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Chapter 312 – Battle Against Shi Ziteng

Shi Ziteng was a tall man. Black hair hung loosely from his back, and his porcelain white skin looked as smooth as jade. With his piercing eyes and handsome appearance, those who did not know his age would easily mistake him for a young man.

Even after his long years of cultivation, his appearance did not decline and remained the same as when he was young. It was evident how extraordinary his power and talent was.

“Come, Hao’er. Show your uncle how extraordinary you are. Let the world know that our clan is thriving. Why don’t you demonstrate your power to us?”

Shi Ziteng had been studying under the Demonic Spirit Lake for all these years. He had kept a low profile and was not well known to the outside world. However, those who knew him well knew how intimidating he could be. Once he made his move, someone would definitely die.

Shi Hao was just over thirteen, but boys of this age were old enough to marry and have children in the great wastelands. His figure was tall and slim, not much shorter than a grown-up. He had dense black hair, big, bright eyes, and he walked with a majestic gait.

The two entered the martial arena, which was protected by formation patterns to keep the battlefield from being destroyed. Otherwise, when people of their cultivation level began to fight, the place would fall into disaster.

Shi Hao stood solemnly and steadily in the arena, almost appearing too graceful and calm to be a teenager. When he entered a state of battle, he acted more level-headed than those with decades of cultivation.

Opposite of him, Shi Ziteng’s expression was neutral. His every act seemed to fit right in with his surroundings. There was almost a rhythm to his movements, as if he had descended from another world.


The two seemed to have moved into action simultaneously at the shout, both charging forward. Shi Ziteng waved his wide sleeves, and a bellowing hurricane started, blanketing heaven and earth. Sand and stones were blown up high into the air, and many palaces were about to be blown into the skies.

Fortunately, around the arena, rays of lights appeared one after another and sealed the place off, saving this place from any further damage.

However, the situation within the arena was a completely different story. A sandstorm blew fiercely, making earsplitting wuwu sounds. Shi Ziteng’s wide sleeves expanded, and what seemed to resemble an endless stretch of clouds descended from the sky to cover the world.

“World Trapping Sleeve!”

All those watching were greatly surprised, for that was a mighty divine ability created by an extraordinary human deity in the past. It was not in the possession of the Demonic Spirit Lake, hence it did not take them long to realize that Shi Ziteng must have seized some great fortune.

As the enormous sleeve widened to cover up the entire sky, it also tried to wrap Shi Hao inside. Once inside, it would be nearly impossible to escape. It was an entirely different world inside the sleeve, and Shi Ziteng could take lives as he pleased.

Shi Hao also took action, and a pair of golden Flood Dragon Shears appeared in his hand. After being activated, they turned into two golden flood dragons that raised their heads and roared into the sky.

The two flood dragons were joined at their tails. As their bodies slid past each other, a hurricane was stirred up, leading Shi Hao out from that great sleeve. He was not trapped inside.

The crowd was greatly disturbed. The battle had just begun, yet they were already seeing such remarkable divine abilities. It was truly a shocking sight.

“Ziteng had cultivated well into the Noble King’s Level!” Shi Yuan smiled. This was his own grandson, and he even produced a dual-pupiled child. This fact made him incredibly satisfied.

Shi Hao was startled. This uncle of his was quite formidable, possessing a fighting strength that was exceptional within the noble king level. He was definitely among the top-ranks, and Shi Hao understood this just from that single exchange that they had.

“Be careful, Hao’er. I won’t go easy on you just because I’m your uncle,” said Shi Ziteng. A streak of scarlet light flickered deep inside his eyes, and the aura around him erupted suddenly. His fair and translucent skin became even more jade-like.

It was apparent that he was moving with killing intent. This child had shaken him greatly. This was a child that was barely over ten years old, yet he was already this terrifying. What kind of level would he reach once he grew up?

One dual-pupiled individual was stunning enough. They didn’t need another supreme being here!

“You talk too much, uncle. Hurry up and make your move!” Shi Hao said.

He turned into a flash of light and charged forward. Behind him, a vast ocean undulated and caused a Black Tortoise to emerge. Its enormous black body gave off a striking pressure as it crushed down on Shi Ziteng.

