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Chapter 328 – Fire Nation Ancestral Ground

The Heaven Mending Pavilion was now in complete ruins. Only broken walls and rubble were left of the once glorious great sect.

The Golden Spider did not relax for even a moment, because it knew that the wasteland region was going to become chaotic and that the ‘taboo’ was going to appear. Everyone was either preparing to go into hiding or to meet it head on. It had high hopes for Shi Yi.

Its entire body was brilliant, as if it was cast from gold. Even though it had shrunken its body, it was still several zhang in length. Its original form was as large as a mountain.

“Could it be that the dual-pupiled individual really is about to come out? It seems like there is some activity there, with even a supreme expert guarding that area.”

News were finally spread out, making these days that could not be considered calm once again become chaotic. Everyone’s minds were uncalm and somewhat restless.

“If Shi Yi returns, will that savage child reappear and fight him? After all, there is still three or four years separating the two!”

Everyone felt that Shi Yi was a heaven warping talent whose cultivation speed was shockingly fast. Meanwhile, even though the savage child wasn’t ordinary, there was still the inherent weakness of him being younger.

“Let’s just wait and see, after all it will definitely be a battle between giants. I feel like the clash between these two will even affect countless great sects outside the region. There will probably be many large factions facing each other.”

Everyone already had a feeling that a violent storm was brewing. If they fought, then it would definitely shake all directions and draw all eyes onto the wasteland region.

When was the battle between supreme youth going to unfold? Everyone was waiting in expectation.

“Either one could have their names left in history. Their natural talents are shocking and can even look down on the ancients. What a pity it is that one of them will fall.”

Without a doubt, a dual-pupiled individual with a supreme being bone had never been seen before during the ancient times. It was a type of miracle, and his future accomplishments were impossible to predict.

Meanwhile, Shi Hao lost his supreme being bone yet still rose to greatness. This was just like something out of a legend. This kind of young man will definitely shock the world.

The world was in turbulent times, and Stone Country in particular was even more so the focal point of everyone’s attention. If there was ever a battle, then it would most likely be held here.

Shi Hao travelled into the depths of the desert and felt that the base of his foot was getting hotter and hotter. From time to time, he would see steaming hot air rise from beneath the ground.

“What a hot place. This isn’t a volcanic region, right?”

This area was extremely desolate. After advancing for several dozen li, Shi Hao didn’t see even a single blade of grass. There weren’t any other creatures, and all he saw was rubble permeating  this dry land.

Waves of white smoke rose from the ground, bringing with it a nasty sulfuric smell. Shi Hao felt as if he was walking towards hell, as it was only getting hotter and hotter.

He walked for more than a hundred li and finally saw a misty expanse. In reality, it a white mist, and the sulfuric smell was even greater now. The entire great earth seemed like it was being burnt.

Suddenly, an enormous vicious bird flew across the sky. Its wings were over ten zhang in length and brought about a fierce gust of wind. It flew past Shi Hao’s head, making his clothes flutter chaotically.

After travelling for so far, this was the first time he encountered another creature.

There were a few figures on the back of the enormous bird. They were shocked to find him travelling on foot, and all of them revealed strange looks.

“There is actually someone who dares to travel through this great desert without finding some roundabout route or another way to cross it. Is he trying to use his body as bait and find some great opportunity?”

“This fool is just too reckless. Perfect, we’ll let him probe things out. If there really is some kind of discovery, then we’ll take it from him,” someone muttered.

The enormous bird entered the clouds and circled about to monitor Shi Hao’s movements.

Shi Hao raised his head and saw the vicious bird. He closed his eyes and continued out without showing any type of reaction.

“Ao hou…” In the distance, a loud roar sounded. An enormous scarlet wolf appeared while surrounded by fiery light. It was over ten zhang in height and twenty to thirty zhang in length. It was ferocious and sinister-looking.

Its snow white teeth were like sharp blades. The fur on its body was crimson like blood, and as light curled up about it, it seemed just like and incredibly powerful vicious beast.

Shi Hao was astonished. He knew that he was finally close to his destination since he was already seeing other creatures. There would be more and more creatures, and the danger he was anticipating was going to show itself.

After arriving here, there would be bursts of white smoke that would erupt from the ground. The temperature was enough to roast people alive, and there were even certain areas that produced bright red magma bubbles.

