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Chapter 342 – Unbreakable Golden Body

Too many things had happened during these years, but the two supreme youths were finally about to clash! They had both changed greatly, but at this moment, they were both facing each other with quite the distance between them.

The heroic and handsome Shi Yi appeared to be about sixteen or seventeen. He wasn’t shorter than an adult, with a body that was slim yet sturdy. A single glance at him would give others the feeling of a dragon among men.

The young man seemed incomparably mature. His pair of eyes were like a stellar river, and as his dual-pupils flickered, the sun and moon would rise and fall. There was even the aura of primal chaos within them!

Shi Hao, on the other hand, seemed a bit more young and tender. His pitch-black hair shone brightly as it naturally scattered down his chest and back. His gaze was bright, resembling a brilliant sun. His lips created a natural, warm smile.

However, at this moment, his smile had been exchanged for an extremely serious expression. He knew that he finally met an extremely terrifying great enemy, one who he had always been trying to surpass all these years.

Of course, Shi Hao was extremely powerful and his natural talents were exceptional, but in the end, he had still started his cultivation a few years late. He had bitterly cultivated since childhood in hopes of catching up. He understood just how heaven defying dual-pupils were, so he had never treated this matter carelessly.

The moment their eyes met, the two simultaneously narrowed their eyes. Brilliant rays erupted from their pupils, producing a scene that was shocking to the extreme!

Many people were retreating, and even the creatures from the Demonic Spirit Lake were crying out in alarm. They shut their eyes and quickly backed up.

Everyone was absolutely astonished. The auras these two emitted made their hearts beat at unnatural speeds. Even the creatures from the Archaic Divine Mountains couldn’t bear it any longer, because the pressure here was just too great.


When the light from these two individual’s eyes met, it felt as if two blades were crying out as they struggled against each other. A brilliant rain of light was scattered outwards like strands of sword qi, creating earsplitting keng qiang sounds.

Shi Yi’s dual pupils were particularly terrifying. Everyone was watching from far away, but it still made them feel as if they were staring into an archaic abyss. It was as if their souls were going to be sucked in.

It was clearly just the light being released, yet everyone felt as if they were demonic wells that were trying to suck in their souls.

When the dual-pupils opened and closed, strands of symbols would flicker. Divine chains would move about, affecting the very foundations of this world! It was as if the natural heavenly laws were being changed!

Within the dual-pupils, the feeling of the sun and moon being shattered could vaguely be felt, and a stellar river seemed to be born. They also possessed a thriving vitality that sucked in everyone’s gaze like moths to a flame.

Those dual-pupils were just too terrifying. Even martial kings’ hearts would palpitate when they saw them.


There were many who coughed out mouthfuls of blood. They were all powerful experts, yet they could not endure the pressure of the dual-pupils and suffered serious injuries.

This immediately terrified the crowd. They were at the outskirts of the battle and only suffered a bit of the fluctuations, yet they were already in such a state. How great was the pressure that the other youngster was feeling within the battlefield?


The individuals at the very front brought out their precious artifacts in defense. However, cracks began to appear on them before they completely shattered. This scene left everyone absolutely horrified.

Those individuals all retreated with blood trickling down from the corners of their lips. Terror filled their minds as this dreadful event left its unforgettable impression.

This was the power of the dual-pupils! When its might was displayed here, this kind of terrifying scene would be created!

Within the battlefield, Shi Hao’s eyes were as deep as a starry sky. This attack did affect him. His opponent’s pupils seemed to be devouring people’s souls to form a world where both destruction and life coexisted.

Unknowingly, Shi Hao’s eyes had changed. The deep and endless aura within them changed and began to flourish with brilliant light. His eyes turned into resplendent golden dao bells.

At the same time, his mental core also turned into an enormous golden bell that released a remote ringing sound. Following that, his entire body seemed to have undergone a transformation, becoming a medium for the dao.


The ringing of the bells seemed to have crashed down from the ninth heaven. The deafening noise rang out incessantly into the distance, as if the realm of deities were descending to cleanse the souls of the world.

At this moment, many people who had passed out were startled awake. They were all horrified and frantically backed up.


The dao sounds in particular rang out like that of an enormous golden bell, startling everyone. The dao fluctuation quickly rippled outwards.

