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Chapter 341 – Demonic Spirit Lake

The two individuals continuously broke records to leave messages for each other on the sparkling record steles, leaving everyone completely speechless. This was just too ‘savage’.

Shi Yi accepted the challenge and was probably going to arrive soon. This left everyone overwhelmed by emotions. Anticipation stirred within them as they waited for this battle.

This place felt exceptionally stifling. The mountain gates were destroyed under Shi Hao’s palm, and the bronze board was crushed into pieces. This naturally startled the experts within, causing ten furious auras to flow out.

What kind of place was the Demonic Spirit Lake? There were pure-blooded creatures dwelling within, and it could extend its command over the great wastelands. Its might was incredible.

Normally, who dared to provoke them? Whenever a creature from the Demonic Spirit Lake was seen, there was none who wouldn’t move out of the way!

The great lake was a clear and crystalline dark blue. From beside the lake, a few figures walked out from within the grand and imposing structures with completely overcast faces. After so many years, who dared to provoke them?

This was a restricted land where the descendants of deities rested. There was absolutely no need for anyone to guard the gates, because there weren’t any creatures that dared draw near. Today’s situation was extremely strange and had never happened before.

“Truly daring. So many years has passed, yet no one has dared to knock down my Demonic Spirit Lake’s gates. However, you actually dare to destroy my sect’s mountain entrance!” A middle aged male shouted loudly.

“He is… Shi Hao.” From the side, a youngster said softly.

“What?” That individual was immediately startled, and his aura weakened somewhat.

Shi Hao rubbed his chin and suddenly laughed loudly into the sky. He felt as if he had forgotten something that he suddenly remembered. The so called Archaic Divine Mountains were simply treasure deposits! There were pure-blooded creatures here that he could hunt and refine into precious medicine!”

This was the Void God Realm, but everything inside was comparable to that of the outside world, reaching a shocking degree of similarity. The precious medicine here could nourish the mind, and it would similarly benefit one’s body in the real world.

“What are you laughing at? Do you think you can do whatever you want here?” The middle aged male’s face darkened, becoming incredibly ugly.

During the battle of the capital, Shi Hao killed the Black Eyed Green Demonic Spider, shocking the great wastelands.

“What kind of creature are you? Half-human, half-bug or something? Swap out for another pure-blooded creature please,” Shi Hao said.

The face of the middle-aged individual on the other side fell ashen. This really was a type of contempt… He didn’t even see him as a person, and for a powerful individual inside a restricted land, this was a type of utter humiliation.

“This world does not belong to a single person. No one can be unrivalled! As a human, you should understand how to show respect. This is the Demonic Spirit Lake, not a place where you can behave atrociously!” The middle-aged male shouted.

“Everything you said is true. This is not a world where a single person or clan can rule, so let me ask you something. Back then, why did the Demonic Spirit Lake show up in the Martial Imperial Manor to force away my grandfather and even more so, to kill me?” Shi Hao asked.

He strode forward with large steps. He didn’t have a single good impression of the Demonic Spirit Lake, so he took action on the spot. A palm slapped outwards, causing rubble to fly everywhere and lakewater to soar into the sky.

The middle-aged man and the others all staggered about in retreat, all of them with pale expressions. This was the result after they tried to retreat, so if they faced it head on, they definitely would have suffered greatly. Blood most likely would have been drawn.

“Young man, you’ve crossed the line!” Right at that moment, a dignified voice sounded. An enormous black spider emerged from within the imposing structure beside the lake.

“Almost pure-blooded?” Shi Hao narrowed his eyes.

Even within the Archaic Divine Mountains, there weren’t many pure-blooded creatures. The majority were descendants with mixed blood.

Despite this, creatures that emerged from the divine mountains were still far more powerful than those outside. Those that were closer to being pure-blooded were even more formidable and could suppress an area.

