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Chapter 352 – Holy Emperor’s Palace

The passageway was constructed from flames, and scarlet multicolored lights flickered about. Shi Hao and Huo Ling’er didn’t hesitate before heading down.

The boiling hot magma surged about. Steam rose and curled about the enormous palace. As scarlet symbols flickered about, the structure seemed like a central heavenly palace within an ancient divine world.

Shi Hao did not dwell on its appearance too much. He closed his eyes and began to think carefully. This truly was a grand and imposing divine palace, only, he didn’t know if he could obtain any great benefits.

Huo Ling’er was clearly moved beyond belief. Her sparkling white face was full of excitement as she jumped and shouted. It was possible that the Fire Clan’s most powerful ancient figures rose to greatness by relying on this place.

“Fatty, stay calm and reserved. Don’t cry out needlessly.” Shi Hao reminded her. In reality, this place also moved him greatly, leaving his mind in a rather restless state.

For once, Huo Ling’er didn’t argue pointlessly. Her eyes moved around as her bright red lips closed together. Her appearance was extremely moving as she giggled and said, “We really are lucky! I might become an empress because of this.”

“Hey, wake up. The sky hasn’t even darkened yet. You can dream later.” Shi Hao reached out with his hand and waved it a bit before her eyes.


Huo Ling’er grabbed his hand and bit down. The devilish brat’s hand was almost cooked through by Little Red, so it was hurting all over. He immediately cried out miserably and said, “Let go, or else I’m going to break all of your teeth!”

“I was just checking to see if I really was dreaming.” Huo Linger laughed. In the past, the Fire Clansmen that entered the Holy Emperor’s Palace and were able to survive all became exceptional experts or Fire Emperors. Rarely did any of them receive nothing.

“Then bite your own hand! Shi Hao was discontent. His entire body was in pain, and just a single movement would leave him grimacing in pain.

“Do you know how much biting yourself hurts? Seeing how miserably you are crying, this probably isn’t fake.” Huo Ling’er was quite content. She pushed away his arm and began to size up the large and imposing palace.

Shi Hao remained silent, since he didn’t have the time to dally here. He also began to carefully observe this place in preparation of rushing in.

They activated their precious artifacts and flew forward. They were currently at ground level, with a sea of magma all around them. The scarlet color seemed to be never ending.

However, what made these two shocked was that no matter how they flew or tried to draw closer, a fixed distance would continue to exist between them and the enormous palace. They couldn’t arrive in front of the enormous palace.

“What is going on here?” Shi Hao was at a loss. After carefully thinking about the situation, he realized that there was definitely a great formation laid out here. It covered the entire place from deep underground and surrounded this sea of magma. The two of them had no way of breaking through it.

“From what my father said, those without a great destiny cannot enter the Holy Emperor’s Palace,” Huo Ling’er said. She retracted her smile and revealed a serious expression.

“Then how do we get this so-called great destiny?” Shi Hao asked.

Huo Ling’er frowned and said, “Obviously by receiving the Holy Emperor’s Palace’s recognition. Rumors have it that Yang Fish would appear and surface to to form a golden bridge, allowing the ones with destiny to arrive in front of the palace.”

When Shi Hao heard this, his face immediately became bitter. He continuously bit down on his tongue. Receiving its acknowledgement was simply impossible! The Yang Fish hate him to death, so how could they form a golden bridge for him?

Within this ancestral land, if he claimed to be the one that ate the second most Yang Fish, then no one could claim to be first. He had been catching those extraordinary creatures this entire time, so the fish definitely hated him bitterly.

Rather than saying he wasn’t able to receive the Holy Emperor Palace recognition, it was better to say that it wasn’t possible for him to receive the acknowledgment of the Yang Fish. He had a feeling that the existence of the fish was closely related to the protection of this palace.

“I should attract some fish first and see if I can make them form the bridge.” Shi Hao was truly at his wit’s end. He never expected there to be this kind of karma affecting him. He still had some bait on him, so he immediately scattered it down. As expected, after waiting here for a bit, golden specks could be seen.

Shi Hao hid himself and prepared to let Huo Ling’er go up and negotiate. Who would have imagined that as soon as the fish came, they ate the bait and directly released their most powerful symbols towards where he was hiding?

With a hong sound, the magma boiled, and scarlet multicolored light poured over in waves. Even the sounds of thunder rang out as it almost collapsed this ground floor with its ridiculous power.

