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Chapter 319 – Divine Left Armguard

“He’s running into an ancient sacred artifact!” Many people cried out in alarm. They noticed that Shi Hao had stamped on the ground and charged towards the shining magical weapon. The entire arena trembled under his feet.

The weapon was extremely bright. It was so dazzling that tears would cloud one’s eyes when they tried to look at it, and it hurt as if they were being stabbed by needles. It flew out quickly and smashed in midair with the youngster.

“Clear Sky Wheel!” Some people cried out in shock after recognizing the sacred artifact. It had a great reputation, and its power shone brilliantly during the ancient years.

Its body was a dazzling green, and it was in a circular shape. All types of symbols were carved on top, and countless streaks of divine multicolored light were being emitted. It was like a green sun that was covered in countless symbols, both powerful and terrifying.

This precious wheel originated from the Green Sky Divine Mountain, and it had killed many powerful individuals in the ancient era. It had bathed in the blood of many remarkable figures, and was known as an incredibly great killing artifact. After the passage of endless years, it was not damaged after all those great battles. It was still sparkling, translucent, and shockingly powerful.

Shi Hao faced the sky. His left arm shone, and symbols began to flourish. That arm became completely different, as if it was the arm of a deity. All types of symbols covered it densely as it struck towards the Green Sky Wheel.

“What? That’s… the aura of a deity!” Everyone was stupefied. They all stared blankly, and their hearts were greatly shaken.

An extremely unordinary aura surged, making everyone tremble. It wasn’t weaker than the Green Sky Wheel, and it even seemed more mysterious. The fluctuations that were released felt like a sea of stars.

Symbols poured down and spread from that arm. Shi Hao was wrapped up within, and it completely protected his body. It was almost as if every inch of his flesh was protected by the symbols of deities.

“What is this? How could such a strange sight appear?” The people couldn’t understand, and they stared without even blinking in fear of missing something.

An abnormal ringing sounded in the air, and soon after, the sacred weapon Green Sky Wheel was blasted away and sent flying. It flew high into the sky, and the radiance on the wheel began to flicker chaotically. Its symbols began to slowly disappear.

Meanwhile, on the other side, the savage child was also greatly shaken. The layer after layer of symbols covering his body that were releasing resplendent multicolored light were momentarily extinguished, but they lit up again soon after. It was an extremely shocking scene. His body flew out, and in the end, he smashed into the ground.

When Shi Hao fell onto the ground, the earth itself trembled. However, it was not destroyed, because the formation patterns below the ground activated to protect this enormous martial arena.

In the distance, the Green Sky Wheel’s radiance radiated. It went out several times, but in the end, it shone again. As it was suspended there, it seemed like a heavenly green sun.

“What is going on? He actually didn’t die and blocked a great ancient killing weapon?!”

Many people rubbed their eyes in disbelief. The devilish brat wasn’t killed or turned into ashes by this attack.

Blood trickled out from Shi Hao’s lips. He was injured, but it wasn’t a great hinderance. His body was completely covered in mysterious symbols that extended from his left arm.

“So powerful! This thing really is not bad!” He was quite satisfied. He adjusted his breathing a bit and recovered. His fighting ability hadn’t been affected. He looked in front of him.

When everyone witnessed this result, there was immediately an uproar. This was just too ridiculous! He faced an ancient sacred weapon head on, yet he still seemed perfectly fine.

In the distance, that gray-haired youngster’s face became ashen, and he was breathing heavily. This was a sacred weapon, moreover one whose name once greatly shook the ancient times. Once it was truly activated and revived, it required an endless amount of divine force, so it left him completely empty.

However, this was the result. He simply couldn’t believe that he wasn’t able to take that human youngster’s life.

“This is the freaking Green Sky Wheel!” He cried out loudly. There were a few great individuals in the ancient era who were killed, yet how could a mere youngster at the Spiritual Transformation Realm survive?

“You don’t have the strength to utilize the Green Sky Wheel.” Shi Hao spoke in a soft voice. He took large steps forward and approached the gray-haired youngster.

“Something is still wrong. You… how could you still be alive? You also have an undamaged ancient sacred weapon in your arm!” He began to take steps backwards.

Shi Hao charged forward and quickly shortened the distance between them to suppress him. After all, he had barely avoided a disaster just now, so there was a wave of anger within him. He now already knew that it was the Green Sky Divine Mountain’s people that wanted him dead.

