands. Sometimes, it was truly truly terrifying. The strong preyed on the weak, brimming with blood and the flames of war.

Shi Hao started as an innocent and pure child and gradually adapted to grow into who he was today. Otherwise, he would truly have been eliminated by the great wastelands’ natural selection.

His mood was quite good. A pure-blooded gray flood dragon and a pile of other vicious birds and beasts with noble bloodlines; this was a great gift. After bringing it back to the village, it will definitely make the clansmen happy and excited.

Shi Hao was already impatient and wanted to return to the village as soon as possible. He wanted to be within his family’s warmth and comfort, away from the cruel war outside.

He brought out the heaven and earth pouch to put away his spoils. He was completely satisfied. After thinking for a bit, he said to himself, “It’s probably better if I don’t borrow a vicious beast for transportation. The western border is not peaceful. Since they came for the supreme divine treasury, if I fly in the sky, I might be shot at again.”

He brought out a piece of dao paper and stuck it to his body. It was the earth withdrawal symbol he obtained from Stone Country capital’s auction.

In just an instant, his speed rose drastically. Together with the Kun Peng’s movement technique, he only left behind an afterimage where he previously stood. He was like a streak of lightning as he crossed the mountain range towards the depths of the great wastelands.

His speed was just too fast. The Kun Peng technique was already ridiculous and known as one of the fastest under the heavens, and it was currently only held back by his cultivation level. However, together with the symbol paper that seemed to shrink the land beneath him, it produced an astonishing effect.

Shi Hao’s precious clothes were burnt to ashes from the air resistance. It could be seen just how terrifying his speed was!

Within the great wastelands, a powerful vicious bird sat on top of an ancient tree. This nine-colored parrot saw a light flash past and rubbed its eyes in confusion.

“There’s a streaker!” The parrot cried out loudly, startling this entire area within the great wastelands.

Shi Hao silently cursed. Damned parrot!

He really was running naked, but his speed was so fast that normal creatures wouldn’t be able to see him clearly. Only that strange bird noticed. It cried out loudly, leaving him utterly embarrassed.

However, the devilish brat’s skin truly was thick. He ran as fast as lightning and continued without any hesitation. He gazed towards the faraway Stone Village and saw a towering willow tree. Sparkling dark green threads were scattered down one after another. Only then did he stop and put on a pair of clothes.

“Stone Village, I’ve finally returned. I will make my preparations here and have the Willow Deity protect my physical body. My true spirit will fight in the Void God Realm!” Shi Hao clenched his fists tightly.

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