Within each of Shi Hao’s eyes was a golden dao bell, and at this moment, they were swaying, as if they had replaced his pupils and made his eyes blaze with light. However, they were also deep and immeasurable at the same time, making people feel a great reverence.

Meanwhile, his body also changed in a similar manner. His bones began to resonate and create dao sounds. The earsplitting kengqiang sounds were like the roars of dragons and cries of tigers. Together with the dao bell, it shook everyone to their souls.

Not to mention the others, even noble kings and creatures from the Archaic Divine Mountains began to admire him inwardly. Shi Hao was still rather young, but his achievements were truly impressive.

His body was like a dao bell, and his mind was unflustered. While facing the pressure of the dual-pupils who was like a young ancient deity, he was still calm and unperturbed.

Shi Hao was like a hibernating dragon as he stood unmoving. He was not inferior in the slightest at the first encounter. It was worth noting that what he faced was the most terrifying force of dual-pupils!

“Little brother, you still aren’t good enough.” Shi Yi shook his head, and a cold smile hung from his lips. “I was just looking at you normally and haven’t displayed the full power of the dual-pupils.”

When these words were spoken, the entire site was deathly quiet. Everyone became stupefied. Was what he said true? Everyone felt cold air running down their backs.

If this was the truth, then just how terrifying were the dual-pupils?

Was there even a need to continue fighting? There didn’t seem to be the slightest chance of victory for Shi Hao. When everyone thought about how terrifying he was, a feeling of helplessness grew within everyone’s hearts. They couldn’t help but bow down before this power.

Shi Hao’s expression was calm as he looked at his opponent. He didn’t seem to be affected at all. After a brief moment, he revealed a smile. Multicolored light flashed, and an object appeared within his palm.

It was an eyeball, and at first it was dim, but after he infused some of his power, it erupted with divine might, shocking everyone at the scene!

“Are dual-pupils that powerful? I also have one, but I normally use it to throw at people.” The corner of Shi Hao’s lips tilted up as he casually spoke in this manner.

Everyone was completely overwhelmed with shock!

This… truly made them feel horrified. How could he also have a dual-pupil? Moreover, he brought it out just like that without trying to cover it at all. Was this the confidence of someone who believed that they were unrivalled?

While everyone quaked in fear, they also revealed strange expressions. Using a dual-pupil to hit people, was he treating it like a brick? Only he could say something like that.

Shi Yi appeared calm. He didn’t express any anger or joy, as if his mood wasn’t affected in the slightest. He seemed completely unperturbed as he said, “Isn’t it just the single eye of a divine individual? It’s a dead object, and can barely display ten or twenty percent of its true power.”

Everyone sighed. This was only ten to twenty percent of its power? After Shi Hao activated it, the aura the eyeball already produced an incredibly dreadful aura. It made them want to fall to the ground and kowtow.

“Is that so? Then let’s take a look at the true power of the dual-pupils.” Shi Hao spoke without the slightest bit of fear.

“Little brother, I can satisfy your desire to witness the true power of the dual-pupils. However, you must first endure my test, or else there won’t be any opportunity for you to do so.” Shi Yi’s expression contained a type of indifference. This was a manifestation of his self confidence and contempt for his opponent.

“What else could there be? Give it your all, I’ll take all of it on all the same,” Shi Hao said calmly. Even though he was still a bit younger, the grandeur he displayed was not any bit weaker and instead resembled that of a ruler descending from the heavens.


When Shi Yi finished speaking, his body became like a flood dragon as he soared over. His fist blasted towards Shi Hao in a domineering and forceful manner. This was the display of one who believed he was the world’s strongest!


Shi Hao rushed up. He did not try to avoid it, and instead used his fist to meet it head on. This was a simple collision of power without any deceit or trickery.

In that instant, it was as if a brilliant sun was blasted apart. Endless specks of light dispersed and rushed into all directions.

The collision of powers was too powerful, and in just a split second, frantic gales began to stir about as light illuminated like a river of stars and symbols interweaved like electricity. The chaos submerged the land.


This was the Demonic Spirit Lake, and there were restrictions set by large formations arranged nearby. However, the surroundings were still blasted apart, and those majestic structures crumbled.

The spectators had long backed off into the distance, yet they could still feel the wind hitting their faces. The symbols were like rainbows as they soared through the sky and poured down in front of everyone.

