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Chapter 324 – Killing Supreme Experts

The scarlet hair flew about, bright red like blood. The whirlwind was incredibly ferocious, rising and falling like a boundless sea. The scene was absolutely cruel as screams were released.

This was a supreme expert we were talking about, yet he was still directly swept up within. The people couldn’t see the demonic spider’s body anymore and could only hear its loud screams of horror.


The demonic spider was encountering great troubles, and it felt as if it would fall over at any time. It cried out loudly in fear, and waves of roars were released. It was as if tens of thousands of demons were crying out, making this place seem extremely depressing.

The hair on everyone’s bodies stood up straight and cold sweat ran down their backs. An extremely powerful supreme expert from the Archaic Divine Mountains was like meat on a chopping block. Its cries were extremely mournful.

No one was able to clearly see the true scene of the scarlet hair whirlwind, but everyone knew that it was definitely horrifying. Otherwise, how could it make a supreme expert cry out like this without any regard to its reputation?

Even the golden flames that were released from the heavenly temple dimmed and almost extinguished. Stone Country’s Human Emperor was greatly shaken, but he did not say anything and watched calmly.


Finally, the demonic spider’s shout sounded from within. However, immediately after, waves of miserable howls rang out. It seemed like it was struggling with all of its might, but it still couldn’t break free in the end.

The Azure Dragon soared through the sky, revealing its shadow within the scarlet whirlwind. An expanse of divine flames appeared as a Vermilion Bird tore through the heavens. The scarlet whirlwind covered an extremely great area, stretching into the horizon.

Everyone could vaguely see these things, and they all became even more scared. They could feel the hair on their bodies stand straight. Was this really a departed spirit? Otherwise, why would there be so many shadows of divine birds and vicious beasts?

Rumors had it that there were people who could summon ancient departed spirits to fight for them, but the price required to do such a thing was enormous. One had to make all types of sacrifices and even burn up one’s own lifeforce.

This kind of scene made everyone feel like it was precisely this kind of divine ability. They believed that he was calling back the deceased souls and condensing their magical bodies to fight for him!

The scarlet hair whirlwind became even more terrifying, but at the same time, there were more and more void projections. Sometimes, they would hide themselves, and other times, they would be caught by people’s eyes.

“That’s… a true Hou!” Someone from the crowd cried out in horror after seeing a colossus emerge within the whirlwind of red hair. Blood colored hair covered its entire body and it seemed incomparably sinister. However, it disappeared again in an instant.

Was this the creature that released the scarlet hair whirlwind?

According to legend, the true Hou had reached the peak of cultivation and became an existence that could slaughter deities. It was incredibly ferocious and its power and influence was known to all. It was a creature who some people equated to a heavenly deity.

During the archaic times, they established great fame from their fighting prowess. There were few that could compare to them, as they shredded through demons and devoured the blood of deities. Their battle reputation was so illustrious, it made the rest of the world tremble.

The true Hou disappeared in a flash, but following that, a Pi Xiu appeared. It was similarly terrifying, and both its scales and hair were both blood colored as well. Its enormous body flashed before disappearing.

“Heavens, that Azure Drake is also crimson colored!”

When the crowd saw the dragon that soared across the sky, their voices trembled when they opened their mouths. What was going on? Why were they all crimson?

“I believe I know the reason. During the ancient times, there was a well known ceremony of blood, and it was just like this!”

“All of these… unrivalled creatures, could they all have been used as sacrifices by someone? How could it be? With all of these unrivalled creatures’ divine abilities like this, how are others supposed to even live?!”

Could this be a departed spirit that was able to reappear due to the sacrifice of blood? Was this scene a reappearance from the olden days?

Within the depths of the scarlet hair whirlwind, Shi Hao was also considerably scared. A group of creatures emerged to tear at that spider. It was almost torn into pieces, and it was extremely terrifying.

Shi Hao’s entire body was uneasy and never thought that the little pagoda was so sinister, possessing this kind of side to it. These were all void projections that came from within the pagoda.

“What… exactly are you?” The demonic spider was in utter fear as he asked this question.

Unfortunately, at this time, its voice did not make it that far. The whirlwind was like a realm of its own, isolated from the outside world.

In front of Shi Hao’s body, the small pagoda was pure white like jade and shining with brilliance. A creature would emerge each time it swayed.

“There is definitely something good on it. Hurry and seize it over.” Shi Hao said in a quiet voice.

The little pagoda acknowledged what was said, and with a flash of multicolored light, a few materials immediately flew out from the archaic demon lord’s body. They were all extremely bright and flickering with symbols; these were definitely great treasures.