Shi Ziteng released a soft shout as his hair flapped in the wind. The sound of vibrating weapons sounded behind him, and an array of divine swords formed by symbols emerged. With earsplitting metallic sounds, they flew forward while wrapped in resplendent lights.

It was a collection of swords that were arranged in an orderly manner. There were exactly thirty-six swords, and they all stabbed down tightly packed together.

A rumbling sound that was loud enough to overturn heaven and earth sounded. It seemed like a giant prehistoric beast was turning over as the ocean behind Shi Hao undulated. The Black Tortoise dashed out of the water. Its enormous body blocked in front of Shi Hao while releasing symbols, melting many of those divine swords.

The Black Tortoise had such an gigantic body that its every movement was accompanied by rumbling sounds. It collided with numerous symbols and swords while ringing with metallic sounds.

After that, the Black Tortoise spun and turned into a shield that was inscribed with turtle patterns. With a series of keng qiang sounds, it shattered all the symbol-turned swords, demonstrating its stunning defense ability.

“Good!” Shouted Shi Ziteng. He dashed over with tremendous speed, and a ferocious struggle unfolded.

He made an immediate downward strike with his open hand, and incessant flames immediately radiated in his palm, as if lava was gushing out of his hand. A Golden Crow soared high into the air and spread its wings, ready to pounce.

This was the embodiment of a precious technique that was cultivated to the point of perfection. Shi Ziteng was no longer limited by any paths, and any move of his would exert a divine ability to its full extent. This great divine ability was condensed into a single palm.

This was the precious technique of the Golden Crow!

Shi Hao was fearless. His right fist smashed forward and purple lightning exploded. Endless symbols erupted into existence, as if the sky was ripped open. The force was terrifying.

A Suan Ni burst out from his fist. As it shook its head and waved its tail, resplendent light surrounded it, making it seem vivid and alive. It then collided into the Golden Crow.

What started as a confrontation between fists and palms had turned into a battle of precious techniques. It was what a battle between mighty experts should look like. Each movement contained the profound meaning of symbols, with the prowess behind them being almost unfathomable.


Eventually, Shi Ziteng and Shi Hao’s fists collided together. A Golden Crow cried out, defeated in midair. Meanwhile, a blazing Suan Ni roared and also exploded on the spot.

Shi Hao was shocked. His opponent was extremely resistant, possessing a protective artifact that emitted resplendent symbols. It continuously released waves of divine force to shatter his fist.

A brilliant radiance erupted between the two, and they both flew in opposite directions.

Shi Hao seemed completely unaffected by this clash. After combining with the imperishable Golden Body, there wasn’t much difference between him and a noble king. He was shockingly powerful.

Shi Ziteng’s gaze was ice cold. The protective artifact in his hand could make the power of his palm to rise exponentially to destroy his opponent almost instantly. However, he never expected his opponent’s body to be so terrifying, reaching a level that shocked even  him. He wasn’t able to accomplish his goal at all.

Just like that, an incredibly intense battle broke out between the two. They continuously attacked each other, causing light to erupt again and again. The two figures flew about and moved with lightning speed.


Shi Hao dove down, like a Kun Peng spreading its wings. His entire body was brilliant, and golden feathers that carried black streaks appeared one after another. He descended from above to kill Shi Ziteng.


Shi Ziteng did not move, as if he was resting on the ground. However, at the crucial moment, his two palms slammed upwards. Moreover, behind him, a terrifying hook appeared that was scarlet and glistening.

He blossomed with dazzling light, and symbols circulated around him as he constructed a creature. It wrapped around his body just like a Heavenly Scorpion, making it seem as if his body was within the scorpion’s body.

The bright red tail was the embodiment of this precious technique. The strange stinger extended from the flesh during this fierce battle and pierced out with great precision.


The Heavenly Scorpion and Kun Peng collided together, and this collision was incredibly ferocious. The scorpion tail was just too sharp as it extended straight towards Shi Hao’s forehead with an overwhelming force. Shi Hao used the Peng wings to defend himself, and as a result, symbols erupted. It was as if the heaven was falling and the earth was splitting apart.