What kind of place did he end up going to? Shi Hao still did not know, and he felt like he had to fully understand it. He wanted to call out to some people, but they were all on their guard.

Finally, after traveling for several li, the road reeked of blood, implying that this was a dangerous area. Even though most of the sulfuric smell had been covered up, he could still smell some of it.

“That’s a Gold Eyed Dragon Horned Lion.”

The mountain body had the shape of a lion, but a pair of golden eyes and a dragon horn. Its body was covered in green scales, making it seem like an extremely powerful descendant. In the end, it still died miserably here.

Outside of this, there were still some fragments of precious artifacts and human limbs. It was an absolute bloodbath.

There was only a single magma pool. It was bright red and wasn’t that large, only about four or five zhang in length. All of the corpses fell here, with a large part of them eaten by something.

The terrain was quite unique, as this was a great desert that stretched out as far as the eye could see. There weren’t any volcanic craters, yet there was a pool of magma and geothermal gas that rose in spirals. It made the space around this place blurry.

“You, go up and take a look.” Someone behind that scarlet wolf pointed at Shi Hao and told him to go forward.

Shi Hao shot them a glance but did not pay too much attention to them. He watched from his location and he could feel that that was a group of noble king level disciples. Through the imprints on their sleeves, he knew that these were aristocrats from Fire Nation.

“Did you hear us or not?! The one we are talking about is you. Go to the magma pool and take a look.”

They all felt that Shi Hao was just a young individual who was by himself. The strength of a single person couldn’t be that great, and it was likely that his team was wiped out with only him remaining. As a result, he was extremely vulnerable.

“Are you deaf? We are talking to you. If you don’t want to die, then hurry up and take a look.” The individuals on top of the enormous wolf shouted.

“It’s quite strange. There is some kind of creature inside the magma, and its quite different from the outside,” Shi Hao muttered.


The people from behind sneered and hacked out a streak of sword qi towards Shi Hao to force him forward. They treated him like fodder to draw out the creatures within the magma.

“You don’t want to drink to a toast but instead from losing a bet. Go, lure out that creature.” They wanted to force Shi Hao closer to the magma pool.

“You idiots that don’t know the difference between life and death, even if the great characters from your family came, they still wouldn’t dare to treat me like this.” Shi Hao turned around and looked at them with cold eyes. It was just a single look, yet the people within that party all trembled coldly.

At the same time, two purple streaks of lightning shot out from his eyes to shatter the sword energy. He fixed his gaze at them and then raised a large hand. A frantic wave was stirred up as he grabbed towards them.

It was a gale created from lightning, forming a large purple-golden hand. The enormous scarlet wolf was immediately grabbed with incomparable power. They couldn’t defend against it at all.

This group of youngsters was extremely powerful, and their natural talents was unordinary. If they were weak, they wouldn’t even be able to enter. However, it was their misfortune to encounter Shi Hao. They weren’t his opponent at all and were still far inferior.

Even creatures from the Archaic Divine Mountains weren’t his opponent, so how could these people do anything? Even though they were much older than Shi Hao, it was still useless.

“You… What kind of person are you?!” They were all shocked. This youngster only seemed thirteen or fourteen, so how could he be so powerful? He seemed to be on the verge of entering the Engravement Realm; it was simply inconceivable.

In the next moment, they couldn’t even utter any sounds anymore. This was a gale condensed from lightning with electricity scattering everywhere. Pi pa sounds rang out as it surrounded the enormous wolf. All of them were tossed around by the lightning.

This startled the people on that enormous bird in the sky greatly. They hid themselves inside the skies.

Shi Hao didn’t have anything to do with these people, yet they wanted to throw him into the magma, leaving him to die. Nothing Shi Hao did could be blamed on him anymore after this one act.

Of course, Shi Hao was not completely merciless. He merely kicked one of them forward a bit, sending him not too far from the magma pool.

“No! Pull me back!” There were arcs of electricity flying all around his body. His entire body was scorched black, and it was difficult for him to budge an inch.

“Speak, what kind of place is this. What kind of wonders are hidden here? What are you looking for?” Shi Hao simply and directly asked for the situation.

These individual’s mouths were wide open. “What kind of person is this, not even knowing what kind of place this is? Are you not a child from Fire Clan? How did you get mixed in here?” These people were all shocked.

