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Chapter 362 – Heaven Mending Disciple

With a weng sound, a large silver hand stretched over. The extremely cold youth did not say anything and instead directly took action, attacking Shi Hao.

“Extending Dragon Hand!” Many people were shocked, revealing looks of fear.

The large silver hand was covered densely in silver scales. At first, the palm and fingers could still be seen, but later on, it turned into a true dragon. The utterly terrifying attack bared its fangs and brandished its claws!

Shi Hao was moved. The Heaven Mending Sect was truly formidable, actually having this precious technique that was related to the true dragon. It truly was shocking!

This was not a complete precious technique, but rather a damaged one. However, it still displayed the greatness of a large sect, leaving everyone horrified.


Shi Hao’s aura changed, and his entire existence was like a towering mountain. He put away his smiling expression and pressed down with his palm to meet the dragon hand head on.

Between the two individuals, light immediately surged violently. The power was frantic and vicious. The symbols were like an ocean as they violently collided; the scene was extremely ferocious.

Shi Hao’s body shook a bit. He did not use any precious techniques and only used the most fundamental primordial symbols. The silver dragon hand was blocked, shocking everyone here.

The youngster that was at least seventeen or eighteen backed up a few steps. His face was full of shock, for he didn’t believe what was happening. There was actually someone who could block such a ferocious and domineering strike from him.

Shi Hao was similarly startled. Heaven Mending Sect truly was formidable. Even a young disciple like this was so overbearing. It far surpassed his expectations.

In reality, the others were even more shocked. They recognized that young individual’s identity and knew that this was one of the Heaven Mending Sect’s core disciples. However, he was actually on the losing side.

At this moment, everyone looked at Shi Hao like he was a monster. Who was he? What kind of background did he have? They found it hard to discern the identity of such a powerful individual!

On that young individual’s side were two girls. They were similarly surrounded by a hazy holy radiance. They were shocked as well, for they knew how unordinary their junior brother was. Within their sect, he had great status, yet he was forced back by someone in the end.

“Who exactly are you?” The young man asked. His entire body was surrounded by the radiance.

“Did fairy Yue Chan come?” Shi Hao similarly shot him a question.

When Heaven Mending Sect’s three individuals heard what he said, all of their faces became ugly, especially the young man’s. It was clear that he felt a type of yearning for fairy Yue Chan within his heart and did not wish for others to speak randomly.

“My senior sister will come here soon. Can you speak of your identity now?” The youth asked coldly.

Fairy Yue Chan was coming as well! This fact left everyone with an apprehensive feeling.

“Go ask Yue Chan then. She knows who I am.” After speaking, he retracted his smiling expression, for he didn’t want to tangle with this sect any longer.

“I know now! You are that so called supreme youth?!” Light flickered within the young man’s cold face as he continuously stared at Shi Hao. Beside him, the two young ladies were also shocked.

The two young ladies knew that fairy Yue Chan had a few goals. The status of the supreme youth was extremely great and was thought of highly by everyone.

Now that many people guessed Shi Hao’s identity, they all sucked in a cold breath of air and couldn’t help but step back. The people from Heaven Eye Holy Mountain, in particular, felt as if their minds were all over the place when they thought of their rudeness just now.

They had simply brought upon themselves a death wish! They had a feeling that no one within the wastelands of his generation could suppress him. Those of his generation were not his opponents.

“I was precisely searching for you. I am going to teach you a lesson!” Heaven Mending Sect’s youth opened his mouth. A blazing light appeared within his eyes, and contained within was arrogance and a bit of envy.

“There shouldn’t be any enmity between us, right? With Yue Chan, though, there is some friendship.” Shi Hao smiled.

When the young man heard Shi Hao say the two words ‘Yue Chan’, his eyes became colder. His eyes became suffused with hostility as he said, “I want to see exactly how good the people my senior sister found are. I want to see if there is some undeserved reputation.”

“Junior brother, do not act rudely.” The other two young ladies spoke. They were similarly extraordinary, not only in their appearances, but also in their temperaments. They possessed a sacred type of aura.

“Senior sisters, do not stop me. I need to see for myself whether or not the wasteland region’s people are as powerful as those of legends!” The young man’s eyes flickered with light.

Shi Hao laughed and purposely said, “Yue Chan and I drank happily together, appreciated many moonlit nights, and accompanied each other for over a month. We are extremely close friends. If you really are her junior brother, why are you treating me with such enmity? For what reason?”

When the youth heard what was said, his eyebrows continuously jumped and his facial expressions became extremely ugly. Without saying a single word, he rushed over. This time, his aura became several times more ferocious.

“Junior brother, let it go.” The two ladies were trying to mediate the situation, but it was useless.

