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Chapter 367 – Family

The greenish-blue branches and leaves, as well as sparkling jade-like threads hung downwards. The entire tree released a precious and brilliant radiance.

The Willow Deity was transforming by the day. The portion that was struck by lightning seemed to have completely disappeared with no scorched parts in sight. The tree had a total of eighty-one tender branches.

It was lofty and full. A hazy green light was being released.

Stone Village was auspicious and peaceful. It was abundant with spiritual essence, for there were several dozen spiritual medicines growing here. Moreover, there was even a nearly divine-grade silver peach tree at the heart of the village.

On the street, there was a faint milky white mist flowing about. This was an astonishing spiritual essence, and it was nourishing this land of peace and prosperity.

“Zhuzi, don’t run. Hurry up and go home for dinner.” A tall and sturdy young man shouted.

Within the village, a group of children ranging from a year-old to those that were eight or nine were running about. They swarmed like bees after a five-colored sparrow.

Shi Hao was speechless. This was a perfect imitation of his own mischievousness in the past! The children from the village had inherited his nature, and all of them were wild and playful.

“Someone came to our village!” A small fellow cried out with an immature voice.

“Ah! Big brother Hao came back!” An eight or nine year old child shouted.

“It’s Uncle Hao! He came back with good things to eat again!” A two year old milk baby shouted with excitement. He ran over happily with his small feet.

After returning from the Northern Sea, he visited Stone Village. After hearing that his grandfather stirred up chaos within Stone Country’s capital, he hurriedly left.

In reality, he only left Stone Village for a few months, so it couldn’t be considered to be that long. As a result, even those milk babies that were quite young still remembered him, especially the delicious food he brought back. Those large lobsters, fine turtles, and other foods made them salivate when they just thought about it.

Shi Hao’s return naturally created a huge commotion. Male, female, young, and old all hurried over excitedly.

The villagers were all safe and sound, and nothing major happened over these past few months. Stone Village had become a pure land just like that. The villagers were all healthy as they lived within the nourishment of the spiritual medicine’s spiritual essence.

The young children, in particular, had strong constitutions after growing up under these conditions. They were all great seedlings in cultivation, far surpassing their predecessors.

“Ah… another pure-blooded creature. It truly is too great! The green luan meat from last time makes me drool just by thinking about it. Now, there’s a gray flood dragon!”

The villagers were delighted, all of them excited and happy. The large children in particular were jumping about. They hurried over and almost tripped from excitement.

They’ve already had a taste, and meats like this were all more useful than any spiritual medicine. They were incredibly important for their cultivation, and after eating them, the pores all over their bodies would emit multicolored light and allow them to quickly break through their cultivation realms.

The villagers received great benefits with a few entering the Heavenly Passage realm. Shi Linhu’s and Shi Feijiao’s cultivations were even deeper, entering the Spiritual Transformation realm.

As for the village chief’s white hair, it became completely black again. The effects of the pure-blooded flesh had the greatest effect on him, making his body healthy again. The hidden illness he contracted a few years ago had completely disappeared. His cultivation was also extremely shocking as he continuously broke through. This was the result of over ten years of suppression.

As for the group of youth Dazhuang, Ermeng, Pihou and the others, they all entered the Heavenly Passage Realm. Meanwhile, Qingfeng even stepped into the Spirit Transformation Realm. For his age, it was rather amazing.

The village was bustling with activity as if there was a huge celebration. Using Shi Hao’s broken sword, they cut up the gray flood dragon and prepared those other uncommon vicious birds and beasts.

Not long after, an astonishing meat fragrance wafted through the village.

“Stinky brat, stop eating so much. This is a pure-blooded creature! Even though it still hasn’t fully matured and can’t be compared to its ancestors, it is still terrifying. If you eat too much, you’ll run around and cause chaos all night again!”

“Just a bit of these things would make normal people go crazy. Don’t eat like crazy and save a bit. Allow it to slowly nourish your body, or else you might not feel too well later.”

Despite the village’s older generation’s warnings, the group of large children still wolfed down the food. In the end, before they even finished eating, they already cried out strangely. Their bodies were shining all over and they ran straight for the large lake.

This was the same reasoning as someone with a particularly weak constitution not being able to handle a stronger dose. Even though they were strong and had excellent physiques, pure-blooded creatures were just terrifying. The divine essence within their body would make their blood surge and boil.

“Thank you Uncle Hao!” The small fellows were thrown into piping hot copper cauldrons. A few elders poured in some drops of the flood dragon’s blood, making them grimace in pain.

These children cultivated earnestly under the village’s guidance unlike Pihou’s generation. The children from back then all cried with tears and continuously ran away.

“You guys have to cultivate well. Even your Uncle Hao didn’t have this kind of pure-blood for his baptism!”

The village was clamoring with noise. It was an extremely comfortable place. As Shi Hao looked at everything, he felt warm inside. Only here could he completely relax without being on guard in the slightest.

“Haha… I broke through! My cultivation has improved again!” In the distance, Ermeng’s father shouted loudly. His large mouth laughed continuously.

“I broke through as well! Old man, I’ve passed you by a bit!” Ermeng scratched his head and giggled foolishly.

Ermeng’s father gave him a slap on his head with a pa sound. “Stinky brat, how can I compare to you? This old one didn’t have the chance when it was important and started cultivating too late. I’ve already missed the golden period of youth.”

“Oh, I’ve also broken through, wahaha…” In the distance, snot baby also shouted. Currently, he was already a large youth.

There was a lake at the front of the village. It was extremely clear and clean. Golden specks could be seen within as dragon whisker fish swam about.

A few small boats drifted along the lake. Shi Hao lied down on top, and Dazhuang, Ermeng, Pihou, and Qingfeng were at his side. They were all incredibly content.