“You want to enter our Holy Emperor’s Palace? Stop dreaming.” When the school of Yang Fish left, they released this powerful will.

Then, they began to join and pile up to form a golden bridge that connected to the Holy Emperor’s Palace. It was incomparably dazzling and incredibly majestic.

This was an intentional provocation, purposely making Shi Hao jealous. He was truly angered badly. “Sooner or later, I’m going to eat you all.”

Golden light flickered. The Yang Fish dispersed and entered the magma. A complex divine will began to fluctuate; they were actually all ridiculing him!

“It really is aggravating and annoying! I never would have thought that it would all fall on the Yang Fish in the end. Is there really no other way?” Shi Hao asked.

Huo Ling’er sighed. From what the Fire Emperor told her privately, those in the past seemed to have all crossed using the golden bridge. She never expected that Shi Hao wouldn’t be welcomed by these fish.

“There is another method. Construct a rainbow bridge yourself to the other end. However, this is just too hard, and rumor has it that even noble kings find it hard to accomplish.” Huo Ling’er frowned. Her face was full of worry.

“How can we know if we don’t try? If receiving acknowledgment is impossible, then we can only depend on our own strength to break in.” Shi Hao’s gaze was firm and resolute.

There were a few symbols in the air that flickered with an ineffable radiance. If one looked closely, they would notice that they were like great stars, each of them flowing with a different kind of undulation.

The so-called rainbow bridge required the cultivator himself to link up these great heavenly bodies. Upon being linked up, a multi-colored divine bridge would connect to the Holy Emperor’s Palace.

Otherwise, with the shocking laws in place, even if one flew for a hundred years, they would still never reach one’s destination.

When Shi Hao understood these things, he sat on his precious artifact in mid air and sank into a deep state of contemplation.

In the end, his hands merged together, continuously changing forms. Within him, symbols changed again and again as golden bells flew out one after another. They linked together to resonate with the great stars in the sky.

Within this world, there were dao bells everywhere. They all rang with earsplitting sounds as they merged with those stars.

Following that, the divine light within his body changed again, all of them turning into small cauldrons this time. A simple and unadorned type of aura was emitted, and soon after, all types of lights flew outwards. Small cauldrons packed themselves densely, resonating with those great stars!

“Ya, you really might succeed! You’ve already constructed two colors of the divine bridge?!” Huo Ling’er was completely shocked.

Shi Hao remained calm and did not say anything. However, he already understood the true meaning. The divine light transformation into cauldrons, furnaces, and others objects he studied while breaking through the Spiritual Transformation Realm was currently being used to construct the divine bridge. This was precisely the method required!

Following that, he heard about the Fire Emperor’s words. At that time, the Fire Emperor had said that it was truly a miracle for him to comprehend these things while in the Spiritual Transformation Realm.

Under normal circumstances, even those at the Engravement Realm would find it difficult to study. In later cultivation realms, king level figures would be able to comprehend it, but figures like those were still exceedingly rare.

“From the ancient times until now, only the Holy Emperor could construct the rainbow divine bridge in his youth. You actually… could also do it, moreover while being younger than him!” Huo Ling’er’s beautiful eyes widened.

You have to understand that this was something that ancient great powers did!

“Who am I? A glorious and world-shattering unrivalled individual. I am the most powerful under the heavens,” Shi Hao said. Meanwhile, symbols flickered, and the rainbow bridge was completed.

Within the skies, a few large stars were moving up and down brilliantly. Shi Hao slowly walked forward, as if a dragon or tiger was moving.

Huo Ling’er followed. Even though she said that he was just big mouthed, deep down, she truly was shocked. After thinking about it deeply, she really felt that this fellow resembled a rare genius from ancient times!

Golden specks of light emerged from within the magma. Several tens of thousands of them appeared, completely filling up this place and covering it in flourishing golden symbols. They were extremely shocked as they looked at the Rainbow Bridge.

“This fellow really is formidable… In the future, he will be quite formidable. Don’t stir up any more trouble.” In the end, under the guidance of some golden Yang Fish, they followed him but did not take action.

Their walk to the other side went smoothly. The rainbow bridge connected to the other side, as if a road was made through a heavenly moat. After walking several dozen steps, the seemingly unreachable distance was shortened, bringing them right in front of the imposing palace.

