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Chapter 354 – Archaic Vermillion Bird’s Four-Fold Barrage

The ringing of the natural dao traveled into the distance, as if they stretched past the nine heavens. The further they walked forward, the greater the rumbling became! Eventually, they reached a point where they felt as if an enormous scarlet bell was rumbling. Additionally, the mysteries of the heavens were swirling about as countless symbols flickered.

A strange event like this in such a vast hall naturally produced a rather intimidating effect.

Shi Hao and Huo Ling’er proceeded forward. The enormous scarlet bell could vaguely be seen, and the chanting of sutras became clearer, as if they were sounding right next to their ears.

Eventually, they reached a place with a lofty dao platform constructed out of red stones. An ancient scripture rested on its surface, releasing the aura of a great ancient dao.

“What?” Even Shi Hao was alarmed. How could it be so easy? A scripture scroll appeared as soon as they arrived.

He had a feeling that the road ahead was definitely full of dangers. Only by undergoing many difficulties would one usually receive rewards, not something direct like this where the scripture was presented in front of them on a dao platform.

The large scarlet bell rumbled. Symbols flickered, surrounding the dao platform and enveloping the ancient scripture. A melodious sound began to ring through this area.

This palace was incomparably vast. After seeing a dao platform display an ancient scripture like this and a great bell protecting it, the two naturally found it difficult to calm down.

“Is this… the ancient holy imperial scripture?” Huo Ling’er was stirred up. Her beautiful and flawless face was full of expectations.

Crimson symbols moved about the dao platform, and all types of ancient symbols were swirling about the scripture atop it. The aura of the great dao filled this area; they could clearly see that this was not an ordinary object.

Shi Hao felt an enormous wave of force as soon as they tried to get closer. He was forcefully repelled, making him unable to approach the platform.

“I’ve heard that this scripture is extremely special and can’t be obtained through force. One can only sit here and listen respectfully. How much one can comprehend would depend on their own luck,” Huo Ling’er said.

Shi Hao sighed. This was clearly one of the Fire Nation’s holy objects. He would most likely not receive any type of benefits from it.

Huo Ling’er walked forward, but was similarly stopped by a wave of indescribable force. However, she quickly sat down to dive into the scripture chants.

Her spotlessly white skin began to shine, resonating with the scripture and dao sounds passed down through her clan. Scarlet symbols appeared one after another on her body, and soon after, a mysterious energy began to diffuse outwards.

“It is quite effective. You should also give it a try.” Huo Ling’er looked backwards and hinted for him to follow her.

When Shi Hao heard what she said, he sat down while facing the scarlet dao platform. After closing his eyes, he tried to sense the scripture and listen to the true meanings of the dao like the Fire Clan’s bloodline.

Unfortunately, he could only hear the extremely loud scripture sounds without distinguishing what it was. It was as if all of it was buried under the rumbling of the great bell.

Shi Hao wasn’t able to benefit in the slightest even after sitting there for half an hour. However, he noticed that Huo Ling’er had long submerged herself. She had a solemn appearance, as if she was a goddess, holy and peaceful. She was surrounded by resplendent light.

He stood up and began to circle the dao platform while carefully observing the ancient scripture. Was there a requirement of having to be a descendant of the Fire Clan in order to comprehend it?

This would truly leave him in a helpless situation. These were all previously prepared for the Fire Clansmen who possessed the Vermillion Bird’s bloodline. An outsider like him simply wouldn’t be able to benefit from any of this. Shi Hao could only sigh.

Only after three days did Huo Ling’er open her eyes. She was in high spirits, and scarlet symbols appeared all over her body. They were all received from listening to the ancient scripture.

“It really was as father said! What every person hears about the true meaning is different. This is a world shocking ancient scripture that the ancient holy emperor wrote himself!”

She was full of joy. Back then, her father had also comprehended the dao here. His body underwent an evolution that allowed him to soar into the skies and establish the most stable foundation.

“Did you not receive any benefits?” Huo Ling’er asked.

Shi Hao shook his head and laughed. “Can you impart onto me some of your Fire Clan’s symbols? It doesn’t have to be anything deep or profound, just enough to use in this world.”

“Your skin really is thick.” Huo Ling’er naturally knew that this fellow also wanted to study the dao here, but the true profond mysteries of the Fire Clan couldn’t be leaked regardless of how good their relationship was.

After thinking about it, she still passed down a simple mnemonic chant. It was the most fundamental of the Fire Clan’s symbols that couldn’t be considered to be much of secret. It was passed around even in the outside world.

“Much thanks!” Shi Hao became extremely happy and immediately sat down to begin his chanting. He then went to sense the scripture on top of the dao platform.