After returning, Shi Hao did not cultivate or make any preparations for the great battle. Instead, he thoroughly relaxed himself and shared his experiences with his childhood companions.

This was an incredibly good feeling. They were all childhood comrades, and after these years, they’ve all grown up. Other than Qingfeng, they all had children already, becoming fathers.

“The village is full of spiritual essence, so the newborn babies are all strong. I believe that they will all become great heroes in the future! Even two and three year old fellows can move stones as rollers, it really is a bit scary.”

“Even though they aren’t comparable to Shi Hao when he was young, they are still much stronger than when we were little.”

Ermeng and Dazhuang sighed. They were extremely happy. If this continued, Stone Village would inevitably become a sacred land, and quite a few experts would emerge within the great wastelands.

Within the fragrant grassland at the lakeshore, a group of unicorns were galloping about. Silver light flickered, and their numbers that numbered in the dozens now surpassed a hundred. Among them, there was a taller one that was snow white and sparkling, densely covered in dragon scales. It raised its head and roared; it was currently eating the flood dragon meat. This was precisely Little White, and during the past few years, it continuously transformed, becoming more and more powerful. It not only ate grass, but also vicious beasts.

From the speculations of the village elders, this fellow might have stepped onto a great evolutionary path. If it continued, it could truly become a heavenly steed.

With a hu sound, great winds blew past. Several enormous vicious birds appeared in the skies, circling with their wings spread.

“Aunt Green Scaled Eagle, Big Peng, Little Green, Purple Cloud!” Shi Hao happily waved his hands towards the sky.

The four enormous birds were several dozen zhang in length and were now many times larger than before. During these past few years, they cultivated below the willow tree, allowing their strength to advance by leaps and bounds.

They were extremely joyous as well. Craning their necks, they released a long cry and circled around the large lake. Winds were immediately stirred up.

Shi Hao leapt up and landed on Purple Cloud’s black, immediately following them into the clouds. Only after flying through the boundless wastelands for a long time did they once again return to the lake.

At the shore, a chicken was casually strolling about in a relaxed manner. It didn’t even give Shi Hao a look; this was precisely the Octadic Treasure Chicken.

Its position within the village was high. It frequently laid spiritual eggs, so the villagers all treated it like a treasure. Even the most naughty kids didn’t dare to provoke it.

“Dumb chicken, you actually dare to put on airs around me?! Be careful or else I might just straight up eat you. I heard that during the archaic era, you were a famous dish that even gods and devils enjoyed.” Shi Hao revealed his mouthful of small white teeth.

The Octadic Treasure Chicken no longer had confidence and ran towards the village. It no longer dared to act so arrogantly here.

“Where is Hairy Ball, Second Baldy, and the big red bird?” Shi Hao asked. He urgently needed to see Hairy Ball and pinch its ears to find out where the mountain treasure was.

“Those three fellows come and go like the wind. They would even invite Aunt Green Scaled Eagle to search for the supreme divine treasury,” said Dazhuang.

During these past two years, the big red bird and the others had brought back quite a few broken weapons and artifacts. They were all dug up from the mountains while persistently searching for the world shocking treasury.

They’ve even captured people from Western Paradise for interrogation.

“Originally, Hairy Ball and the other fellows had found the divine treasury’s gate, but they never would have thought that the treasury would suddenly flee. In the end, it disappeared without a trace,” Pihou added.

As for this divine treasury, Shi Hao had heard about it since he was young. Only, there hadn’t been any results all this time.

Stone Village became extremely tranquil late into the night. A faint radiance surrounded it, as if a layer of mysterious cloth covered it.

The moonlight scattered down like water. The great willow tree at the front of the village was full of life, scattering down a beautiful green light. It now had many more branches.

Shi Hao sat under the great willow tree and shared his experiences. He spoke of his experiences in the outside world, and the Willow Deity calmly listened without saying much.

Shi Hao knew that the Willow Deity had become many times more powerful than in the past. Before, when it only had a single branch, it could already bring all of Stone Village ten thousand li away. Now that it was a dark sparkling green, had eighty one willow branches, and a vitality that was as great as the sea, it was clear that its might became deep and unfathomable.

“Willow Deity, how is the Kun Peng technique?” He asked.

“It is excellent, worthy of being one of the Archaic Vicious Ten and a matchless divine technique.” The Willow Deity thought very highly of it and added, “Once it is used, heaven and earth will upend and the universe will burst.”

When Shi Hao heard what it said, he became stupefied. This was was a fundamental difference in cultivation realms. Even if both he and the Willow Deity used it, the result would be catastrophically different.

Back then, the Willow Deity was immersed in an endless sea of lightning and descended from the nine heavens. Its origins were mysterious and shocking. It was obvious that it would inevitably become much more terrifying after obtaining the Kun Peng’s technique.

“I also have a technique. I wanted to teach you, but your decisive battle is at hand and your cultivation realm is not high enough. Let’s put it off for now.” The Willow Deity spoke.

When Shi Hao heard what it said, his spirit was immediately raised. The Willow Deity’s technique was definitely world shaking, so he was extremely hopeful.

There were still three days before the decisive battle. Gargantuan waves were about to descend. The outside world had long become restless, and everyone was awaiting this battle.

As for the Void God Realm, it had been bustling with activity for many days now. Everyone waited impatiently, hoping for the battle to arrive sooner.

The two deity like youths’ might shook the great wastelands. They were unparalleled within their generation. An incredibly intense battle was about to unfold between the two of them within the Sky Battlefield.

This was a battlefield that had not been used in a long time. It was known as a god-level stage, and once it was opened, it would signify that a battle between different great regions would come. The young talents were about to fight in an interregional battle!

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