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Chapter 353 – Golden Body Through Flames

By passing through the sacred gates and receiving the baptism of true flame, the area between Huo Ling’er’s brows began to sparkle. A small vermillion mark flickered like a lotus, bright red and glistening.

Her head full of dark hair scattered about, and her jade-like body flickered with a heart-moving luster. At this moment, she truly could overturn all living things with her appearance. This was an incredibly difficult type of seduction to resist.

The snow white jade-like body moved over. Huo Ling’er came over, and her body’s fragrance wafted over. Her eyes carried a bit of confusion. Why were the eyes of the fellow in front of her opened so wide? She was a bit pleased with herself. Normally this fellow was always so arrogant and savage, but today, they were actually so fixed on her. It seemed like even he had times where he lost his cool.

“She really came! Then this can’t be blamed on me… Beautiful fatty, since it’s like this, then let’s passionately embrace. You’ve broken through the shackles of the human race, an event worth celebrating!”

The devilish brat’s gaze was fiery. He opened his arms and was truly enthusiastic beyond belief. He directly pulled her over and gave her a ‘bear hug’.

Huo Ling’er did not want to carry out any sort of celebration. After passing through the sacred doors, she was incomparably excited. Her only purpose of walking back was to brag about her accomplishment and ridicule the devilish brat’s current stupefied appearance.

Only after the ‘passionate hug’ did she realize the problem. No wonder the savage child had lost his head today, staring at her so indecently with his eyes widened.


A screech sounded that could pierce through metal and split stones. It rang throughout the entire sacred imperial palace and resounded through the sea of magma.

This kind of feeling… She truly did not dare to think about it. She was completely bare, with her ivory white and beautiful nude body completely exposed. There wasn’t a single inch that was covered.

“My ears are going deaf.” Shi Hao felt a ringing through his ears. His arms wrapped around the sparkling jade body. It was a unique feeling, soft and fragrant, leaving a deep impression in his heart.

His arms landed on Huo Ling’er’s back and made contact with her sparkling white skin. As his hands softly brushed past, it felt extremely soft, as if he was caressing silk. When he reached the bottom, he felt a great curve.

Huo Ling’er screamed. Those arms descended down her sparkling and sweet shoulders and stroked past her wonderful small waist. It was as if electricity was running through her body. This was too repulsive!

This ‘bear hug’ truly deserved its name, and it was very indecent as well! The two hands made contact, and then they started reaching downwards, leaving her body rigid. All of her curves were pulled tight. This was the last straw!

“Go die!”

She finally snapped back to reality and forcefully pushed Shi Hao away, breaking free from this ‘passionate embrace’. It was too vile. He actually had the nerve to do something like this.

The devilish brat’s hands were still on those curves, but when he was forcefully pushed pack, he couldn’t help but pinch down.

Huo Ling’er cried out in fear, and at the same time, all of the fine hair on her body stood up straight. A small sore immediately appeared on her snow white body. This was too sudden, making her quickly back up.

All of this happened too quickly. Much of their actions were done involuntarily.

Huo Ling’er’s large eyes were opened wide. She felt as if her entire body was heating up from a fever. Her snow white skin became pink and alluringly bright. This kind of unexpected thing actually happened!

“You…” She truly didn’t know what to say.

The devilish child looked forward at that wonderful tall jade body. Beautiful hair scattered down on the blushing body that was simply too perfect. It was as if the figure came straight out of a painting.

“Turn around, look the other way!” Huo Ling’er berated. She was incomparably ashamed and resentful.

She brought out a storage magical artifact, and with a shake of her hands, she brought out a fiery dress to cover her body.

Shi Hao was extremely obedient and acted as she had ordered. After turning his body, he turned his head around and continued to watch.

“You… turn around!” Huo Ling’er shouted.

“I was doing as I was told…” The devilish child muttered.

Light blazed within Huo Ling’er’s eyes, as if her glare could kill. Fortunately, she had already put on the dress to hide her wonderful body and cover all of her curves. However, her face was still thoroughly red. Her chest rose and fell as she breathed heavily.

“What is it? It’s not good to be so excited,” Shi Hao said.

“You…” Huo Ling’er pointed her finger at him in fury. She was so angry that she was about to faint.

The scene had now become peaceful again. Huo Ling’er finally calmed down. After thinking about what had just happened, she really felt like she was on the verge of going crazy. She truly wanted to grab him and give him a good beating.

“This matter… is not finished. Get over here and let me beat the crap out of you.”

“Alright.” Shi Hao walked forward.

“Stop!” Huo Ling’er seemed to have thought of something and loudly shouted. However, it was already too late. The fiery light rushed up and flames burned about. They completely submerged Shi Hao.

This was a sacred gate, and those that entered had to endure a cruel and severe trial. Nine out of ten individuals would die and turn into ashes.

She could clearly see that there was a lot of black ashes at the entrance of the palace. Quite a few were in human shapes, left behind from past Fire Clan members.

Huo Ling’er’s eyes widened and said, “Hurry and retreat!”

Unfortunately, it was already too late. That area was drowned in fiery light, and even if he retreated, his body would still be plagued with the true flames. It was difficult to break free. These flames were truly difficult to extinguish unless one passed the test.

“It’s all over…” Huo Ling’er’s expression changed. She deeply understood that this was a test prepared for Fire Clansmen. They possessed the blood of the Vermillion Bird, and those with greater potentials would receive greater benefits after entering this place.

If one were able to awaken here, then the Vermillion Bird blood would revive, making one immune to flames. Moreover, their body would receive great benefits, allowing them to advance by leaps and bounds in their study of fire dao divine abilities.