The Demonic Spirit Lake was a restricted land that was rarely provoked. It was as if a frantic hurricane was rushing out from within. Sand flew about, and enormous boulders were swept into the air.

The black spider’s body was humongous, and black colored spider hair covered it. It continuously stared at Shi Hao.

“First, you kill one of our clan’s supreme experts, then you behave so atrociously here. You’ve truly angered us intolerably.”

“Hasn’t your Demonic Spirit Lake always tried to get rid of me? Since we are enemies, why blame me for bullying you guys? Not ending until one of us is dead sounds more correct.” Shi Hao sneered.

He walked through the mountain gates alone and arrived in front of the great lake. Impressive palaces lined up one after another before him, giving off a majestic aura. However, he still remained completely fearless.


The enormous black spider suddenly shouted. It spat out a large brilliant web, and at the same time, this entire area lit up. Silver symbols flooded this place, and countless starry rivers interweaved through the ground to trap Shi Hao within.

Unfortunately, it was all in vain. With a wave of Shi Hao’s left arm, a brilliant divine light was released like flames. The entire place was torn apart as the great formation began to disintegrate.

“Divine Artifact!”

“That is the ancestral armguard of Heavenly Divine Mountain!

An individual cried on in shock. Shi Hao actually possessed a great killing artifact on him! Now that it was utilized, this entire place was blown away by its power. It made even those of the Demonic Spirit Lake feel an extremely great restraining fear.

Everyone was so nervous that even their breathing became hurried. Shi Hao had not even fought against Shi Yi yet and instead broke into this kind of restricted land. Great events were unfolding before the previous battle even concluded!

This similarly made people pay close attention, because it might make the conflict even fiercer and bring about an even crazier battle. One has to understand that these restricted lands were the most terrifying ones to provoke. As descendants of deities, who knew what kind of terrifying trump cards they had hidden.


The enormous black spider rushed over and spat out a blast of symbols. They turned into granules like stellar sand to corrode all tangible substances. It was incomparably terrifying.

Shi Hao faced it with an indifferent expression. His hands formed a magical imprint and sent out strand after strand of orderly symbols to completely obliterate the sparkling substance.

“The Thousand Cobwebs, suppress and kill!” The opposing individual shouted.

Shi Hao calmly evolved the divine light within him, turning them all into divine furnaces. His entire body began to blaze like an eternal divine furnace.

With a hong sound, raging flames blazed about. The great flames burned, setting all of the incoming spiderwebs aflame. Dazzling and beautiful light flourished brilliantly.

Shi Hao strode forward with large steps. There were people who tried to stand in his way, but they were all blasted away flying with a fist. He began to fight fiercely against the spider, continuously colliding against it. Fiery light and symbols erupted together.


The enormous black spider fell back in reverse and continuously coughed out blood. He couldn’t stop Shi Hao’s footsteps.

“Young man, stop now before you go too far. This is a restricted land, and it is under the control of my Demonic Spirit Lake. It’s not a place where you can act recklessly!” Another enormous spider appeared.

It was a dark green creature. Its entire body was shining, and its aura was rather intimidating. It was like a small mountain; this was a pure-blooded creature.

The most important thing was that there was a precious artifact suspended from above its head. It was shockingly bright, and within it circulated the profound mysteries of the heavens. The sun, moon, and stars could vaguely be seen.

This spider was extremely terrifying and was definitely an ancestral elder of the Demonic Spirit Lake. That magical artifact, in particular, gave others an ominous feeling. It even startled Shi Hao.

The magical artifact was rather indistinct as it was wrapped within a sphere of light. Only when Shi Hao carefully observed it did he realize that it was a spell banner.

Soon after, he sensed that the ancient aura in front of him became completely different. Under the control of that spell banner, a hazy mist began to diffuse outwards, as if primal chaos was being released.

“A great formation left behind by a deity!” Shi Hao was astonished and did not immediately face it head on.


