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Chapter 344 – The Sky Battlefield

Auspicious multi-colored lights descended from the sky and sweet springs gushed out of the ground. As a blue lotus blossomed from the void, it released an exotic and intoxicating fragrance that lingered in the air. Gorgeous colors decorated heaven and earth, giving the place a harmonious feeling.

A golden passage descended, stretching all the way into the crowd. A majestic and tall figure walked down from within. The individual seemed like a true deity that was making its rounds through the heavens.

The crowd was stupefied, and all of them felt their mouths going dry. What was going on? How could such an abnormality take place in the Void God Realm?

The fluctuation was so violent that it interrupted the battle. The figure stood on the golden passageway and overlooked everyone. It was as if a divine being was summoned into this world from the ancient era.

“The two of you have upset the balance of the Void God Realm. Should the battle not cease, punishment will ensue.”

He was enveloped in a sacred glow and his voice rumbled like thunder, loudly enough to sting people’s eardrums.

The crowd was struck dumb. From his words, they came to an astonishing conclusion that the figure was the embodiment of the Void God Realm that guarded this place.

Was he… a deity?

The question gave people goosebumps, but their blood immediately began to boil. The idea was so striking that they were almost howling with excitement.

The Void God Realm not only had its own independent will, but now it even materialized?

Legend has it that this world was built with the spiritual power of deities worshipped by the ancient people. Some also argued that this world was established after the deities were created. It was full of mysteries.

After all this time, how many people were able to see such a scene?

Now that the embodiment of the Void God Realm had materialized into a human form and spoke these words, it truly left everyone indescribably shaken.

The golden road stretched all the way up into the heavens, from which an awe-inspiring aura that was magnificent yet frightening was being emanated. The figure, in particular, was as intimidating as a lofty mountain.

His entire body was bright and resplendent as he stood there, giving off an unapproachable feeling. He opened his mouth again and said, “There are a few choices. The first option is for the two of you to leave, and the second is to continue fighting and consequently be banished by me.”

Those words had a shocking effect on the crowd. Both of them had broken through the limit, and if they continued fighting, the natural laws and divine chains of this world would be affected, resulting in unpredictable consequences.

For both of the supreme youths, this interference was as much of an honor as it was trouble. For no matter what, their actions even forced the Void God Realm to intervene with its will, an event that was simply too shocking.

The crowd found it impossible to quiet themselves down. Throughout the years, who could make the Void God Realm intervene like this?

This… left everyone speechless. This was a glorious achievement that was was amazing enough to be recorded within the annals of history!

Those who were present kept their mouths shut without speaking any nonsense. Had it not been for the deity-like figure overhead who emanated a suffocating pressure, they would have already erupted in excitement.

Nonetheless, the crowd was somewhat disappointed as well, for the battle between the supreme youths was broken off. By the look of it, they would not be able to continue.

Both Shi Hao and Shi Yi remained silent without uttering a single word in the arena. They were still in a confrontation and watched each other with cold eyes.

“You have a third option, which is to enter the Sky Battlefield.” The majestic figure spoke while standing atop the golden path.

His words caught everyone’s attention. What type of place was that? Why hadn’t anyone heard of it before? Many of them became suspicious.

Only those from the Archaic Divine Mountains were greatly shaken. Some mighty experts of the older generation found the name familiar, and after going it over in their heads, they realised what sort of place that was.

“The Sky Battlefield…” An old Horned Dragon murmured to himself. He was a pure-blooded creature with a bright crimson body.  As he coiled up his long body up in the clouds, he couldn’t help but shudder at the name.

“That’s the battlefield where sacred mighty experts duelled in ancient times!”

“Right, even the deities fought there!”

In the distance, some powerful pure-blooded creatures were whispering and discussing amongst themselves, revealing what kind of place that battlefield was. The crowd was immediately frightened. There was actually a secret place like this!

The Sky Battlefield was a vast region located above the heavens. It was a sacred battlefield where battles of the highest levels took place in the past.

Many people failed to hide their surprise. Although the two teenagers were known as supreme youths, that was only by comparing them with others of the same age. How could they possibly be considered equals to the sacred people of the ancient times?

What was the supreme being of the Void God Realm thinking? He was thinking too highly of these two individuals.

“The Sky Battlefield is not merely a place for the great people of the ancient times to carry out their final battles. It was also an arena for creatures who had broken through their limits. However, it had not been used for that purpose for a very, very long time.” The figure on the golden road replied with a rumbling voice that resonated in the vast sky.

Those from great powers all felt embarrassed, and those from the Archaic Divine Mountains were especially ashamed. In the ancient times, there were still unrivalled supreme experts that came from races like theirs to fight in such a place, but currently, they had already almost forgotten its name.

“Apart from this, when wars from beyond this region break out, the Sky Battlefield is also where such confrontations take place,” the figure majestically added.

“A deity-level arena?” The crowd was surprised and shocked at first, but soon, they recalled such a place.

Such legends were not unheard of to them, for every few centuries, conflicts would break out and competition would take place between great regions. Peerless geniuses would confront each other within this place.

It was said that those young geniuses were considered to be deities in the making. A place where they fought was definitely one at an incredible level, and it turns out that the Sky Battlefield was where it took place.

The eyes of many burned with passion when the deity-level arena was mentioned, because the reward was too generous. As long as one could get in, they would immediately possess a type of ‘qualification’.

In reality, these people knew very little about the Sky Battlefield. However, they still knew a bit about the deity-level arena. After hearing about all these legends, they were completely enticed and filled with passion and excitement.

It was said that each time the world was thrown into chaos, there would inevitably be great regions in conflict with each other. There would be a great divine arena where not only a single region but rather many regions contended for supremacy.

