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Chapter 339 – Distant Confrontation

“Can I enter the Void God Realm from here?” Shi Hao asked.

“Of course you can. Even our nation’s Guardian Spirit came from this place! While being bathed in such divine splendor, how can it not be possible to enter the Void God Realm?” After arriving at this point, Huo Ling’er displayed a weird expression and said, “Where did you enter the Void God Realm from before? Why do I feel like you entered in an unconventional way?”

Shi Hao laughed dryly, because it certainly was unconventional. He entered from a different place than most people, a place where there were only ruins.

After two years, Shi Hao entered the Void God Realm again. His perception had vastly changed. When he reminisced about the past, recalling how even the Void God Realm could not put up with him any longer and cast him out, he could not help but let out a smile.

People walked to and fro in the Starting Ground, and it was as busy as ever. There were unfamiliar faces everywhere that he didn’t recognize.

Shi Hao strolled along and was not in a hurry to get anywhere. He searched all over the place, and eventually, his eyes finally shined. He saw two familiar people who were still here.

Bird and Coin Grandpa both definitely had strange origins. Otherwise, how could they guard the Starting Ground year in, year out? Shi Hao was surprised.

“Have you two elders been well all this time? After not seeing each other for so long, how many more people have you extorted? Do I get a share?” Shi Hao asked with smiles.

With a ceng sound, Coin Grandpa jumped up. He carefully examined him and said, “It’s you!”

He quickly looked to his left and right, then he sneakily said, “Don’t expose yourself too quickly. We’re going to sell some information in a bit, and we’ll give you half!”

“There’s no need. Unless it’s a precious technique or the remains of a pure-blooded beast, it doesn’t really interest me.” Shi Hao replied.

“Your tone is becoming more and more crude. Don’t forget who it was that worked with us two years ago.” Coin Grandpa seemed discontent.

Bird Grandpa also scooched over and said, “Young man, you’re truly impressive. How big of a trouble are you going to cause this time?”

Shi Hao casted a glance at them and said, “Do I look like the type of person who would cause trouble?”

“You do!” The two shouted in unison.

Shi Hao rolled his eyes and said, “I am a very considerate person. I would never cause trouble.”

“Ah pei!” The two simultaneously shot him a look of scorn.

Huo Ling’er, who stood in the distance, was giggling incessantly as she watched.

“That’s enough. Don’t ridicule the child too much. Seeing him today is enough of a sign to know that something big is going to happen. The appearance of a person like him, who is basically the devil’s incarnate, is bound to stir up a huge commotion in this world. You don’t have to be modest, leave everything to us,” Coin grandpa said.

These two old fellows! Shi Hao cursed inwardly, because they truly matched well. He would allow them to do what they wished, since the ones paying would be his enemies anyway.

After a short while, news got out that the savage child had returned to perhaps do battle with Shi Yi.

Immediately afterwards, some more news were released, claiming that Shi Hao was in isolation and would not appear for another half a year.

These two completely different pieces of information stirred up a huge controversy. Everyone erupted into heated debates, and the Void God Realm immediately bustled with excitement as they looked forward to Shi Hao’s appearance.

“Okay, warm-up’s ready. The next step is to rake in some fat sheep,” The two old good-for-nothings said.

These two were repeat offenders. With their manipulation, they easily hung the bait by people’s mouths. Especially since these two had secret relations with Shi Hao in the past, they were able to draw everyone’s attention.

“My goodness, this is big! Even pure-blooded creatures are looking for us. This definitely isn’t some small business!”

Shi Hao did not participate. He only knew that those two rotten old men were cheating people again, and that they would gain a lot of profit as even various great powers and pure blooded creatures appeared.

“Wei, we’re dealing business fairly. Pay up the primordial symbol bones and we’ll give the information. Otherwise, get out of the way!”

Finally, there were even golden beasts that appeared. These were servants from divine mountains, and they were astonishingly powerful.  Golden fur covered their bodies, and a terrifying aura circulated around them.

The group of golden beasts surrounded the two old men, yet the two just blinked, staying calm and unperturbed. They were ready to extort the creatures from the Archaic Divine Mountains until they bled.

In the end, Shi Hao appeared.

The Starting Grounds roiled with noise when Shi Hao emerged within the Void God Realm, and a huge commotion was stirred up. Everyone knew that a battle between the two young supreme beings was coming due.

All kinds of experts and golden beasts of Archaic Divine Mountain made their majestic  entrance, yet they retreated in shock due to Shi Hao. They dropped a pile of primordial precious bones as they retreated in fear.

The news of Shi Hao’s reappearance had spread everywhere. All eyes were focused on him.

In reality, since Shi Hao was still in a low level region, no one actually dared to cause him trouble, including creatures from the Archaic Divine Mountains. He could force his way through anyone.

Soon, he left this place and entered the Heavenly Paradise. Everyone here was an expert in the Heavenly Passage Realm. Seeing the remains of his old battlefields made him feel rather moved.

Shi Hao did not stop and quickly made his way into the Spirit Transformation domain. This was a place that he could not step into before, but he had descended here today, drawing gazes from every direction.

It was worth mentioning that Coin Grandpa and Bird Grandpa had followed him and were stirring trouble from behind. These two had immeasurable strength and were incredibly strong.

“Don’t you two only stay in the Starting Grounds?” Shi Hao asked.

The two erupted into laughter. Business was knocking on their doors, and this so-called business was naturally going to follow Shi Hao. They wanted to set up a casino and attract experts from all over the place to gamble.

A battle might break out between two supreme youths, so they wouldn’t want to miss that.

Stone Nation Imperial Capital, Martial Imperial Manor.

