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Chapter 343 – Battle of the Supreme Youths

This was truly a bit terrifying. By only relying on his own cultivation, just how terrifying was his body? It simply surpassed common sense.

One must understand that only the few precious flesh refining liquids were considered the most powerful. Western Paradise Sect’s Golden Vajra Elixir and Heaven Mending Sect’s Golden Body Elixir were the two names that had spread through various regions, yet he did not use any of them.

The witch’s smile grew brighter and brighter, reaching a point where it could topple a city alone. Meanwhile, fairy Yue Chan’s eyes were shooting out frightening rays of light as she fixated her gaze on Shi Hao.

At this moment, many creatures from Archaic Divine Mountains also hurried over. After seeing the results, all of them were in fear. This was a physique fiercer than that of any archaic divine bird or vicious beast.

Only those that broke through the extreme boundaries like the Golden Winged Peng or an equally godlike existence could display results such as these. However, at the present, such a thing had already become something out of a legend.

“Wu, it’s not my sect’s Golden Vajra Elixir. This youth is formidable!” A short haired, gray-clothed ascetic said to himself in the distance.

Vajra Unbreakable Body was the pinnacle physical state of the Western Paradise Sect. The body would not deteriorate through any hardship and even preserve itself after death, surpassing any capability of mankind. It claimed to be able to defend against heavenly precious artifacts and was powerful beyond comparison.

Unfortunately, this kind of divine liquid was extremely hard to refine. From within the ancestral mountains outside this region, it could be considered fruitful for them to obtain just ten drops from the ancient reservoirs.

The ashen clothed ascetic was rather anxious. He never could have imagined that he would meet two youths like these after entering the wasteland region. These were talents at the peak of peaks!


Another collision. These two supreme youths collided again and astonishing rays of light exploded between them. One of them sparkling and translucent while breathing calmly, and the other’s entire yellow body had faint golden radiance circulating about it. The auras they produced were absolutely astonishing!

This was a collision between divine force, as well as a confrontation of symbols. This was even more so a collision of physical strength!

It was like two needles pointing at each other, as if meteors were colliding against the great earth. These two were going at each other blow for blow, yet they were completely evenly matched adversaries. At this moment, it was difficult to tell who was stronger or weaker between them.

After a roar, Shi Hao became like a small barbaric dragon. He hardened his body and streaked across the sky. Black hair hung over his body, and a cold gaze swept out from his eyes; his aura was incomparably powerful.

This appearance was much different from his usual happy and delicate appearance. He was currently abnormally fierce as blood surged within him. His focus reached the peak as he fought the dual-pupiled person.

Shi Yi’s expression was indifferent. His gaze pierced out like lightning as he continuously streaked across the sky. He did not utilize his innate heavenly gifts and only depended on his body and symbols to fight.

At this moment, he was no longer at ease. The youth from his past had actually gained the ability to battle on par with him. This was the same child who was on the verge of death and doomed with a low chance of survival.

Now, he was an overlord, an unrivalled heavenly talent who could determine the fate of the wasteland. There was certainly no one who could match him, and he would crush all his future enemies.


The two’s fists crossed, but they each flew in retreat soon after. Divine light and multicolored brilliance exploded where they had collided. A thunderous rumbling echoed throughout this place, and an incomparably magnificent radiance erupted in the skies.

Every single exchange would result in thunderous roars. Their power was astonishing! With a hong sound, their legs collided. The shockwave created fissures in the mountains by the lake, and soon after, they exploded.

Their power was just too strong, reaching an inconceivable level.

At this moment, great powers everywhere, including nobles and creatures of the Archaic Divine Mountains, as well as even experts outside the region, were trying to evaluate their physical powers. As they carefully examined them, all of their expressions changed.

These powerful individuals could feel that their physical bodies were too tyrannical, possessing more than enough strength to destroy symbols. Ordinary precious techniques could hardly place a scratch on their bodies. These two possessed the strength to tear apart everything with their divine strength.

