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Chapter 315 – Pair of Fairies

“That fatty wants to deal with me?” Shi Hao asked in a casual manner while sitting next to the jade table. He poured himself a cup of wine. While enjoying the wine, he was also watching the bustling of the capital.

“Exactly, you need to be careful.” The corners of the heavenly fox fairy’s lips were raised and her large eyes curved. Her smile was extremely sweet, yet crafty at the same time.

“Why is that fatty making things difficult for me for no reason? It’s not like I provoked her. If she comes looking for trouble, then I’ll directly suppress and deal with her on the spot,” Shi Hao spoke in a domineering manner

The reason he spoke like this was because he knew that the witch’s words couldn’t be trusted. He had just finished a great battle, and so his mood was rather relaxed right now. As a result, he spoke out in a teasing and joking manner.

The witch giggled and asked, “What are you talking about? Suppress her on the spot?”

“Didn’t you say you’ll sell her to me? I’ve been waiting this entire time. If she really does come looking for trouble, then I’ll directly carry her back to the village to make her into a mother.” Shi Hao moved his fist around in a rough manner. In reality, he wasn’t some masculine man and was still a youngster. He was still delicate and pretty, so these words were spoken just to play along with the witch’s style.

The heavenly fox spirit laughed until she was rocking back and forth, not matching her appearance at all. Below her collar, a large amount of her snow white skin was revealed, just like fine jade. Her lotus-like arms were sparkling, and her beautiful face was absolutely dazzling. Her eyes were extremely quick-witted as well.

“If she really comes, do you dare take action?”

“Why wouldn’t I dare? Didn’t you say that you’ll find someone to be her spouse in her place? Who is there better than me? Since it’s my responsibility, I have to take her as my wife.” Shi Hao spoke in a confident manner.

“You were the one that said it! Suppress fairy Yue Chan on the spot.” The witch’s smile was extremely splendid and her eyes were shining.

“Suppress that fatty on the spot.” Shi Hao nodded as he parroted her words.

“Hehe…” The heavenly fox fairy’s laughter gave Shi Hao a bad feeling. He was a bit afraid because he vaguely sensed that something was wrong. When he suddenly turned around, he saw a wonderful figure standing at the entrance to the private room.

“Fatty… I mean, fairy Yue Chan, when did you come?” Shi Hao scratched his head because he didn’t know what to say. He had a silly expression on his face.

“I’ve arrived quite a while ago.” Fairy Yue Chan spoke with an expressionless face. Her beauty made others feel suffocated. While clothes covered her entire body, and there wasn’t the slightest bit of anger from her. She was just like an otherworldly and cold fairy.

Shi Hao was extremely embarrassed. It was clear that he had been set up by the witch.

“Why are you so quiet?” Soon after, he noticed a problem. Waves of coldness ran down his back, because this fairy was too terrifying. She avoided being detected by his spiritual awareness, startling him quite a bit.

Fairy Yue Chan was extremely calm and unflustered, as if she didn’t hear what was said just now at all, or maybe all of those disrespectful words were filtered out. She walked into the private room, but did not sit down.

“She has a secret treasure on her that’s impossible to deal with. It could conceal her existence, and is an extremely great assassination tool.” The witch’s laughter seemed to never end.

Shi Hao didn’t say anything. No wonder fairy Yue Chan didn’t bring up the matters from just now. He naturally wouldn’t dig his own grave, and so he pretended as if he never said those things.

However, the witch didn’t exactly think the same way. She would stir up trouble from nothing, so how could she let this situation go?

“Deity-like youth, your fairy sweetheart has personally arrived. Hurry up and carry her back to the village and make her into a mother. I look forward to it, and pray that nephew will hurry and get it on.” The heavenly fox spirit’s laughter was extremely sharp and clear, and not a single person wasn’t moved.

Shi Hao pretended as if he didn’t hear anything. He looked at the bustling streets and said, “The capital is truly great. There are people everywhere.”

