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Chapter 320 – Little Devil

Things became chaotic in the martial arena after the supreme expert from Green Sky Divine Mountain bellowed, and many of the young people there were shaken. The crowd was absolutely terrified.

However, the teenager in the middle showed no sign of restraining himself and continued challenging his opponent. He pointed at the sky and threatened to trample on the supreme experts’ butts. This was just too ridiculously arrogant.

The crowd dared not comment, for they were afraid of bringing trouble onto themselves. They kept their mouths shut and pondered in silence. What was he trying to achieve? Hadn’t he provoked enough hatred already?

The sky rumbled, and a giant grey hand with streaks running through it reached down. The hand was endlessly vast, covering the heaven and earth. It was as if the sky itself was falling down, shocking everyone!

The Green Sky supreme expert had made his move, trying to crush Shi Hao in his palm. The dignity of Archaic Divine Mountains’ mighty experts could not be desecrated. They had never considered taking Shi Hao alive.

However, the arena illuminated on its own at that instant. The light surged on, forming a sea of stars. As the giant stars turned and rumbled into movement one after another, a new world of stars seemed to be created!

“Heavens, what is that?” The crowd cried out in shock, and even their souls were shaken.

The great stars sounded like thunder, and an innumerable number of them lined the heavens. They formed a boundless river of stars to block that enormous hand. It couldn’t descend at all.

“Stone Clan, what is the meaning of this?” Green Sky Divine Mountain’s expert shouted.

“Supreme expert, this is one of the palace’s internal ancient formations. As soon as it senses danger, it would activate. Your power is too great.” At that time, an imperial bodyguard who was extremely aged spoke in a tone that was neither servile nor overbearing.

“Stone Emperor, I demand an explanation. Am I not allowed to kill even a single human?!” Green Sky Divine Mountain’s supreme expert was absolutely furious. He didn’t pay any attention to the imperial bodyguard, as if talking to him would bring disgrace to his identity. He directly vented his rage at the Stone Country’s human emperor.

“You want me to give you an explanation?!” A dignified voice rumbled like thunder, shaking the entire imperial capital. It was even louder than that of the green sky supreme expert.

“Supreme expert, this is my Stone Clan imperial palace. Once power exceeding that of the noble king level appears, it will activate to preserve the safety of this place. There are clear-cut rules in place.” It was the imperial bodyguard that spoke. Gray clothes covered his body as he calmly replied.

This was the central location of a country, and all of the clan’s imperial family lived here. If supreme experts were allowed to casually take action, then a single attack might destroy many of the clan’s upper level figures.

Moreover, the scripture pavilion, precious artifact treasury, ancient medicine hall, and others were all located here. If this place was destroyed, then those parts would suffer as well.

Confrontations were allowed here, so a martial arena was set up. However, a strict power restriction was in effect that prevented power that could threaten the imperial city to appear.

“Stone Emperor, I want to kill him. Could it be that you are stopping me?” Green Sky Divine Mountain’s supreme expert shouted.

“Are you trying to destroy the foundation set by my clan’s ancestors?” Stone Emperor coldly asked. His voice came from the central heavenly temple, and countless rays of golden light erupted.

“What does a puny human count for? He dares to insult me, so he must be killed!” The green sky supreme expert coldly spoke.

When these words were spoken, many human cultivators frowned and felt discontent. Even though the human race had declined, speaking like this in front of Stone Emperor’s face was a bit too unbridled.

“Stone Emperor, why do you continue to shield that insignificant ant? He continued to provoke others again and again, disgracing the dignity of supreme experts. He should be executed.” Right at that time, another voice sounded.

Everyone sucked in a cold breath of air. Many people could tell that this was the large spider from the Demonic Spirit Lake. It was a terrifying mature pure-blooded creature with an astonishing background.

