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Chapter 361 – Gathering of Youths From Beyond This Region.

The land where not a single blade of grass grew, the enormous lake of magma; everything only proved how dry and barren this land was. However, it was precisely this fiery domain that made up the country’s ancestral ground.

While breathing the scorching air, the two individuals actually felt rather comfortable. This ancient land had changed them greatly, especially Huo Ling’er. The effects that this place had on her would stay with her throughout her life.

After discerning which direction they should head towards, they walked towards the distance.

Soon after, they entered a highland. They gazed down at the fields below them in search of an exit route, for there was no need to stay in this place any longer. They had already grasped the major opportunities this place had to offer.

In the distance, fiery light surged. Volcanoes lined up one after another, and numerous ancient trees with complex branching and luxurious leaves were rooted within those volcanoes. It made that region seem like a holy land.

“Those fellows truly are reckless, daring to invade my clan’s forbidden land.” Huo Ling’er snorted.

There were quite a few figures within that region. Upon closer inspection, they weren’t all humans. It was clear that they were young experts from outside this region, and they were currently searching about.


A volcano exploded. Magma gushed outwards and poured down in waves. Large numbers of scarlet fierce birds flew out, giving those young experts quite a fright. They all quickly fled.

“Let’s go. There is a fellow named Little Red over there. Forget about these people, even their ancestral teachers and elders aren’t worthy,” Shi Hao said.

“Who is Little Red? It seems like you know quite a bit.” Huo Ling’er shot him a glance.

“Isn’t Little Red your Fire Clan’s guardian spirit? We are pretty close.” Shi Hao casually replied.

Huo Ling’er was stupefied. The effects that his words left on her were not light. Guardian spirit… Little Red… This was just too offensive! This thick-skinned bastard truly wasn’t ordinary.

“Since you are acquainted with my clan’s guardian spirit, then help me out and introduce me. How about making me her disciple?” With the revival of the Vermillion Bird’s bloodline and the successful rebirth, the guardian spirit would be an even better teacher than her own father.

After all, regarding the uses of the Vermillion Bird’s bloodline, there was no one more familiar with it than the Vermillion Bird itself.

“What’s the point in making her your master? That fellow isn’t reasonable. Let’s just hurry and leave.” Shi Hao lacked confidence.

“Little Red… I want to serve as your disciple!” Huo Ling’er did not care and shouted outwards. At the same time, she shot the youngster beside her with a look of scorn.

Shi Hao’s expression immediately paled. He quickly reached out his hand to shut her mouth. He was extremely fearful, scared that the little red bird would jump out and get revenge.

“Release me.” Huo Ling’er struggled.

A streak of fiery light flew across the sky, as if it was a hot cloud of volcanic ash. It dyed all of the clouds in the skies red and quickly descended. At the same time, a bird cry was released.

“Little brat, are you provoking me?”

Brightly colored feathers illuminated with scarlet radiance, and a fist sized small bird rushed out angrily. Its eyes were almost completely round as it stared at them. It swooped down, bringing with it a sky overflowing flames that surrounded Shi Hao.

“Don’t! This has nothing to do with me! It was all because of my junior sister. I will immediately drag her away!” Shi Hao covered Huo Ling’er’s mouth with his hand and quickly brought her away.

“Wuwu…” Huo Ling’er’s mouth was covered, but her wonderful body was wriggling about. Her large eyes moved about towards the little red bird, asking for its help.


A blast of true fire descended, blasting Shi Hao away and surrounded Huo Ling’er. She glowed within the sea of flames and did not suffer the slightest injury, causing Little Red to reveal a shocked expression.

“I’ve been exposed…” Shi Hao muttered.

With a shua sound, scarlet multicolored lights descended upon Huo Ling’er’s body. The bright red and resplendent light covered her body.

It was a set of clothes made from feathers; this was definitely a shocking precious artifact. Divine flames curled about it, and symbols could be seen all around it. It was weaved from precious bright red feathers. It was simply priceless.

“You have awakened the Vermillion Bird’s bloodline within you. Based on normal conventions, you can receive the guidance of the guardian spirit, and in the future, you will have the qualifications to ascend the Fire Nation throne,” Little Red said.

Shi Hao was startled. Was it really going to accept Huo Ling’er as a disciple? He didn’t know just now and almost ruined a great opportunity.