In regards to cultivation, his natural talent was truly ridiculous. Even when a brand new path of enlightenment entered his hands, he immediately began to utilize it freely and effortlessly. He immediately began to operate it.

In that instant, his entire body surged with flames. Scarlet symbols swirled around him. Soon afterwards, Shi Hao’s body trembled because he heard a great voice.

It was an ancient dao, yet concealed within was a tyrannical force, as well as the grandeur of an emperor. It was as if a supreme holy emperor was sitting on top of the dao platform and giving a lecture on the profound mysteries of heaven and earth.

Shi Hao obtained a few methods, but these were not the things he wanted. What he needed were divine abilities, abilities like the Vermillion Bird’s precious technique, not the inheritance of the holy emperor.

In that instant, Huo Ling’er’s small mouth widened. “Are you kidding? This fellow is too ridiculous! He could start studying here immediately after obtaining the Fire Clan’s symbols?”

Shi Hao continued to comprehend the dao here. What he heard now was completely different, and it gradually became more and more profound. The most important thing was that he was able to witness a few unusual sights.

A vague supreme figure appeared right in front of him. He was surrounded by the enormous scarlet bell, and beside him were some vague symbols. When he looked closely, he could decipher a few of them.

Shi Hao was astonished. After carefully identifying them, he realized these were all suggestions. For example, magical diagrams, symbols, Vermillion Bird’s true flame, and others. It seemed like it was waiting for him to choose one.

Every single one was incomparably enticing. Shi Hao carefully looked through them. When he saw the two words precious technique, he chose it without the slightest hesitation.


Fiery light surged, and a scarlet divine bird appeared on the dao platform. It was a creature that could look down on everything under the heavens, and at this moment, it swept its gaze over.

Shi Hao knew that things were turning bad. The vicious bird swooped down to engage in a vicious battle, making him break out in cold sweat. It was difficult for him to move while in this seated posture, so he definitely couldn’t get up in time.

“Hold on. When entering any state of mind, one needs to be fully engaged. I should be able to see through all of this!” Shi Hao spoke to himself. Then, the space between his brows lit up, and a sphere of blazing light was released.

Immediately after, he broke free from the restriction and could move again. He rushed upwards to engage that scarlet vicious bird.

“What are you doing?” In the distance, Huo Ling’er cried out in shock.


Meanwhile, a great sound was released, as if the sound of a great golden bell was ringing. Shi Hao was awoken. He noticed that he didn’t collide with the scarlet divine bird, but rather struck his palm on that large scarlet bell.

With a hong sound, a wave crashed outwards and pushed him back. He was sent flying by the energy of an incomparably powerful dao. It was just too overwhelming.

Fortunately, Shi Hao had released his power immediately. He used the Kun Peng precious technique’s lunar force to dissolve most of the force, thus preventing any injuries to his body.

“What is going on?” Shi Hao said to himself.

Huo Ling’er walked over. After carefully inquiring about the situation, she frowned. “My father had said before that it is not impossible for those from outside our clan to obtain opportunities here. They could issue challenges, and if they succeed, then they could receive benefits.”

She surmised that just now, Shi Hao had entered that sort of state. He was trying to challenge one of the difficult obstacles left behind by the holy emperor’s ancient scripture.

At this moment, they felt as if this enormous palace became a bit different. There was an ineffable type of aura. The dao platform hid itself, and the ancient scripture disappeared. However, there was a light flickering in front of them.

The two were somewhat suspicious, but they continued forward.

There was a praying mat that flickered with symbols. Thunderous sounds could be heard, as if a senior was going to teach his junior.

“Yi, it’s this place. After obtaining the inheritance, one needs to cultivate here to consolidate what they learned.” Huo Ling’er understood quite a bit, so she directly walked forward. However, before she even got close to it, the praying mat sucked her in with a shua sound, seating her on top.

Dao sounds immediately began to sound. The scarlet symbols appeared, surrounding Huo Ling’er. Moreover, bizarre events began to take place. The ancient scripture from before reappeared and suspended itself above her head. Hualala sound rang out as its pages turned on their own.

The area between Huo Ling’er’s brows lit up. The small scarlet Vermillion Bird flickered together with that brilliant scripture.

Huo Ling’er was shocked and incredibly happy. She looked at Shi Hao in the distance and said, “I might enter a deep hibernation. You need to be careful and not act recklessly.”

She had obtained an extraordinary chance. The symbols that her father had carved within previously were truly effective. It lead to the resuscitation of the holy imperial scripture, and allowed its contents to merge with her.

Of course, according to her father, the emperor, the most important thing was that her bloodline’s power had to be extremely powerful. Even though she wasn’t a Vermillion Bird, she still had the true blood. After all these years, the reason the Fire Emperor held onto the true blood was for the day she could enter the Holy Emperor’s Palace.