Shi Hao was absolutely elated as he reached out to grab them. However, with a small shake, the little pagoda directly devoured everything.

“Why did you eat it all?” The devilish brat was extremely flustered. The objects on a supreme deity’s body were definitely not ordinary.

“These things are useless for you and would only bring about disaster,” the little pagoda said.

“You… what kind of evil monster are you exactly?” The archaic demonic spider said with a trembling voice. It was scared badly and not as overbearing as it was before. It seemed like a completely different person from its previous attitude of superiority.

“Hurry and get rid of it so nothing unexpected happens.” Shi Hao was a bit worried.

These words fell onto the demonic spider’s ear, making its entire body go ice-cold. It was still looking down on this human youngster not too long ago, feeling as if it could kill him with a single finger a hundred times over.

The small pagoda shone, and the surrounding void projections disappeared one after another. They all engraved themselves on the pagoda’s wall, and turned into symbols.

Following that, a black hole appeared below the small pagoda, sucking the archaic demonic spider inside. A large half of its body was instantly sucked in.

What kind of magical artifact is that? Is it something raised by a deity? It was terrified. Even their golden spider deities couldn’t surpass this, right? Yet today, why was there still an existence like this?!

“Don’t kill me! I’m a supreme expert from the Demonic Spirit Lake, and my ancestor is a deity!” It cried out loudly. At the crucial moment between life and death, even the vicious demonic spider was falling apart.

It was because it felt that no matter how it struggled, it was not the little pagoda’s opponent. It was suppressed by the other party and couldn’t rebel at all.

The little pagoda paid no attention to it. With a kacha sound, half of its body was crushed and devoured. Strand after strand of divine light flew out, and in addition, a spider symbol appeared on the pagoda wall.

“No!” The demonic spider cried out loudly.

Meanwhile, Shi Hao also shouted,” Don’t! Leave me some too!”

The entire great demonic spider was devoured, and nothing was left for Shi Hao. Meanwhile, the little pagoda didn’t pay them any attention and continued to swallow everything. Resplendent symbols surrounded this place.

“Don’t…” Even toward the very end, Shi Hao cried out more fiercely than the demonic spider. It gave the demonic spider a great fright, but also a bit of confusion. What was this?

“Give me!”

The devilish child was extremely valiant and rushed out. He opened his ten heavenly passages to capture the demonic spider. He had his eyes on two of its legs and fiercely pulled outwards.

“Little pagoda, you cannot eat poisonous food!” He cried out fiercely.

The demonic spider had most of its body crushed, but its head was still visible. Within this intense pain, it also felt a wave of humiliation. Even a glorious supreme expert actually fell to such an extent.

Shi Hao struggled against the small pagoda to seize some of the spider’s ruined body.

The demonic spider released a dismal laugh. It was a heaven warping existence, yet in the end, it actually died in such a way. How miserable!

Not long ago, it still looked down on Shi Hao like an ant. Yet in the end, this ant was trying to seize some of his ruined body. Just how ironic was this?

In the end, the entire spider was sucked in by the small pagoda and refined clean. A spider design appeared on its sparkling body, seeming quite new.

“Little pagoda, I’m gonna fight you to the death!” Shi Hao was furious as he made threatening gestures.

“This is an equal world, and all exchanges need to be equivalent.” The little pagoda remained unmoved without any hint of happiness or worry. It was just like before without the slightest fluctuation in its mood.

The scarlet whirlwind of feathers disappeared, and everyone could see the devilish brat panting heavily, as if he was extremely unsatisfied. He kicked the stones on the ground in an angry manner.

“Truly unlucky. So hateful! Couldn’t you leave behind even a single hair for me?!” He was currently bellowing his grievances.

Everyone was stupefied. Who was this fellow speaking to?

“Where is the archaic demonic spider? There was someone who mustered the courage to ask.

“Naturally killed by my supreme palace’s departed spirit. He thought he was all that and dared to fight against my sect, but he’s only a mere spider,” Shi Hao said.

This area was momentarily silent, but then a wave of commotion erupted soon after. Even though everyone already had a feeling that the demonic spider was in an extremely unfortunate position, when reality hit them, it was still horrifyingly shocking.

This youngster was too savage. Exactly what happened just now? Did he truly summon a departed spirit to kill the demonic spider? Many people were doubtful.

“He received help. Just now, there were definitely some powerful creatures that descended. How unfortunate, everything was covered up by that scarlet whirlwind.”

