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Chapter 327 – Ancient Palace

The Wasteland Heavenly Lord declared war against Shi Yi! This shook the entire capital!

The news was extremely shocking, but it could not be considered too sudden either. It was because everyone knew that these two supreme youths would inevitably fight. It was unavoidable.

There were grudges between the two that would not easily dissipate.

These things were too shocking. One of them was originally a natural born supreme being, but his bone was gouged out and his body left to wither to death. He was originally supposed to have disappeared like the wind, but a decade later, he reappeared and furthermore rose into greatness. It was just like a miracle.

Moreover, for Shi Yi, everyone was even more familiar with the circumstances. After understanding the secrets that had been kept for so many years, everyone’s thoughts were shaken. Not only was he dual-pupiled, he even had a supreme being bone. It was clear that he would reach an unfathomable level.

Would Shi Hao even be able to put up a fight? Everyone was doubtful.

After all, Shi Yi had entered the ancient sacred courtyard and no knew when he would be able to come out. Even though everyone had speculated that he had already left, they still had not seen any activity themselves.

Shi Yi, do you dare to fight?!

Unfortunately, no one was there to accept his challenge, because the dual-pupiled individual never appeared and no one knew where he was. The Martial Imperial Manor’s people’s expressions were ugly, and some of them clenched their fists.

“There will be a day when Yi’er returns and gives him a good beating!” There were some who were furious and full of reconciliation.

“I believe that Yi’er will be the one unrivalled under the heavens. His cultivation will definitely surpass the ancients and dazzle this era!”

The Martial Imperial Manor’s people muttered among themselves. Most of the people who remained were experts from Shi Yi’s bloodline. In life, there were times when it was difficult to turn back once a decision was made.

The days passed one after another just like that. Shi Hao waited half a month, but still did not receive any news. He sighed, because he could only leave now.

I am ready to fight at any time whenever you return! This was the sentence that Shi Hao left behind before going on his way.

While he had decided to leave, Stone Country was extremely unsettled. In particular, there was a lot of hidden activity around the capital, with extremely powerful cultivators entering and exiting.

There was even someone who invited an assassin to risk it all!

During that battle, Shi Hao killed two supreme experts. However, after everyone considered everything, it definitely wasn’t through his own strength, as he was relying on some trump cards. However, it definitely couldn’t have unrestricted uses, so there were many powerful forces that wanted to test him out.

A noble king this young made many people unsettled!

Together with the Rain Clan, Tuoba Family, Archaic Divine Mountains and others that bore hostility against him, a great disturbance was inevitable. A slaughter was going to occur.

Unfortunately, these people were disappointed. Shi Hao left soundlessly, and not even the Thunder Clan  saw him off, nor did Lord Huntian see him leave. He had quietly left a long time ago.

The streets around Stone Country were immediately packed with figures in search of him, but they still did not find him in the end.

Shi Hao left. His departure went unnoticed, with no one knowing where he went. As for what the Human Emperor bestowed upon him, and the cultivation resources he would obtain in the future, it didn’t stop him in the slightest. He still left on a long journey.

This kind of result made many people speechless. He completely distanced himself from the precarious situation and left all these people’s plans go up into thin air.

It was a vast palace, and there were rare stones set all about that flowed with the fluctuations of divine force. It was just like a stellar sky, drawing more interest the longer one gazed at it.

Suddenly, a bizarre fluctuation appeared, and an enormous ancient beast skin streaked across the air. It suddenly emerged and suspended itself within the great hall.

Shi Hao was sitting on top. His eyes were opened wide as he revealed an expression of amazement before this ancient palace.

He jumped off the beast skin in an agile manner and stood within the palace hall. He raised his head and looked around at what was like a sea of stars.

“This must be an important location of the Fire Nation,” Shi Hao said to himself.

This time, he received help from Huo’Ling’er. After receiving the coordinates, he directly traveled across the void to reach this place.

In fear of his daughter suffering from any unusual events, her father carved a few coordinates on the Void Beast skin. Without the need for one to do anything themselves other than activate it, it would directly proceed towards the pre-established destination.

During his departure, Huo Ling’er personally activated it and sent Shi Hao directly here.

As for Huo Ling’er, because she still had some things to take care of, so she temporarily didn’t leave Stone Country’s capital. In really, it was mostly because she didn’t want people to find out that Shi Hao entered Fire Nation.

At this moment, the ten heavenly passage Shi Hao possessed were definitely the focus of everyone’s attention. All the major powers were paying close attention to him, and neither Shi Hao or Huo Ling’er wanted others to know about this. Naturally, the old servants that assisted Huo Ling’er wouldn’t leak out information.

No one was able to discover any traces when he left.

This ancient palace within the Fire Nation was extremely peaceful. It was extremely spacious, and only the sounds of his own footsteps could be heard.

He finally walked out into the great wastelands, and a huge desert stretched out before him. Other than this vast ancient palace, there were no other constructs.

“You are from that imperial manor, right? Why did you come so late? The others have already entered.” Suddenly, an elder appeared. There wasn’t much expression on his face, but his tone clearly sounded discontent.

Shi Hao was shocked. Was there some kind of misunderstanding?

Not far away, a young man appeared. Fiery red armor covered his body, and fiery light surrounded him. He seemed exceptionally powerful.

“I am not a descendant of the Fire Nation,” Shi Hao explained.

When the elder heard this, he frowned and shot him a look. “You aren’t my clan’s child, but it seems like your aptitude isn’t bad. Otherwise, how could you receive this kind of opportunity?”