It was clear that this youth’s background within the Heaven Mending Sect wasn’t small, he was likely the heir to an important character. Otherwise, the two young ladies wouldn’t be taking care of their junior brother like this.


This attack was like the sweeping tail of a cloud dragon. The youth soared into the air and swept out with a leg. It was as if a true dragon itself emerged. In a ferocious manner, it smashed down towards Shi Hao’s head.

He was extremely domineering. His aura surged, and symbols poured out like stellar rivers. The youth was overcome with rage and jealousy as he attacked Shi Hao.


Shi Hao’s palm shone, and a damaged scarlet symbol appeared. The image of a Vermillion Bird appeared within his hand; this was precisely the embodiment of the archaic Vermillion Bird’s Four-Fold Barrage.

Faced with a precious technique that contained the aura of a true dragon, he did not dare treat this battle carelessly. He used some of his methods to measure this youth’s strength.


His palms and fingers collided with the foot. Mist surged, and the entire place was blasted apart. The mountain boulders exploded as symbols surged violently. The magma below the ground surged several hundred zhang into the air. The pressure here was absolutely dreadful.

Everyone backed up. Heaven Mending Sect’s core disciple was fighting the wasteland’s supreme youth; this fact left everyone greatly shaken. This was simply a battle between giants.

The sole of the young man’s feet ached with pain. When he retreated, his eyes revealed a look of astonishment. How could the youngster who was several years younger than he was be so powerful? No wonder his grandfather always warned him not to act so arrogant. Even the wasteland region could produce a world-shaking talent.


The youth shouted. His aura became even more terrifying as symbols covered his body densely. It was as if they were burning. His strength immediately increased by a large amount.

Shi Hao nodded. They were worthy of being called the Heaven Mending Sect, actually having a disciple of this caliber. At the very least, such a talent was rarely seen among the human race within the wasteland region. There would only be at most a few.

He did not show any contempt. The Archaic Vermillion Bird’s Four Fold Barrage appeared again, but this time, it was not just a testing form. The first strike appeared, and within his palm, a bright red, vivid, and lifelike Vermillion Bird imprint could be seen.


The heavens fell and the earth cracked apart. This entire region exploded. Magma rushed into the heavens, and the surrounding people’s faces turned pale. This youngster was too powerful! He didn’t even seem perturbed in the slightest as he suppressed one of Heaven Mending Sect’s core disciples.

The young man’s face was pale. Blood flowed from the corner of his lips as he continuously took steps backwards from that strike. With each step, enormous cracks would extend into the distance. It was clear just how heavy his footsteps were, as well as the amount of pressure he was enduring!

“Kill!” The young man clenched his teeth. His body erupted with holy light, as if he had ascended into divinity. His strength was once again raised, leaving everyone shocked. How did he accomplish this?

“Junior brother, you are not allowed to show off this ability. Without completing training for this ability, you cannot use it!” One of the young ladies shouted.

Shi Hao was startled. He knew about the legendary Heaven Mending Technique, since it existed within the wasteland region as well. However, the Heaven Mending Pavilion only had a damaged version, and only the one found within the Ancient Sacred Courtyard was undamaged.

Despite this being the case, Heaven Mending Pavilion’s precious technique was still lost in transmission.

This precious technique was unrelated to the Archaic Vicious Ten, yet it was a similarly terrifying power passed down by a natural born supreme-being that was worthy of being called a world-shaking existence.

Shi Hao did not know about this previously and only became informed after talking to the witch. He was particularly interested in the sect’s precious technique, for he was a natural-born supreme deity himself. He truly wanted to find out more about it.

Unfortunately, the young man did not fully use it and only activated the precious technique on his body. Divine light swirled about his body to support him. He rushed over to fight viciously with Shi Hao.

Symbols surged within the battlefield and multicolored lights shot in all directions. Sword energy shook the skies as the two individuals collided intensely.

Shi Hao naturally held back, for he wanted to find out about the Heaven Mending technique’s mysteries. The young man was forced to use it, but Shi Hao wasn’t able to see him activate the complete technique, leaving him rather unsatisfied.

The young man truly was formidable, and was definitely a rarely seen young expert. If he did not meet Shi Hao, he truly would not have met many worthy opponents.

“Boring!” Shi Hao muttered. He sent a kick towards the young man’s buttocks and sent him flying out.

“Ah… You!” The young man was more angry than hurt. This was just too humiliating! He was an illustrious young talent, yet he was getting his bottom kicked.

“Both of you should come at me as well. I want to learn more about the Heaven Mending Technique. Yue Chan has always acted extremely polite. She only drank with me and wasn’t willing to spar at all.” Shi Hao pointed at the two young ladies that were surrounded by the hazy sacred radiance.

