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Chapter 360 – Self-Improvement

Black paper boat!

Encountering this object again made Shi Hao’s body go rigid and his mind fluctuate intensely. How many years has it been since this item was left behind? Why did it appear in this place? It was simply inconceivable.

However, before he could think too much, the palm-sized black paper boat lit up. The rivers of starlight poured down like a waterfall.

“What kind of stuff is this?” The divine striking stone cried out in shock.

Shi Hao shivered inwardly, and all of his fine hairs stood on end. He felt a great danger and decided to spare no cost in defending himself.

The rivers of stars cascading down were blazing symbols. They crashed down in large amounts continuously. It was as if it was a brand new world had emerged, and from within, roars of gods and devils rang out incessantly.

It wasn’t clear just how many precious techniques were contained within that small paper boat. They poured down in torrents endlessly, turning this area into a place of disaster.

This was a rather abnormal battle. A small paper boat was floating about in midair, scattering down a radiance that filled the sky. Every single streak was terrifying to the extreme.

Shi Hao had never fought against something like this. In such a crazy battle, he had to use all of his power. The boundless divine ability did not seem like one that a single person could use, but rather the joint attack of hundreds or even thousands of experts.

Large amounts of symbols appeared and formed an endless river of stars. The paper boat floated along the river of stars and continuously poured out its precious technique, forcing the young man below to do everything he could to defend himself.

Finally, the river of stars disappeared. The paper boat gradually faded, as if it was disappearing into the netherworld. It did not ignite into flames, but rather became more and more indistinct within the hazy starlight.

What was going on? This was completely different from what he experienced in the Zhuyan stadium!

Shi Hao could not clear his confusion no matter how much he thought. His heart was full of suspicion. When he looked at the disappearing black paper boat, he thought back to the Northern Sea disaster. It was as if he once again saw those beautiful bloody words: I am the only one left.

His mind riddled with doubts, Shi Hao walked towards towards the depths of the battle stadium. He looked at one of the walls and saw that the images on top were similar to the ones he previously saw on the stone gate, only that there were a few extra things. A sparkling white palm could be seen, graceful and without imperfections as it folded a black paper fan. The paper boat was being placed onto a stellar river, and on top of it was a single word: Hope.

What kind of profound meaning was contained within this wall? Shi Hao stared in a daze and did not move for a long time.

The divine striking stone was also confused. It stared at it for a long time, as if it was staring at something indescribable.

Multicolored lights flickered. The wall became distorted, and a path appeared. It seemed like the long river from endless years ago, as if it led back to the archaic age. There was only a single word at the side of the road: Return.

“What do you think?” Shi Hao asked the stone in his hair.

“I can’t understand it, but I am guessing that the owner of the paper boat is also one of the leaders in creating the Wall of Devils and Gods. She is definitely different from everyone else.”

When Shi Hao heard what it said, he nodded his head to express his agreement.

Regardless, these things all originated from endless years ago. He had a feeling that the so-called road was merely something people believed in. After the passage of so many years, those creatures had all disappeared. What could still be left behind?

When he revealed these thoughts, the divine striking stone did not agree. In a rare serious tone, it softly sighed and said, “These things are rather strange, and they have appeared even before the ancient years. After a period of time, it would always reappear.”

As for what exactly the Wall of Gods and Devils was, it wasn’t clear. It seemed like it would select the most powerful creatures of a region and require them to do something.

“I still think that it is better to not mess with these things if we can help it. I’ve heard that those who provoked this place all disappeared, never to be seen again,” said the divine striking stone.

Shi Hao’s mind was a mess. He thought about that gate of light at the Kun Peng’s nest, where even elder wood that connected the heaven and earth laid. What was inside? Where did it connect to?

“Provoking is exactly what I want to do, but there just aren’t enough gates here… It’s impossible for me to enter all one hundred and eight gates,” he muttered in self ridicule.

