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Chapter 323 – Destroying the Demonic Spider

Everyone was a bit confused at first. The central heavenly temple of the Capital rose up into the sky with the entire public plaza. The giant thing rumbled and swept across the sky, arriving at the military arena outside the city!

What kind of ridiculous method was used to accomplish this? Was it because of the Stone Emperor or was there some kind of extraordinary magical artifact within the heavenly temple?

Great flags fluttered about, and a massive force was arranged in the military arena. The soldiers exerted an impressive and valiant aura, resembling a pack of tigers and wolves. With halberds and sharp swords in their hands, they stared at everyone with incredible killing intent.

“His majesty, the Human Emperor, is here!” Someone announced loudly.

The ferocious aura disappeared into thin air immediately. Generals walked forward to pay homage, and the soldiers followed their command to arrange everything in perfect order.

The military arena was extremely vast and many times bigger than the martial arena in the royal palace. It was impossible to see where the ground ended, and it felt like they had come to a spacious war ground.

In a low voice, someone mentioned that this place used to be an ancient battlefield that had been tainted by the blood of demonic gods. Not even a blade of grass grew here, and all life was drained of their vitality. However, it was an excellent place to train soldiers, for it could harden their minds and increase their killing intent.

Up in the air stood a towering demonic spider that was as large as a mountain. Its body was dark green in color, and its numerous spider hairs glistened with cold light like spears.

It was currently feeling rather unsettled. Just now, when the entire heavenly temple and public plaza took to the air, it was also brought over and it directly appeared in the military arena. This truly made it considerably shocked.

“Human teenager, I will allow you to choose how you will die,” said the demonic spider. Its voice was not loud, but it was remarkably majestic. Its words resonated in the air and caused the martial arena to rumble.

The crowd began to look around for Shi Hao. The supreme expert had appeared and was already about to make its move, so where was he?

There was one area that was extremely quiet, and everyone was staring at it impatiently. It drew everyone’s attention, and they finally found their person of interest there. They couldn’t help but stare with stupefied expressions.

He… was still eating!

“Why is he still eating?” Someone shouted in shock. This fellow was acting a bit too calm, right?

While sitting cross-legged in front of a jade table, Shi Hao had a golden spider leg laid out in front of him. Tender and translucent meat was revealed after the golden shell was peeled off. He was having a feast all by himself. The delicious food made his mouth watery, and he would wash it down with aromatic wine from time to time.

“My treat, there’s no need to be polite.” As he ate, he kept calling out to those around him, including the Rain Clansmen, Shi Ziteng, the Tuoba Family and other youngsters from the Archaic Divine Mountains.

The group of people were baffled by his act. Of course, they wouldn’t even think of touching the meat, for it would be like having a death wish. The demonic spider would never forgive such an act. Blood was drained from the faces of people like Shi Ziteng and the Rain Clansmen because this kid was outrageous.

“Death would be a fate too easy for you. I have decided to make sure to keep you alive!” The voice of the archaic demonic spider sounded like thunder, causing even the space around them to shake. He was clearly furious.

Sometimes it was much worse to live than die. It wanted to suppress Shi Hao with the cruelest method possible and make him go through hell’s torment.

“Your words are so boring, big spider. Speak all you want, I’ve never planned to die,” said Shi Hao as he stood up.

Everyone became a bit numb. Was this still a teenager at the Spirit Transformation Realm? He didn’t feel the slightest bit of reverence towards the supreme expert! It was worth mentioning that even noble kings would tremble and kneel in acknowledgement before a supreme expert.

And what did Shi Hao do? He scolded a supreme expert from the Archaic Divine Mountains as if it was a nobody. Moreover, he went about it in an extremely carefree manner.

The archaic demonic spider watched Shi Hao with cold eyes. In all its years, how many people dared to treat it so rudely? Moreover, it wasn’t just once, but again and again. It did not say anything, but chilly killing intent had already spread out across the military arena.