If they met ordinary cultivators, they could simply brute force their way through. They could instantly leave the powerful crowd broken and in disorder, breaking their bones and tearing apart their muscles.

“My dear younger brother, you’re truly quite unordinary. You cultivated this kind of precious physique. Are you trying to reach the divine through the flesh?” Shi Yi calmly said.

Still, during all of that, they were still battling. Their bodies shifted as fast as lightning, not holding anything back as they continued their confrontation.

“You’ve wasted away these years. Even after undergoing a baptism, your body is only as such,” Shi Hao replied.

At this moment, he dove down and smashed over with his fist. The fist seemed as if it was burning as endless multicolored light erupted, dancing about about like strands of divine flames.


Shi Yi reached out to defend himself, and thousands of streaks of divine light erupted between the two. The aura of the resulting explosion was too fierce, causing the mountain range below to instantly crack before eventually exploding.

At the same time, Shi Yi crossed his arms, trapping one of the arms from across him. He wanted to fiercely and ruthlessly tear it right off.

Shi Hao coldly snorted and fiercely struck down. WIth a forceful jerk, he broke free and moved backwards. Then, like a windmill, he spun around and swept out with his leg towards Shi Yi’s waist like a metallic whip. Symbols surged with it, and blazing radiance danced chaotically.

Shi Yi retreated to dodge this fierce attack. The two once again increased their distance.

“Reaching the divine is not a path without competition. If your skills are only so, you do not possess the strength to fight me,” Shi Yi calmly said.

Shi Hao was three to four years younger, but his imposing attitude did not seem inferior at all and might even be a bit stronger. He was always on the initiative, and as he rushed over, his entire body rang out with pipa sounds, as if a dao bell was ringing. His entire body was covered by a layer of ripples.


Shi Yi faced the attack and met his junior clanmate head on. The great ringing of a yellow bell erupted between the two and shook the heaven and earth, leaving him shocked.

Shi Hao seemed to have been invigorated as his joints resonated like the roars of dragons and tigers. His entire body shone, and his vitality seemed to flourish as he fully displayed the might of his precious body, making his attacks more and more powerful.

“Whether I can or cannot, the battle will decide. Whatever you have, just bring it on.” This was Shi Hao’s response!

“My biggest weakness is my physical body. Since ancient times, all the naturally born dual-pupiled individuals possessed weak physiques. However, I have made up for its deficits. I am now equal to you in my weakest point, so what qualifications do you have to fight me?”

Shi Yi lightly spoke this with arrogance. He was flying high up in the sky as he looked over the youth beneath him. His entire face was grave and stern.

After the speech, his entire body started to shine and his aura surged. Clearly, he was activating a restrictive power. An ocean of symbols flared up and surged violently into every direction.

Everyone began to tremble, and their minds were greatly shaken. They felt like a chill was crawling up their spine as they gradually became more frightened.

There was indeed a legend that with a dual-pupiled individual innately had the divine abilities of opening the heaven and earth with their eyes and reversing the flow of the entire world. They had endless divine powers, but, their sole shortcoming was their physical bodies had great difficulties in reaching the highest level.

Of course, this was all relative. This did not mean their physique was poor, but rather that it was comparatively weaker when compared to the great abilities of the dual-pupils.

Shi Yi, a heaven warping genius, had a body that was sufficiently powerful. Just by himself, he was able to cultivate to the extreme limit. After being baptized in the Golden Body Elixir, he had broken through the extreme boundary and obtained a body that could truly complement his dual-pupils.

“Victory or defeat is not achieved through talking. Come at me regardless!” Shi Hao calmly responded. His eyes began to glisten from within, and his pupils transformed into a cauldron that bobbled up and down. A huge aura of dao permeated from his entire body.