The wars in the deity-level arena was where true confrontations took place. This was a place where unparalleled geniuses engaged in battles against one another. These were the most splendid, blood-boiling, and intense battles.

Peerless deities, extraordinary individuals, otherworldly beauties, and many others would ascend this stage. This was truly a dazzling battle between outstanding individuals.

How could the crowd be not be shocked? Based on what had happened so far, the wastelands were falling into chaos. One could deduce from here that the other lands might be experiencing similar disturbances. At that time, it was entirely possible for a great battle to take place.

Once the lands collided, wars would inevitably break out in the deity-level arena. At that time, every region’s attention truly would be drawn. Outstanding heroes and peerless beauties would rise, and the youths with powers reminiscent of ancient saints would appear as well!

Just now, what did the embodiment of the Void God Realm imply by mentioning the Sky Battlefield?

Would it be a preview for the deity-level arena that was going to open up? Everyone felt their heart pounding with excitement and anticipation.

Shi Hao and Shi Yi stood there while facing each other from afar, both of them expressionless. The only thing that moved were the lights within their pupils. They swirled about like stellar rivers and emitted a terrifying energy.

“Those that are not geniuses who cannot look down on their region cannot enter the Sky Battlefield, and all those than can enter will be rewarded…” The figure on the golden path explained in an unhurried tone.

The figure also revealed a piece of information that startled both Shi Hao and Shi Yi. Their act of communicating through the recording stone tablet early on had naturally created a few records, which were qualified for rewards. However, they had not received anything so far, and according to that individual, if they enter the Sky Battlefield, all of the rewards could accumulate, ultimately granting them a great gift.

“What I want to know is, who are you?” Shi Yi asked in a calm voice.

The question also took the crowd by surprise. They all held their breaths and waited eagerly for his answer.

The tall figure on the golden road’s voice was cold and emotionless as he introduced himself. “I am the envoy of this region.”

The Void God Realm was also divided into various great regions corresponding to the real world.

From his words, one could make the deduction that his authority was great. He seemed to be rather formidable.

“What authorities and duties do you possess?” Shi Yi was as unflustered as he was in the past. He was not threatened by the opponent’s identity in the least as he spoke again.

“I am the will of the Void God Realm and responsible for this place’s protection.” He replied truthfully.

Apart from that, the envoy also gave out some other explanations, such as banishing Shi Hao as an example, which shocked many people.

In the distance, the devilish brat grimaced and shot a sidelong glance at the envoy. He showed no fear whatsoever, and there was even provocation in the look he gave the envoy.

The next moment, Shi Yi was communicating with this ‘will’ secretly. What he inquired was whether or not he could continue to receive the mysterious reward that he was given years ago if he entered the Sky Battlefield.

Shi Yi had broken some terrifying records and got an incredibly mysterious and generous reward in return. The Rain clansmen had discussed this before privately and had assumed that it shouldn’t be any bit inferior to the bronze divine book.

“Should you defeat your opponent in the Sky Battlefield, then it can be done.” This was the reply from the envoy.

Almost at the same time, Shi Hao was also making inquiries in secret, asking if he could obtain the bronze book by accumulating the reward. He had just broken a few records a while ago.

“If you manage to defeat your enemy in the Sky Battlefield, you’ll receive a generous reward,” replied the land envoy with an expressionless face.

Shi Hao rolled his eyes at the figure and said to himself, “You did not only banish me back then, you were also trying to take my rewards for yourself when I opened all my ten heavenly passages. Truly insincere.”

The region envoy glared at him. Symbols flickered within his pupils as the energy of primal chaos filled the air, shocking everyone!

He was a will of a world that was built by deities with their spiritual power, a figure mysterious beyond imagination. Many people wanted to know more about him, and Shi Hao was of course one of them. They all stared at the individual for a long time.

Finally, Shi Hao asked, “When are we going into the Sky Battlefield?”

He knew that all other questions would not get answers. As such, he might as well focus on the situation before his eyes.

At the same time, Shi Yi also turned to look at the envoy with passionate eyes. There was an aggression and anticipation in his pupils that was never there before. It seemed that he longed for this place more than anything else, for he wanted to receive the mysterious reward again.

“One month later. It has been sealed for too long.” The region envoy replied.

Shi Hao and Shi Yi exchanged a look. They both kept their composure as they confronted each other wordlessly.

Meanwhile, the nearby creatures were momentarily silent. Following a wave of quiet muttering, this place erupted into noise. Despite the fact that the terrifying figure was overlooking them from the passageway, this place still continued to clamor.

This was a great event that would inevitably shake the wastelands. Moreover, today’s events would lead to a string of terrifying disturbances!

Everyone was well aware of what that battlefield represented!

As the golden path disappeared, the envoy also vanished. Peace returned to heaven and earth as various natural laws and divine chains faded into thin air.

Shi Yi looked forward. Soon after, he abruptly trampled on the ground and swept out towards the youngster in front of him with his leg.

Shi Hao reacted indifferently. As he moved, his entire body shone brilliantly, as if he was a medium for the great dao. Deep and immeasurable energy flowed out from him in a seemingly endless supply.

They both had their strengths under control without breaking through the limits. They did not display their complete strength to prevent this place from falling unstable again.

They were only testing each other out. This was not the decisive battle.

The two turned into two streaks of light that intertwined. Their speeds were just too fast, and the intense battle seemed to never end, carrying on for the next hour.

Eventually, the curtains fell. The two supreme youths both coughed out blood and staggered back in reverse.

It was not a decisive battle, but it nevertheless still left everyone in shock. The fight just then had shaken the crowd to their core, knowing that had they participated in that battle, they would most likely have died immediately.

The battle had finally concluded. Everyone was looking forward to the opening of the Sky Battlefield. A deity level battle might unfold in the future!

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