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Chapter 314 – Unable to Fight

The great spider from the Demonic Spirit Lake had arrived. As expected, it came over at the crucial time. The entire sky was covered by dark clouds, startling the entire capital. Its divine might was incredibly far-reaching!

The great halberd in Shi Hao’s hand was raised, but it did not descend. Ferocious divine might undulated through the space around him, and he was under even greater pressure.

Below, Shi Ziteng’s face was completely pale. When he saw the heavenly disturbance, a flush of color returned to his face. He knew that this was the true body of the demonic spider. Once it took action, there would be no hope for those at the noble king realm. They would inevitably be crushed.

The entire capital became quiet as all sound vanished. The pressure here was absolutely crushing. An enormous spider appeared in the sky that was even larger than a mountain. It was malevolent and intimidating.

For the common people, this scene was just too horrifying. It was the same as seeing a Demonic Deity that descended from above. Who would even be able to oppose such a great archaic spider?

Forget about when it went berserk, just its aura at the moment could crush through everything. It could smash all the palaces and buildings into powder. Its mountainous body towered above everyone, as if an expert from the archaic era had revived!

Its gaze was extremely cold as it swept through everything below. He looked at Shi Hao with a shred of contempt. “Supreme youth? You would only be able to act so arrogant while you are still young. If you die early, then you would become nothing. Everything would vanish into thin air.”

Those ice-cold words, that mountain-sized body, as well as those endless fluctuations made the people below shiver with fear. They all felt like they were going to collapse at any moment.

The great demonic spider’s words were overbearing. Those words were equivalent to pronouncing the death sentence of that youngster, not giving him the chance to mature. It made everyone’s hearts tremble greatly and feel pity for Shi Hao.

This was originally a heaven warping genius, but in the end, he shone too brilliantly and brought about his own demise. Many people shook their heads in regret.

Shi Ziteng stood up. His expression returned to normal, and he wiped away some blood from his lips. He knew that everything was going to end here, because even if the Great Demonic God arrived, it would still be useless. This time, the true body of the archaic demonic spider had arrived.

“Demonic spider, have you forgotten that this is my capital? You’ve come to offer your birthday congratulations and develop friendly relations, which I welcome. However, I do not wish for you to cause a bloody disaster.”

A calm voice transmitted over that originated from the imperial capital.

Everyone was shaken. Even the Stone Emperor was stirred up, speaking words to intervene!

Everyone trembled inwardly. If these words sparked conflict, then it would be extremely terrifying. If those two experts fought, just how great would the external effects be? It was difficult to predict.

However, there was something that everyone was sure of. Once the battle started, if the Archaic Demonic Spider sucked in a breath, devouring thousands to tens of thousands of people wouldn’t even be a problem!

“Stone Emperor, I am merely reprimanding a human lightly. A youngster like this even dares to offend my Demonic Spirit Lake and imprison my people, so do I not have the authority to discipline him?” The archaic demonic spider spoke.

Within the capital, it still felt a bit of restraining fear. It knew that the Stone Clan had existed for a long time, and that once the Emperor Palace’s killing formation was activated, even a supreme expert would suffer.

Moreover, the human emperor himself was powerful enough. Sitting in a position like that, he had the entire country’s resources at his disposal. Like a sacrificial spirit, he had the fortune to undergo baptism under divine fire, so his cultivation was deep and immeasurable.

“He is a member of my Stone Clan, so if he has wronged you in any way, please allow me to discipline him. Demonic spider, there is no need for you to say anything else.” The voice from the Emperor Palace was imposing as it echoed through the skies.

At this moment, the various powers were all surprised to see the Human Emperor speak up like this himself. This was an act to protect and assist Shi Hao.

The crowd was full of wonder and astonishment. Did the Human Emperor see through his natural talent? Shi Hao was able to establish ten heavenly passages and rise to such greatness even after having his supreme being bone gouged out, surpassing all expectations. It was likely that he would rise and join the ranks of the divine.

The demonic spider did not say anything but instead descended. An enormous spider leg that was like a heaven supporting pillar dropped down onto the Martial Imperial Manor.


Suddenly, a golden sun appeared. It filled the heaven and earth, shaking the capital to block in front of the demonic spider. It made it so that the spider leg couldn’t help but retract.

The Human Emperor displayed his might!

Below, Shi Hao cried out bitterly inside. In reality, he didn’t want the human emperor to take action and wanted that demonic spider to come down. He was going to use one of the small pagoda’s ‘great power.’

Who would have expected the Human Emperor to descend at that time? Was it an act of cherishing talent? He actually blocked the demonic spider.

However, he couldn’t blurt these things out and could only express his gratitude. Otherwise, the demonic spider would definitely become vigilant. Even though he had the small pagoda in hand, he still wouldn’t necessarily be able to completely eliminate the spider.

“I hope that you will not take action and refrain from drawing blood here.” The Human Emperor’s words were extremely calm, but it made the souls of others tremble. There was a type of overbearing pressure that could be felt.

“Since you are the master of Stone Country and have spoken these words, I will give you face,” the demonic spider said.

“Everything will be settled with this.” Sound was transmitted from the golden sun, making everyone from the Martial Imperial Manor tremble.

In the end, the great demonic spider and the Human Emperor left, and a fight did not unfold.

The enormous pressure from the heavens disappeared, and everyone released a breath of relief. The pressure that a mature pure-blooded creature like that gave off was just too terrifying.

Everyone began to discuss one after another, feeling that Shi Hao truly barely avoided a tragedy this time around. Shi Hao himself was the only one that sighed and felt that it was a missed opportunity.