Huo Ling’er was incredibly happy. She immediately fell onto her knees in respect and recognized her master. This title made the little red bird a bit embarrassed. It seemed like it hadn’t been called a master by anyone yet.

“Alright, return to the clan and tell your father what has happened. You can come back in a few days.” When Little Red finished speaking, it turned around and shot Shi Hao a look. Its beautiful large eyes blinked, and then it fiercely lifted its leg to send him flying with a peng sound.

Shi Hao grimaced in pain. His entire body was surrounded by fiery light as he flew towards the distance like a falling star. He continuously cursed inwardly. Stupid little bird, I’ll catch you sooner or later and put you in a birdcage.

After arriving in the Fire Nation’s ancestral ground, he was always being beaten up by the little bird. He truly felt unlucky.

With a shua sound, he brought out a scarlet feather. It completely sucked the flames around him dry, preventing him from receiving any further burns. After all, this was still the Vermillion Bird’s fire.


He smashed into the ground several li away. Smoke and dust immediately rushed into the air, and the ground was split apart.

A short while later, Huo Ling’er walked out. When she saw the devilish brat crawl out from the human shaped hole moaning and groaning, she swayed back and forth in laughter, completely different from how she normally acted.

She felt as if a large amount of her resentment was cleared. This fellow was truly too shameful. Every time she was together with him, she would always be taken advantage of without any way of getting revenge.

Little Red’s simple and direct action was extremely to her liking. She really wanted to run up herself and pound him a few times with her small fists.

“You are… her majesty the princess?” Right at that time, many figures rushed over. There was one group that was particularly powerful. The voice came from a creature with a vertical eye between the brows that blazed with a fiery light.

“Do you all need something?” Huo Ling’er asked.

“This is my Heaven Eye Holy Mountain’s young master. Our arrival into the wasteland region was for the purpose of forming an alliance with the Fire Nation,” someone spoke from the side.

A few men in black quickly rushed over. These were all Huo Ling’er’s guards, and among them, one of them softly transmitted sound to report to his superiors, informing them that Heaven Eye Holy Mountain’s people wanted to form an alliance.

When Huo Ling’er heard what they said, her brows creased. However, she did not argue with those from outside this region. With a faint smile on her face, she only spoke a few words to excuse herself.

“Princess, please, we have some things to discuss with you.” One of Heaven Eye Holy Mountain’s elders spoke with a warm smile.

“I still have some matters to attend to. Let’s talk at a later date,” Huo Ling’er said.

“Isn’t this a bit rude? There are a few things that we need to discuss with the princess.” Another individual spoke this time.

Meanwhile, Heaven Eye Holy Mountain’s young master’s gaze was even more fiery, for it just saw Fire Nation’s guardian spirit accept her as a disciple. It left him completely shocked.

Before coming to the Fire Nation’s ancestral grounds, they understood clearly that only those that had a chance of sitting on the throne would have such qualifications.

Due to the impending chaos within the wasteland region, they needed an emperor-level character to contest!

They received information half a month ago that the little red bird was the guardian spirit. There were a few youngsters that provoked it, and as a result, they were burned to ashes, alarming the Fire Nation ancestors. As a result, they issued a warning.

“Move out of the way already. This can be discussed later. We are leaving.” Shi Hao patted the dirt from his body and walked forward.

Heaven Eye Holy Mountain’s young master frowned and swept his gaze towards Shi Hao. An individual beside him immediately recognized his intentions and said, “Not knowing how to properly act!”

When Shi Hao heard this, he laughed. Weren’t they treating him like a servant?

“What is going on? Is this a proposal or is it a forced marriage? Isn’t this a bit tasteless? At the very least, this should be discussed in the imperial palace. What is the point of talking here?” Shi Hao randomly chattered.

“This matter has nothing to do with you. Hurry and back off.” An elder from Heaven Eye Holy Mountain’s face darkened.

“This is my sister, so if you want to ask for her hand, at the very least, you have to satisfy me, right? You all are ruining my rhythm.” Shi Hao’s words stung quite a bit as he intentionally caused misunderstandings.

“And who are you? We saw that you were coercing the princess just now in a rude and unbridled manner. There is definitely no one like you within the Fire Nation’s imperial family.” Another individual berated.

More and more people gathered here, and soon after, they were surrounded.

“I’ve already said everything I need to. She is my sister. All of you should just get lost.” Shi Hao waved his hand, as if he didn’t care about them in the slightest.

