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Chapter 359 – A Peek into the Mystery

The archaic divine ape charged forward again with its claws clenched into fists. A tremendous amount of golden light erupted! It was as if a pillar slammed down, giving off a sense of unyielding aggressiveness!

Shi Hao welcomed the attack without even taking half a step backwards. He similarly brandished his fist, bringing forth ferocious winds. The entire black battle stadium began to shake as he prepared this fierce attack.

The two individuals’ bodies contrasted too greatly in size, yet when they collided, it was as if the heavens collapsed and the earth split apart. They were evenly matched; one side did not hold a great advantage over the other.

With a hong sound, the two fists met. All types of divine radiance erupted, as if they were streaks of chaotic lightning brought about from rainy clouds. The light seemed to tear apart the space itself as it surrounded the black battle stadium.

This was an incredibly crazy confrontation. Both sides were ferocious to the extreme as they displayed shocking levels of destructive force. If they weren’t within this special arena, mountains and valleys would have collapsed in disaster.

Lightning flashed about and thunder rolled as sounds of explosions fell incessantly. The two sides’ clash was like a great battle between heavenly deities. Dark clouds swirled about, and divine radiance shot out in all directions.

The two ferocious parties opposed each other sharply, with neither giving an inch. They weaved about as they fought, creating a scene that left those watching shaken.

Shi Hao still held the advantage. Each time, the Zhuyan would be forced to take more steps backwards while trembling. This was absolutely shocking! The creature whose body refinement technique was renowned throughout the archaic years was actually weaker than a human!

Following some hu sounds, the stadium’s scene changed. The archaic divine ape disappeared, and another Shi Hao appeared. His bearing and actions seemed exactly the same.

The two engaged each other, turning into two streaks of light as another great battle unfolded.

The divine striking stone immediately became stupefied. “This is bad, it’s real! It’s not going to remove and replace you, right?”

Shi Hao’s eyes widened. This copy was just too similar! It actually changed into him, and even its way of doing things were similar. It seemed like not only was its outside appearance the same, even its expression and spirit were alike.

“Stupid monkey, you actually dare to imitate me. There are some things that I refuse to believe you can copy completely!” Shi Hao shouted. He opened his mouth and spat out endless lightning formed from symbols. In addition, he used his hands to form seals before suppressing forwards.

A Suan Ni roared, and its cry tore through the skies. It was not just a single one, but rather ten that appeared simultaneously. Their bodies were purple with golden streaks running through them. Every single one was like a small mountain as they surrounded the Zhuyan.

Within these Suan Nis were symbols that came from Shi Hao. The lightning covered a wide area, as if a sea of electricity was descending. All of it poured over to suppress the violent ape.

Hou… The Shi Hao copy Zhuyan roared. Instead of imitating the Suan Ni, it directly formed a sea of lightning. It became like a god of thunder itself, causing lightning to erupt with the beating of a large drum.

“This creature really isn’t easy to deal with…” The divine striking stone muttered.

Shi Hao didn’t expect this divine ape to be so troublesome either. He shifted his body and reached out to grab the divine striking stone. Immediately, a miserable shriek rang out.

“Ah! Brat, what are you trying to do?!”

It was tossed out. After flying through the sea of lightning, it struck the monkey perfectly on the forehead and immediately created a loud dang sound. It was as if it struck metal, and even sparks flew everywhere.

The miserable shriek and violent cry sounded simultaneously. The divine striking stone rolled back, and the divine ape also roared with fury.

The divine striking stone had been asleep until now, and during that time, it had refined itself to a shocking level. After all, it even ate chaotic earth and many other shocking items, so it was now extremely hard and powerful.

Even though the violent ape’s forehead did not crack open, its body still swayed a few times, and it was it suffered from a daze momentarily. Shi Hao rushed forward and slapped down with his palm. It was shaken until it roared furiously. Its hands and feet both moved about randomly in defense.

With a shua sound, Shi Hao shifted sideways. The electricity completely vanished. He swung his right leg and used the Kun Peng’s power. His entire leg erupted with tens of thousands streaks of light that flourished brilliantly.

Light flashed through the Zhuyan’s eyes. It knew that this attack was powerful, so it did not face it directly. Below its feet, a golden cloud emerged and quickly carried him into the sky.