An undamaged ancient sacred weapon could easily erase him, so if it wasn’t for the fact that he had a mysterious precious artifact within his body, he definitely would have been in trouble.

“Green Sky Wheel, kill him!” The gray-haired youngster shouted loudly and once again forcefully activated the precious wheel in the sky. The green sun quickly swooped down.

Divine light erupted fiercely from his eyes. He was forced to halt his movements. That sacred artifact was too powerful, so he couldn’t hold back. He once again lifted his left arm, and a brilliant radiance immediately erupted.

“Armguard… It’s a brilliant armguard!” Everyone finally recognized that what had merged with his arm was a strange magical artifact.

The armguard was extremely vague and indistinct, as if it had fused together with his flesh. It was buried within his flesh, and densely-packed symbols were interweaving brilliantly.

“Why do I feel like it is similar to Heavenly Divine Mountain’s magical artifact?” Someone said in a soft voice.

“Right, I also feel like it is.” A youngster that came from the Archaic Divine Mountains also spoke softly.

Quite a few people looked towards the purple-clothed Yun Xi and revealed looks of confusion. This was an artifact passed down through her ancestors, and it possessed extremely great power. How did it fall in the hands of another?


Shi Hao’s arm shone and he once again sent the Green Sky Wheel flying. Outside of the bit of blood that trickled out from the corner of his lips, he didn’t suffer much damage.

“Is this really a magical artifact from the Archaic Divine Mountains?!”

“It’s quite similar, only, it seems a bit special.”

The creatures that came from the Archaic Divine Mountains were absolutely bewildered.

Sure, Shi Hao was using an armguard that belonged to the Heavenly Divine Mountain, but it lacked a tangible form and was the artifact’s soul that had been extorted out within the Void God Realm.

Back then, the grandfather of the purple-clothed Yun Xi wanted to invite Shi Hao to the Northern Sea, but he wasn’t willing to risk being killed by them once he was no longer  useful. As a result, he took this precious artifact as collateral.

This was only the soul of an armguard, and would be useless even when brought out from the Void God Realm. However, Shi Hao had fused it with his arm and used his flesh as a medium. This was why he was able to release such terrifying power.

Heavenly Divine Mountain was a well known place within the restricted land. One could see from its name alone that many true deities had originated from it during the archaic era. Its magical artifacts were naturally powerful.

“If not for the fact that the Heavenly Divine Mountain’s magical artifact was in a strange state, the Green Sky Wheel might have been broken.” Someone said in a soft voice.

The purple-clothed girl Yun Xi was helpless. The fact that this magical artifact ended up in the devilish brat’s hands was truly an old headache that returned. If she wanted to bring it back, then the only way was to bring him back alive.

At this time, the gray-haired youngster’s body began to shake unsteadily. He couldn’t hold on any longer, because he had used up everything he had to activate the magical artifact. At this moment, his body couldn’t bear it anymore because he had exhausted too much energy.

He still wanted to release another strike, but Shi Hao didn’t give him the chance. A streak of light rushed over as Shi Hao forcefully suppressed his opponent.

Shi Hao had also exhausted quite a bit of energy, because this was still, after all, a divine magical artifact. Even though it was just a weapon’s soul, it still required a shocking amount of energy. However, he had ten heavenly passages, so the amount of divine force he possessed far surpassed that of others.


The gray-haired youngster resisted, but how could he block the opponent’s arm? With a wenglong sound, he was suppressed. Divine energy filled this place, and he was swept out. Large mouthfuls of blood flew out from his mouth.

While he was still flying through the air, Shi Hao pursued closely. His leg descended from midair, striking down onto the gray-haired youngster’s body and smashing it all the way into the martial arena.

Ka cha sounds rang out. Forget about the gray-haired youngster, even those listening could feel the great pain. Bones were broken all over his body.

“Let me go!” The gray-haired youngster cried out loudly.

“You still want to get up?” Shi Hao raised his hand to strike him down. His opponent clearly wanted to get rid of him, so how could he show any mercy?

“Cough…” From the distance, an elder coughed, and an imperial bodyguard appeared. “Stone Emperor has ordered that confrontations can be held, but no lives should be taken.”

Shi Hao thought about it and nodded. This was Stone Emperor’s birthday after all, so it wasn’t too good to kill several people. As a result, Shi Hao did not kill him.

The gray-haired youngster was about to get up, but Shi Hao kicked him and sent him flying. “Not killing you does not mean that I’m letting you go.”

