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Chapter 329 – Scarlet Region

Magma splashed out, sending out a flash of scorching light. The creature attacked with its crimson feathers and metallic wings. With a scream, it caused a scarlet wave to pour downwards.

Shi Hao flicked his finger, and a strand of sword energy flew out. With a pu sound, the vicious bird was wounded. Large amounts of blood trickled down.

The people on the side were all shaken; this was the disparity between them. When they encountered this abnormal bird, they could only back off, while this individual could hack it until blood flew everywhere.

The crimson vicious bird released a long cry before dropping into the pool. Heat roiled and magma splashed out in waves, creating a radiance that burned people’s flesh. It once again went into hiding.

“It’s really strange. It’s only a chicken, yet it’s so powerful. I’m going to catch you and take a look.” Shi Hao’s right hand made a swiping motion, hacking apart this magma pool. It was not that deep, but the magma splashed about with extreme heat.

The vicious bird was quite powerful, but it still fell a bit short when compared to Shi Hao. It was forced out in a fit of rage. The scarlet feathers covering its body flew out like crimson lightning.

Shi Hao brought out the golden dragon shears, and with ka cha ka cha sounds, the scarlet feathers were all cut apart and ruined.

“It really is like a chicken…” He was amazed.

The vicious beast was quite ferocious and once again pounced over maliciously. Its shape was just like a chicken, but it was quite large, being several zhang in length.

With a pu sound, Shi Hao’s finger slashed out like a sword, slicing off its head. Blood splashed everywhere as the vicious bird’s life was ended.

“The meat is sparkling and seems quite delicious.” Shi Hao was hungry, so he began to pluck its feathers on the spot. He poured out some clean water from the heaven and earth pouch and began to wash it.

Following that, he brought out the Heaven Transforming Bowl. He took out the two spiders and threw them into another precious artifact. He then placed the abnormal chicken inside and started to stew it.

Those on the side felt their teeth hurting as they watched. What kind of lord was this? What was he trying to do here? He actually used such a powerful magical artifact to stew a chicken.

Finally, Shi Hao ate this unusual chicken. The spiritual essence within it was extremely dense, and there was also an unusual power that could strengthen muscles and bones.

Based on what these individuals said, this was where it was special. Creatures born in this place all possessed some kind of divine essence that was particularly useful for humans.

“This was originally just a free-range chicken, but after living here for a hundred years, it set itself apart from the masses. After stepping into the dao, it turned into an abnormal bird.” Shi Hao spoke quietly.

If it was elsewhere, how could a chicken undergo such transformations?

He was quite shocked. Normal creatures could even undergo such change after staying here for a long time. What if it was some even more powerful character? This place was worthy of being the Fire Clan’s ancestral ground!

He continued on his way and received his confirmation. He killed a wild mastiff, finding that it was another ordinary creature who underwent transformation to obtain unique abilities.

“Turning the rotten into wonder, making even an ordinary creature into a vicious bird. If one can trace this back to its roots and acquire it, then how much more powerful could a person become?” Shi Hao was rather moved.

Those individuals became Shi Hao’s attendants, and the enormous wolf that reached more than a dozen zhang in height became his mount. They travelled through the scorching desert in a bold and powerful manner.

“Ya, Blue Lotus!”

One of them cried out in shock. There was a great valley in front of them, splitting the desert in two. Within the darkness, a blue light flickered. There was a lotus flower, but instead of taking root within water, it stemmed from the crack of a stone.

It was quite short, being only an inch in height, but its flower was as large as a bowl. It was sparkling blue, and even though there was still quite a bit of distance separating them, they could already smell its fragrance.

The attendants beside Shi Hao also walked up. They wanted to pick it because it was good stuff. It possessed an incredibly powerful divine nature that one could only encounter but not wish for.

In this place, just the wild grass grown here far surpassed the spiritual medicines of the outside world. It was not a matter of their rarity, but rather because they absorbed the divine substance of this area.