When Shi Hao saw this, he soared up as well. He raised his hand and smashed his fist into the skies ferociously.

The golden cloud was extremely special and wasn’t scattered. The Zhuyan was even more ferocious. It raised its leg and directly smashed its heel down on Shi Hao’s head.

“So savage!”

Light erupted from Shi Hao’s eyes. The center of his palm illuminated, and ancient symbols flickered about. A black fish that was surrounded by dark light and swirling lunar force rushed out.

With a peng sound, he caught the mountain-shattering divine ape leg. He then swung it around and smashed it down towards the battle stadium.


The black earth shook. The divine ape was swung around and thrown down, and when it landed, a crater was smashed open and rubble flew everywhere. Even the battle stadium was damaged! It was simply too shocking.

It hadn’t been defeated from the start of the battle until now, so it could be seen just how sturdy it was. However, it now suffered greatly, proving how powerful that last attack was.

Vicious light erupted from the Zhuyan’s eyes. This time, it was injured. It immediately rushed out to grab Shi Hao and fight him to the death. Its strength was extraordinary and enough to break apart mountain peaks and trample apart enormous lakes.

The center of Shi Hao’s palm once again lit up. A golden Peng flew about before merging with his palm and fingers. He then directly smashed it downwards.

With a hong sound, the two fiercely collided again. It was as if the heavens fell and the earth cracked apart. This was an extremely powerful clash. When the Kun Peng spread its wings, it would feel as if the entire world was being destroyed. Now that this kind of force interweaved, the power it produced was absolutely horrifying.

The Zhuyan released a low roar. Its palms and fingers became crooked, and blood covered its entire body; it had suffered a serious injury.


It turned into an expanse of golden light, but soon after, its body dimmed. It then turned into a Kun Peng before swooping down towards Shi Hao.

Without a doubt, this was the seventy two transformations precious technique it was known for. Its terrifying nature was now being displayed, producing the opposing party’s profound insights. Even though it couldn’t take it for itself, it could still temporarily use its power to attack.


The collision this time shook the black battle stadium so greatly that it began to crack and then split apart. Silt flew everywhere and rocks tumbled about. Dark clouds loomed about in the skies. Shi Hao snorted and boldly pressed forward to fight again. After being struck again, the Zhuyan could no longer maintain the Kun Peng’s technique and was blasted flying. Only its shape was left; it could only use other divine abilities now.

“Damn, no wonder the Zhuyan was rumored to tear apart gods and devils and consume them as food. This is just too ridiculous!” The divine striking stone cried out. It was fully aware how powerful Shi Hao was, yet this divine ape had surprisingly managed to hold on until now.

In the end, the Zhuyan was still killed by Shi Hao, dying within the black battle stadium.

It turned into a sheet of dao symbols. Golden light flickered and scarlet multicolored light danced about; it was clearly much more powerful than the dao paper from before. With a pu sound, it ignited and burned into ashes.

“Worthy of being a Zhuyan, one of the archaic era’s most tyrannical creatures. This was only a sheet of symbol paper, so it definitely could not display all of its divine abilities, yet it was already so powerful,” Shi Hao said to himself.

“You’re exactly right. If the one from the Western Sect came here, then victory or defeat wouldn’t beso easily determined. Rumor has it that it was golden and not white, so it was definitely extraordinary,” said the divine striking stone.

When Shi Hao heard what was said, his heart was immediately stirred. Hairy Ball was golden! Moreover, it had a horn, so it definitely wasn’t normal.

Zhuyan race’s seventy two transformations and body refinement technique were exceedingly shocking. They were known as world-changing divine abilities! This left Shi Hao with a feeling of desire, but it seemed like it was rather difficult for him to obtain it.

“The Zhuyan’s body technique is somewhat flawed. However, it is rumored that as long as it is completed, it could match an Archaic Vicious Ten’s precious technique!” The divine striking stone said. Moreover, it mentioned that the ape that disturbed the Western Sect possessed a body technique that was near perfection.

“Slaughtering gods and devils for food, this kind of power is truly amazing,” Shi Hao said. Then, he looked towards the divine striking stone and said, “Now can you explain the origins of this place?”