Then, he left this area. He did not depart from this place completely, and instead pushed open another stone gate. In the end, he fought an incredibly intense battle against a Taowu.

The battle was incredibly difficult. After his victory, Shi Hao rested for a short duration before leaving to open the next stone gate.

He continuously fought six great battles just like that. Both his body and spirit were drained, for the creatures he encountered were utterly terrifying. They were all pure-blooded creatures with fighting prowess that left those from their generation in despair.

He did not see a special battle stadium like the black paper boat again. The others were similar to that of the Zhuyan; the creatures that were carved on the gates were precisely the creatures that came out to fight. In addition, they were all at the Engravement Realm, as if they were specially prepared for him.

“This is precisely the scariest part of the Wall of Gods and Devils. It will automatically adjust the strength of creatures within, as if it possesses a spirit,” said the divine striking stone.

Shi Hao returned to the Pool of Rebirth. Seeing that Huo Ling’er still had not awaken and was still sealed within the cocoon, he carved out a few words before returning to the Wall of Gods and Devils.

“Are you truly not scared of death? Or are you addicted to fighting now?” The divine striking stone was suspicious. This place was definitely dangerous to the extreme. Behind every stone gate was an insanely powerful ancient creature. The slightest carelessness would result in death.

“This is the best type of training!” Shi Hao only replied with this sentence.

What he said was not false. From his perspective, this place was like a treasury. There were so many powerful enemies waiting for him to learn from. Previously, finding opponents of a similar caliber was somewhat difficult. Unless they were pure-blooded creatures, no matter how many came, it still wouldn’t be enough.

He needed this type of fighting and wished for a powerful ‘whetstone’ like this to sharpen himself. Only by doing as such would he become more powerful and reach new heights.

In other words, he was currently in a type of predicament. It was hard for him to find any strong individuals to spar against unless he searched for those old monsters; otherwise, it was truly difficult for him to find opponents at his age.

As a result, Shi Hao continued his training and fought in one battlefield after another. This was a place where he did not have to hold back in the slightest. His ten heavenly passages and the Kun Peng’s technique were fully displayed, for he did not have to fear others discovering these methods!

He revealed every single precious technique he had. After undergoing this ridiculously difficult sharpening, he began to approach closer and closer to perfection. During this period of time, he had also lost blood and suffered serious injuries.

However, Shi Hao was not angry at all. On the contrary, he was happy, for only like this could he exploit the benefits of fighting great battles like this.

Shi Hao continued to slaughter everything for an entire month. He entered an exceedingly terrifying state as he fought against creatures from all races, killing them until the skies became muddled and the earth grew dim.

“Freak! Madman!” The divine striking stone couldn’t stand it any longer. Seeing him bathed in blood with wounds everywhere, yet tirelessly enjoying every second of it, it quickly fled and returned to the Pool of Rebirth.

For an entire month, Shi Hao was continuously injured, yet his gaze became increasingly bright. He would fight fiercely day after day, and after each victory, he would always sit within the black battle stadium to carefully self-reflect. He studied his own laws and dao to continuously improve himself.

He had a feeling that his comprehension of precious techniques and symbols deepened by a large amount. He actually had an urge to carve out his own technique.

Even if his body was weary, Shi Hao’s mind was still full of vigor. This kind of sharpening was difficult to find elsewhere. It was difficult for him to find these types of opponents, so it could be said that this place was like an extremely precious treasury to him.

Above the palace hall, a hazy mist curled about. Faint golden radiance flickered about. Even though a month had passed in this place, only a day passed in the outside world.

Shi Hao concluded his training. He sat within the black battle stadium and thought about the past few days. After recovering his injured body, he slowly stood up.

His temperament was no longer the same. He was like a heavenly sword that had previously been covered in dirt, but after undergoing this refinement, his inexperience had been stripped away, and he became sharper than ever.

Whenever he fought, a wave of extraordinary aura would emerge. This was the result of fighting so ferociously against dozens of pure-blooded creatures this past month.

