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Chapter 365 Suppress and Kill

“Yi, are you speaking to me?” The young man at the front seemed a bit shocked. Normally, who dared to challenge him?

This was a sixteen or seventeen year old young man who seemed a bit coarse and wild. He was sturdy and well built. A head of thick black hair covered his head. With the large bow in hand, his robust physique was like that of a tyrannosaurus rex.

“Yes, you!” Shi Hao’s gaze was ice cold.

“Those that speak to me like that are all dead. I haven’t heard those words for several years already, so it sounds a bit weird.” The young man holding the bow laughed and revealed his mouthful of snow white teeth. His appearance was a bit intimidating.

“You should be someone of the wasteland region, but just how much significance can such a person have?” The people beside him spoke.

“You should be careful. There are still some natives who are quite strong.”

The swan was several dozen zhang in length. Its body had already split apart, and a bloody hole appeared in its chest. It had dropped from the clouds and smashed into the great wastelands’ mountain ridge. Blood dyed this place a deep red, and the strong bloody odor swept through this place. Its death here was truly a miserable and unrighteous one.

Shi Hao’s mind was completely overwhelmed with anger. These people were acting in a completely unbridled manner. After seeing a disciple from another sect flying on a bird, he didn’t seem to care in the slightest. He released an arrow all for the sake of satisfying his own random desires.

This was just too unbridled. It was just a few youngsters from beyond this region, yet they dared to act so impudently here. They held a natural air of superiority when dealing with the wasteland’s people.

“You all dare to do such things in your own sects?” Shi Hao asked coldly.

The people from the opposing side roared wildly. They didn’t seem to care at all.

“We simply hunted a vicious bird for food. From the looks of it, you seem rather upset?” A youth casually asked.


Shi Hao made his move. A palm slapped over, causing sand and rocks to fly everywhere. The giant boulders weighing over tens of thousands of jin were swept into the air like straw in a frantic manner.

“A barbarian dares to act so aggressively.” The individual who spoke laughed coldly and roared, spitting out a mist. It was powerful, possessing a corrosive nature. It could dissolve precious artifacts.

In just a split second, the giant stones that flew into the sky were all dissolved into ashes. They scattered down onto the floor softly. Shi Hao’s hand was also surrounded by the mist.

“Leave behind your arm. Then go and cook the swan,” the young man ordered.

This was the second most powerful figure in their party, second only to the young man with the large bow. He continuously laughed coldly. He fought while making this kind of decision.


Waves of white smoke spiraled into the air as it surrounded Shi Hao’s arm. It was as if something was decaying as the mist rose.

“I’m teaching you a lesson. You are just a wasteland region youngster outside the sphere of civilization, yet you dare to act so rudely towards us.” He moved his two arms extremely arrogantly.

“Yi, something’s not right!”

A moment later, he suddenly had a bad feeling. He quickly retreated, feeling that the situation wasn’t right.

The others were shocked as well, shouting for him to quickly back up.

Even though Shi Hao’s arm was surrounded by the corrosive power, his body was still sparkling and translucent. It was not destroyed, and only his sleeve became completely tattered and destroyed.

His clothes could also be considered precious artifacts. They were supposed to protect his body, yet were so easily corroded.

Shi Hao’s palm was extremely bright as it slammed over. The symbols were astonishing, and its aura was extremely terrifying. He was furious, so he naturally wouldn’t hold back. However, he didn’t use any precious techniques, because the strength of his flesh alone was already astonishingly powerful.

“Is this the vajra body of the Western Sect? Unbreakable body!” Some members of the group the cried out in shock. This was the first time their expressions changed.

“Stop!” The youngster shouted loudly. He spat a small shield from his mouth. At first, the simple and lusterless shield was only an inch in diameter, but soon after, dazzling light erupted.

The small shield shone and quickly enlarged, blocking in front. Streak after streak of patterns appeared. Symbols covered it densely, and an extremely powerful aura flowed about.

It was grinded from a primordial symbolled bone. It was clear with just a glance that it wasn’t an ordinary item.

Shi Hao’s palm descended, striking onto that precious artifact. It immediately erupted with endless light and divine force. The surrounding plants turned into ashes and stones turned into powder.

“Open!” The youngster shouted loudly and activated his precious artifact in hopes of defending himself.

However, Shi Hao’s palm was too ferocious. When it descended, the shield released a crisp sound, and a large crack appeared.

“What?!” Several people cried out in alarm. They revealed looks of shock.

The shield was refined from a damaged bone left behind by a pure-blooded creature who died prematurely. It was extremely sturdy. Among the younger generation, how many people could split it apart?

Shi Hao also noticed that that this shield wasn’t ordinary. He regretted using so much force, because this was quite a great precious artifact that was made of rarely seen materials.

Currently, his physical body was too powerful. Even creatures like the horned dragon and Zhujian would feel fear when they encountered him. Shi Hao could capture pure-blooded creatures through brute force, so shattering this type of bone shield wasn’t too difficult.


He struck out again, blasting this bone to pieces. His palm was powerful and just too quick.

The youth was greatly alarmed. Even this kind of precious technique was shattered! It left him greatly shaken. He released a roar; his palm and fingers lit up as he spared no effort in defending.

At the same time, the youth holding the large bow also took action. He drew his arrow and aimed at Shi Hao’s palm. A green streak of light flew out with an astonishing sharpness.

Chilly winds roared angrily and boulders rolled about. The power of this arrow was too shocking! Just the wind it raised was enough to make this place crack apart.

Shi Hao’s palms and fingers shone. A black tortoise emerged, merging with his hand. As it collided with the green light, a loud explosion sounded, rupturing this mountain ridge.

The green arrow was blazing with dazzling light. However, it continuously weakened as its divine force was exhausted. Meanwhile, after Shi Hao’s palm was momentarily stopped, it once again slapped down.