“I have already said that this was a rule set by an ancestor after his divine flame was ignited. Are you all trying to disgrace my Stone Clan’s ancestor?” Stone Emperor’s voice was even louder, and the entire heavenly temple erupted in endless golden light. It was as if a golden sun had lit up this entire place.

At the same time, the old imperial bodyguard spoke. “Supreme experts, please do not make things difficult for the emperor.”

“So what if I still insist on killing that measly human?” Green Sky Divine Mountain’s supreme expert shouted coldly.

“Then you are challenging the prestige of the Stone Clan, and you will be eliminated by the Great Deity Refining formation.” The imperial bodyguard calmly said.

Everyone became alarmed. This response was naturally accepted tacitly by the Stone Emperor. It seemed as if a shockingly great battle was going to take place.

At this time, Shi Hao opened his mouth. “Human Emperor, today is your birthday, and I wish you a long life and heavenly blessing. The things that happened are all because of me, so it naturally should be solved by me. Let them come! Do you think my Supreme Palace is that easy to bully? He bestowed an ancient sacred weapon to his descendant to kill me, so his intentions are clear, yet he still dares to hypocritically say that I provoked him. Today, not only am I going to trample on his butt, but I am going to step on his old and wrinkled face!”

When everyone heard this, they all became stupefied. His words were becoming more and more fierce, and his arrogance was truly through the heavens. He was completely fearless against these supreme experts!

“There is still that big-headed spider. You’ve taken advantage of my Stone Clan and provoked my grandfather, forcing him to leave. Today, not only am I going to trample on your ass, I am also going to chop off your eight legs. I want to see how threatening and arrogant you will appear then!”

Everyone felt dizzy. This fellow was mad, and there was no saving him. The Stone Emperor already tried his best to quell the situation, so why did he reveal his anger instead?

This… Everyone was speechless.

“You are just a human at Spirit Transformation realm and less than a moth or dust in front of my eyes. Killing you isn’t any different from trampling a maggot to death!” A demonic spider appeared. It was even bigger than a mountain as it towered into the heavens. It was incomparably terrifying, and the aura it released was shocking!

“You might as well be farting out of your mouth. Big spider, why don’t you get your ass over here and let me trample on it!” Shi Hao challenged without any fear.

This scene stupefied everyone. They could see that he was truly challenging the supreme experts. He wasn’t displaying false strength, but it was still a bit too inconceivable. What kind of odds were they talking about here?

“My Supreme Palace cannot be disgraced. Come!” Shi Hao issued his challenge.

Everyone stared blankly. This was not the first time he brought up this name, and many people were amazed. Didn’t he come from the Heaven Mending Pavilion? So what kind of relationship did he have with this Supreme Palace?

“Supreme Palace is from outside this region. Every generation, there would only be one disciple, but they would always become a world-changing supreme expert!” Someone said softly. Their voice wasn’t loud, but it made many outstanding talents tremble inwardly.


The archaic demonic spider took action. An enormous spider leg descended, and waves of demonic might erupted. Black mist overflowed into the heavens.

However, the imperial palace’s great formation was extremely terrifying

“Demonic spider, are you going to overstep your boundaries?” Stone Emperor’s voice sounded, and it was even more dignified now. The radiance from the central heavenly temple was even more terrifying now, as if a great golden flame had been ignited, engulfing high into the sky.

At this moment, everyone kept quiet out of fear. Meanwhile, the creatures from the Archaic Divine Mountains were all moved. Why did the golden flames make their hearts beat so heavily?

“Supreme expert, if you violate my clan’s ancestral regulations, then don’t blame us for being rude. The Great Deity Refining Formation will be used to defeat you.” The imperial bodyguard spoke.

“Martial friend, it’s better to back off. Why are you arguing with a younger generation so angrily? Just go back and devour some giant cities or bloody prey to quell your anger.”

When these words were spoken, there wasn’t single person whose expression didn’t change.