Many people who could not withstand the pressure immediately went pale. They almost fainted on the spot.

Fortunately, golden flames surged out of the central heavenly temple and dispelled the coldness. As warmth returned to the ground, the crowd was no longer affected.

This was precisely what supreme experts were capable of. Their happiness and anger would greatly affect other beings, magnifying their joy or sorrow and making their moods fluctuate violently.

“Anyone else? Did that bird from the Green Sky Divine Mountain come yet? A single demonic spider is not nearly enough. You’d better join hands.” Shi Hao challenged publicly.

He was trying to irritate as many enemies as possible, because the more, the better. It was going to cost one favor from the little pagoda, so he might as well maximize the effect.

The Green Luan supreme expert had been drinking inside the palace with a chilly look on his face. After hearing those words, he pushed away the jade table and walked in mid-air. He looked down at Shi Hao without a single word.

It was apparent that he could no longer withhold his killing intent. This teenager was going to die at his hands.

“Anyone else? Who else dares to fight me?” The devilish brat shouted in a domineering manner, as if no hero in the world was a match for him.

He had killed more than one spiritual body of supreme experts in the North Sea and knew that if those people were here now, they would never let him off. He had hoped they would show up.

Unfortunately, despite the clamor he made, no one else came forward.

“I remember I killed several old farts in the battle of the Kun Peng Nest. Why aren’t they here today?” He mumbled.

Those words struck down like thunder on the crowd’s ears. It had been a while since the battle of the North Sea took place, and the news had gotten around to the continent. Some people had heard of the rumors, but the details were vague. Now,  they were all confirmed.

This devilish brat really was formidable!

“That’s enough. Stop making a fool out of yourself. You can die now,” said the Green Luan supreme expert.

“Allow me. I’ll melt him down slowly. After all, why do we have to kill him right here? Cherishing life is a heavenly virtue,” said the Archaic demonic spider in a dry voice.

Sometimes, living was more painful than dying. Killing a man was easy, but humiliating a man would make him much more miserable. The archaic demonic spider would never miss an opportunity like this.

Shi Hao marched into the military arena in large strides and said, “Before we start, I need to ask you something. Can you answer me?”

“Speak!” said the demonic spider coldly.

“Where is my grandfather? Have you hunted him down with your true form?” asked Shi Hao.

“He’s dead. You’ll never see him again.” The archaic demonic spider said with a cold-face.

Shi Hao did not believe it. “Seriously? You can’t even tell the truth to a petty Spiritual Transformation Realm cultivator like me?”

“He’s nothing but a human cultivator. Who cares if he is dead or alive? He might as well be an ant and he isn’t worthy of any attention. I don’t need to remember him,” said the demonic spider.

“You can act arrogant all you want. My grandfather still killed your spiritual body. You think too highly of yourself.” Shi Hao sneered.

Many people around the heavenly temple were now in deep discussion, for they too wanted to know the whereabouts of the Great Demonic God. Rumors had it that he was forced to leave the Capital.

“The Great Demonic God ran into the demonic spider supreme expert and was severely injured. He is still alive, however. He had departed beyond the wasteland region to search for Shi Ziling.” The captain of the imperial bodyguard explained.

Shi Hao was surprised. He finally found out where his grandfather was. The demonic spider had indeed forced him away, but fortunately, he survived.

“It was you that day?!” The demonic spider was now staring at the grey-clothed old man with cold eyes.

Shi Hao suddenly recalled in surprise that when he set off for the capital, the Willow Deity opened up a passageway for him. After he stepped onto it, he witnessed a fierce battle on his way, during which a mountain-sized spider was fighting against a human being. Somehow the battle was projected into the void passage.

Did that mean that the captain had gone to rescue his grandfather when he was being chased? From the sound of the demonic spider, it had recognized the captain.

“A great Golden-Winged Peng is willing to hide in the royal palace as an imperial bodyguard. This is simply ridiculous!” The Archaic demonic spider said.