The young man had fair white skin. While standing within the fiery light, he asked, “Who sent you here?”

“Princess Huo Ling’er.” Shi Hao replied truthfully.

“Turns out it was that sister of mine!” When the young man spoke this sentence, Shi Hao felt a wave of fiery heat. The flames around the young man’s body became a bit more exuberant.

“Hurry up and go inside. Since the princess sent you, don’t make her disappointed. If you encounter someone from outside the region, it is better to avoid conflicts if possible to preserve your life.”

Shi Hao was stumped for words. He felt like the misunderstanding might have gotten worse.

“Imperial younger sister has always been doted on by my father the emperor, so who knows if the people she brings in are reliable. I just hope that you aren’t a total mess and do something stupid.” That young man sneered. Two streaks of fiery light shot out from his pupils as he watched Shi Hao intently. There was a hint of ridicule and cold intent.

Shi Hao was extremely calm. After experiencing so much, he naturally wouldn’t be flustered by these words. He could feel that this young man was extremely jealous of his sister and did not have any good intentions.

Multicolored lights flashed, and symbols lit up within the great palace.

“Ling’er sister’s person? So young, and not that special. Don’t get killed by some youngsters from outside this region as soon as you enter and disgrace my Fire Nation’s reputation.”

“You look quite delicate and pretty. I just fear that you won’t be able to handle all the tossing and turning inside, heh!”

It was evident that these were two princesses. The competition between them seemed quite fierce, so they weren’t that friendly.

“Alright, you can go inside,” the elder said.

Shi Hao frowned but didn’t reply in the end. Regardless of whether Huo Ling’er had any ulterior motives, she did help him before, so he was going inside to take a look and lend her a hand.

“Brother Sixteen, don’t you want to go inside and show off your talents?” A young lady asked.

“Of course I’m going. I’m just waiting for my person to arrive,” the young man replied.

“Hehe, our people haven’t arrived either and aren’t in a rush to enter.” The two girls laughed while talking.

Shi Hao didn’t say anything and had long turned around to head into the depths of the desert. His figure turned into a small speck and disappeared from the horizon.

“He just directly entered like that without taking any detours? Is he really ridiculously shocking or just stupid? Is he trying to die?” A cold grin appeared on the corner of the young man in scarlet armor.

“Who knows, he might actually be an expert who can force his way in.” A young lady smiled and spoke.

“What a joke!” The scarlet-clothed young man shook his head.

Suddenly, a fiery radiance erupted and a large sun appeared. It was crimson like blood, but also so dazzling that it was difficult to look at.

“Third grandfather!” The three imperial children immediately greeted him with respect.

“Did a young man just enter?” An aged voice sounded from within the great sun.

“Yes. The one who entered just now was the one chosen by Huo Ling’er.”

“I’ve obtained some news. There might be some kind of misunderstanding…” The sound transmitted from within the great sun was vague and ambiguous. If one didn’t listen carefully, they wouldn’t have heard clearly.

“Third grandfather, what’s wrong?” The three of them asked.

“There might be some unforeseen events inside, and some disturbances might arise. I fear that there will be excessive casualties.” The elder within the great sun spoke softly, and a type of intense energy fluctuated outwards.

“No matter how powerful the people outside this region are, they still won’t dare to be too excessive, right?” The young man in scarlet clothes frowned as he spoke.

“What I fear is that many of those from outside this region are the ones that will die.” The elder spoke softly before turning around and leaving. The large resplendent sun floated and took to the skies. A weak voice transmitted over. “This is still fine, needs to be a bit more powerful and fierce anyway.”

“What did third grandfather mean?” The people that were left behind were confused. Even the elder that guarded this area couldn’t completely understand the situation.

“When the rest of our group arrives, let’s also enter. Even though there is some danger, and the people from outside this region are powerful, this also implies that this will be a great opportunity.” One of the imperial princesses spoke.

The desert was extremely grand and massive. Shi Hao felt like something wasn’t right as soon as he travelled roughly ten li. The earth beneath his feet was getting hotter and hotter, making the soles of his feet burn a bit.

When Shi Hao left the capital, a crack in the void appeared in the Heaven Mending Pavilion ruins. Strands of primordial energy swirled about, as if someone was forcefully trying to tear apart space to come out.

However, as the mist drifted about, the area became peaceful again. Buth then, another part of space split open a bit.

This area was unsteady, and these splits would open up from time to time. It was almost as if a door was going to open up at any time that connected to that ancient small world.

“It seems like we still have to wait a few days. Yi’er is finally about to appear.”

If it was Shi Hao that was here, he definitely would have been astonished, because there was an enormous golden spider within these ruins. His aura was terrifying, like that of an ancient fossil as he quietly rested here.

Rumor has it that the ancestor of the Demonic Spirit Lake was a golden spider that ultimately turned into a deity!

This was obviously not that deity, because they had declined too much as the years went by. This was the master of the Demonic Spirit Lake, and also Shi Ziteng’s ancestral teacher who he paid his respects to several years ago. He was protecting the entrance for Shi Yi’s sake.

It had always stayed here during this period of time. Even when he received news that the Black Eyed Demonic Spider supreme expert was killed, he did not leave and still protected this place.

A dual-pupiled individual with a supreme being bone even made the Demonic Spirit Lake’s master lower his superiority. It did not want someone to take advantage of Shi Yi when he came out.

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