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Chapter 325 – The Conclusion of a Splendid Battle

The blade fell down, decapitating the Green Luan. As blood gushed out of its neck, the legendary supreme expert of an era was killed.

Shi Hao held his eyes wide open. What was that? The shiny sword surrounded by a chaotic aura swept across the air, terrifying everyone. What a powerful little pagoda!

“Ao…” The devilish brat shouted and pounced forward to grab the Green Luan’s flesh. This enormous supreme expert’s flesh was all precious flesh medicine, and it was an opportunity he could not allow to slip by.

“Mine, mine!” The devilish brat shouted and struggled against the small pagoda.

The small pagoda enlarged and began to swallow everything. It sucked over the Green Luan’s head. Shi Hao resisted and tried to seize it, but the little pagoda did not waver, sucking everything into its body and beginning its refinement.

“Little pagoda, I’m going to stake it all against you!” Shi Hao shouted loudly. With such an enormous heap of treasure before him, if he didn’t obtain a single thing, then he would truly be losing out on too much.

At this moment, the devilish child revealed his own savage nature and began to wrestle against the small pagoda.

Of course, it was all futile. The little pagoda was extremely mysterious, and its divine might was shocking. How could it be shaken by someone with such a weak cultivation? It merely wobbled about to play along while heading towards the Green Luan’s headless corpse.

“This is mine, how could you be like this?!” Shi Hao became worried and threw himself outwards. He hugged the Green Luan’s corpse and used all his strength to pull it back.

Unfortunately, he still lost in the end. He couldn’t trump the little pagoda and could only watch with his eyes wide open as everything was sucked into the pagoda bit by bit. Its entire body was emitting a dazzling radiance.

The devilish brat began to sulk. This was the first time he had been completely defeated in his entire life, and in front of the little pagoda, he felt completely helpless.

As he watched the Green Luan completely disappear, he furiously shouted, “Little pagoda, you’re too much! You didn’t even behind a single feather for me!”

The previously ‘savage’ and miserly devilish brat was left with absolutely nothing. This naturally made him feel extremely disgruntled. He cried out continuously and expressed his discontent.

“Two supreme experts that were as large as small mountains were completely devoured by you in the end. Are you not scared of bursting?!”

As these words were spoken, the Green Luan disappeared. Even the last part of the corpse vanished, leaving nothing behind.

Shi Hao was absolutely furious. His small face was scrunched up as he grinded his teeth. “You didn’t even leave a hair behind. Too excessive!’

The small pagoda shrunk and returned to its original state. It was glossy and sparkling white as it spun around in the air.

Following that, a single bird feather fluttered down. It descended from the pagoda and sprinkled out specks of light.

Shi Hao widened his eyes, and then stomped in anger. “You… are too shameful! Did you really leave behind only a feather for me?!”

The devilish brat was beyond angry at this point. He grabbed the small pagoda and began to bite it with all his strength. He never met such an evil fellow before. He said that it didn’t even leave a feather for him, so to retort him, it truly left behind a single feather.

“Fight me to the death!” Shi Hao bared his fangs as he grabbed the small pagoda and shoved it towards his mouth. His teeth were pure white, and they made gazhi gazhi grinding sounds.

“Aiyou, it hurts!” Shi Hao shouted. He didn’t end up chewing through anything. From the silt in the immortal spring to the spider leg, he had always been able to crush them with kacha kacha sounds, but right now, his teeth were sore from biting.

The devilish brat held his cheeks as he fumed with rage. He stared at the small pagoda with his eyes wide open. He really wanted to throw it onto the ground and stomp on it with his feet.

However, every time he threw it out, the little pagoda would always suspend itself in midair and not fall at all, leaving him at his wit’s end.

“Little pagoda, you really leaving me heartbroken. You really are mean!” Shi Hao was extremely angry. He sat on the ground while panting with rage and no longer paid it any attention.

“Didn’t I leave you a feather?” The little pagoda wobbled over and asked.

“You still dare, you still dare to say that!” The devilish brat flipped out. He grabbed it and once again chewed on it. However, it was still useless. He said furiously, “You can’t anger me like this!”

