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Chapter 363 – Choice

Fairy Yue Chan arrived. She was just as breathtaking as the first time he saw her, pure and elegant. Her unmatched appearance was paired with a physique that was wonderfully tall and slender. White clothes covered her slim and graceful figure. It was as if she had just left the Palace in the Moon to enter a world of mortals.

Jet-black hair danced about. Her glowing forehead released a sparkling luster. Her black eyebrows formed perfect curves, and those eyes resembled stars. Her exquisite nose wonderfully stuck out, and luscious red lips rested on her mouth.

This time, she did not cover her appearance with a veil, so when her stunning appearance emerged, everyone felt as if they were suffocating. A faint smile hung on her lips. Her fair white skin was full of luster, resembling fine jade.

Fairy Yue Chan’s arrival was treated with a great reception. A few senior elders appeared and accompanied her into the ancestral land. There were a few young individuals at her side, as if they were stars revolving around a moon.

She truly was outstanding. When she stepped into the fiery domain, it was as if a revitalizing feeling swept through this place. She was dressed in white clothes, and as the fiery light swirled around her, she was like an extraordinary and unapproachable fairy.

“Fairy, it’s been a while. I trust that you have been well since we last met. I have been looking forward to this visit,” Shi Hao spoke eloquently.

A pu chi sound could be heard. A few individuals that were accompanying her laughed. This fellow was only thirteen or fourteen, yet he still wanted to loiter around them?

However, after thinking carefully, those that married at around twelve or thirteen years old were everywhere within the great wastelands. A few of the Fire Nation’s senior elders immediately became glad that they accompanied her here.

The one that had her bottom slapped immediately complained. “Senior sister, this fellow is a pervert.”

“What’s the big deal with rubbing the butt of a tiger? In a real fight, who cares what kind of places are touched. Not being beaten badly is already pretty good for you,” Shi Hao said.

“You… Do you not know how to properly talk?!” The young lady was furious.

As for the Heaven Mending Sect’s youngster, his face was gloomy and he had long backed off. He wasn’t willing to expose himself as a loser before the sacred sister he held the most sacred within his heart.

The young experts from outside the region, as well as those born within the fiery domain all came to catch a glimpse of fairy Yue Chan. Her fame was simply too great; after all, she was one of the most outstanding talents of this generation.

Even the pure-blooded creatures from beyond this region were silent. Even though they felt rather unreconciled inside, they did not dare issue any provocations. They were rather fearful of this beautiful and mystical fairy.

“I was just about to look for brother Shi. Our encounter here couldn’t have been better.” Fairy Yue Chan’s voice was soft, and on her face appeared a faint smile. Her natural grace left everyone’s hearts trembling.

Shi Hao sighed inwardly. He had overestimated himself. After continuously breaking through recently, he thought that he was unrivalled and could fight anyone under the age of twenty.

Now that he met fairy Yue Chan, he felt completely overwhelmed.Even though he was at the late-stage Engravement Realm, he still couldn’t see through the young lady before him. She was shrouded with mysteries, leaving him with a feeling of helplessness.

“Originally, I wanted to invite you to a gathering back at my village.” He laughed and replied.

“Senior sister, he said before that he was going to forcefully carry you back to his village.” The other young lady spoke the truth in a small voice.

When fairy Yue Chan heard this, she was slightly startled, but she immediately became calm again.

“This is an invitation, okay? Would normal people even be worthy of being carried back? Only the most esteemed guest would be taken back with me personally, understand?” Shi Hao quickly argued with conviction.

Hehe… Haha!

An enormous disturbance swept through the surrounding area. Many people revealed strange expressions. This fellow seemed a bit scared of fairy Yue Chan too! Otherwise, why would he so hurriedly correct himself?

“Fairy, I await your answer. Brother Shi claimed that you were his younger sister, I wonder if that is true or false?” From the side, a youth from outside this region asked in a rhetorical manner. It was clear that he was trying to vent out some of his resentment.

Shi Hao shot him a look and said, “Friend, how about we compare a bit by sparring?”

“This…” Those individuals’ expressions immediately paled. Even though they wanted to fight back, the youngster’s tone immediately left them with feeling apprehensive.

Fairy Yue Chan’s expression remained unperturbed without any great changes. She simply smiled gently and said, “It seems like brother Shi is rather humorous and lively here.”

“Fairy, if there is anything, then you should just say it already.” Shi Hao put away his smile and no longer acted mischievously.

“Let’s chat over here.” Fairy Yue Chan walked up, but her speed was extremely fast. She stepped onto a sparkling petal and took to the air. Her clothes drifted behind her.

This was clearly an intention to talk with Shi Hao alone without the disturbance of others. Everyone looked at each other in dismay, and in the end, they halted their steps and did not follow.

A hazy moonlight scattered down into the towering ancient trees. The thick scent of the vegetation wafted through the air, giving those nearby a refreshing and energizing feeling.

They left the Fire Nation’s ancestral grounds and arrived in a jungle. They were far away from the heat, with no magma and similar things nearby. This setting was particularly peaceful.

At the very least, the air was many times fresher. Within the fiery domain, each day was dry and hot, as if you were being burned alive.

The nocturnal birds released their cries. Moonlight interweaved as it illuminated the swaying grass, as if pure white feathers were scattering down from above. It made this place seem extremely peaceful.

“Since you were a disciple from a branch of the Heaven Mending Sect, even if it was just a branch, it can still be considered a similar inheritance. I hope that you can return to my sect.”

Fairy Yue Chan spoke with a peaceful expression. Under the misty moonlight, she seemed to radiate even more. It was as if she was surrounded by a layer of thin smoke, giving her a rather extraordinary feeling.