Shi Ziteng was sent flying. There was a look of surprise on his face, and there was even blood at the corner of his lips. During that attack, he suffered the Kun Peng’s pressure and was blasted away.

He stared at Shi Hao, but didn’t say anything.

Shi Hao felt a shiver. Even though he didn’t use the complete Kun Peng’s technique, he still comprehended quite a bit during this period of time. Its power was too shocking! Could it be that Shi Ziteng saw through something?

Everyone was astonished. Shi Ziteng was surprisingly the one that got injured. During the exchange just now, he seemed to have received some small damage.

Outside, many people used the precious artifacts to soar into the sky and watch the fight from a distance. When they saw this scene, they were also frightened. The savage child who was known as the supreme youth was truly formidable.

The battle continued, becoming even more fierce. This time, once the two sides separated, while they were rushing towards a different direction, a sparkling thread that was sharper than a divine spear soundlessly passed through the air and pierced towards the back of Shi Hao’s head.

Shi Hao felt ill-at-ease. The skin on the back of his head felt a numb, and he quickly dodged. A transparent thread that was thinner than hair flew past and continued to go after his head. Some of his hair was sliced off and stuck to his face. The terrifying wind that it carried actually left a cut on his cheek, causing beads of blood trickled out.

“Spider Silk of Ascension!”

Shi Hao spoke softly. He wanted to defeat that archaic demonic spider, and as a result, he comprehended many of its divine abilities. This was definitely a type of assassination tool. It was noiseless and impossible to defend against effectively.

Even though it was just a single thread, it was incredibly sturdy. It was incredibly powerful and could pierce through precious artifacts in a swift and agile manner.

From the attack just now, if he had been just a bit slower, his brain would have been pierced. This sharp and terrifying thread was constructed from symbols.

Blood had been drawn from both sides, but neither of them were truly injured. Shi Hao, in particular, only had an external scratch. After wiping away the blood and a flash of light, the wound closed up by itself.

“Uncle, those kinds of tricks won’t be able to kill me.”

“Nephew, why would you say such a thing? Do you think that uncle isn’t giving it his all? Then let me show you a bit,” said Shi Ziteng. The cold light in his eyes began to burn even brighter.

Within kengqiang sounds, multicolored light scattered everywhere and lit up this area. He brought out a set of scarlet plate armor that was divided into ten pieces. It quickly descended onto his body and combined together. It covered him completely.

Everyone’s gaze became a bit blurry, because the scarlet armor shone like a multicolored sunrise. They were just like divine armor. Moreover, the shape was rather strange, as there were several extra spider legs on both sides.

At this moment, Shi Ziteng looked just like a great humanoid spider. Moreover, there was a scarlet halberd in his hands, giving his heroic appearance a tint of malevolence.

Shi Hao brought out a precious artifact to test the waters. It was an unordinary dagger bought from the Green Wood Garden, and it was extremely sharp.


Shi Ziteng brandished the Sky Art Halberd, and its scarlet blade sliced past. The dagger was immediately cleaved into two, and it exploded into pieces of the symbols soon after.

Everyone was astonished, and they all focused their attention on that precious artifact. This Sky Art Halberd was definitely not ordinary. It was just too sharp, and the power of its symbols was even more outrageous.

“Nephew must take care.” Shi Ziteng coldly said.

“Uncle, your halberd is not bad. Why don’t you give it to me as a gift?” Shi Hao said. His eyes flickered as he stared at that scarlet halberd.

“If you win, then I’ll give it to you,” Shi Ziteng said. He held the halberd with a single arm and pointed it at Shi Hao. Wave after wave of killing intent immediately erupted, covering the sky and hiding the earth!

At this moment, an extremely cold atmosphere filled the Martial Imperial Manor. Many people were shivering in fear, and the experts that watched from the sky were also shocked. This precious artifact was formidable and definitely unordinary.

“Perfect, I just happen to be missing a heavy weapon. I thank uncle in advance.” Shi Hao walked up and prepared to take action.

“Talk after you defeat me!” Shi Ziteng made his move. The great halberd descended like a streak of bloody lightning. At the same time, it was like a boundless river of blood as it fell from the sky and released a heaven overflowing killing intent!

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