“Truly uneducated. When the master is speaking, this is not a place where you can talk.” Heaven Eye race’s young master’s face darkened, feeling as if he lost some face.

The people around him also felt as such. In this place, only Huo Ling’er and the young master were important. The others were all subordinates and definitely would not act like this. All of their faces became ugly.

Huo Ling’er giggled, but she was not scared of worsening the misunderstanding. “He is one of my generals. If you all are unsatisfied, then you can fight against him. Otherwise, we will take our leave first.”

“Just a mere servant, yet you still aren’t getting out of the way!” From the side, an elder shot Shi Hao a cold look.

“You all shouldn’t stay in this ancestral ground. By not entering the Void God Realm, all of you really are cut off from the outside world.” Shi Hao shook his head. He then pulled Huo Ling’er and left, not paying any attention to everyone else.

“Seize that that young man, the reckless, but useless slave!” Heaven Eye race young master’s face fell. He instructed the people beside him with a cold gaze.

“We are you leaving today, so I’ll settle a few problems for you,” Shi Hao said to Huo Ling’er.

After speaking, he looked at the people rushing over and blew ferociously from his mouth. A frantic gale was stirred up, and all of those people flew out horizontally, colliding into an enormous boulder in the distance. Blood flowed from the corner of their mouths.


Everyone was shocked. This fellow was too overbearing! It was just a single breath, yet over ten young experts were defeated.

“Suppress him!” Heaven Eye Holy Mountain’s young master’s face was ugly. He made several elders take action.

This battle was unavoidable. However, there was no need to make guesses at the result. Shi Hao was at the late-stage of the Engravement Realm, so dealing with these individuals didn’t take any effort.

After experiencing the Wall of Gods and Devils, there was no pressure at all when facing those at the same cultivation realm. He was on a level of his own!

Peng, peng…

It was simply like beating sandbags. Shi Hao released one fist per person, making these elders cough out large mouthfuls of blood. He used the raw power of his flesh to break through their symbols.

“Somewhat interesting,” he softly said to himself. These people came from the holy mountains and were powerful archaic descendants. It seemed like this young master was not simple.

Sure enough, this was a near pure-blooded creature, an outstanding talent from the three-eyed race.

“Isn’t the so called Heaven Eye Holy mountain just the three-eyed race? Though it seems that it is still passable.” While speaking, Shi Hao raised his finger to block the beam of light shot from the young master’s eye.

When he flicked his finger, the people here were all blasted flying.

“So powerful, who exactly are you?!” Heaven Eye Holy Mountain’s young master was shocked. A youngster as powerful as Shi Hao was extremely rare even within his own region. Only the most powerful disciples from the few legendary great sects could have such a cultivation.

Around them, many youngsters from outside of this region all revealed looks of alarm.

“Who am I? Heaven Mending Sect’s Yue Chan is my younger sister. Do you know my identity now? Hurry up and get lost!” Shi Hao said.

Everyone became stupefied. They all felt dizzy.

Fairy Yue Chan is his younger sister? Was this true or false? They had never heard of her having an elder brother! This was a woman who could look down on this entire world!

What kind of background did this fellow have exactly? Fire Nation’s princess was his younger sister, Fairy Yue Chan is also his younger sister… He was speaking nonsense, right? This really was just too ridiculous.

“You’re lying.” There was someone who didn’t believe him.


Shi Hao’s palm struck the Heaven Eye Holy Mountain’s young master until he spurted out blood from his mouth and crawled on the ground. He then said, “If you don’t believe me, then you all can go ask Yue Chan whether or not I’m her older brother.”

“There’s no need to ask. You definitely aren’t!” Several individuals walked over from the distance. Their bodies were wrapped within holy radiance, and a type of astonishing fluctuation was being released. It was as if several young deities had walked over. Their auras were all incredible.

“Outstanding talents from the Heaven Mending Sect!” Everyone cried out in alarm. They all gasped and couldn’t help but back up, making way for them.

Even Heaven Mending Sect’s people came to this fiery domain! It was evident just how terrifying the archaic Vermillion Bird was. They all wanted to search about here.

“Did fairy Yue Chan come? You can ask her whether or not it’s true.” Shi Hao seemed completely calm.

When he spoke like this, the others all became nervous, especially the Heaven Mending Sect’s youth. His gaze was extremely cold.

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