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Chapter 321 – Oppressive Pure-Blooded Creature

“The divine creature’s armguard artifact is a precious object passed down within my clan, so it absolutely cannot be lost. It can be lent to you this time, but if you survive this, then you must return it to me,” the purple-clothed Yun Xi said.

“I thought that you were going to gift me the original armguard or give me something else that I could use to kill the great demonic spider and the other creatures from Green Sky Divine Mountain. This is really disappointing…” Shi Hao said.

Yun Xi was so hateful that the roots of her teeth were aching. Why did this fellow always think he was so great? To kill both supreme experts, did he think this was the Northern Sea Kun Peng nest?

Moreover, he got the armguard through blackmail, so why would she give him something else?

When the purple-clothed girl Yun Xi thought back to how he wrestled noisily on the ground and chewed on her ear, her entire body felt uncomfortable. It was as if a small bug was crawling all over her perfect body.

“Why is your skin so thick?” Yin Xue muttered.

“How do you know my skin is thick? It’s not like you felt it before.” Shi Hao said while shooting her a look. Then, he stared at the purple-clothed girl’s sparkling ear.

“Your skin really is thick.” The purple-haired girl Yun Xi supplemented.

“Nonsense, if you don’t know, then don’t talk nonsense. My skin is the thinnest, and all of yours are thicker than mine. If you don’t believe me, then we can mutually feel about to compare.”

From the distance, the groups of people were completely stupefied.

Disgraceful… Many young males were cursing silently. This devilish brat was really shameful and was too much.

Yun Xi and Yin Xue both stared at him. They had never seen someone who acted so brazenly. Meanwhile, this fellow was actually hurrying over and reaching out to touch them!

“Go die, go die!” The two shrieked while backing up, and their faces were thoroughly red.

“Junior Sister, look, their skin is thicker than mine, right? They don’t even want me to touch them, so they are clearly lacking in confidence!” Shi Hao turned around and said to Huo Ling’er.

Everyone was speechless. This fellow truly angered humans and gods alike! The youngsters from the Archaic Divine Mountains seemed like they drank demon blood and were going crazy. They wanted to charge over, because their goddesses were being sexually harassed. This was more than what they could bear.

However, no one dared to rush in recklessly, because they knew that this fellow was too savage. Just now, the gray-haired youngster’s group had their butts trampled into mush, and they were the best ‘example.’

“The armguard… return it to me afterwards,” said the purple-clothed girl.

Shi Hao shot her a look and said, “If I am killed in battle and the supreme expert takes away my armguard, then it will definitely be returned to your Heavenly Divine Mountain. After all, you all are old acquaintances. Right now, you want me to make a promise that I have to return it to you if I live. Hm, this really is a good plan, since no matter what, you will have it back after. However, why should I do that? The armguard was collateral, and in the end, you guys didn’t keep your promise, so it’s mine. When you have time in the future, gift me the original thing too.”

Yun Xi grinded her teeth. This fellow truly did not listen to other people and was not willing to be on the losing end even a little bit. He was incredibly annoying, but she had no choice, because this armguard was an ancient object from Heavenly Divine Mountain. It possessed great significance and couldn’t fall into the hands of an outsider.

“I have a Divine Movement Talisman here that I can give you. Give the armguard back to me and quickly flee. You are definitely not the two supreme experts’ opponent, and it would be useless even if you had a real divine artifact. The difference between your cultivation levels is too great.” The purple clothed girl offered her advice.

“Do I look like a pushover to you? It’s not my style to run. With the armguard in hand, everything under the heavens is mine. Just watch, I am going to make those two supreme experts cry for their mom and dad.” Shi Hao was extremely confident.

Not far away, those youngsters from the Archaic Divine Mountains heard everything word for word. They all became dumbstruck one after another. This fellow’s confidence was ridiculous? Did he understand what he was saying?!

“Alright, we will stop talking about the armguard now. Unless you protect my village in my place, don’t ask me about it anymore.” Shi Hao rejected her and continued to walk the little wolf.

