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Chapter 313 – Defeat

Shi Hao dodged. The blood-red halberd moved swiftly and violently like lightning, immediately blowing up a gust of strong wind. The wind was so strong that everyone’s faces began to hurt.

With a weng sound, Shi Ziteng struck again. Scarlet clouds filled the sky and blood-red lights erupted like tidal waves. The heavenly halberd had accumulated so much ferocity over the years that its aura alone was vicious enough to make some younger cultivators collapse.

Shi Hao turned sideways to evade the shining halberd blade before charging forward fiercely. He summoned the Suan Ni precious technique again, only this time, it was not a single Suan Ni but a pride of them. They were the size of small mountains, and with wild and tyrannical appearances, they dashed forward together.

“Flood of Thunder Beasts?!” Exclaimed someone. To be able to wield the precious techniques to such an extent was incredibly amazing, because the power was equivalent to ten Suan Ni precious techniques together. The lightning turned into a vast sea, and the Suan Ni beasts moved in a pack to smash into their enemy like falling mountains.

Shi Ziteng was taken by surprise and did not reach for his halberd. He uttered a long roar and spurted out a silk-like substance endlessly. These were symbols that resembled rivers of stars, and they created the demonic spiders’ precious technique.

Shi Ziteng managed to block the Suan Ni herd with this technique, but all the silk sashes collapsed with a rumbling sound, stamped to the ground by the enormous Suan Nis. Lightning crisscrossed in the sky, filling the air with scorching heat and resplendent light.

Shi Ziteng summoned the precious technique again. Although his arms were wrapped inside the scarlet metal armor, a wide sleeve still miraculously emerged out from thin air. With a powerful sweep, all ten beasts were surrounded by the sleeve.

World Entrapping Sleeve!

This type of great divine ability was not exerted through an actual sleeve, but one that he created himself. Once it began to manipulate space, he was no longer connected to it.

Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled as the ten Suan Nis roared inside the giant sleeve. At last, with a loud bang, the entire sleeve made from symbols exploded and turned into a sparkling rain of light before disappearing into thin air.

Shi Ziteng’s body shook violently, but he soon steadied himself. He struck down again with that blood-red-lightning-like halberd with a shua sound. Moreover, numerous symbols surged this time while being accompanied by the roaring sound of a dragon, startling everyone.

Shi Hao was taken by surprise. He evaded the blade and used his palm to forcefully block the great halberd. A great scarlet dragon rushed out of the halberd and threw itself at him.

It was as vivid as a live dragon, and this was exactly why this treasured artifact was so terrifying. It did not look like a flood dragon, but rather a true dragon. It possessed a majestic appearance that was similar to how a king looked down upon his vassals.

Shi Hao’s fingers and palms moved about continuously trying to complete the Kun Peng imprint. He then smashed forward with all his efforts. The impact shook the place violently, and the great dragon was dissipated.

“Dragon Blood Precious Weapon!”

The crowd was astonished, because they finally realized why this great halberd was so exceptional as well as what the shocking aura around it was. It had been stained by dragon blood.

“That halberd is incredibly formidable, and I’ve heard about it before. With some great luck, it happened to be touched by a drop of dragon blood, and the entire halberd has since then become scarlet red. When the incident took place, the entire sky was filled with multicolored red clouds, and its great power was created then,” explained an old man from the distant sky.

What was most precious about this treasured artifact was the material it was made from, which had the drop of dragon blood mixed in, hence the name “Dragon Blood Halberd”!

The two resumed their battle. The crowd was dumbfounded when they saw Shi Hao take out a gray-colored pottery bowl and holding it in his palm. He then dashed outwards just like that.

Shi Ziteng’s brilliance and prowess was unparalleled. However, the teenager was taking a bowl into the battlefield. Such contrast baffled all those who watched the scene. The crowd was aware of the fact, though, that the power of a weapon had nothing to do with its shape and form. That bowl could very well be a rare precious artifact.


The great halberd struck down, and the sky trembled with it. That blood-red true dragon rushed out again, its chanting sound disturbing the nine heavens. Its enormous body looked especially frightening.

Shi Hao raised his hand, and the small bowl spun in a circle of auspicious multicolored light. The bowl then turned into a black hole and started to suck everything in violently; it was trying to drag the dragon in.


Eventually, the symbols were blasted away and the dragon was broken into pieces, disappearing again. The outcome was unexpected, and that bowl was indeed no ordinary object. The divine power it possessed was unimaginable.