“Hurry and move back!”

The people were greatly shocked. Was this still the fighting strength of the spiritual transformation realm? It was just too heaven defying! It made their souls tremble and their hearts pound uncontrollably.

Radiance flourished, as if a sun had burst. The Demonic Spirit Lake’s restricted land was destroyed. Large cracks extended outwards, as if deep valleys were being created!

Meanwhile, several mountains at the lakeshore disappeared. Under the ferocious winds, they were turned into dust. It was clear just how terrifying those two individuals were.

When the beautiful rays of light dissipated, the two individuals focused their gaze as they stood on opposing sides. There were many cracks and footprints on the ground. Both sides backed up about a hundred zhang.

This single strike was incredible, with neither side losing out to the other in the slightest!

Shi Hao was startled. He had broken through the limit and possessed the most powerful physical body. This was one of his hidden strengths, and who could compare to him in this? He never would have thought that this little older brother of his had a body that was similarly terrifying!

If they were only fighting with their physical bodies, it would definitely end in a bitter struggle. His opponent wasn’t inferior to him at all.

Shi Yi’s face remained expressionless, but his pupils seemed to become even deeper. A great emotion battered within his mind. The dying child who was at death’s door not only survived but actually advanced to this level, leaving him considerably shocked!


In just a split second, both individuals switched spots. They collided several times in midair before separating, leaving only afterimages behind. Their speed reached an inconceivable level.

When they stopped again, both sides remained expressionless. They felt their opponent’s power, and both of them became extremely serious.

Shi Hao’s body was shining. He seemed rather calm, and not much could be seen from his face.

Shi Yi’s body was completely yellow as faint golden radiance swirled about. A terrifying aura pervaded the air, making him seem even more powerful and astonishing.

“He was able to obtain some Golden Body Elixir. It really is amazing after all.”

From the distance, an otherworldly fairy dressed in white clothes spoke softly, seeing through Shi Yi’s faint golden body. Shocking lights swirled through her pupils as she revealed an expression of shock. This was precisely fairy Yue Chan, who also arrived.

“It seems like his benefits within the Ancient Sacred Courtyard were quite great, enabling him to even obtain things from the Heaven Mending Sect.” From the side, the witch also lightly spoke.

Golden Body Elixir was incomparably precious, a substance that was priceless even within the Heaven Mending Sect. Within every generation, only a few people would be able to receive its baptism.

In addition, these individuals were all in different great regions, because a great sect like the Heaven Mending Sect was one that crossed regions. As a result, it was already quite incredible for each region to have a single individual who was bestowed with this kind of precious liquid.

In other words, those that were bestowed the Golden Body Elixir’s baptism were definitely receiving an incredible inheritance. In the future, they might become the masters of a sect. Their statuses were all illustrious and respected.

The witch rejoiced in fairy Yue Chan’s disaster and said, “Older sis, seems like you might be getting some competition in the future. Forget about the fact that you were searching for him, even if you didn’t want to invite him to the Heaven Mending Sect, your supreme experts would still want him to return to the sect.”

Fairy Yue Chan seemed extremely calm. “He is someone blessed with good fortune. If he returns to my Heaven Mending  Sect, he might even be able to create a glorious legend for himself.”

“Not necessarily. If he returns to the sect, what if he contends against you for supremacy? One of you would definitely fall, unless… you willingly back off and only leave behind a story? Haha.” The witch laughed in an unrestrained manner.

Fairy Yue Chan did not respond, ignoring her provocation. She indifferently said, “Regardless, my Heaven Mending Sect will have another outstanding disciple. Your Sky Severing Sect can only watch and fade away as time goes on.”


The two continued to fight intensely, exchanging another ten strikes quickly before separating again. They were still similarly matched.

“Hehe…” The heavenly fox fairy laughed and looked at Shi Hao. “It seems like his body was cultivated by himself and not baptised by the Vajra Elixir like I thought. I look forward to his growth!”

Heaven Mending Sect’s Golden Body Elixir and Western Paradise’s Vajra Elixir were both world shocking precious liquids. After undergoing their baptism, one would possess an impenetrable body!

“His body truly was cultivated by himself.” Fairy Yue Chan sighed. An expression of shock appeared within her beautiful pupils as she stared at Shi Hao. Her heart was greatly stirred.

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