“As of this moment, I am perfect without any weaknesses. My good little brother, let me see just how powerful you are in other areas.” Shi Yi’s pupils erupted, and it was clear that he was brimming with confidence and strength.


The two sides charged towards each other like enormous stars falling from the sky. Lights exploded with brilliance like raging flames, and soon after, they collided into each other.

Shi Yi activated a type of forbidden power. His eyes shone, and a terrifying divine force flowed from his eye sockets to envelop his body. Those symbols were incomparably terrifying.

As for Shi Hao, his entire body was changed until it seemed like a precious cauldron that could hold everything within. His mental state was stable, and he didn’t show any sign of joy or worry. He had elevated his mind to a fantastical realm.

At this moment, his mentality was similar to something recorded in the True Primordial Record. Without joy or worry, he utilized the most primitive and basic strength by constructing his own symbols.

Divine light circulated about, forming cauldrons in his flesh and blood as well as imprinting cauldrons onto his entire skeleton. His heart was now calm and peaceful, and he was only thinking of evolving his entire body to reach the most powerful divine state.

It was not the most complicated or mysterious divine technique, but rather the one that suited him the most. He was returning to his true self, changing the ordinary into the wondrous to ultimately surpass the extreme limits and release the most incomparable divine force.


This strike shocked the world, making demons and gods cry. Winds blew fiercely, and the ground began to collapse. Frightening shrieks and cries sounded, shocking the world.

These two’s strengths were too strong. It simply did not seem like the kind of strength that people of the Spiritual Transformation Realm could utilize. They actually broke through the limits of this region and ascended into another realm.

This triggered a terrifying reaction. The heaven and earth went into disarray, and the natural rules seemed to have been affected. Divine Chains filled the empty sky one by one as if a divine punishment was descending.

“What… is happening?!” Everyone cried in alarm.

The battle between two supreme youths was truly startling. Their powers were too strong. A moment ago, it seemed like the world almost could not hold them and allowed them to break through the limits of the Spiritual Transformation Realm.

Rays of light exploded dramatically as mist filled the air. The two supreme youths’ bodies violently trembled, and in the end, they both flew outwards. A trace of blood could be seen on the individuals’ lips, as they revealed strange expressions.

They both suffered an injury during this strike. They were unable to determine superiority or life and death!

“My dear younger brother, it seems that you are still somewhat capable. Again! Let me see just how much more you can take,” Shi Yi lightly said.

Shi Hao wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and said, “Is this the so-called strength of dual-pupils?”

“This is the simplest of its powers. There are more. I can let you experience them slowly.” Shi Yi responded. He was no longer calm, since his opponent was able to resist the power of his dual-pupils.

At this moment, everyone was overwhelmed with shock. These two’s strengths were too strong. This was still only the beginning as the true battle was still ahead!

Symbols appeared from within Shi Yi’s eyes as if an ancient scripture was opening. The chants of sutras unexpectedly echoed out, as if they were stepping from the past into the present, crossing time and space.

Everyone was horrified, and all of their hearts shuddered. What kind of power was this? Dual-pupils were too terrifying! Could he actually be the reincarnation of a deity who carried powers from the ancient past?!

At this moment, Shi Hao’s entire body became dimmer, completely opposite of his opponent. He drew in the final rays of light as he resonated with the heaven and earth. A plain and simple sound of dao rang out as he stood there, revealing a restorative power.

However, he faintly activated a hidden and incomparably terrifying power. Like a hibernating dragon, he could charge upwards at any moment to break through the nine heavens.

At this time, the heaven and earth were in complete disarray. Those divine chains had still not disappeared. That strike which broke the limits back then seemed to have produced some indescribable side effects.

Just when the two were strengthening their power in order to use their greatest abilities, auspicious red clouds suddenly descended from the sky. Holy light surged forth, and a peaceful looking yet imposing golden passage was displayed.

“Why did a passage appear?”

“Heavens, what is this?!”

Everyone was shocked as they gazed into the sky in disbelief.

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