This was a supreme expert that was trying to get the demonic spider to exit the stage. At the same time, it was spoken rather fiercely. If something happened here, then they definitely wouldn’t be able to avoid a great disaster. Who knew when such a calamity would end?

“Fine, I’ll go back now and discuss this later.” The archaic demonic spider backed off and returned to a palace. It did not pay a visit to the Stone Emperor.

The Green Sky Divine Mountain’s supreme expert also left with the sacred weapon. He did not continue to confront Shi Hao.

The devilish brat was incredibly regretful. Why was he stopped again? He was unsatisfied and said, “We will settle the matters here outside the palace. You two, wash yourselves clean and wait for me to behead you!”

This really was a little devil. Many people were speechless. Why was he not scared of heaven or earth and dared to provoke anyone?!

“Fine, then this matter will wait. This old one wants to see what a speck of dust like you can stir up and whether you really can knock down a star from the sky.” The archaic demonic spider replied with an angry laugh.

“It has been many years since someone spoke like this to me. This old one also wants to see whether or not this so called Supreme Palace’s disciple is the real deal. I want to see if you can really display a world-changing cultivation!” Green Sky Divine Mountain’s supreme expert also shouted coldly.

The two supreme experts’ killing intent was extremely dense, and they firmly decided to eliminate him.

A commotion broke out among everyone. A tremendous storm was brewing, and everyone was looking forward to it. They wanted the birthday to quickly end so they could glimpse at the impending volatile situation.

Everyone had a vague feeling that Shi Hao might actually have some kind of help, or else how would he dare challenge those two supreme experts? Could it be that there really was a Supreme Palace behind him, and his teacher was coming?

Otherwise, he was definitely insane!

Shi Hao’s expression was relaxed as he left the martial arena. It didn’t seem like he just left a great battle at all, still acting casually. He strolled around, as if he was walking a dog.

Or in better words, he was leading along a small wolf. He wandered around all over the place in an absolutely carefree manner, as if he didn’t care much about the upcoming great battle against those supreme experts.

“You… really are too crazy. What are you going to do later?” Huo Ling’er came back from offering her congratulations and began to nag about. Her graceful physique was a head taller than others. She had a small waist, and together with a beautiful pure white face, her appearance was incredibly moving. Only, at the moment, there was a bit of worry in her expression.

This fellow never seemed to calm down. No matter where he went, he would always stir up some trouble. Huo Ling’er cursed silently at this trouble-stirring brat.

However, after thinking it over carefully, she realized that this fellow never suffered any real losses. He would always only flip out in anger when he knew he had the strength to suppress others, but this time, it was completely different. These were two supreme experts!

“If you don’t have a plan, then you need to quickly escape.” Huo Ling’er spoke quietly. She looked left and right before transmitting sound mentally. “I still have the Void Beast skin my father left with me. You can use it to hide in the void and escape the capital. You might be able to escape this tragedy.”

“Who am I? A heaven warping divine talent who is just and honorable. Why do I need to leave? In a bit, I’ll beat them until they piss their pants in terror and beg for their lives.” Shi Hao didn’t mind it at all and continued to accompany the small wolf as if he was walking a dog.

“You…” Huo Ling’er didn’t want to bother with him any more. This fellow was so relaxed! Did he not know how terrifying a supreme expert was? A single finger could kill him a hundred times over.

A few youngsters from the Archaic Divine Mountains watched from the distance while conversing quietly. They were also extremely bewildered. What kind of backing did he have that gave him the confidence to challenge supreme experts?”

At this time, the pure-clothed Yun Xi also gracefully walked over. Her magnificent style was unmatched in this generation, and her beauty could cause a city’s downfall. A wisp of purple smoke seemed to envelop her body, making her astonishing beauty seem hazy.

Yin Xue accompanied her at the side, appearing lively. She was also extremely beautiful.

“Don’t tell me you are here for my divine armguard. I still need it to protect my life. If you want to get it back by threatening me, then I definitely won’t give it up.” Shi Hao said.

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