He slapped the youth, and even though only forty or fifty percent of its power remained, it still made the youth’s body contort uncontrollably.

With a kacha sound, his armguard shattered. A powerful precious artifact scattered down like sparkling fragments.

The youth spat out blood from his mouth and staggered backwards.

It was just a single strike, but everyone’s expressions changed greatly as a result. They knew that they had encountered trouble. This individual actually harmed one of the stronger individuals in their party, moreover destroying his precious artifact.

“Even someone like you dares to act so condescendingly towards me?” Shi Hao sneered.

The injured individual’s face became ashen. He was absolutely furious, yet he couldn’t refute Shi Hao’s words. That young man was stronger than him, so any words he spoke in denial would be the same as scolding himself.

“You’re just another barbarian from some uncivilized land. So what if you have some brute strength?” There was someone on the side who was unconvinced and berated loudly.

Shi Hao crossed his arms and revealed an expression of contempt. As of this moment, he was no longer so agitated and returned to his usual attitude. “Idiot that doesn’t know the height of the sky and the depth of the earth, do you think this is some kind of hunting ground where you can just randomly engage in slaughter? With this level of strength, all of you can only be prey. I am currently heading back to my village and lack some presents. Hunting you guys should serve as quite a good gift.”

“Close your mouth!” Someone shouted.

“Shut up!” What that individual heard in reply was an even more severe and domineering tone. Moreover, a streak of symbols flew out from his mouth, and that individual immediately backed up after being struck.

“It seems like we’ve underestimated you a bit. You seem to have some ability. Your actions really are making us consider whether you are a character suited to roasting that swan for us or a formidable individual.”

These young experts were all haughty individuals. Even though they were aware that they encountered an unordinary individual, they still wouldn’t admit their wrongs.

“What do you all think you are? I was using the swan to cross this place, yet you still dare to treat it like prey. Do you think the wasteland region is your back yard? Not a single one of you are getting away,” Shi Hao said.


He made his move again, activating the Kun Peng’s power. This place illuminated, and energy surged violently. Then, an enormous body of water emerged and poured down on all of them.


Other than the youth in the lead who did not move, the others were all frightened into action.

Following a loud explosion, the black wave wreaked havoc in all directions. Six or seven individuals were blasted into the air as chunks of blood flew out from their mouths. There were a few other individuals that were forced back.

“All of you, back up. Let me deal with this native!” The leading youth shouted.

He drew his enormous bow and continuously released arrows. Green light streaked across the sky like rainbows, flying out one after another continuously. Shi Hao avoided them. The green lights were like immortal swords. They flew towards the distance with astonishing auras.


A mountain top was immediately collapsed, and a few smaller mountains were blasted apart as well.

It was clear just how bold and powerful that young man was. The arrow he released was extremely terrifying and astonishing. Otherwise, how could he have shot down an Engravement Realm swan with a single arrow?


A streak of golden light flew out. Shi Hao also brought out an enormous bow. As the arrow tore through the air, flood dragon roars could be heard. It was as if it was the incomparably dazzling arrow had been shot down from the land of immortals.

This was the Wind and Thunder bow he obtained from the Fire Nation’s ancestral grounds. It was incredibly powerful in his hands.

This place erupted with chaos. A storm of arrows interweaved as the two individuals continuously released their attacks. The entire mountain ridge directly exploded.

The swan had turned into a pile of mud, its corpse completely destroyed.


Not long after, several miserable shouts sounded. One of the individuals within the group was struck, and his flesh immediately exploded.


This entire place was in chaos. Unknowingly when, both individuals had put away their bows. The youth rushed into the sky to fight an astonishingly great battle against Shi Hao.

“No wonder you are so strong. You are a pure-blooded gray flood dragon!” Shi Hao was astonished.

This was a gray flood dragon whose cultivation was extremely profound. His precious technique had been practiced to perfection, and his battle experience was even more abundant. The two were currently fighting chaotically.

“Boss has met his match. Scary! What kind of background does that youngster have? Why do I have a bad feeling?” The expressions of the people below changed.

The cry of a dragon sounded, and the youth had transformed into its original form. Dusky mist curled about as it fought intensely against Shi Hao in the clouds.

The scene was extremely astonishing. The gray flood dragon coiled about. Its enormous body continuously battered down on the youth. Whenever the two came in contact, resplendent light would erupt.

“Not good! Boss is going going to be defeated!” The group of youths’ faces all became pale. They all became terrified.


The sky erupted with a dazzling rain of light. The gray flood dragon coughed out blood, and its bloody body staggered back. The cloud layer was almost completely scattered.

It was just too shocking. After coming to the wasteland region, the flood dragon actually encountered this kind of opponent and suffered such heavy losses.

In reality, Shi Hao was even more shocked than the flood dragon. They have exchanged over a hundred attacks. The gray flood dragon was extremely powerful and could be considered a rarely seen opponent.


Finally, following their hundred and twentieth exchange, the gray flood dragon encountered disaster. Its head was sliced off by Shi Hao’s palm and it fell down onto the mountain ground.

The remaining youths took action simultaneously, but they weren’t able to save its life.

“Wu, this time, I’ll have a really good present to bring back to Stone Village,” Shi Hao said to himself. What was better than a pure-blooded gray flood dragon?

At the same time, within the depths of a primitive mountain range, a figure sitting on top of a big boulder at the summit suddenly opened his eyes. In that instant, the boulder erupted with divine fire.

He was like a deity immersed within flames. His entire figure became indistinct, and only a pair of eyes shone through the flames. They were even more dazzling than the flames. He said to himself, “My follower has been killed.”

If someone were to find out that even a supreme pure-blooded creature was merely this individual’s follower, they would definitely tremble from shock.

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