A misty fog was drifting about. Scarlet symbols flickered about. The enormous palace rested at the center of the magma sea while floating up and down. It seemed incredibly mystical.

Shi Hao and Huo Ling’er ascended the ancient stairs. Below them was the terrifyingly hot scarlet magma. A pair of enormous closed gates blocked their way.

What was shocking was that with a slight push, the ancient palace was fully opened. They didn’t serve to keep them out, allowing them to easily walk inside.

Shi Hao had thought that he still had to use up some energy and never expected it to be so easy. Mist curled about the interior, as if they had entered a fairyland. It was so massive that they couldn’t see the end.

“Careful, don’t step inside.” Huo Ling’er revealed a serious expression. Her tall and slender figure undulated up and down beautifully as she stopped Shi Hao. She warned him seriously, revealing that there was danger here.

Without a doubt, this was a secret only those who have truly entered knew. It was information passed down by the Fire Emperor.

These doors seemed unordinary, but once one stepped inside, it was most likely a whole different story. For the Fire Clansmen that came before them, this was the most terrifying graveyard.

Some that believed this to be a great opportunity immediately died at these gates.

“A wave of true flame will erupt here. If the power of one’s blood vessels isn’t strong enough, then one will directly be burned to ashes.” Huo Ling’er spoke in a sincere tone. She had never seemed more serious than she was now. At the same time, she was somewhat at a loss, because she did not know whether or not she would immediately die after taking a step inside.

After hearing what she had to say, he carefully thought it over and said, “You should go inside. I believe that with how much your father the emperor dotes on you, it should be because he saw through your talent.”

“I thought you were going to say some words of comfort, yet in the end, you are directly coercing me to enter. One step towards life or death, you truly are…” Huo Ling’er was furious.

She glanced back. On her beautiful snow white face, a pair of pupils flourished with divine radiance. She looked at Shi Hao deeply before turning around, no longer looking back as she directly walked in.

With a chi sound, flames overflowed into the heavens. The entrance was covered in raging flames, immediately submerging her beautiful figure. At same time, numerous symbols appeared, adorning this palace hall.

After a period of time, the true flames were extinguished, and a pure white body appeared. Huo Ling’er was safe and sound, but her previously drifting clothes had been burned into ashes. A scarlet mark could be seen between her brows, appearing to be like a small Vermillion Bird. It flickered with multicolored light.

She was incomparably happy and excited. “I passed these sacred doors! My bloodline can be awakened again!”

Shi Hao sighed. This Holy Emperor’s Palace really was prepared for the Fire Clan after all. Based on his suspicions, even though they were of the human race, there should still be the blood of the Vermillion Bird within them. Huo Ling’er was obvious an excellent example of this. Her physique was exceptional, and as a result was favored by the Fire Emperor. She came here to undergo a baptism and be reawakened.

This was also one of the reasons why the ancient individuals from the Fire Nation were able to so abruptly rise to greatness.

Currently, Huo Ling’er was incomparably happy. She was fully aware how much of a difference it was after she was awakened. In the future, she would definitely soar into the skies.

She was like a dancing fairy, totally unaware that her clothes had been burned into ashes. Currently, her perfect, tall, and slender figure was wide open for everyone to see. It was spotlessly white and sparkling, as if she was carved from ivory.

Huo Ling’er’s beautiful hair fluttered about. Her large eyes were full of life, and her teeth seemed like they were carved from jade. Her red lips were extremely erotic. Her pure white swan neck, together with her slender figure and undulating curves made others’ blood boil. Her sparkling naked body possessed an incredible enticement.

“Little demon, have your eyes been set on fire?” Huo Ling’er shot him a look of contempt.

“Almost on fire.” Shi Hao laughed.

“What kind of gaze is that? Is that how you should look at others?” Huo Ling’er was discontent. She was so happy that she forgot what kind of situation she was in. She had neglected the state her body was currently in.

“Watching a beautiful fatty really is a type of enjoyment…” Shi Hao muttered. His large eyes didn’t blink at all as they revealed an indecent light. It resembled the gaze of a wolf.

“I’ve succeeded!” Huo Ling’er’s smile could topple cities. Her ivory naked body was truly a dazzling sight.

“Come! In order to congratulate your success in passing this crucial point, let us passionately hug each other in celebration!” Shi Hao laughed and said.

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