Everyone stared blankly one after another. This fellow even dared to bully goddesses. Protect a village? Why did it sound like he was subduing an archaic vicious beast?!

Yun Xi and Yin Xue were naturally furious. They wanted to give him a beating together, but they felt like they weren’t strong enough.

The banquet began, and delicious dishes and fragrant wines were arranged on the jade tables. They didn’t even drink any yet, but the smell already almost made them intoxicated. The wine was viscous and sparkling.

Huo Ling’er’s identity was extraordinary, so she was able to sit within the central heavenly palace since she represented the Fire Emperor. However, she decided to sit outside next to Shi Hao’s table, because she was more familiar with the devilish brat.

“There’s not enough to eat! Bring over another serving.” Shi Hao shouted, and they brought over exquisite dishes to the jade table one after another. There were great dishes spread all over , but he quickly ate them clean. The palace maids bringing food and drinks smiled.

“How can you eat so much?” Huo Ling’er began to regret sitting next to him. This was just too humiliating.

“Is self-service allowed? Can I roast some random vicious beast here? There’ll be enough food for me then,” Shi Hao said.

“Can you lower your voice?” Huo Ling’er looked left and right in embarrassment.

“What is there to be scared of?” Shi Hao muttered. He brought out the Heaven Transforming Bowl. A flame was ignited within his palm, and a weak miserable cry immediately sounded from within.

“How disgusting are you? You are actually roasting a spider to eat!” Huo Ling’er was given a fright. That kind of sight greatly affected her appetite.

“What do you know? This is a pure blood, an important medicine used for refining divine pills.” Shi Hao replied in dissatisfaction.

“A pure-blooded demonic spider’s toxicity is terrifying. If you don’t properly process it and eat it randomly, then not even a heavenly deity could save you,” Huo Ling’er warned.

“Then forget it. I’ll use it to refine medicine later.”

Finally, the palace maid brought another table-full of dishes and satisfied his appetite a bit. This was not ordinary food, and they all contained large amounts of spiritual essence.

He drank one cup after another. The wine flavor was extremely rich, making him drunk. He almost forgot everything else.

“You still have a great battle coming up? I fear that you might collapse from drinking before you even fight against them.” Huo Ling’er was irritated as she reminded him.

“Don’t worry, I’ll trample on their butts in a bit.” The devilish brat drank extremely happily and even offered toasts towards the people around him, including the Rain Clan’s experts, Tuoba Clan’s people, and others.

These people truly thought they were unlucky, and their faces were ugly. They twisted their heads in the other direction and refused to look at him.

“Right, what kind of background does that Green Sky Divine Mountain’s supreme expert have? I haven’t provoked him before, so why did he pass down a sacred artifact to kill me through his descendant?” Shi Hao asked.

On the side, there were many people who were speechless. This fellow truly had the nerve to ask such a thing.

“Junior sister Yun Xi, what kind of background does that old fart from the Green Sky Divine Mountain have?” Shi Hao held a wine cup with both hands and walked into another region. The disciples of the archaic divine mountain children were here.

“You ate his descendant, yet you don’t even know who he is?” Yin Xue was shocked.

“That old fellow will hide his head and only show his tail, so how would I know? It’s not like I’ve ever met him before. Moreover, no one even knows what remote corner Green Sky Divine Mountain is hidden within…” Shi Hao said to himself.

The group all felt disgusted after hearing what he said. This was a magnificent Archaic Divine Mountain! Why did it seem lowly in his eyes? What corner? This… truly drove them crazy.

Within this region, all of the youngsters were children from Archaic Divine Mountains. Normally, they were always superior, but right now, they were all completely silenced by this devilish brat’s tone.

Among them, there was a young lady who was extremely dismayed and said to herself, “Turns out our divine mountain is so weak… Older sis lied to me, saying that we are the strongest clan under the heavens.” She was still quite young and only seemed five or six years old.

“Don’t listen to him speak nonsense. Our divine mountain is not weak, and there is only one weirdo like him in this world.” A young lady consoled her.