Finally, a great collision unfolded. Shi Hao did not hold back anything, because the opponent was using a deity’s formation. He used the divine armguard, and the two astonishingly powerful powers clashed.

No one could have thought that a world-shocking battle would take place here before the two supreme youths even fought.


Great waves shot into the heavens. Water continuously swirled into the air as symbols interweaved through this place. The large resplendent green spider activated the spell banner, using the supreme formation to suppress his opponent.

Unfortunately, it was fighting Shi Hao. He opened his ten heavenly passages and evolved the endless divine light to break through the limit of this realm. In this place, he truly could stand at the very peak.

The battle was incredibly ferocious. The grand and imposing structures began to split apart. Symbols were extinguished as this place continuously grew dim.

The buildings were similar to ancient temples. They appeared incredibly magnificent as they rested beside the lake, yet at this moment, they lost all of their luster and were no longer so dignified.

There wasn’t a single individual who wasn’t terrified. This was just too crazy!


A grand and imposing heavenly temple was blasted apart into pieces; the first great formation was shattered. Shi Hao’s divine armguard lit up, stirring up malevolent winds in the skies and displaying an incredibly valiant might.

The green spider was sent flying, and the circle of light above its head tumbled down into the depths of the ancient land, disappearing just like that.

Its face became discolored. This was an ancestral artifact, and it was unsatisfied with the spider, feeling that it was unsightly and disgraced the Demonic Spirit Lake bloodline’s dignity. As a result, it abandoned it.

Shi Hao dashed out with only a few steps. The enormous green spider tried to flee, but in the end, it still couldn’t outrun him. The two collided, and blood splashed high into the air.

With a pu sound, the great spider was killed. His body was torn into two pieces, creating a result that froze everyone in place.

A pure-blooded creature was killed!

This was definitely a great matter that produced far-reaching effects! The battle between supreme youths had not unfolded, yet such a supreme existence had already fallen.

Shi Hao raised his hand, and a needle flew out towards the corpse. He did not want the corpse to turn into a rain of light and disappear. When his finger was raised, a Soul Shattering Needle flew out, stabbing into the drizzle of light with a pu sound.

In the real world, a miserable shriek sounded from the Demonic Spirit Lake. A portion of an enormous spider’s head was blasted apart. Blood continuously trickled out from it as it rolled on the ground and was on the eve of losing its life.

Without a single sound, a golden spider appeared and brought out a magical artifact. It quickly displayed its power and focused on its head. Through an incredible divine ability, it extracted a streak of scarlet light.

Within the Void God Realm, Shi Hao was startled. He saw that right when the rain of light was about to be extinguished, it flickered several times before finally dispersing. It didn’t seem like it passed away.

This made his mind tremble greatly!

The great formation rumbled, and the magnificent buildings shone brightly. The Demonic Spirit Lake became more and more frightening as fluctuations poured out.

“Yi, there is still a second round!” Shi Hao gasped in surprise. This place was worthy of being the restricted land where a deity emerged from. There wasn’t only a single formation protecting this place.

Regardless of who it was, it would be extremely difficult to take over this place.

“Enough!” Right at that time, a short shout sounded.

A heroic and beautiful youth emerged from the distance, soaring through the air to arrive here. His figure was incredibly awe-inspiring and powerful, and whenever it passed by, the crowd would all move out of the way. It made everyone’s hearts tremble.

Shi Yi had arrived. He was like a supreme deity as he descended from the sky. His entire body was shining, giving off a powerful and overbearing appearance.

Everyone’s minds violently shook. The true lord had actually arrived! A battle between giants was unavoidable, and it would stir up gargantuan waves!

Shi Yi, a young man who appeared to be sixteen to seventeen in age. His hair was dark and rich, with every resplendent strand releasing a bright radiance. His skin possessed a jade-like luster, and his eyes were deep and intelligent. As he stood there, he gave off an extremely distinct sense of style.

“My good younger brother, your actions truly aren’t soft,” he calmly said.

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