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Chapter 340 – Continuous Records

“When is the battle?” Shi Hao asked. With this sentence uttered, everyone’s attention was focused in. Everyone held their breath.

“Both now and the future is all fine. I am in the Engravement Realm, so whenever it is convenient for you,” Shi Yi replied. This was a type of self-confidence, and even more overbearingness.

Everyone’s minds were greatly shaken. Once these two fight, one will obviously fall and most likely not appear within this world again.

“Then just come to the Spiritual Transformation Realm to fight. I am also here, waiting for you to come fight,” Shi Hao spoke.

“Spiritual Transformation is too low of a level. A realm like that can only be considered a memory of youth. If you haven’t reached Engravement Realm yet, then I’ll give you some time and wait!” Shi Yi said.

This was a manifestation of his confidence and power, as well as a type of disdain. He wasn’t willing to turn around and wanted to face his enemy in a higher realm.

“You even dare to show off the Engravement Realm. It won’t take long for me to reach the consummate level, so what’s so great about it?” Shi Hao spoke.

With these words spoken, many people were rendered speechless. One should know that many people found it difficult to even enter the Engravement Realm, and it was a level where many old characters were still trapped in. Many of them wouldn’t even break through it in their lifetime.

When he spoke out those words like that, it truly dealt a heavy blow to many people’s confidence.

Everyone knew that what he said wasn’t exaggerated and that he truly had that kind of talent. They believed that the time when another young heavenly lord would emerge was not too far off.

That wasn’t just a title, but that he truly had this kind of strength!

“My little brother, your words are a bit too great. As someone who lives in this world, you should remember the word modesty.” Shi Yi spoke.

“Why would I need your advice? Listen to your own words,” Shi Hao replied.

It was clear that even more sparks began to flare between the two. It made everyone even more hopeful for a great battle.

Shi Hao spoke again. “You aren’t confident enough in the Spiritual Transformation Realm. If you are so keen on modesty, then return. I will show you who is stronger.”

Everyone was speechless. This brat really was forceful! Even though he lost his supreme being bone, he was still incomparably powerful.

Everyone knew that there was a clump of anger sitting within his heart. He wasn’t willing to yield to the dual-pupiled individual, and he was going to use his ordinary body to fight against his opponent’s divine gifts.

“You are still a child. I’ll wait for you,” Shi Yi said, his calm voice carrying a hint of his might. He treated the other party like a child not deserving of equal treatment.

“I only have one sentence for you. In any realm that I am able to perfect myself in, I am unrivalled,” Shi Hao said.

This sentence was not spoken in a loud voice, and could even be said to be rather soft. However, it made everyone reveal looks of shock. Everyone felt their hearts and minds shake when they thought about the past.

This little fellow’s words really were bold. He was extremely confident and seemed even more overbearing than Shi Yi. He could actually say words like these!

His intentions were clear. He stated that he was unrivalled in any realm he could achieve, implying that if Shi Yi was in the same realm as him, then he naturally wouldn’t be his opponent. This was a completely undisguised challenge.

“Is that self-proclaimed? Yi’er won’t lower himself to your level. He is waiting for you to reach the Engravement Realm and even giving you some time to cultivate, yet you don’t even know how to show gratitude.”

In the distance, a middle-aged man darkened his face and said to himself. He had thought that his voice was extremely soft and that only people within his clan could hear him. He never expected that Shi Hao would still be able to pick up his words.

“Bring him back here to fight it out then. Let’s see what happens,” Shi Hao spoke coldly.

That was someone from the Rain Clan, and upon hearing what was said, his face fell ashen. He didn’t say any more in fear that he would bring another disaster to his clansmen. If this rotten brat uproots their foundation in the Spiritual Transformation Realm as well, then he truly wouldn’t be able to cry even if he wanted to.

“My good little brother, you are too self-confident. Not even a true deity will dare to say that they are unrivalled under the heavens.” Shi Yi replied in a cold manner.

“I dare to say it!” Shi Hao’s words were extremely clear-cut.