Suddenly, an enormous bird swooped down from the skies, hacking down several streaks of blade energy to stop them. Precious artifacts also descended to kill Shi Hao.

“Get lost!”

Shouts rang out from above the vicious bird. They had always followed closely behind and had long thought of Shi Hao as cannon fodder. They used him to bait the unique creature, but never thought that he would be that powerful, so they didn’t want to rush indiscriminately into action.

Now that they saw a stalk of lotus medicine, they couldn’t hold themselves back anymore and quickly stopped him. It was because they knew that this kind of spiritual object was extremely rare and could advance one’s cultivation. It was extremely beneficial for them.


Shi Hao took action, using his hands to form the Suan Ni imprint. His palm and fingers formed an archaic vicious beast, releasing the sounds of wind and thunder. Those precious techniques were all shattered, and those people were shaken.

“How could he be this powerful? He could bare-handedly shatter precious artifacts?!”

They did not know Shi Hao’s identity, only that he had risked his life to kill a pure-blooded beast. They were hiding far away and didn’t dare to provoke him at all.

They could also be considered experts of the human clan, and at the very least, they were extremely outstanding within their peers. However, when compared to Shi Hao, there was an extremely great disparity.

“Hurry up and pluck it!”

They did not fight him head on. The enormous vicious bird swooped down into the great valley towards the Blue Lotus. They wanted to first forcefully fetch it and then rush into the clouds, presuming that the other party wouldn’t be able to catch up.


None of them foresaw that they would encounter a great disaster. Scarlet waves soared into the sky as the canyon split apart. Magma surged, causing the scorching heat to flood the heavens. A vast crimson expanse covered the heaven and earth.

This place was extremely dangerous, and the temperature was so high it reached an unbearable degree. They suffered a great crisis.

The vicious bird released a miserable cry as it suffered in the heat. The scarlet wave surged up and submerged him, and not a single person on the bird’s back remained alive.

Within chi la sounds, their flesh dried up and went up in flames. They quickly turned into ashes, vanishing from this world.

“Hurry up!” The individuals on top of the canyon cried out loudly. They turned around and fled, but they were still too late. The ground split apart, and these individuals fell into the sea of flames.

The magma underground surged and rushed into the sky. The scorching redness covered everything, and the shadow of death enveloped this ancestral ground.

Shi Hao’s expression changed. He moved quickly after sensing that it was dangerous. The scarlet liquid magma was hot to the extreme, and once submerged, it would mean death.

He didn’t have time to rescue anyone, because everything happened too quickly. It was as if the heavens were collapsing, and a circumference of ten li was caving in. The scarlet liquid engulfed towards the skies.

The enormous wolf released a cry, and its eyes were full of fear. In the end, it sank into the magma, and even its bones were melted.

Shi Hao sighed. He stood on top of a precious artifact and rushed into the clouds. As he watched everything that unfolded below, he had a feeling that people were really insignificant before nature.

Everything within a circumference of ten li collapsed, turning into magma. Moreover, there were symbols within the bright flames, interweaving about strand after strand. It was no wonder not even experts could bear it and were completely turned into ashes.

“Worthy of being the Fire Clan’s ancestral ground.” This was not the first time Shi Hao sighed in admiration, with every experience not quite like the last.

Everything finally calmed down, and the great valley disappeared. Everything was crimson, and a few more lakes of magma appeared.

It did not cool off or dry up. It rested peacefully there just like that while shining bright red.

This was a type of natural marvel that could only make others sigh in admiration.

Within the lake, a Blue Lotus bobbed up and down. As it took root within the magma, not only did it not wither, its appearance began to change, developing a silver luster.

“What a great stalk of medicine. It has already absorbed quite a bit of this place’s divine characteristics. If I could obtain it, it could lessen my time of cultivation by several months,” someone said softly.