Everyone’s expressions changed. Wasn’t this fellow too daring? He was treating the Heaven Mending Sect’s core disciples like ordinary people! Shi Hao pointed at them and issued his challenge.

The young man rushed forward. In fear of him suffering any damage, the two girls couldn’t help but enter the battlefield as well.

This time, everyone was thoroughly dumbstruck. Even when facing the three of them, Shi Hao’s expression stayed the same. He faced them in a similar manner, as if he didn’t waste much effort.


After ten exchanges, he once again sent that young man flying with a kick. Moreover, he gave each of the young ladies a slap on the bottom.

“You… I’m going to kill you!”

One of the young ladies completely flipped out. Precious techniques flew out one after another in an extremely violent manner.

In the next moment, the other young lady’s hairpin was plucked off by Shi Hao. After fiddling around with it, he said, “It’s not a particularly special precious artifact. The earring I snatched when I wrestled around back then was good stuff.”

“You… pervert!” The other young lady was ashamed and resentful. She began to fight against him with everything she had.

Heaven Mending Sect’s three disciples all went mad as they fought against him. However, Shi Hao was still similarly disappointed. Even after all of this, he still did not see them use the Heaven Mending Technique.

“Do you guys not know the Heaven Mending Technique?” He truly couldn’t resist any longer. Hadn’t he infuriated these individuals for the sake of taking a look at the divine ability?

There was no way he could be satisfied, for the Heaven Mending Technique was an extremely important matter. As the sect protecting precious technique, only fairy Yue Chan and a few other individuals could learn it within the younger generation. The youngsters within the battlefield also learned a portion, but they had not thoroughly studied it.

“Boring!” Shi Hao did not act excessively. He stopped all three individuals and then let them go.

“You should be a bit careful. These are people from the Heaven Mending Sect. They are an unparalleled sect that crosses several regions,” Huo Ling’er softly reminded.

“Whatever!” Shi Hao said.

This place was deadly silent. The majority of the crowd was made of young experts from beyond this region, but all of them felt nervous. This was just too shocking! These talents from outside this region couldn’t even raise their heads in front of this youth from the wasteland region.

Only now did they all get rid of their haughtiness, no longer daring to belittle the wasteland region. Without speaking about anything else, just this youth alone was enough to look down on all of them.

“He is the wasteland region’s supreme youth?!”

“He is just a single person, yet he is already comparable an unparalleled great sect’s most powerful disciples. He can represent the wasteland region in the future, so no wonder fairy Yue Chan is interested in him!”

The disciples from all the different sects were finally convinced as they thought things through inwardly.

“You… If you have the skill, then don’t leave. Senior sister Yue Chan is coming soon!” The young lady whose bottom was touched angrily shouted.

As for that youngster, his expression was ugly. He did not want his defeat to be brought up before fairy Yue Chan.

“Fine, I’ll wait here a few days to see fairy Yue Chan,” Shi Hao replied.

As a result, the Fire Nation’s ancestral lands erupted into commotion. The young experts from outside this region were all fearful. They quickly spread the news, so everyone was waiting in anticipation.

In reality, there were some young individuals who did not fear the large sects beyond this region. They came from the ancient divine mountains and were pure-blooded creatures, but after coming here and seeing Shi Hao’s simple and direct demonstration, they all backed off.

Shi Hao felt rather amazed. The world outside this region really did seem rather prosperous. He had a feeling that once he left this region, he might meet a few great opponents among his peers.

“The Fire Nation princess really is your sister?” There were a few who were still a bit confused and asked serious.

“Of course. Didn’t I say that even fairy Yue Chan is my little sister?” Shi Hao replied.

“Don’t speak nonsense!” On the other side, the young man was indignant.

“How could it be nonsense? She is someone I was going to bring back to my village. According to my Village Chief, that is precisely my younger sister.” Shi Hao spoke as if he was deadly earnest.

When everyone heard this, they were all stunned. What kind of crazy mess was this?

“What are you saying?” One of the Heaven Mending Sect’s young ladies berated. She did not allow others to slander her sect’s sacred fairy.

“How could it be nonsense? I stayed behind to wait for her! In a bit, I’m going to return to my village and fight a great battle in the Void God Realm. Before then, I naturally have to carry back a fatty to satisfy the villagers.” Shi Hao spoke extremely seriously.

Huo Ling’er had already returned to the imperial palace to meet her father and share her joy. However, the girl with large-eyes and the others were left behind. When they heard this, they all widened their eyes.

“There’s no way you are telling the truth, right?”

“She might become my enemy in the future or at least help my enemy. As such, I might as well try and take her away now since I had just made a breakthrough.” Shi Hao spoke in a carefree manner.

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