Shi Hao walked next to her side by side. They walked under the moonlight, listening to the cry of nocturnal birds and enjoying the peaceful nature of this forest.

“I have never entered the Heaven Mending Sect, or a different way of saying it would be that I have never equated the Heaven Mending Pavilion to the Heaven Mending Sect. Since the Heaven Mending Pavilion’s founding ancestor was expelled, then that means that the school is unrelated to you guys.” This was Shi Hao’s reply.

Fairy Yue Chan glanced back and said, “There will be countless great sects struggling against each other in the future. You will find it difficult to stand without an immortal inheritance backing you. I am asking for your sake.”

“Is that true?” Shi Hao’s large eyes shone brightly. “How about you return with me to my village then.”

Fairy Yue Chan revealed a rare frown, because she was reminded of what others had said. This fellow had once said that he would forcefully carry her to his village, utterly ridiculous!

She understood clearly after all of her conversations with him that this youngster always stood firmly and would not be easily persuaded once he made a decision. After all, they had already talked about this at Stone Country capital.

Fairy Yue Chan seemed unaffected and gave him some information. “Shi Yi will return to the Heaven Mending Sect. His choice is completely different from yours.”

“That is how it should be. Shi Yi is Shi Yi, and I am myself. There is no reason for his decision to change mine,” Shi Hao replied. His heart was not calm at all. That small older brother of his really did select this path after all.

“From here on out, his status will have the backing of a great sect,” fairy Yue Chan said softly.

“And?” Shi Hao did not yield and continued to maintain a strong attitude.

Fairy Yue Chan was speechless. She knew that if she forced too heavily, the other side might decide to join the Sky Severing Sect. Not being able to obtain a supreme youth like this onto their side was truly a major loss.

“Why have you made this decision? How is the Heaven Mending Sect lacking in any way?” fairy Yue Chan asked.

“Do you want to hear the truth?” Shi Hao laughed coldly and said, “I don’t want to enter the dispute between your great sects.”

This was his honest opinion. If he entered the Heaven Mending Sect, then he would have to fight against the Sky Severing Sect. He might receive benefits from joining a side, but at the same time, he would be putting himself in great danger and could be murdered unscrupulously.

The most important thing was that he did not want to be restricted!

Being by himself gave him freedom. He could go anywhere he pleased. He wasn’t willing to become someone else’ chess piece, tool, or a weapon used for war.

“You should understand that you might be missing out on a great opportunity. You might not have to compete over resources and even become the greatest inheritor of my sect. Do you know what that signifies? The entire Heaven Mending Sect across several regions would listen to your command in the future, recognizing you as their one true sovereign.”

“I will struggle and seize what I need by myself.” After speaking, he added, “Also, since Shi Yi already entered the Heaven Mending Sect, then I definitely would not set my foot in such a place. This is also a decision that you all made, selecting him first!”

“You are too intolerant to others with different opinions. In this world, there aren’t that many edges and corners. Everything can be overlooked.” Fairy Yue Chan was extremely calm. Her gaze was clear and cold like the moonlight.

Shi Hao laughed and said, “You should be careful too. Shi Yi might become your opponent, and Heaven Mending Pavilion might fall into that person’s hands.”

Fairy Yue Chan smiled sweetly, as if she were thawing ice and snow. She nodded and said, “I thank you for your reminder.”

She was graceful and confident. An indescribable radiance shone from her beautiful eyes as she looked towards the sky. In a calm and unhurried manner, she said, “I still wish for my Heaven Mending Sect to have a few more supreme youths.”

Shi Hao’s mind was shaken. How could this woman be so confident? Was she truly so powerful that she could look down on a heavenly blessed youth?

“I truly wish for you to enter the Heaven Mending Sect.” Fairy Yue Chan offered her final invitation.

“It’s not like such a thing is impossible. Pass down the Heaven Mending Pavilion to me.” Shi Hao laughed and no longer acted as seriously as before. He returned to his carefree manner.

“If you enter the Heaven Mending Sect, after staying for a while and earning the school’s approval, you will naturally be able to obtain a paramount inheritance like this,” said fairy Yue Chan.

“What is the point then? Without enough enticement, it’ll be hard to convince me.” Shi Hao shook his head. After speaking up to this point, a decision had already been made between the two.

“Then I guess there really is no way? You have to understand that after today, you will be fighting against my sect’s disciple Shi Yi.” Fairy Yue Chan brushed through her beautiful hair in front of her face.

“There is another possibility. You guys throw out that disciple, and I’ll carry you back to Stone Village.” Shi Hao spoke impudently and even looked the part.

Fairy Yue Chan did not get angry, and instead, she smiled. There was a type of irresistible beauty to this expression that tempted the hearts of others. “The great wastelands are going to become chaotic. Do you think that you can rise when all the holy and sacred fall?”

“I have always worked earnestly and persistently. Until now, I have yet to suffer defeat,” Shi Hao replied.

“Aren’t you scared that I will cut you down right here so that there won’t be a battle between supreme youths in the future?” Fairy Yue Chan lightly smiled.

“Then I will wait for fairy to take action.” Shi Hao calmly replied.

Fairy Yue Chan stepped forward in a quick and agile manner. Each step brought forth a burst of bright light. A divine ring appeared around her body, and behind her was even a divine disc, making her look like a descended goddess!

Finally, she stopped and fixed her eyes on Shi Hao.

The current scene was extremely quiet. Neither of the two spoke, but the air was extremely tense and a battle could break out at any time. It was possible that the fairy truly had intentions of cutting off future troubles before they began.

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