Shi Hao was pleasantly surprised as well. Ever since he broke the seal on the bottom of the bowl with the broken sword, it had been demonstrating its exceptional power. The base was cast from some type of divine material, which possessed an amazing secret symboled power.


The great halberd lunged at Shi Hao. The small bowl flew up and took in the tip of the blade, blocking this great attack.

A series of dingdang sounds sent sparks flying, and an incredibly fierce battle followed. That great halberd struck and attacked unceasingly, but the small bowl would always find a way to block it. The rim of the bowl was also glowing as it tried to devour the halberd and melt it down.

It was an incredibly shocking scene. The pottery bowl was indeed remarkable!

In the distant sky, the owner of the weapon shop was thumping his chest and stamping his feet with great regret. He was none other than the one who sold Shi Hao the small bowl in the Green Wood Garden, but had failed to recognize the peculiarity of the bowl previously. He now knew how unusual the item was, but it was too late.

Shi Hao fought ferociously against Shi Ziteng, who was a mighty enemy. The two collided violently with each other, but suddenly, all the metallic spider legs on Shi Ziteng’s armor flipped out, as if a human-sized spider was going mad. A resplendent light surrounded him.

The situation was most critical, and Shi Hao backed away at top speed. The spider legs brushed past his body and left behind afterimages. A few bloodstains were also left on Shi Hao’s body.

“Nephew should be careful!” said Shi Ziteng.

Shi Hao’s ten heavenly passages opened with a hong sound and surrounded him like a divine circle. His aura was immediately strengthened, and the entire place was almost locked down at once.

Shi Hao charged and swept out his leg, kicking at Shi Ziteng’s head. Shi Ziteng’s head would surely split open if he took the hit.

Shi Ziteng let out a ferocious shout, and his entire body illuminated, enabling him to break loose through brute force. The Dragon Blood Halberd even uttered the roar of a dragon, drawing him away backwards.

However, his movement was affected after all, and Shi Hao’s spatial lock worked. With a peng sound, Shi Hao’s foot landed on his shoulder and sent him flying sideways into mid-air.

“Be careful, my dear uncle.” Shi Hao said from behind. However, he was actually secretly surprised inside, for his opponent managed to evade his confinement, which was a rather difficult task.

Hearing this, Shi Ziteng’s face darkened and he spat out a mouthful of blood. His shoulder felt like it was broken and a seething pain was coming from where he was kicked.

He steadied himself and images emerged around him one after another. Beasts such as Golden Crows, flood dragons,  Bi’ans and demonic spiders circled around him. They all gave off endless light, giving him the aura of a fiend.

Shi Ziteng was infuriated. He exerted all of his power to raise his fighting capability, and he also summoned all of his spiritual bodies.

Shi Hao howled, and a Black Tortoise, Suan Ni and Kun Peng emerged beside him one after another. However, the Kun Peng was concealed by him, for such unparalleled divine ability would bring him a world of enemies if exposed it in front of such a huge crowd.

Apart from the beasts, there was still the humanoid being, bell, pagoda, sword and cauldron that all materialised. He did not have enough precious techniques at the moment, so these items created from symbols were used as temporary replacements.


Shi Ziteng roared and struck down with the heavenly halberd in hand. It brought with it an incredibly vicious aura that seemed nearly unstoppable.

Shi Hao snorted coldly and opened all ten heavenly passages. They were as brilliant as a sun. All the bells, cauldrons, pagodas and other objects around him also charged forward.

The blood-red light surged abruptly with a weng sound, and the great halberd attacked in a shockingly aggressive manner. Flaming red clouds ignited all over Shi Ziteng’s body as he competed against the teenager. The two sides faced each other with incredible ferocity.

At this point, Shi Hao started to use the symbols from the True Primordial Record. By performing it through the most common bone texts, a power began to emerge, which could turn the foul and rotten into something miraculous.

Now that he had comprehended more of the secret text, he realised how stunning they were. The images of the divine battles were being recreated inside his mind, enabling him to understand everything more thoroughly.

Following that, as Shi Hao waved around his hands, he somehow entered a state of meditation unintentionally and harmonised with the rhythm of heaven and earth. It seemed as if he was comprehending something, but it was all extremely natural.

Inside the True Primordial Record, images of a Golden-Winged Peng slaughtering the deities and the True Hou shattering the moon with its roar continuously played through Shi Hao’s mind. Without even realizing it, he unexpectedly began to display this kind of grandeur.