Everyone heard those words. This little fellow from the Stone Clan was truly brave, daring to say anything. Was this a reflection of his nature or did he truly believe these words?

“The belief of being unrivalled has accompanied me from birth until this day. Now I truly want to have a battle against you.” Shi Yi said to himself.

“Then what are you waiting for? Come here and fight,” Shi Hao said.

“Fight? You are only an insignificant Spiritual Transformation Realm cultivators, yet you dare to order me over? That will be too much of a joke.” A hint of ridicule appeared at the corner of Shi Yi’s lips.

Shi Hao didn’t say anything and instead walked into the Rain Clan Manor. It was a grand and impressive sacred land surging with auspicious energy and multicolored light. This place was extremely suitable for cultivation.

There were spiritual medicine fields and all types of auspicious beasts here. They were all formed from the Void God Realm’s essence energy and weren’t any different from their real life counterparts.

Shi Hao seemed like he was on a level of his own as he swept through this place unrestrained. He did not possess an ounce of fear or worry and didn’t treat this like some big matter at all. The Rain Clansmen were shocked and furious, but they could only continue to retreat, not daring to block him.

The lesson they had been taught last time had too great of an impact on them. Their losses during that time had been too severe. They simply had no way of resisting this youngster.

“Go fetch the divine decree or invite Shi Yi over.” Shi Hao spoke.

It was clear that he didn’t come here with good intentions. His goal this time was precisely to stir up trouble. His grudge against the Rain Clan was deep, and so he didn’t feel the slightest bit apologetic as he broke into this place.

Everyone within the Rain Clan felt their faces fall ashen. When the divine decree was brought up, they felt pain from the bottom of their heart. Such a sacred object had been chewed on by this devilish brat twice already!

“Don’t cross the line!” A youngster roared in fury.

“Cross the line? When you committed those sins back then, why didn’t you ask yourselves this question?” Shi Hao said coldly. At the same time, his palm slammed out, blasting a monument describing the Rain Clan’s achievements to pieces.

The names of Rain Clan’s ancestors that were on its surface, and their glorious achievements had been recorded. It was a symbol of their glory and honor, yet in the end, it was destroyed by Shi Hao with a single palm.

This made everyone erupt with fury. Their eyes felt like they were splitting apart, but not a single person dared to go up. The events from the last time truly scared them too greatly. In reality, as soon as Shi Hao stepped into this location, many important characters had already left. They would rather give this place up.

“Fight or not?”

Shi Hao declared these words. Pieces of the stone tablet of achievements swirled through the air as all of the recorded glory disappeared into thin air. The only words left behind was this declaration of war to send Shi Yi over.

At this moment, the Void God Realm became somewhat peaceful again. Everyone knew that the great battle was not too far off. Shi Yi had to accept the challenge eventually.


Soon after, a reply from Shi Yi emerged. He showed his domineering might without saying a single word and instead by directly breaking a record.

A sparkling stone tablet appeared, and the description of the record appeared. Moreover, he even left a message on top: Am I to return so that I could play with a child? On what basis should I fight against you?

This was a type of contempt, as well as a type of arrogance and conceit. He felt that if he returned because of this, it might damage his prestige and dignity. He felt that Shi Hao still lacked the qualifications to make him do so.


A tremendous world-shaking sound rang out. Shi Hao’s right foot forcefully trampled onto the ground, blasting apart the palace into specks of light. The people here all suffered great casualties as this grand ancient ground was destroyed.

This scene was absolutely horrifying. Symbols flooded this place densely as lightning interweaved and flames roasted this place. There were many great formations protecting this ancient ground, but they were all ruined at this moment.

Cracks continuously appeared, and they were extremely wide. In the end, they almost made this place seem like a canyon.

The Rain Clan’s precious base was ruined. Everything was caused by the might of a single stamp of his foot.

A sparkling stone tablet appeared. Shi Hao’s right foot made all directions tremble, breaking a past record.