“Let’s look around to see what there is here first,” the divine striking stone said. It only heard a few rumors and had not truly seen one before.

The battle stadium was extremely large, as if it was a spacious small world. At the very end, a wall blocked the way out. Many images were carved on top, all of them identical to creatures that Shi Hao had just killed.

“It really is rather intimidating…” Shi Hao sighed when he recalled how this place was arranged by someone. That individual could actually refine this type of symbol paper. This kind of technique was truly heaven defying!

The more he thought about it, the more terrifying this matter seemed. He became completely silent. This was an archaic Zhuyan, yet there was someone who could replicate its divine might with just a sheet of symbol paper and make it appear in the real world!

“I believe that it was most likely left behind by an ancestor of the Zhuyan bloodline. Otherwise, no one else would be able to create a sheet of symbol paper that could produce such astonishing divine might!” The divine striking stone said some interesting words. After thinking about it for a bit, Shi Hao believed that they were most likely true.

Apart from this, they did not notice much else. This was purely a battle stadium and did not have much else.

“Wall of Gods and Devils… I’ve heard of it before. It is a path that is ridiculously rigorous. Not many people have passed through it since the ancient times,” the divine striking stone said softly.

It did not know what it represented, and also did not know what it ultimately signified.

“The entire wasteland region has a total of two of these Wall of Gods and Devils. Each time, it would only appear in a hurry. Currently, no one knows where it resides, and rumor has it that it exists in other regions as well.

“It exists in other regions as well?” Shi Hao was shocked after learning this. After thinking about it for a bit, he felt that this matter was rather strange.

“Those that do not possess world-shaking talents cannot see it, and unless one can look down on your region, not even a single step can be taken inside. These are rumors, but no one knows where this road leads to,” said the divine striking stone.

Based on Shi Hao’s suspicions, this wall must have been something that Little Red’s ancestors or the Fire Clan’s Holy Emperor moved inside. It seemed like they weren’t willing to have it exist in the outside world.

“There has to be some kind of crazy mystery hidden within this wall…” Shi Hao said to himself.

They walked out of the battle stadium, leaving this stone door.

“Yi, look. There are some gates with only images on top without any way of actually opening them. It is just like the legends!” The divine striking stone cried out in shock.

Those had true dragons, Vermillion Birds, and other creatures carved on top of the gates. However, they didn’t truly connect anywhere.

According to what the divine striking stone said, the wasteland should originally have a single Wall of Gods and Devils. However, because the first one ran into some problems, it was left incomplete. That was why there was a second perfect one.

The divine striking stone continued, “Why don’t you give it a try, run around a bit. If you pass all the tests, you might be able to walk onto that path.”

“This isn’t even a complete Wall of Gods and Devils. Even if I conquer all of the hundred and eight battle stadiums, it still wouldn’t matter.” Shi Hao shook his head. His large eyes were clear and bright as he carefully looked around this place.

“Yi, this gate is a bit special.” Shi Hao was shocked.

Previously, he didn’t look too carefully, but now, after studying each of them meticulously, he noticed that this particular gate was sparkling. The image on top of it was that of a human, but it had not been completely carved out.

The small half of the body was extremely beautiful, as if it didn’t possess the slightest blemish. Meanwhile, that hand was as pure white as jade, as if it was real.

After the great battle against the Zhuyan, he could already guess that what was carved on top of the gate was precisely the strongest creature that he would encounter inside.

“I’m going to take a look. At worst, I’ll just have to fight another round,” said Shi Hao. He wanted to see exactly what the human-shaped creature was like.

He brought the divine striking stone with him and pushed open the stone doors. A wave of ancient world-changing feeling poured down on him. The interior was extremely peaceful. Their arrival seemed to have disturbed the tranquility of this ancient world.

Inside was similarly a battle stadium. Its black color seemed like it was dyed in blood, but there were no fierce beasts that pounced out. It was incomparably peaceful.

“There is something inside!” The divine striking stone’s mind began to tremble.

Shi Hao was also alarmed. He quickly moved backwards, but then he saw a familiar object. He had seen it before in the Northern Sea, and at this moment, it drifted down. It was a palm-sized black paper boat.

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