Momentarily, the fiery light flickered, and the true flames submerged Huo Ling’er. The ancient scripture created hualala sounds and continuously turned about. Strand after strand of symbols flowed out into her body.

Shi Hao was stupefied. This really was prepared for the Fire Clan’s people. He could only stare blankly here.

“Yi, something’s not right!”

He turned around and saw that a black arena had appeared at another location. The massive arena was formed from enormous pitch black rocks. There was a stone tablet beside it with a few characters carved on it.

It was definitely something that had just emerged!

Shi Hao walked up and carefully looked about. The stone tablet clearly explained everything, stating that this was a place for those not from the Fire Clan. If one reigned victorious here, then they would receive great benefits.

“Archaic Vermillion Bird’s Four-Fold Barrage!” Shi Hao was shaken. He never expected the reward to be so heaven defying.

It was written on the tablet that the Fire Clan’s holy imperial scripture could not be passed to outsiders, but there were a few that could be left to chosen individuals. Moreover, it clearly indicated that they were similarly matchless.

What was the Archaic Vermillion Bird’s Four-Fold Barrage? There were a few annotations below, and after Shi Hao stopped reading, he couldn’t help but be shocked.

Deities had emerged from Little Red’s ancestors, and its mother even lit her divine flame, becoming Fire Nation’s Guardian Spirit. They all possessed illustrious reputations that shook the ancient era.

They were all extremely powerful. They were able to continuously undergo rebirth to recreate the Vermillion Bird’s true blood, making them an incredibly terrifying race.

However, they did not obtain any of their ancestor’s inheritances. All of the divine abilities they used, despite also being world-shocking and able to force back the great divine mountains, they were still far from the archaic Vermillion Bird’s world-changing precious technique.

The archaic Vermillion Bird was truly an unrivalled existence that could sweep through the lands under the heavens. It was a heavenly ranked ancient bird that possessed unmatched divine might. The other archaic vicious beasts and divine birds could only bow down in servitude under its might.

Unfortunately, its inheritance was not in the Wasteland Region.

There were several ancestors of Little Red that had hoped to reconstruct the archaic Vermillion Bird’s precious technique, but in the end, they all failed.

The Fire Clan’s Holy Emperor was also an existence that had achieved divinity. He possessed the true blood of the Vermillion Bird within him, so he had also researched some of this knowledge. He had also wanted to recreate the unrivalled divine ability.

However, it was truly regretful that both Little Red’s ancestors and the Holy Emperor failed to succeed.

However, they didn’t completely fail. The Archaic Vermillion Bird’s Four-Fold Barrage was created from the insights gained from several generations of deities. This was something that they recorded and left behind.

It was rumored that once it reached the Archaic Vermillion Bird’s Ten-Fold Barrage, then it would recreate the unrivalled precious technique that burned down gods and devils alike.

The Four-Fold technique was considered abandoned, but it wasn’t absolutely useless. It could similarly be used, only that its requirements were too severe. It required a physique equal to the archaic Vermillion Bird.

Otherwise, the user’s body would crack apart as soon as it was utilized. Before injuring anyone else, the user’s own body would be destroyed.

Once Shi Hao understood all of this, he became momentarily speechless. This technique was too tyrannical! No wonder it was considered an abandoned record. Just how many people could succeed in this? Creatures with that kind of physique were definitely unordinary and would have their own inheritances.

Without much hesitation, he entered the black arena to carry out a challenge. Just because others couldn’t use it didn’t mean he couldn’t either. He might even be able make this abandoned record shine brilliantly.


A fiery red bird flew over and swooped down. The massive divine bird was constructed from crimson symbols.

Shi Hao made his move, and a great battle unfolded!

This area became chaotic. All types of oppressive symbols appeared, and this world itself seemed like it was going to split apart. It was incomparably terrifying.

It was clear that the one who left behind this technique understood what they were doing. Only those that were powerful enough would step onto the stage. As for those who weren’t powerful enough, how were they even going to use the Archaic Vermillion Bird’s Four-Fold Barrage?

As a result, this test was extremely terrifying. The Vermillion Bird constructed out of scarlet multicolored light was ridiculously powerful and could easily slaughter regular youths. Even a pure-blooded creature wouldn’t stand much of a chance.

Shi Hao did not conceal anything because he wanted to quickly end this battle. In the end, he even displayed the power of the Kun Peng and released his ten heavenly passages. This place seemed like it was on the verge of breaking apart.

The entire black arena shook violently. Then, it began to crack apart, and ultimately, it was blasted to pieces. The scarlet divine bird was killed, and everything here vanished.

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