“Who… are you?” One of them asked in a loud voice.

“I am the one asking the questions.” Shi Hao spoke calmly.

“Ah…” Suddenly, the one that was tossed closer to the magma shouted. The ground beneath his body was sinking, and he directly fell towards the magma. His expression was filled with fear.

Shi Hao frowned. He reached out a hand that turned into a golden wave to drag him back. He did not want him to die immediately.

However, it was still too late. A creature soared out from the magma and spread its wings. That individual was hacked in half and dragged in.

“Yi, seems so much like a chicken. So strange.” Shi Hao revealed a look of shock. How did this creature become so powerful? It didn’t make sense.

“Are you guys going to speak or not?” He turned around and asked the remaining people.

“Aohou…” Right at that time, the enormous wolf cried out loudly. All of the hair on its body rose up as it did everything it could to resist, but it was going to fall down too.

At the same time, a fiery red vicious bird swooped down. It was several zhang in length, and its entire body was scarlet like blood. It truly seemed like a chicken.


Shi Hao released a palm, and it collided together with this creature, sending it back into the lava. At the same time, it sent the enormous wolf into the distance, preserving its life.

“We’ll talk! Hurry and bring us away from this magma pool to someplace safer!” The remaining people cried out. Their faces were pale as they sweated buckets.

“Speak, then.” Shi Hao looked at them.

“This place is my clan’s ancestral ground, the place where the Fire Nation rose to power.” One of them spoke quickly so that he could bring them away from this flame pool as soon as possible.

“What?!” Shi Hao was greatly startled. He actually arrived in the Fire Clan’s ancestral ground! This was a forbidden land where outsiders could not enter.

Soon after, he learned a lot of other information. He now roughly understood the situation.

During the ancient era, the reason the Fire Nation was able to rise to power was because of this ancestral land. Rumor has it that there were many divine spiritual objects here that could allow one’s cultivation to rise quickly.

“Rumor has it that there are divine materials here that could make even ordinary creatures become powerful.”

When Shi Hao heard this, his eyes flickered with light. The more he heard, the more he felt like this was a good place to cultivate. He needed to refine himself and break through from Spiritual Transformation Realm into the Engravement Realm.

“Some creatures from other regions are also here.”

“Why?” Shi Hao asked.

“Great sects from outside this region wanted to cooperate with the Fire Emperor. They were going to lend my country assistance, but they brought up a few conditions. They wanted their descendants to enter our clan’s ancestral ground.”

These people’s knowledge on this topic was limited. Shi Hao speculated that there was some kind of great secret here and that there was probably something incredible here. Otherwise, how could the great sects outside this region be moved?

Soon after, Shi Hao discovered that every Fire Emperor quickly improved their strength and rose to greatness here. They then aimed for the throne and became the overlord.

This made him even more interested. He had a feeling that Shi Yi was about to emerge from the Ancient Sacred Courtyard, and his cultivation was definitely extremely high. If he wanted to catch up, then it would take some time.

After all, he was three or four years younger. This was a handicap, but he wanted to use his own strength to prevail over his opponent. He absolutely could not be weaker than the other side in terms of cultivation.

Otherwise, that battle might not have any suspense!

This would be the case unless he used the small pagoda, but he didn’t want to use it. He wanted to fight against Shi Yi with his true strength to see who was strong and who was weak.

“This is a good place. I will cultivate here and fight against talents from outside of this region to sharpen myself. I can also catch the divine creatures here to extract their best features, refining my own body and raising my cultivation speed.”

Shi Hao calmed down and felt that his accidental arrival into this place was also a great opportunity granted to him by Huo Ling’er. He became silent for a period of time. This was a chance that he couldn’t waste.

Shi Yi was definitely going to come out, and at that time, he would definitely shock the entire world.

Shi Hao had a feeling that this battle wouldn’t be too far off.

“What else do you all know? Is there any other strange things here?” He wanted to learn some more about this place.

“There are many eccentric things about this place. During the ancient era, even deities have come to this place before in search of something.” Their words made Shi Hao amazed.

Moreover, there was another piece of news that shocked him. The Fire Nation’s guardian spirit was born here during the ancient era, and it protected this ancient country.

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