Soon after, his brows loosened up. There was going to be an even greater opportunity, since the Human Emperor’s birthday was already coming up. At that time, there would be other creatures from the Archaic Divine Mountains, and if they also made things difficult for him, then it would be the perfect time to clean them up in one go!

The capital erupted with commotion, and there was discussion everywhere. Shi Hao had created an extremely great disturbance.

WIth his identity exposed, there were no longer any secrets about his background. Everyone finally knew about the savage child’s past, and so this naturally became a hot topic.

After Shi Ziteng got to his feet, he left with his people.

Shi Hao did not pursue him, because he couldn’t brush away the Human Emperor’s act of kindness. He couldn’t take action any more.

Regardless, the human emperor’s words were spoken to help him.

“Worthy of being called a supreme youth! He could fight with a noble king, even defeating Shi Ziteng. He is worthy of admiration.”

“The difference between him and myself when I was his age is just too great. Just how did he cultivate? How did he become so powerful?”

“Shi Ziteng was defeated and lost the Dragon Blood Halberd. This is definitely an incredible humiliation for him! This result is truly unexpected.”

It was just a youngster, yet he first tore apart the Rain King Manor and then fought a great battle against Shi Ziteng. He won decisively both times, making the name Shi Hao the focal point of the capital!

Without a doubt this was an upcoming star. His radiance would only become even greater and shine throughout this great earth.

“What will happen once the dual-pupiled individual returns?”

Everyone immediately thought of this problem. They all knew that Shi Ziteng had a child that was known as a otherworldly deity. Once he returned, there would inevitably be a world-shaking confrontation with Shi Hao.

When they thought of Shi Yi, all of the great powers thoughts became complicated. That youth’s natural gifts were shocking. Once he returned, he would definitely shake everything under the heavens.

In the past, no one knew that there was a piece of supreme being bone within his body. In the past ten or so years, it had never been exposed.

He was always calm, and not even a single thread of the supreme being bone’s power had ever leaked out. Only after Shi Hao’s great exposure did everyone become roused.

No matter how you looked at it, even though the way in which the bone was acquired was not glorious, there was still one fact that couldn’t be overlooked. Shi Yi’s greatness in the future would definitely reach an unpredictable level.

A dual-pupil individual was already heaven defying, but together with a supreme being bone, just what degree would such a person reach? When people thought of this question, their heads began to throb. Was it going to be Shi Yi’s own era in the future?

“Even though Shi Hao lost his supreme being bone, he still reached such a level and became known as a supreme youth. I wonder if he still can bring about another miracle. At that time, he could fight against the dual-pupil individual.”

“It would be incredibly difficult.”

Even though they saw Shi Hao’s endless potential, the majority of the people there still felt that this battle would be incredibly difficult. It was because the other party’s innate characteristics were just near perfect.

Shi Yi was within the ancient sacred courtyard, and if he obtained the Heaven Mending technique, then his body would be without any imperfections. He might even solve the problem of the supreme being bone not being part of his original body. Was he going to return? This was what everyone was wondering.

Shi Hao left the Martial Imperial Manor, and no one was able to stop him from doing so.

The second he stepped onto the main streets, countless eyes were focused on him. However, there wasn’t a single person that took action, and even those that bore grudges against him watched from far away.

The first reason was because Shi Hao was strong enough himself, to the point where even Shi Ziteng was defeated. This made people second guess themselves before coming up. As for the second reason, now that even the Stone Emperor was protecting him, who dared to act indiscriminately?

While walking along the main street, Shi Hao slowly calmed his mind down. He had already informed everyone that the child from back then was still alive. He wondered if his parents and grandfather would hear about today’s events. He hoped that they would and wanted to meet them again.

Laughter that sounded like silver bells spread over, and a small girl appeared from around a corner. “Our family’s young miss invites you to come.” It was the witch’s maid. She was only a bit over ten years old and extremely lively. Her large eyes moved about, making her seem extremely intelligent.

Shi Hao smiled. A battle had just ended, and he didn’t know where to go. Visiting the witch was not a bad idea.

Moon Gazing House was an extremely well-known restaurant in the capital. Cultivators of all types visited this place because the owner was a master himself. Normally, not many commoners entered.

In a private room, the heavenly fox fairy was currently enjoying wine alone. Black hair was scattered across her tall and slender figure. Her pure white forehead and intelligent large eyes made her seem extraordinarily beautiful.

This room wasn’t all that luxurious. It faced the streets, and there was calligraphy and paintings hung on the wall. The table was carved out of sparkling jade.

Shi Hao greeted her and sat down without asking for permission. He poured himself a cup of wine and drained it in one go. He asked while smiling, “Is this your spiritual body or your real one?”

“What do you think?” The heavenly fox fairy’s eyes wandered over. Her beautiful white jade-like face had a hint of redness from drinking. Her smile was absolutely gorgeous, and was enough to move all living things.

“It should be a spiritual body.” Shi Hao said.

“Your answer is correct.” The heavenly fox fairy admitted in an extremely undisturbed manner.

Shi Hao was shocked. It really was a spiritual body after all.

Regardless of whether it was that free and unrestrained witch or this alluring heavenly fox fairy, they were both weird and extremely crafty. Truly worthy of being called outstanding, and it was extremely difficult to imagine what kind of a breathtaking beauty her real body had.

“Did you call me for something?” Shi Hao was entranced for a moment before he asked with a smile. The witch was extremely quick-witted and wouldn’t find him for no reason.

“No reason, just protecting you.” The heavenly fox-fairy said smilingly.

“Why would I need your protection?” Shi Hao was astounded.

“If I don’t protect you, then that fatty might harm you.”

“That fatty?” Shi Hao was confused.

“Of course I’m talking about the fatty Yue Chan.” The heavenly fox fairy said while drinking.

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