Shi Ziteng was taken aback. He could sense the aura of the teenager on the other side had changed to that of a savage wasteland beast. It almost seemed as if his opponent was wild enough to shatter mountains and rivers with his roar and powerful enough to grab the sun and the moon.

As the ten heavenly passages illuminated, their power of confinement reemerged. Shi Hao released a sudden, long roar and smashed forward with a fist. Shi Ziteng was astonished and enraged at the same time, for he felt like he was trapped within a quagmire and unable to break away.


In the end, his body shook violently as he let go of the heavenly halberd in his hand. He was swept sideways into the air as he coughed out large mouthfuls of blood.


Shi Hao turned into a ray of flashing light and pursued him. He picked up the great halberd and struck out fiercely.

“What…” The crowd’s expression changed drastically. They did not understand how the great halberd changed hands so fast.

“Aohou…” A Suan Ni roared and stepped forward to take the halberd head-on in its master’s place. However, it fell under the blade with a chi sound, and Shi Ziteng lost one of his spiritual bodies.

Shi Ziteng bellowed angrily and steadied himself. He finally managed to stop his declining state and continued to fight.

“Thanks a lot, uncle.” Shi Hao said with a smile as he held the Dragon Blood Halberd in his hand. He wasted no time in refining the weapon and had already wiped away the imprint of its last owner.

Shi Ziteng’s face was overcast. Seeing that his precious weapon had been seized, he wiped away the blood on the corner of his mouth and snorted in contempt.

The crowd erupted into a clamor at the turn of the events. Shi Ziteng was a mighty expert of  the noble king level, yet he had now been robbed of his weapon by a teenager and was spitting out blood. Everything that had happened was simply mind-blowing.

“Let’s just fight then!” Shi Ziteng was maddened with rage, and his manner had changed completely.

Circled by twirling scarlet clouds, he glared at Shi Hao with his terrifying eyes. He now resembled a human-shaped giant spider. The spider legs on his armour waved together, turning into multiple halberds as they thrusted forward.

Meanwhile, all his spiritual bodies acted simultaneously as Shi Ziteng himself performed precious techniques like the ‘World Entrapping Sleeve’. The scene was exceptionally stunning.

He was going berserk. The human-sized spider was in a frenzy as various symbols flickered and treasured lights coiled up ceaselessly, making him look almost like a fiend.

“No wonder all of Shi Ziteng’s old enemies were killed. When he goes berserk, he actually becomes this terrifying!” Many people were whispering.

Shi Hao knew that he could not afford to be careless now, because he knew that he was facing off against a real enemy. This fight was intense, and it was going to become a bitter struggle. This uncle of his was a rare genius and an exceptional, mighty expert!

They two expanded their battlefield from down in the ground to up in the air. They disappeared into the clouds and came back to the ground again. Every corner of this place was a part of their battlefield, and their figures were all over the place.

“Go to hell!” Shi Hao bellowed. He too had gone mad and was now waving the halberd wildly like a demonic god. After killing two spiritual bodies of Shi Ziteng in a row, his original form was also injured.


Shi Hao cut off one of the spider legs on Shi Ziteng’s armor. Although the armor was of a similar color to the halberd and was also circled by scarlet clouds, the armor had never been touched by any dragon blood.

In the end, after several hard blows from Shi Hao, the halberd swept across the sky and almost cut Shi Ziteng in half. Shi Ziteng was covered in blood, and his armor was shattered.


Shi Hao stamped on Shi Ziteng’s chest, and the armor was now completely broken into pieces. Although he managed to guard himself against the attack, Shi Ziteng was still kicked away. He slumped onto the dusty ground.

However, he did not stay down, but raised himself back into the air immediately to fight back.


This time, Shi Hao spread out his arms and a giant black hand emerged in the sky. It then smashed down hard, as if a stretch of dark clouds were pressing down. The hand then devoured Shi Ziteng completely.


The giant hand had now covered Shi Ziteng completely and slapped him onto the ground for good. Smoke and dust were stirred up and filled the air.

“Shi Ziteng has been defeated!” The crowd sighed. The prodigy had lost to his nephew, the supreme youth.

Shi Hao raised the great halberd in preparation for the last strike.

Just then, heaven and earth were disturbed as a terrifying magical power emerged. Energy overflowed in violent fluctuations, shaking the entire Martial Imperial Manor. The archaic demonic spider had arrived!

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