“Hey, fatty, what are you saying?” Shi Hao glanced over and stared at that young lady.

“You aren’t allowed to bully people here.” Yun Xi and Yin Xue both stood up, fearing that he might make a disturbance.

“I’m just asking casually! When did I bully anyone?” Shi Hao raised his hands.

Everyone began to feel more and more disgusted. They were pure-blooded creatures, the most powerful young talents in the wasteland region! Yet in the end, they were the ones being bullied. It really left a bad taste in their mouths.

“Green Sky Divine Mountain is where the divine birds reside in, and that supreme expert is the mysterious ancestor of Qing Yun who you ate in the Northern Seas.” In the end, someone informed him. They weren’t willing to continue wasting time with the devilish child here, because something unexpected might happen.

“Turns out it’s a mature pure-blooded Green Luan! I like this. I have to reconsider things when I return. I definitely have to preserve his body well and barbecue it!” Shi Hao spoke to himself.

Everyone immediately began to curse angrily.

This fellow was becoming more and more unreasonable the more he talked. Everyone was upset as they silently cursed. Was he really thinking about a supreme expert like a dish? Fortunately, they were going to see the result soon.

As for the human cultivators, they had long been frightened stiff. There were some young ladies whose gazes became even more passionate. They were all shocked as they saw the devilish child look down on the group of pure-blooded creatures.

Right at this moment, a loud laughter sounded. Several people passed through the large gates and arrived in front of this public square in front of the heavenly palace. The auras they released were astonishing and terrifying.

Soon after, a few pure-blooded creatures went up to welcome and greet them. They seemed incredibly enthusiastic.

These were pure-blooded creatures whose ages were somewhat older, ranging from twenty to thirty years old. They were all extremely formidable, and their vitality was surging. They gave others a stifling type of feeling.

“What? You dare to insult my ancestral grandfather? Where is this fellow who doesn’t know the difference between living and dying?!”

A golden-haired youngster sneered and swept his gaze through the crowd. They arrived late and only heard some information just now. Even his pupils were gold, and two terrifying streaks of light were shooting out from them. Moreover, his clothes were also as such, being completely golden.

His entire body was a dazzling gold. He quickly stared at Shi Hao and said, “Is it this fellow? Even a little fart like this who stinks of milk still dares to act so brazenly?”

With a hu sound, he rushed over, raising an incredible golden gale. It sliced at people’s faces like blades, and murderous energy surged, attacking at people’s souls.

He rushed over and sneered. “Say, who allowed you to do such a thing? Deliberately soiling my ancestral grandfather’s prestige, no one would do this even if they wanted to die.”

“Who are you?! Do you have some kind of sickness? Move to the side and stop being an eyesore.” Shi Hao shot him a few glances and didn’t pay him any attention.

When the golden-haired and golden-pupiled youngster heard this, his expression became even colder. In an awe-inspiring voice, he said, “No one would be able to save you. I am going to slowly dice you into a hundred pieces!”

The nearby people were astonished and a few of them began to quietly discuss among themselves.

“It’s someone from the Demonic Spirit Lake, a Golden Spider!”

“Golden Spiders are extremely rare and surpass normal demonic spiders. This is a an extremely powerful youngster among pure-blooded creatures!”

When Shi Hao heard those discussions, he immediately understood this individual’s identity. He immediately shot him a look of contempt and said, “Turns out that it’s some golden poisonous spider… Well I can’t eat you, so you’re completely useless to me. Go stay obediently on the side.”

“…” Everyone was stumped for words.

The Golden Spider was beyond furious. Ever since he was born, he had never been treated with such scorn by another. A wave of anger surged within his blood, and a wave of fury ignited. He was on the verge of exploding.

He was a pure-blooded creature, a powerful archaic Golden Spider, yet he was being looked down like this. It was simply unbearable.

“Alright, stop fussing around. The banquet is about to end, so just watch from the side. Later on, watch how I clean up your ancestral grandfather. At that time, you’ll be convinced.” Shi Hao patted his shoulder and spoke extremely calmly.

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