“This is a feather from a divine bird. It’s quite excellent.” The little pagoda said in a soft voice.

“Ah pei, I want to eat you!’ The devilish brat used this kind of way to demonstrate his discontent.

“Don’t be too anxious. This isn’t a normal feather. It has accompanied the Green Luan its entire life and developed until now. It is a precious feather that has never fallen off or been replaced,” the little pagoda said.

When Shi Hao heard this, he turned around and said, “So what? Isn’t it still only a feather? The primitive symbol bone and other good things were all devoured by you. You have to compensate and teach me a great divine ability.”

The little pagoda wobbled about, as if it had eaten a great feast. “I don’t really have any divine abilities to teach.”

“Who are you trying to fool?! I’ve seen you eat so many divine birds and vicious beasts. Otherwise, where did you get so many imprints? There’s now a spider and Green Luan imprint, and there is no lack of imprints that are clearly more powerful. There’s so many of them!” Shi Hao had sharp eyes and noticed these things a while ago.

However, all of those imprints had been restrained. Only when the small pagoda displayed its might could they be seen.

“It only proves that I am gravely wounded. Those are all cracks that need to be mended with other materials,” replied the little pagoda.

It soon returned to its original topic, informing Shi Hao that this feather was truly quite extraordinary. It had gathered the Green Luan’s blood essence and was nourished into a divine feather.

“Of all the feathers on its body, only this one is extraordinary. It is worthy of being a true divine luan’s precious feather. It possesses the aura of its ancestors.”

“Really?” Shi Hao was doubtful as he picked up the feather from the ground. He realized that it was extremely light in his hand, as if he wasn’t holding anything at all. It didn’t possess a single unique trait.

He immediately gnawed his teeth and felt like he was tricked. How could a divine feather be like this? Didn’t they say that a single feather from a supreme being could crush a group of experts to death?

“This is its natural state. There are some vicious beasts and divine birds that made their flesh, skin, and hair tough and heavy, but that is not necessarily a good thing. Meanwhile, this feather is extremely natural. You will see once you use your strength to wave it around.”

This feather had returned to its natural state, being only a foot or so in length. However, when it made contact with something, keng qiang sounds would ring out, as if it metal was being struck. It flowed with brilliant light and vibrant colors.

Shi Hao lightly waved it around, and with a shua sound, a resplendent blade energy hacked out. Wuwu sound rang out, as if it sliced apart space itself. It was extremely powerful.

Shi Hao was shocked. This feather really wasn’t simple. When it was waved around, green radiance would erupt. Just the oppressive sword energy itself was powerful enough to shatter many precious artifacts.

“It’s still just a feather in the end. When I’m fighting someone, I can’t really fight by fiddling with a feather, right?” Shi Hao asked.

“It’s a good material. You can hold onto it and use it to refine a weapon in the future,” said the small pagoda. It even mentioned the reason why the feather was unordinary.

Based on what it said, this was what was known as a primordial true feather. It contained the essence of a divine bird’s existence, and was the only feather that was connected to the primordial symbol bone.

Within it were primordial symbols, but it obviously couldn’t be studied like a primordial symbol bone. However, it was similar to a natural primordial precious artifact.

“A precious feather that grows together with a bone? This isn’t bad.” Shi Hao finally released some of his tension.

“What should I do in the future?” He placed the feather into his hair, making him seem even more like a wasteland aboriginal. However, his large eyes were bright, and his aura was intimidating.

“It can be used to refine a Five Bird Fan. It will be difficult to predict just how powerful it will be in the future,” said the little pagoda.

Shi Hao was shocked. During the ancient era, there were many prominent killing formations, such as the heaven and earth pouch, Heaven Transforming Bowl, and other heaven defying items.

He carefully thought back to what he saw in the ancient texts and recalled that the Five Bird Fan was ranked among them. Once refined, it would display a power rarely seen in this world. With just a gentle fan, mountains would turn to ashes and boundless lakes and rivers would evaporate. It was a scene difficult to imagine.

Based on what the small pagoda said, this divine feather could be one of its materials. As its name implied, the Five Bird Fan needs five kinds of divine feathers. If he wanted to create it, he still needed four more.