Soon after, everyone became completely stupefied. Shi Hao violently trampled on the gray-haired youngster’s butt, causing the bones all over his body to violently crack. He was about to be permanently crippled.

The gray-haired youngster cried out miserably. This was an absolute humiliation, making him lose his mind. A creature from the glorious Archaic Divine Mountain was having their buttocks trampled on, moreover in front of so many people’s faces! What kind of face would he have left in the future?

“There are still you three.” Shi Hao pointed. As a result, those three youngsters were so scared that they frantically took to their heels, never again showing the coldness they possessed not long ago. They were completely terrified.


But in the end, not a single one could escape. Shi Hao’s speed was too fast, and he used the divine magical artifact to suppress them. Then, he released his ten heavenly passages to freeze them in place. One kick per person, shattering their backs.

“Ah…” The three people cried out miserably. It felt like their hearts were being torn and their lungs were splitting apart. The most important part however, was that it was just too embarrassing.

Shi Hao ignored their blood-curdling screeching and trampled on their bottoms like they were rolling gourds. Pi pa sounds rang from their bodies, and every single one of them became deformed as their bones fractured.

Everyone sighed. These fellows were finished. A shadow would most likely be cast over their hearts for the rest of their lives. They could have provoked anyone, but they decided to seek out the savage child, bringing misery upon themselves.

The young human boys and girls were all shocked, and they covered their mouths one after another. Shi Hao was just too tyrannical! He wasn’t all talk, and he trampled on these pure-blooded creatures until they rolled all over the ground.

This… made all of them speechless. Normally, they wouldn’t even dare to think about such a thing, yet in front of a mere teenager, such powerful races were completely toyed around with.

“This fellow is truly formidable. Right, does he have a fiancée?”

“Qie, keep dreaming, you starry-eyed girl. That fellow can even beat up creatures from the Archaic Divine Mountains. Do you really think that he wants to marry people from clans like yours?”

“You are the starry-eyed one…”

The battle ended, and several people were brought away in states that were simply too tragic. They even had their bottoms trampled on like this, becoming the laughingstock of this celebration.

“It can only be blamed on their bad luck. They never expected the other side to have a magical artifact from the Heavenly Divine Mountain.”

In reality, if Shi Hao did not have this kind of precious artifact, with his current cultivation, even if his talents were world-shaking, he would still have fallen under the ancient sacred weapon. The gray-haired youngster’s party would have truly had the chance to kill him.

“How could he have a magical artifact from Heavenly Divine Mountain?” Many people couldn’t figure out the answer to this question.

“A girl gifted it to me.” Shi Hao replied.

Everyone revealed strange expression, and they all looked at Yun Xi. They felt that there was something they were hiding, or else how could such a thing be randomly gifted out?

“You… what are you randomly spouting?!” Yun Xi was angered badly. A vein appeared on her pure-white forehead. So many people were watching, yet this fellow still dared to speak such nonsense.

“I didn’t speak nonsense though. The one who gifted it to me warned me again and again to never lose it, so I’ve protected it until this day,” Shi Hao said.

Following that, he didn’t pay them any attention and looked towards the Green Sky Wheel suspended within the air. It drew his attention.

Yun Xi was so angry that her beautiful face was completely flushed red, and even the roots of her teeth were aching. So many people were looking at her, demanding an explanation. She wouldn’t be able to clear herself of this filth even if she dove into the sea. This devilish brat was too hateful.

“Little demon, you dare to touch my magical artifact?” A cold voice rang over, shaking the martial arena. Everyone’s ears rang with weng weng sounds, and many of them almost collapsed on the spot.

“What old fart is shouting?” Shi Hao was extremely rude as he opposed this stranger with equal harshness.

“A measly grain of rice even dares to oppose the sun and moon. Truly reckless.” The cold voice fluctuated.

“Stop flaunting your age and come fight. I’ll trample on your butt!” Shi Hao shouted as if he wasn’t the least bit concerned.

With these words spoken, this entire place became silent. The crowd was petrified. What was this fellow saying? Did they hear wrong?!

Everyone was struck dumb. This fellow as going to trample on the butt of a supreme expert?

“You don’t know the height of the sky or the depth of the earth!” The voice was like lightning as it erupted within the martial arena, shaking many people until they coughed out blood.

“Just come already. Also, big headed spider, you should come at the same time. I’m going to trample on all your butts!” Shi Hao shouted.

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