This was a youngster roughly sixteen or seventeen in age. There was a pair of wings behind him with electricity cackling about it. He was three or four years older than Shi Hao and was currently looking at the medicine within the scarlet lake. His eyes were burning with desire.

However, he did not act blindly without thinking and only shook his wings. With a shua sound, he appeared not far from Shi Hao and said, “Little brother, help me out and go down to pluck that medicine for me.”

“Why are you making me go?” Shi Hao asked.

“There is no why. I’m telling you to go, so go.” The winged teenager had a smile on his face, but he was already displaying a type of intimidation.

Shi Hao understood immediately. He was considered a servant, making him stumped for words. This was just too conceited, right?

“You… came from outside this region?”

“Correct” The young man nodded his head. His pupils flickered, and a lofty attitude was concealed within.

“Does coming from another region make you superior?” Shi Hao asked.

“What are you trying to say?” The young man was not pleased, and his fighting intent shot up. It seemed to create some more disturbances within the magma lakes below.

“Nothing really. Go, pluck that Blue Lotus for me.” Shi Hao said in a calm and natural manner. He said it in the exact same manner as the other party previously did.

“You…” The young man’s face became overcast and he prepared to attack.

Of course, this battle was unavoidable. Shi Hao wanted to try what he just saw. This individual came from outside the region, so by fighting him, he could understand how powerful the people from the great regions were.

Shi Hao was surprised. This person was quite powerful and was definitely not someone a normal person could defeat. With a flap of the opponent’s wind and thunder wings, lightning surged like an ocean, making it difficult for others to fight back.

However, he encountered Shi Hao, who was a supreme youth who established ten heavenly passages. After exchanging twenty blows, he was sent flying by a palm.

The teenager spat out a mouthful of blood. He fiercely resisted, but was still suppressed by Shi Hao without being able to move a single step.

“Go, pick the lotus. Don’t damage it.” Shi Hao threw him down.

“You… my family’s master will kill you!” The young man was reluctant to admit his mistake. His arrogance turned into resentment as he shouted here.

Shi Hao was astonished. This youngster was indeed unordinary, but he was only a lesser character. Just how powerful were the characters from outside this region? However, he still remained fearless, feeling that the more formidable they were, the greater he could improve himself.

“You should just go and pick the medicine.” Shi Hao spoke, as if he was ordering someone below him. His voice sounded quite natural.

The young man’s face fell ashen as he approached the surface of the lake. He grabbed towards the lotus medicine, but he naturally wouldn’t give it to Shi Hao. He wanted to immediately use it after plucking it or even destroy it.

However, as soon as he made contact with the surface of the magma, a whirlpool appeared, that completely swallowed him into the magma lake. He cried out in shock, and dark red blood splashed high into the air.

There was a mansion below the lake, and currently, it was opened wide. Symbols flickered below it. Regardless of whether it was the lake or the magma that formed, it was all created by it.

“Divine manor!”

There was someone who cried out in shock and quickly rushed over.

“Divine Manors are palace rooms left behind by the ancients and is extremely suited for comprehending the dao and cultivating. Cultivating inside for a few days is similar to cultivating outside for several months.” There was someone whose breathing was becoming heavy. Within the Fire Clan ancestral ground, palace rooms like these would appear from time to time, and each time, it would lead to a huge battle.

Every Divine Manor could only be cultivated within for a short period of time before it collapsed by itself and sank into ruin. However, it still made people madly scramble for this place. Several days of effort was equivalent to months of bitter cultivation, so everyone longed for a chance like this.

If one was lucky, there would even be some inheritances and other things contained within the Divine Manor. They were all creations of the ancients, mysterious and powerful.

Human figures flashed past, and over ten people rushed over on precious artifacts from all the different directions. A battle unfolded, and all of them were staring at the Divine Manor within that lake with passionate eyes.

Shi Hao was naturally moved as well. He truly needed this kind of cultivation ground!

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