“Qualified yet?”

In addition to filling out a few necessary information on the sparkling stone tablet, he also added this sentence in reply to his opponent’s ridicule.

This was a record stele, and as soon a record was established, the same stone tablet would appear everywhere to inform everyone in this world. Moreover, it all happened simultaneously.

Everyone was shaken. These two brats… are just too crazy, right? They actually used this kind of method to communicate with each other. This was too ridiculously powerful!

Sparkling specks drifted as another stone tablet appeared. Shi Yi was breaking records within the Engravement Realm, and there were only a few words on top. “Are you trying to force me?!”

Symbols covered Shi Hao’s entire body. Violent fluctuations engulfed this place, and his entire body became like a great furnace. His fist slammed out, erupting with a heaven overflowing aura. His body resonated with his spirit, releasing his body’s power. This entire place began to tremble.

A stone tablet emerged, and only a single word was written on top. “Correct!”

Everyone was stupefied. This truly was too extravagant, breaking records to talk to each other, this… This was just like something from a heavenly book, making everyone here tremble. They were all completely shaken.

They had never seen people like this before, nor have they have seen this kind of confrontation. It made normal people feel incomparably ashamed. How shocking was this type of opposition?

At this moment, forget about the Void God Realm, every part of the real world was even greatly shaken. When people received news of this, they called all of their friends and quickly entered the Void God Realm to witness this historical confrontation.

With a weng sound, Shi Hao left these ruins. This time, he stepped on top of a formation to enter a particular region that was quite far away.

It could be said that this was a restricted land. Normally, no humans would go there to cause trouble and would stay far away.

It was because this was the Archaic Divine Mountains’ region. The pure land of humans would be built far away, and only by using the formation platform to open up a golden passageway would one be able to quickly arrive here.

“This…” Everyone felt a wave of hesitation, but in the end, they gathered their courage and followed. They wanted to see this to the end.

This was an extremely peaceful area, and no one would dare to stir up trouble here normally. However, today, there were many creatures that quickly followed Shi Hao to this region.

An extremely large lake stretched out in front. Green ripples could be seen on its surface. Spiritual essence wafted about and multicolored lights flickered in this extremely beautiful place.

Ancient structures lined the great lake’s shore. They seemed like temples from the ancient era, grand and imposing. Even the aura of deities was emitted from this place.

On top of an enormous gate, there was a horizontal inscribed board. There were three words on top: Demonic Spirit Lake!

Shi Hao actually came to a place like this! It made everyone’s minds jump about anxiously. None of them dared to draw near, and they all watched from afar.


In the next moment, Shi Hao took action. He shattered that enormous door with a single palm and took down that sign.


The inscribed board shone, sending auspicious light in all directions and a demonic mist to rise. This was actually a strange treasure that was extremely powerful. It wanted to shatter Shi Hao’s palm and fingers.

“Break apart!”

Shi Hao roared and released his ten heavenly passages to lock this place down. The Kun Peng’s power was displayed as he crushed this bronze board into pieces with his bare hands. Every inch of it was obliterated.

During this process, a divine flame that was burning and pulsing about violently disappeared into the void.

“A trace of a deity’s power!” Everyone trembled. That board was definitely not an ordinary object, but it was destroyed just like that.

Everyone was horrified. This fellow was just too domineering! He rushed here to provoke the Demonic Spirit Lake’s people, destroying their entrance. This truly was too daring.

In that instant, a sparking stone tablet appeared. By destroying the Demonic Spirit Lake’s inscribed board, a bronze board transformed by a deity, he established a record.

Everyone felt their scalps going numb. Was this fellow trying to defy the heavens?

Shi Hao’s expression was calm. He left behind three words on the stone tablet: Fight or not?


Someone established a record within the Engravement Realm, making a stone tablet appear. There was a single world on top: Fight!

After a moment of silence, everyone went into uproar. Shi Yi had accepted the challenge! It was clear that he was going to descend into the Spiritual Transformation region to fight against Shi Hao!

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