Those that were not from the Fire Clan would not have this bloodline. Being covered in true flames like this would almost undoubtedly end in disaster!

“It hurts so much…” Just as Huo Ling’er thought that things had taken a disastrous turn, Shi Hao’s voice sounded from within the raging inferno. It seemed as if he was enduring an intense pain.

“You… are okay?!” The Fire Nation princess was utterly shocked.

Shi Hao grimaced in pain. His entire body was bright red, and skin was continuously being shed as he endured the flames. He was truly about to be cooked through. Previously, he had encountered Little Red and was dealt with severely, leaving his body scorched black. He was already suffering from burns, so now, it naturally hurt even more.

However, he did not turn into ashes. He did everything he could to fight against the true flame.

At this moment, his old skin was shed, and a bright and sparkling new body emerged. Even though he was still sore, Shi Hao was no longer being burned until he was splitting apart. Instead, he welcomed the fiery light to temper his body.

“Right, this is the true meaning! Using flames to refine the golden body!” Huo Ling’er understood.

If they weren’t a Fire Clan member, then they could only advance by becoming strong enough. They had to use their most terrifying physique to endure the slow refinement. This way, they could also pass and gain extraordinary benefits.

She remembered that when Shi Hao fought against Shi Yi, there were people who commented on how terrifyingly strong his body was. It could even compare to Western Paradise’s Unbreakable Vajra Body.

At this moment, his tyrannical physique was fully being displayed. This was truly refining the golden body through flames!

“So powerful! This is a magnificent achievement only a legendary world-shaking expert from the ancient era could do.” Huo Ling’er sighed, feeling extremely shocked. This fellow was just like the most powerful individuals in the ancient era.

“I’m going to die from pain…” The devilish brat cried out noisily, but no matter how you looked at it, it didn’t seem like he was going to be destroyed here.

He did not have the Vermillion Bird’s true blood, so his body was unrelated to the fire dao. Currently, he was only using his powerful body to contend against the flames. The blaze scorched him from his skin down to his inner organs, and then into his bones. This was the world of cultivation’s ‘true flame’ that would leave nothing unburnt, yet it did not annihilate his body.

Time passed, and finally, his scorched black skin was all shed. Sparkling and tender skin emerged, flickering with luster. Within the seams of his bones, flames erupted. Not long after, this place gradually became tranquil.

With a pu sound, the final streak of flames vanished. The sacred gate became peaceful again. Shi Hao grimaced in pain. His body was in intense pain just now, yet after enduring that great tribulation, his injuries seemed to be quickly healing.

There was divine matter within this dao flame. At first, it felt as if blades were hacking down on his body, but in the end, it felt like he was bathed within water. It nourished his body, allowing him to recover.

Now, when he moved his arms and legs, he felt extremely powerful. It seemed like he no longer had to painstakingly refine his body in the Engravement Realm anymore and only needed to focus on the natural laws and dao.

Bathing in flames to refine the golden body! He had completed this process with his flesh in the Engravement Realm!

SHi Hao began to laugh in a silly manner. Passing this trial truly saved him quite a bit of bitter training. Undergoing such suffering had in exchange brought about results that were quite satisfactory.

Soon after, he noticed his abnormal state. His clothes had all been burned, and at this moment, he was completely naked. He wasn’t the one that was sensitive to this state, instead, Huo Ling’er had long turned her body around.

The devilish brat put on another set of clothes in a calm and unhurried manner. He shamelessly said, “Are we even now? You’ve peeped at me as well. You’ve never seen such a wonderful nude body before, right?”

Huo Ling’er resisted the urge to run around and beat the crap out of him. With clenched teeth, she said, “You… are too shameful!”

“I know that you are still discontent. For the sake of completely settling this, I’ll allow you to come over here and passionately embrace me. What do you think?” The devilish brat’s skin was extremely thick. He walked forward as he put on his clothes.

“Absolutely disgraceful person!” Huo Ling’er cursed. Her pure-white face was full of dissatisfaction. She looked all over for a powerful magical artifact to suppress him with.

“You really don’t know how to show appreciation. After you succeeded, I even passionately celebrated. In the end, after I succeeded, you didn’t express anything,” said the devilish brat.

“How can your skin be this thick?!” Huo Ling’er shouted. She did not want to continue bickering over this with him, or else she would only be driven mad from humiliation and resentment.

“What do you mean my skin is thick? My heart is pure, and I looked at this world with a calm eye without any fanciful thoughts. What kind of bad thoughts were running through your head just now? How about this, I’ll sacrifice myself for your sake. Mercy be on my spirit. I’ll satisfy your unhealthy thoughts and save you from your sea of bitterness.”

“Go die, world’s thickest skinned and most shameful person!” Huo Ling’er gave him a new nickname.

The vast main hall was incomparably majestic and imposing. One couldn’t even see the end of this place because it was just too big.

This really was an enormous palace that could be considered a world of its own. Mist curled about, and scarlet multicolored light flickered. They continued forward, casting their gazes over the enormous pillars that towered within the great palace. It was as if they were supporting the heavens.

The great palace was spacious and empty. The two of them walked forward without another living creature in sight.

Suddenly, the vague sound of sutras being chanted could be heard. It moved a person to their soul, startling them. It was rather abrupt. The further they walked forward, the louder it became. It eventually reached a deafening level.

“What is this?” Shi Hao asked softly. He only heard blurry sounds and could not capture the true meaning.

Huo Ling’er also knit her brows. Then, she suddenly cried out in shock, “This is… the fire dao’s supreme precious scripture!”

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