Shi Yi opened his eyes. He had received a report. With a calm expression, he said, “I’ll go take a look.”

The divine light usually around him was currently being restrained, and the rhythm of heavenly dao could be heard. Currently, there seemed to be a restorative aura around him as he chanted sutras every day, allowing his body and spirit to undergo a baptism.

“Shi Yi came!”

“Heavens, the dual-pupiled individual appeared!”

The Void God Realm was clamoring and shaking in every direction. The other leading character of the two young supreme beings showed up.

Every area was trembling, and even the people’s breathing became exasperated. These were two sharp blades that opposed each other. It could also be said that they were two comets colliding into this great earth!

During these past few days, Shi Yi showed up many times, but he wasn’t always here. The reason he came today was obviously for that younger clan mate.

Raging waves roiled over tens of thousands of mountains. Not only was the Void God Realm in disorder, this was true for the outside world as well. This topic was being discussed everywhere.

“Have you heard? The two young supreme beings both entered the Void God Realm. We should hurry over and watch! Who knows, a battle might even break out.”

“We can’t miss an event like this. A world changing battle might be starting!”

In the past few years, there were some events that stirred up the Void God Realm, but none were as exciting as this. People burst onto the scene and there were truly too many figures trying to crowd in.

This day, it was impossible to count just how many practitioners watched. The Void God Realm was packed.

Shi Yi arrived. First, he entered The Starting Ground, then entered the Heavenly Passage’s Paradise. Following that, he entered the Spiritual Transformation before finally stepping into the Engraving Realm’s domain.

The two were acting in a rather strange manner. They were in different regions and did not take their first chance to meet.

This made everyone nervous yet expectant. They were now more anxious than the participants themselves.

What was the meaning of this? Why didn’t they meet immediately? In reality, Shi Hao was aware when Shi Yi passed through the Spiritual Transformation domain. However, the two did not walk towards each other.

Was a battle going to happen? Everyone was doubtful since these two didn’t seem to be in a hurry at all.

Many people were trying to guess the reason why they didn’t fight. If they fought, they would most likely break the records concerning battles. The two were preparing for an astonishingly great battle.

At this moment, the Void God Realm had separated into two large groups. One group was in the Spiritual Transformation region, and the other went to where Shi Yi was as they all waited for the battle.

“Younger brother, we’ve been apart for many years. Have you been well?” Finally, Shi Yi spoke into the air in a calm manner.

Some people brought back these words, causing many to reveal a strange expression.

“There’s no need for your worry, I have been quite well.” This was Shi Hao’s answer.

It could be said that this scene was quite strange. They had not met, and were talking into thin air. Everybody thought that this was rather weird.

“After many years of not seeing each other, I’ve missed you. When will you come to see me?” Shi Yi asked.

“If you want to meet, then you should just come over,” Shi Hao answered.

Everyone’s teeth and stomach ached. What was happening? Will these two young supreme youths just talk while being separated by an entire region? When will there be a fight?

At this time, many have guessed that both these two were mutually afraid and did not want to act rashly. If they actually fought, the results would definitely be thunderous!

“Is Uncle Ziling well?” Shi Yi asked.

When Shi Hao heard, his gaze suddenly became incomparably terrifying. Back then, his father was trapped by a piece of the Rain Clan’s Divine Decree, and suffered injuries. For the sake of finding divine medicine for him, he journeyed far and his whereabouts were still unknown to this date.

Everything was caused by that mother and son duo. Was Shi Yi’s current question a provocation or a proper etiquette?

“Is uncle in good health?” Shi Hao asked indifferently.

He once defeated Shi Ziteng during the imperial capital battle and inflicted serious injuries. Now that this matter was brought up again, it was similarly both etiquette and provocation at the same time.

“When will we fight?” Shi Hao asked, straight to the point.

This time, Shi Yi did not appear. He took out a piece of primordial symbol bone. On it were a few engraved words which people delivered.

“We can fight at any time.” The words were simple, but it emitted an extremely powerful pressure as Shi Hao read it. It burst out with unparalleled rays of light before exploding.

The outstanding people in the surroundings trembled. This contained a person’s own imprint of power, yet it was just like an overwhelming vast sea.

Other than Shi Hao, not many others could resist!

This was clearly going to be a dark battle. Shi Yi was measuring his own brother’s power. If he could not even resist a simple letter, then there was not much more to talk about.

Shi Hao strolled forward. Within the spiritual Transformation realm, no one dared to block him. He arrived at the Rain Clan’s mansion, a vast pure land.

At this moment, everyone from the Rain Clan was trembling. Could this place end up becoming a barren land as well? The Rain Clan’s roots in the Heavenly Passage paradise were destroyed by this very same person.

With a qiang sound, Shi Hao removed the bronze inscription board from the Rain Clan’s gates. Everyone from the clan’s expression changed, but they did not dare express their anger.

“How is my bone, useful?” Shi Hao engraved these words before throwing it inside Rain Mansion.

This tablet was quickly delivered to Shi Yi and exploded with divine light. These words clanged like heavenly swords. They illuminated this entire area, and many people were able to see them.

“It’s excellent and is quite compatible with me. It isn’t much weaker than my  dual pupils.” Shi Yi answered. He engraved the row of words, and they contained a bit of his arrogance and also a bit of indifference.

His message was clear. First, he was not guilty or ashamed, and second, the supreme being bone was weaker than the dual-pupils!

“Are dual-pupils that powerful? I never would have thought that they were. Otherwise, why would you have so little self-confidence that you would need to implant someone else’s bone? “ Shi Hao replied.

The two young supreme beings were opposing each other with equal harshness. Although they were still considered calm, they could instantly set off a huge storm.

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