There were many creatures whose cultivation realms were higher than his. He fought these ridiculously terrifying creatures with sweat and blood.

Shi Hao returned to the Pool of Rebirth and once again waited several days. The cocoon finally released a sound, and an array of scarlet streaks appeared. It quickly began to crack under ka ka sounds.


The cocoon split apart. Flames rose and submerged this entire area. The startled divine striking stone shrieked in fear and quickly took shelter.

Shi Hao stood in the same spot without moving, enduring the raging flames without any fear of being burned. His body sparkled brilliantly. He seemed more and more powerful and unordinary.

A dao sound was transmitted from where the cocoon previously laid. Beautiful hair scattered down on a spotlessly white jade-like body. A pair of eyes that were were like clear autumn waters could be seen, and gorgeous curves undulated throughout her body. Her skin was white like ivory and without the slightest blemish.

Huo Ling’er had been reborn; she had undergone an incredible transformation. It was as if she had been granted a new life and truly shed her mortal body for a new one. Her beauty was extremely moving. The jade snow white body shone, and within the raging flames, it gave off almost an irresistible temptation.

Apart from this, behind her was a pair of scarlet wings of light. As they gently swayed, waves of crimson multicolored light were released, as if a sprite was dancing about.

Vermillion Bird wings!

This was an indication of the full revival of a bloodline. Huo Ling’er’s transformation was extremely successful. The extraordinary potential within her body was awakened, and from here on out, she would definitely soar to greatness.

With a shua sound, the wings of light disappeared. With a wave of her hand, a set of clothes covered her body. Her body was incomparably wonderful and alluring.

“If you feel like you are on the losing end, then I can let you take a look too.” Shi Hao made the pre-emptive strike.

“Heng!” Huo Ling’er bit her lips, but for once, she didn’t bicker back. It was because she knew that the more she argued, the worse of a situation she would place herself in.

“Yi, could it be that you think that running around all over the place naked is the best way of punishing and looking down on me? In that case, why don’t you show more disdain and and punish me more?” Shi Hao laughed and said.

“I’m going to ignore you!” Huo Ling’er licked her bright red lips as she gently walked past. However, her teeth were grinding together, and she really wanted to beat the crap out of him.

“Let’s go and continue to look around. If there are no paths left, then we should leave,” Shi Hao suggested. Time was limited, so they couldn’t tarry here any longer.

Several days later, they arrived at the end of the enormous palace. They discovered a fiery cave where fire blazed about. A bright red and dazzling feather stood there like a divine sword, blocking the the cave entrance.

Shi Hao came precisely for this feather. His eyes lit up, and he quickly rushed over. Unfortunately, the symbols here were extremely dense, and so he was immediately blasted flying.

This was a formation laid out by the ancient Holy Emperor!

“This is the Vermillion Bird’s cave. How could it be that easy to enter? Only those that resonate with this place can enter. Watch.” Huo Linger spoke.

She sat in front of the cave. Her bearing made her seem extremely sacred. Multicolored lights swirled about her body, as if she was an indescribably beautiful goddess.

The ancient cavern rumbled, and the chanting of scriptures sounded. Finally, Huo Ling’er got up, and while wrapped in raging flames, she walked into the cave. She began a new type of cultivation.


Soon after, she raised her luminous wrist. She plucked out the feather and swung it out.

This true primordial feather appeared to be less than a meter in length and as light as a feather, but when it was just moved slightly, sword radiance would flood the skies, covering it in a sea of flames.

“What a great treasure!” Shi Hao sighed in admiration.

Three days later, Huo Ling’er left the Vermillion Bird cavern. The imprint between her brows shrunk until it was just a small speck. It sparkled brilliantly, making her seem more and more holy and otherworldly.

Soon after, they entered an altar that was covered in the engravings of heavenly stars. With a flash of radiance, the two left the Holy Emperor’s Palace and reemerged outside.

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