The crowd gasped at those words and was greatly shocked. They looked at the captain with unbelieving eyes. This turned out to be such an influential old man!

The captain retreated to one side without another word, going back to his duty of guarding the heavenly temple.

“Your grandfather was very lucky, but I’ve taught him a lesson memorable enough for the rest of his life, and it is his luck to still be alive. Just a mere human, yet he still dares to compete against me. He truly doesn’t understand the height of heavens and the depths of the earth.” The demonic spider sneered.

Shi Hao was enraged. The thought of his grandfather being hurt sent flames into his eyes. It was the first time that he showed any obvious emotion within the heavenly temple.

“Stop showing off. You’ve cultivated for several hundred years and my grandfather has only cultivated for a few decades. You’ve not only failed to defeat him, but also had your spiritual body killed. How can you still act so arrogantly? If I were you, I’d smash my head to the ground and kill myself.”

The demonic spider was infuriated. Its spiritual body was intercepted and badly injured on the way, which resulted in the incident in the Capital. Now that it was brought up again, the humiliation came back to him.

“Alright, deal with him first. It’s just an ant, so there’s no need to waste your breath. In my opinion, we should just directly execute him.” The Green Luan supreme expert opened his mouth.

“Then let’s fight.” Shi Hao walked into the military arena. His mouth actually began to chant an incantation. “War spirit traveling through the great void, hear my plea. Tread across the boundless world and fight a battle here.”

Everyone was petrified. What was this fellow doing?

“Is he using some kind of curse?”

“Doesn’t seem like it. It feels like an archaic incantation that can call down a star from beyond the heavens. It might even be able to summon a god or devil.”

“It can’t be. Is there really such a powerful ability?”

The crowd was completely terrified, and even the archaic demonic spider towering above didn’t dare to act blindly without thinking. He watched calmly from the side.

It was because he always had a feeling that things were somewhat fishy. This fellow had not gone insane, so by what qualifications did he have to issue such a challenge? He wanted to see exactly what the other party had to rely on.

In reality, while Shi Hao was chanting the incantation, he was also conversing with the little pagoda, asking if it could conceal everything. Otherwise, the artifact would be revealed, and who knows what kind of chaos would be created.

“Departed spirit from the Supreme Palace, I ask for your revival. Cross over the gates of the heavens and descend into the wasteland region. Assist me in beheading the evil and subduing the poisonous spider…”

He continuously chanted, but in the end, nothing emerged.

Everyone couldn’t help but reveal strange looks and feel that this fellow was a fake. What kind of thing was this? This wasn’t some divine ability at all, and there weren’t even any symbols that appeared.

“I was wondering what was happening. This fellow was just chanting insanely and even dares to try and scare me with this.” The archaic demonic spider laughed coldly and descended. Boundless divine might crushed down. It wanted to crush the devilish brat’s legs and make him kneel down.

However, Shi Hao’s incantation suddenly went into effect. Winds began to roar about angrily here, and a divine platform could vaguely be seen. Ancient vicious beasts roared, shaking heaven and earth!

The entire world seemed to have been affected. An enormous Azure Drake could vaguely be seen in the sky, shaking the heavens with its roar. Following that, a Vermillion Bird released its divine flames in the nine firmaments.

A black whirlwind engulfed the entire military arena, and terrifying energy filled the air. Within the eye of the storm, there were things like an enormous creature towering above and a demonic bird casting over its look of disdain. Void projections were emerging, intimidating everyone.

“What is going on?” Everyone was ranting and raving in fear.

“Heavens, why are there blood colored hairs drifting about?” Everyone was horrified.

The black whirlwind changed, turning into a tornado of red hairs. These were the hairs of true archaic vicious beasts. They were blown everywhere by the wind, and killing intent overflowed into the heavens.

“Ahhh, no!”

The archaic demonic spider released a loud cry. The voice was world-shaking with incomparable horror. In the next moment, everyone could no longer see it because it was devoured by the crimson whirlwind.

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