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Chapter 364 – Killing Intent

The area was completely silent. The fields around them felt cold and secluded. As the shining moonlight scattered itself down like water, the entire forest became shrouded within a faint haze.

That extraordinarily beautiful figure that seemed like it walked straight out from a painting was without a single imperfection. It emanated a precious splendor under the moonlight and faced Shi Hao in confrontation.

A great battle could break out at any moment!

“You should make your move if you want to kill me.” Shi Hao spoke indifferently.

“In the end, you are still a disciple of my Heaven Mending Sect. You can remain stubborn, but I cannot act so heartlessly. I’ll leave you with your life in hopes that when we meet again, we can still share a drink.” Fairy Yue Chan’s voice was soft. From her spotlessly white jade-like cheeks, a hint of regret could be seen.

Shi Hao chuckled, but he did not feel grateful at all. “If you don’t kill me now, there will be regret in the future.”

“I hope things do not end up that way. Go, do your best,” fairy Yue Chan calmly said. Her curvy body shone magnificently under the strands of moonlight.

Haha… Shi Hao laughed loudly and looked her in the eyes. “Same to you, do your best. I hope that there is no great battle between us in the future, or else I will forcefully carry you away as part of my war spoils.”

“You…” Fairy Yue Chan’s expression finally changed. She had been treated rudely by the other party several times already. Her face became cold, and a wave of shocking killing intent poured over. It was as if an immortal sword tore through space to reach this place.

Shi Hao did not pay her any attention. He turned around and left without showing any sign of fear. His back was completely open and unguarded as he walked away with large strides.

After a short period had passed, he was already far away from this region, his figure gradually disappearing into the horizon. Only now did this area erupt with divine light. All the grass and stones within a hundred zhang circumference turned into powder.

“Yue Chan, why did you let him go? That youth isn’t ordinary. Killing him now before he rises to greatness is the best time. Otherwise, there will be great troubles in the future.” An old woman suddenly appeared.

“Don’t worry about it.” Fairy Yue Chan spoke without any expression.

“How can I not? I know your natural talents are unparalleled, so even if that youth is the best of his generation, he still won’t be a worthy opponent for you. However, he might cause trouble for my Heaven Mending Sect, and others might not be able to stop him. If he is allowed to grow up, there won’t be many people who can contend against him.”

After speaking, the old woman was about to give chase. Her body erupted with shocking fluctuations of energy, as if a vast sea was undulating up and down. In a split second, the mountain forest became completely silent. All of the nocturnal beasts and birds went into hiding, and none of them dared to utter a sound.

“I am going to hunt him down to prevent a disaster. In addition, since Shi Yi entered our Heaven Mending Sect, it is still reasonable to kill off his mortal enemy.” The energy swirling around her was simply too terrifying!

“Don’t pursue him. He is extremely dangerous.” Yue Chan suddenly spoke, stopping this old woman.

“He is merely a late-stage Engravement Realm youth. Just a single finger is enough to make him explode. There’s no such danger to speak of.” The old woman did not believe her words.

“He killed two supreme experts within Stone Country’s capital. No matter what he relied on, without clearly understanding his power first, it is better to not take action without permission to avoid disaster,” said fairy Yue Chan calmly.

“Regardless of how he did it, killing two supreme experts in a row should have cost him greatly. I refuse to believe that he can still use such power again.” The old woman was incredibly startled, and it was clear that there was apprehension within her heart.

“Don’t take any risks.” Fairy Yue Chan softly said.

“I understand. As long as you are given time, all enemies will crumble. There is no one who can block our young miss’ divine path.” The old woman’s eyes erupted with a passionate light.

A light wind blew past. The terrifying energy vanished, disappearing like the tide.

At the end of the horizon, Shi Hao released a cold shiver. His mind was greatly shaken. When he looked back, he felt as if a giant ancient beast had awakened within the depths of the mountain range, and then gone back to sleep again.

He did not panic, however. He was extremely calm, and a sneer appeared on the corners of his lips. He then left with large steps.

Shi Hao returned to the fiery domain. Early in the morning, he found the girl with large eyes and asked her to tell Huo Ling’er that he needed to borrow the Fire Nation’s transportation formation to leave.

It was because the one month time limit was approaching. He needed to prepare for the great battle. He didn’t feel safe leaving his body in the outside world, and only by entering the Void God Realm from his village would he be free from worries. He could then go all out without any fear!

Currently, the Fire Clan was naturally bustling with commotion. Huo Ling’er’s successful rebirth, along with the Fire Emperor’s resources, would naturally allow her to soar to greatness in a short period of time. No one could stop her.

The entire clan was in a joyous mood. Many clan ancestors were moved, for they knew that Huo Ling’er’s revival was extremely complete. It was much greater than the blessings their clansmen received in the past.

This event foretold that another great individual would rise from the Fire Clan!”

“Even without being a Vermillion Bird, she might still surpass the Vermillion Bird!”

“Right, we have true blood within our bodies, so the Vermillion Bird can still be considered one of our ancient ancestors.”

The Fire Clan’s higher level figures were all engaging in excited discussions.

It might be that the imperial family’s disciples, Huo Ling’er’s martial brothers and sisters, were the most dispirited. They had been defeated this time, losing the final chance to compete  against her.

If nothing unexpected happened, an empress would rise to power.

Shi Hao found Huo Ling’er, and after asking her his request, she smoothly agreed. Even one of the Fire Emperor’s spiritual bodies was there to greet him.

“I can send you to Stone Country’s western border.”

“Alright. I’ll go and make some preparations.”

While they were discussing these matters, within the Fire Nation’s ancestral grounds, the old woman next to fairy Yue Chan was surveying the surroundings. “I am still dissatisfied. I feel like he is a disaster child.”