“Could it be that he truly came from the Supreme Palace with one of his seniors laying low here? Didn’t they say that there was only one disciple that walked within each generation?”

Shi Hao was rather unsatisfied and looked around. “Where did that bird go? It was definitely scared away.”

In the heavens, an enormous green bird’s expression was cold, but at the same time, there was some fear in its heart. It indeed did fly away, but it was pulled back by some strange force.

What was going on? The devilish brat was too strange, and it seemed like that strange fluctuation came directly from his body.

The demonic spider was killed, deeply affecting the Green Luan supreme expert. Its mind was filled with dread, and it really wanted to fly back to its divine mountain as soon as possible. It truly didn’t want to come back here.

“Yi, you’re hiding within the clouds. Let’s see where you can run to!” Shi Hao shouted loudly.


The Green Luan frantically released attacks, but they were all redirected by some strange force. It knew that it probably could not escape, and as a result, it felt that it might as well make the first move.

This was a boundless type of divine might. Green multicolored light filled the skies, surging like a blue sea to pour down on where Shi Hao stood. A small cultivator at the Spirit Transformation Realm definitely could not withstand such power and would inevitably be blasted apart!

“War spirit that wanders the great void, heed my call and punish the sinner before me…”

It was coming again! Everyone’s head began to swim with thoughts, feeling that Shi Hao was like a great fraud. However this incantation truly displayed it use. A wave of boundless energy surged, trapping the green multicolored light above.

At the same time, a divine typhoon appeared and propped Shi Hao up. Following that, endless golden fluctuations were released. It possessed a vast and boundless sea of divine force.

Everyone was dumbstruck and simply couldn’t believe everything that was happening. Now, it seemed like a departed spirit had entered the stage. It was holy and peaceful, just like a deity that was descending into this world. It was completely different from the scene just now.

This was two entirely different styles. There was no more scarlet hair whirlwind or depressing atmosphere, and instead, flourishing divine radiance shone in this place. It enveloped the heavens and outshone the sun.

“How is that fellow able to act so arrogantly? Who is secretly backing him?” Huo Ling’er’s pair of large round eyes revealed incomparable shock. She naturally knew that Shi Hao didn’t possess this kind of cultivation and was receiving the help of a supreme expert.

“Could it be that he truly used some forbidden technique to summon a departed spirit? Just now, he summoned a devil, and now, he’s summoning a god?” On the other side, the purple-clothed Yun Xi also could not understand. Light continuously swirled about within her eyes.

Everyone was flabbergasted. The radiance was burning brighter and brighter, and in the end, it seemed like a divine flame, covering the heaven and earth in boundless light. Nothing could be seen except this light.

Other than this, there was still the loud cries of the Green Luan. Everyone knew that it had encountered trouble. Another supreme expert was caught, and it would most likely lead to its demise.

“This time, you cannot eat everything. You have to leave half for me!” Shi Hao’s divine force surged as he yelled furiously in dispute against the little pagoda.

“The world is one of balance. Both you and I are within a pact, and you cannot bear this kind of karma. Your body has already been polluted by quite a bit,” said the little pagoda.

At this moment, Shi Hao felt the hair on his body stand up. He dislike those words the most, but the little pagoda seemed to always use this to do business with him. He couldn’t help but frown. “Are you shifting a lot of the karma onto my body?”

“To want to receive, how can one not pay?” The little pagoda only had this one sentence.

“For example?” Shi Hao wanted to get to the bottom of this.

“There are many possibilities. For example, if deities from the demonic spider’s bloodline was still alive, they could seek you out. The Green Luan bloodline’s divine king could revive… There is also a possibility that this world itself will seek you out.”

When Shi Hao heard these words, he felt an enormous headache.


The Green Luan supreme expert cried out loudly. This was just too great of a disaster. It was being dragged in and wasn’t his opponent at all. It was about to be killed.


It activated the sacred weapon — Green Sky Wheel. Inexhaustible light was emitted to try and destroy the human and pagoda. However, in the end, the precious wheel entered the small pagoda and disappeared.

“How could this be?!” The Green Sky supreme expert cried out.

Meanwhile, the devilish brat also shouted, “It hurts, so regretful…”

He was indignant. A sacred weapon was devoured by the small pagoda just like that? This was just too extravagant, wasteful, and shameful!

The Green Luan’s entire body shone. It was about to self-destruct and destroy everything indiscriminately. It did not want to graciously give its body to another.

However, the little pagoda shone as well, and a streak of primordial blade radiance swept out. With a pu sound, it was beheaded, making the symbols all around its body useless as it detached from the corpse.

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