“You really aren’t good at shifting topics. What are you even talking about?  Could it be that those on the street aren’t people but grass?” The witch rolled her eyes and continued her question from just now and didn’t let it go. “Older sis Yue Chan has already arrived, so what about the bold words you spoke just now? You shouldn’t give her the cold shoulder!”

Shi Hao realized that he couldn’t let her continue speaking freely, or else there would be even more trouble. He took the initiative and said, “Fairy Yue Chan, do you need something from me?”

“There are some matters.” Fairy Yue Chan replied.

Shi Hao was startled. Did the other party really come looking for trouble? It was reasonable to assume that this wasn’t the case since the situation in the capital was so complicated. It was better to quietly watch the situation, so she shouldn’t be the first one to jump out, right?

Fairy Yue Chan smiled sweetly, immediately making him feel as if he was bathed within spring winds. Today, she did not have a veil on, and her elegant and refined complexion  didn’t have the slightest flaw. Her hair was jet black, and her bright eyes appeared well-disposed.

“Fairy, please don’t smile at me like that anymore. Otherwise, the witch will urge me to bring you back to the village again,” Shi Hao said.

“You clearly wanted to do that yourself. Why are you dragging me down with you?”

Fairy Yue Chan was not affected at all and instead asked, “Are you a disciple of the Heaven Mending Pavilion?”

Shi Hao was astonished and didn’t know why she would suddenly ask this kind of question. He immediately nodded, because there wasn’t any reason to hide it. Many people already knew about this.

“Since that is the case, then we both originated from the same place. The two of us should become closer and not fall for this witch’s corruption,” said fairy Yue Chan.

“Hey, did you hear? Older sis Yue Chan wants to become more intimate with you! Your wooden brain truly can’t get the point. Hurry up and express your true feelings!” The witch heckled.

“What? You want to come back to the village with me? No problem. Grandpa Chief and Uncle Linhu have always wanted me to bring back a wife, saying that I am already at an age where I should settle down and get married. Brother Dazhuang’s child is already so big,” Shi Hao said.

“Hahaha…” The witch laughed heartily. She knew that this fellow definitely caught on and was now purposely playing along and shifting the topic.

Fairy Yue Chan was extremely calm and did not act out like how other woman might. She was extremely unperturbed as she said, “If you want, we can work together to capture the witch and make her your wife.”

“Even something like this is okay?” Shi Hao’s mouth formed an O shape. He never thought that the incomparably holy and otherworldly fairy would be able to speak such absurd words.

The witch said, “Do you see? The holy and pure fairy is more two-faced than anyone else. In order to accomplish her goals, she dares to do anything. For the sake of that fairy, her sect even made themselves into demons. Later on, after a series of battles, they turned everything around and changed history. If you become powerful enough, you can become a demonic king and make fairy Yue Chan serve on you.”

“We are of common origin, and have inherited the same tradition.” Fairy Yue Chan didn’t seem to be affected in the slightest, as if all of those foul words flew past her ears like wind, leaving behind nothing.

“I ask the fairy for guidance. Why do you speak of such things? Please help me dissolve my confusion.” Shi Hao truly didn’t understand. He had cultivated within the Heaven Mending Pavilion before, but what did that have to do with a great sect outside of this region?

“Fine, then I will tell you everything. I come from the Heaven Mending Sect. What does this name remind you of?” Fairy Yue Chan asked.

She was at a distance where Shi Hao could almost touch her. Her eyes were extremely quick-witted, and her feminine fragrance was floating about like that of an orchid as she looked at him calmly.

Shi Hao was shaken. The difference between the Heaven Mending Sect and Heaven Mending Pavilion was only a single word. There really seemed to be some connection between the two, and so he seemed to have suddenly realized something.

“The Heaven Mending Pavilion originated from outside the wastelands. It is a branch of my school, and so if you trace back to the roots, you are all disciples of the Heaven Mending Sect,” fairy Yue Chan said, revealing an astonishing secret.

“Aiyou, older sis, the skin on your beautiful face is thickening. When did the Heaven Mending Pavilion become your branch? You guys never even recognized them, yet you guys actually dare to take credit when it’s convenient,” the witch mocked.