“You cannot make any moves.” Fairy Yue Chan calmly said.

“What is young miss trying to say?” The old woman was startled.

Fairy Yue Chan did not say anything. Her white-clothed figure was like a fresh snow lotus herb as she walked within the fiery light. She was elegant, pure, and exceptionally stunning!

“I understand.” The old woman nodded and said, “We won’t make any moves. After ascertaining his position, we’ll let the others make their moves.”

She caught up. Upon seeing that fairy Yue Chan was still calm and quiet, she continued, “I heard that the other person has entered this region as well.”

“He also came. Isn’t the wall between realms becoming harder and harder to break through?” fairy Yue Chan calmly asked.

“He probably came just to take a look and will leave after. This old one is going to leave after a period of time as well. This region is going to become chaotic, and for someone like me, it is too dangerous,” said the old woman.

At the same time, she frowned. “Young miss, you have to be careful about that person. He might have crossed the regions just for young miss. It’s too dangerous.”

Fairy Yue Chan revealed a rare frown and also found it problematic. “I know, but isn’t it just a revived deity? Don’t worry. Even if I can’t kill him, fighting him on equal grounds should not be difficult.”

The old woman said, “Wu, would it be possible to get him to take action and take out that Shi Hao then? If he can get rid of that youth secretly, then that’s not necessarily a bad thing.”

Fairy Yue Chan gave her a look, but she did not say anything and continued to walk forward.

“I know that he might not take action. After all, his status is too great. However, those under him might, and he can even get others to do it, such as those arrogant and aggressive pure-blooded creatures or even those individuals always chasing after young miss.”

Within the Fire Clan’s central location, an enormous altar illuminated. Symbol bones covered the area and flickered with multicolored light as they laid out a path. Shi Hao turned back and and waved to Huo Ling’er before walking forward.”

“You have to be careful!” Worry could be seen on her face. Even though she knew that he was preparing for a decisive battle, she couldn’t do anything to help.

In the distance, the space was peaceful without any fluctuations.

The Fire Emperor’s spiritual body had arrived. His eyes were flickering as he stared at a certain place. Then, with a wave of his sleeves, an explosion sounded, and a large expanse of blood was left behind over there.

Within the fiery domain, an old woman revealed her real body. Her body violently shook, and her entire body was covered in blood. With a trembling voice, she said, “Formidable. This fire emperor has surpassed my expectations, far more terrifying than I thought!”

Below her feet was a piece of void beast skin. If Shi Hao was here, he definitely would have recognized it as the precious skin that had been auctioned for an utterly shocking price. It had surprisingly ended up in this old woman’s hands.

“I used a secret treasure to capture the fluctuations of those symbols, but unfortunately, it was cut short by the fire emperor. I could only get the approximate destination. It should be Stone Country’s western border,” said the old woman.

Fairy Yue Chan remained indifferent and didn’t say anything.

“Fortunately, that person is there as well, so they might cross paths. There are also a few strong fellows moving about over there with their men. Rumor has it that Western Paradise discovered some kind of secret, and I heard something about a supreme deity treasury. I wonder if it’s true or false…” The old woman’s eyes flickered and became a bit colder. “Since Shi Yi is entering our sect, then he definitely cannot lose. If we can find Shi Hao’s physical body when the two fight in the Void God Realm, then it is best if we take care of it right there and then.”

“Don’t be too excessive.” Fairy Yue Chan glanced back.

“Young miss, please do not worry!” the old woman laughed and said.

Shi Hao naturally wouldn’t tell anyone about Stone Village’s precise location. He only borrowed the Fire Nation’s formation to send himself to Stone Country’s western border. It was still three hundred thousand li from away from the village.

Even though there wasn’t much time left, he still wasn’t in a hurry. It was because he had entered the Holy Emperor Palace, so the amount of time that passed was completely different from the outside world. A few months inside was only one or two days outside.

Even though it was as such, he still caught an archaic descendant for transportation to quickly go along his way. He borrowed the fierce bird’s prowess to quickly return.

“Yi, what a big swan. Its cultivation isn’t weak and just big enough for us to eat a meal.” Within the boundless wastelands, a squadron of men raised their hands. There were at least ten of them in the troop.

“There seems to be someone on that swan’s back.”

“It’s his fault for being unlucky.” One of them sneered and drew his bow. It erupted with resplendent symbols. An arrow was placed on top and quickly shot out.

Suddenly, winds and lightning stirred about. Frantic gales roared as all of the clouds in the sky were scattered. Only a single green arrow shot into the heavens, and with a pu sound, it shot through the several dozen meter long swan. Blood immediately splashed a dozen feet into the air.

Shi Hao was startled, and he immediately became furious. This arrow almost pierced through him! If his body wasn’t powerful enough, he definitely would have lost his life.

Despite this being the case, he was still shaken. His body shook, and some of the swan’s blood landed on him.

This was simply ridiculous and too sudden. The absent-minded Shi Hao was absolutely furious. He never thought that someone would do something like this and be so savage.

This swan was a powerful archaic descendant at the Engravement Realm, yet its life was taken by an arrow just like that. Its chest was smashed apart, dying on the spot and falling to the great wasteland.


The swan smashed down onto a mountain ridge. The ancient trees collapsed and rocks flew everywhere. The thistles and thorns were completely crushed as the forest was died in a large expanse of blood.

Shi Hao naturally jumped into midair and then descended.

The group of roughly ten walked over, headed by a youth. Bloodlust surged and roiled, as if a wave was pouring outwards. The individual that could shoot down an Engravement Realm swan was definitely terrifying.

“You. Skin, wash, and then roast the swan.” The young man with the large bow pointed at Shi Hao and ordered.

“You… are asking to die!” Shi Hao only had these words.

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