After Shi Hao heard this, he calmed down considerably. Otherwise, he truly would have gone mad after seeing the pagoda only leave behind a feather after devouring two supreme experts.

“You have to guide me in the refinement of the Five Bird Fan.”

“That should not be a problem. It can be seeked out, as there should still be some rare secrets recorded within some great sects. The only thing missing are the divine feathers,” the little pagoda said.

“Remember, during the refinement process, other feathers could be used as substitutes, but in order to display the greatest power, it is best if a divine bird’s primordial true feather is used,” added the little pagoda.

Shi Hao remembered something. He searched about within his bosom; what happened to that fiery red feather? It was something little red left behind for him in the village, giving him a longing feeling.

“Little red is still over there, I wonder if I could pluck a feather, or… If this one is the primordial true feather, then that would be perfect.”

In the distance, a small red bird was lazing about. It was currently resting within an ancient tree that towered into the heavens above a sea of flames. It suddenly felt a cold tremor for some reason.

“That bastard must be thinking something bad about me. You better not let me find out what it is!” At its degree of cultivation, it was naturally quite sensitive to such things. Sometimes, it would have some real premonitions.

All of the light faded, and the divine platform could no longer be seen. The white and sparkling small pagoda once again hung from Shi Hao’s hair. It seemed like a jade accessory and was barely noticeable.

He appeared before everyone’s eyes, and in the military arena, he was the only one that could be seen. Regardless of whether it was the demonic spider or the Green Luan, they had both completely disappeared. This place was in completely quiet and tranquil to the extreme.

“Older sis, older sis, did he really kill the Green Luan supreme expert? So powerful!” Finally the silence was broken by a little girl. This five or six year old girl came from the Archaic Divine Mountains and was snuggling up to a young lady. She extremely naive, and her innocent words carried no harm.

In the next moment, the entire place erupted with commotion!

Shi Hao had killed the Black Eyed Green Demonic Spider and the divine bird Green Luan! These were two outstanding supreme experts well known within the wasteland region. They could look down on everyone else, yet they fell in this battlefield.

He was still just a single teenager a bit older than ten, yet he killed two supreme experts. Once news of this spread, who would believe such a thing? This would definitely shake the world.

Everyone knew that he might have summoned some departed soul or heroic spirit and that this was not actually him fighting, but the results were the most important. He was the one alive, and the two supreme experts were killed.

The military arena outside the capital erupted into commotion. Countless discussion arose, as if a flame was ignited.

“You brat, how did you do it? You really know how to make others worried. Good thing you’re unharmed.” Huo Ling’er’s elegant figure moved about. She was extremely confused and could not figure out how Shi Hao brought about this kind of result.

On the other side, the creatures from the Archaic Divine Mountains all felt their faces turn ugly. They were completely silent. Was this human youngster born to restrain the divine mountains?

The purple-clothed Yun Xi couldn’t calm down either. As she gazed forward, she opened her mouth, but none of what she wanted to say came out.

“This fellow is too powerful! How did he do it?” Beside her, Yin Xue muttered.

“The Human Emperor bestows wine!” Right at that time, within the central heavenly palace, someone walked over while carrying a jade plate. On top of it was a Nine Dragons Cup, and nine different divine streaks of multicolored light were circling about. The wine fragrance assailed everyone’s nostrils.

Everyone’s expressions changed. This Nine Dragons Cup was not something that anyone could use. Normally, only a few talented individuals would be bestowed wine like this, and not even characters like princes were guaranteed such an opportunity.

What did this represent? Did the Human Emperor see something in this youngster? It was likely that he was now included as one of the heirs! Such a possibility created a huge sensation.

“Even though it was quite clear that a fellow like you still had some trump cards, killing two supreme experts like this still gave me quite a shock. You are quite dangerous, and in the future, I need to be more careful.” The heavenly fox fairy walked over. Her sparkling white charming face carried a smiling expression. Her appearance was simply out of this world.

On the other side, fairy Yue Chan also appeared and said, “He is my Heaven Mending Sect’s disciple.”

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