Shi Hao’s heart was moved. He believed that there was definitely some connection and that some of what fairy Yue Chan said was trustworthy. Only, there were too many ulterior motives being kept secret.

“It is true that some unpleasant things happened back then, but in the end, we are still of the same origin. The Heaven Mending Pavilion’s ancestor was a disciple of my Heaven Mending Sect. He had always wanted to return, and as a result, he established a Heaven Mending Pavilion here in the wasteland region,” said fairy Yue Chan.

Shi Hao trembled. He immediately thought about ghost grandpa. At that time, his hair was completely dishevelled, and there was an ancient sword stuck in his skull. He went crazy and howled in sorrowful dismay that he was an abandoned disciple.

At that time Shi Hao thought about how great of a sect that was. It was so powerful that even someone like ghost grandpa was expelled; this was too shocking. You have to understand that ghost grandpa was someone who dared to even cut apart supreme experts without hesitation.

“Back then, an ancient expert who even had his divine flame ignited was refused by the Heaven Mending Sect, yet today, you guys actually have the nerve to seek out his disciple. It really is interesting,” the witch ridiculed.

“We cannot change what has happened, but our sect has always tacitly agreed that the Heaven Mending Pavilion was a branch of our Heaven Mending Sect,” said fairy Yue Chan.

“What a pity. The Heaven Mending Pavilion has been exterminated by others.” Shi Hao spoke coldly. What was the point of saying these things now? When the Heaven Mending Pavilion was facing great troubles, why didn’t anyone come to help?

“We know that it is already too late, but in the end, all accounts will be settled. Soon, the wastelands will be thrown into chaos, and even saints will become grass and straw.” Fairy Yue Chan spoke, her voice extremely serious.

At this moment, Shi Hao’s mind was extremely uncalm. Someone as powerful as ghost grandpa came from the Heaven Mending Sect and was expelled. Just how terrifying was this great sect?

He had always felt that the large sects from outside this region were extremely powerful and could dominate endless territories, but he never thought that someone who had even ignited his divine flame would be discarded. It was by far even more terrifying than what he had thought.

“The Heaven Mending Sect is truly great, and their inheritance has been passed down for endless years. It dates back to the archaic years, and it is not limited to a single region.” Fairy Yue Chan explained the situation to Shi Hao.

The space this great sect occupied was actually not limited to a single region? This was like something straight out of a fairy tale, leaving Shi Hao somewhat stupefied.

“In other words, it could be said there are more than one great regions where my sect has staked its foundation. For example, in the wasteland region, the Heaven Mending Pavilion can be considered as one of our branches.” Fairy Yue Chan explained in detail.

“Aren’t you just trying to rope him into your Heaven Mending Sect because you see his potential?” The witch interrupted and spoke in a domineering tone, “What can you guys give him? If Shi Hao enters my Sky Severing Sect, then we will fish the Heaven Mending Sect from the skies. Even making Fairy Yue Chan your wife wouldn’t be a problem.”

“The Sky Severing Sect goes against the heaven and earth. In the end, it will all amount to nothing. You do not need to fall for her enticement,” said Fairy Yue Chan.

“Heaven Mending Sect, heh!” The witch shook her head and then became even more aggressive. She said to Shi Hao, “If you go with her, you won’t be able to obtain anything, while if you come with me, even she can be yours. It’s clear which option is better. There’s no reason for you to hesitate!”

“You…” Fairy Yue Chan’s face became colder.

Shi Hao didn’t say anything but began to think. It seemed like he had been seen as someone important by both sects, but it was also extremely dangerous. This was just the situation on the surface, but if he should go with either side, he would most likely face the ruthless slaughter by the other side.

Sky Severing Sect, Heaven Mending Sect; it was clear just from the outlook that the two opposed each other. They were both supreme sects, and their doctrine and teaching were the most terrifying!

“Can I be a demonic king and a divine ruler?” Shi Hao was extremely thick-skinned as he asked.

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