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Chapter 311 – Public Declaration

“He is that devilish brat? He actually experienced such a tragedy? He… after so many years wandering around alone, where did he learn his abilities from?”

“Heavens, that’s the savage kid from the Void God Realm! His name is Shi Hao, and he was a member of the Martial Imperial Manor. This is truly unexpected! He actually experienced such bitter events?”

The Capital erupted into a commotion, and everyone was dumbstruck. The news disturbed the entire city. It was as if a meteorite had dropped into the middle of an ocean and whipped up heaven reaching tidal waves!

“What are you randomly spouting?! Are you trying to humiliate the Martial Imperial Manor?” Shi Zhonghe shouted at Shi Hao and refused to acknowledge the truth. If such news were confirmed, then it would become an unprecedented scandal.

His high-pitched voice reverberated in the empty air and spread far into all directions. The past event involved too many people, and it should have been sealed off as a taboo topic. Now that it was exposed here, the damage it could cause would be immeasurable.

“The deed is already done, so at least have the guts to admit it. I feel nothing but contempt for you.” Shi Hao said in a scornful tone.

“Young man, don’t speak without thinking. Old Fifteen’s grandson or not, you can’t say such nonsense without any thought.” Another man spoke, his eyes flickering, realizing that the situation did not look good for them.

The news was too astonishing to accept lightly, so who was telling the truth?

At this very moment, even those in seclusion within noble king manors were disturbed, let alone those on the main streets. The news was incredibly terrifying.

A natural born supreme being was such a remarkable title, and those who heard it could not help but tremble with fear when they recalled the records in the ancient texts.

If it were real, the Martial Imperial Manor would have been such a blessed place. They already had a dual-pupiled youth, and now, they were endowed again with a natural born supreme being. Such news would blow people’s minds!

The capital fell into a clamor and could no longer quiet down. A teenager had broken the long kept silence and revealed such a secret. The impact that resulted was like a meteorite smashing onto the earth. Every force in this place was utterly shaken.

“You have no sense of shame whatsoever!” Shi Hao commented in a low voice, but the people in the group felt like they had been slapped on their faces, and color drained from their faces.

Did they actually think they could keep it hidden forever? Shi Hao sneered. In fact, he was hoping they could speak more, so that the secret could be exposed to the fullest extent.

Shi Ziteng sighed and was utterly agonized by the situation. He had completely lost the calmness and easiness he usually showed to the outside world, for he had never expected himself to be forced into such a passive state. One word from this nephew of his was enough to raise an earthquake.

He asked himself if it was possible to cover it up and the answer was obviously no. Aside from the outsiders, even the Martial Imperial Manor itself was divided into two camps. Once those supporting Shi Hao stood up for him and helped him reveal the truth, everything would be out in the open.

The place he was forced into was nothing but a dead end. Shi Ziteng watched the scene with a chilly look on his face. They were in such a wretched state right now, and there was no way they could talk themselves out of it.

“Go on, tell everyone how I slandered you. Tell them all.” Shi Hao remained composed and watched them with a calm face.

At this moment, Shi Zhonghe and his people were full of anxiety as well. Nothing they did could conceal the truth. What other options did they have but to keep it down? They sighed to themselves in silence. They were too eager to justify themselves just then so they had put themselves in an inferior state.

The odds were stacked against them. Nothing they said sounded right, but their silence would be considered a tacit agreement. It felt as if they were being roasted over a fire, suffocating and unbearable.

“You are very vicious for your age.” Commented a middle-aged man. He obviously said this in a whisper without letting the outsiders hear it.

“I see. You are not ashamed of yourselves at all. What happened back then meant nothing to you and I am the one to be blamed. Ah, what exemplary conduct.” Shi Hao said in a sarcastic tone.

“We are all members of the Martial Imperial Manor, and you are a descendant of the Stone Clan yourself. Even if the clansmen had wronged you, they do not deserve to be treated so ruthlessly. Have you ever considered how the clan will keep its foothold in the Capital after what you have done today?” Asked an old man.

“Hao’er, what we did back then was wrong, but it has already happened and lingering in the past can not solve the problem. What we should do now is  work together and make this bloodline more prosperous.” A middle-aged man standing beside Shi Ziteng also tried to persuade Shi Hao with such words.

These speeches were only audible to those inside the manor. They could not afford to speak aloud.

They had no choice but to calm Shi Hao down. They were trying to persuade him to let go and to stop mentioning what happened in the past. In that way, there was still a chance that they could still keep some dignity in the Capital.

“Weren’t you all acting overbearing just now, denying everything I said? Moreover, you even said that I didn’t have any conscience when I spoke and that I am humiliating the Martial Imperial Manor. How could your attitudes change so fast?!” Shi Hao asked.

“This…” The group of people were shocked and angry at the same time. Their faces all became thoroughly red. This slap to their faces made them feel incomparably awful, and the anger they felt inside was burning their hearts.

At this time, and elder walked over. He had white hair and beard, and his steps were unsteady. He was precisely the Shi Yuan who was crippled by the Great Demonic God. While staring at Shi Hao, his mind was extremely complicated.

The child from back then actually survived. This was truly a miracle!

He sighed softly and said, “Your aunt has already been executed. The events back then are irrevocable, but you, Hao’er, are still the pride of my clan. If you return, you can inherit the title of Martial King.”

“That year, I was not within the clan either. After obtaining the news, I was also furious.” In the end, Shi Ziteng also spoke, no longer remaining silent. “The things that happened back then are truly heart-breaking, but in the end, some people were dealt with. Child, the clan has let you down, but please do not let the hatred consume you. Everything was done to make my Martial Imperial Manor more glorious.”

He was extremely straightforward. His voice wasn’t loud, but it was still loud enough to transmit throughout the city. This shocked everyone.

The death of Shi Yi’s mother back then had always remained a mystery. There were many guesses, but after hearing Shi Ziteng’s words, they learned that she was actually executed. Was this placing righteousness before family? It moved everyone greatly.

“Hao’er, there are some within the clan who have truly crossed the line. Their tone truly isn’t right, but they also want my clan to prosper and do not have any ill intent. I am not asking for your forgiveness, but I hope that you won’t hate us too deeply. Come back to the clan, okay?” Shi Ziteng seemed extremely down to earth as he spoke.

Shi Hao was astounded. This uncle of his was truly formidable. He didn’t act out from beginning to end, and as soon as he spoke, it sounded like he was considering everything from a general perspective, as if it was all for the clan.

“That aunt gouged out my supreme being bone, but at first, she wasn’t punished at all within the clan. It was my father who personally killed her after returning to the clan. The clan wants me to return? Back then, do you remember how you banished my father? After that, you all even worked together with the Rain Clan to pursue him into the western border. Meanwhile, when my grandfather returned to ask about what happened back then, why was he then blocked by you guys? Why did you all fight against him?” Shi Hao’s voice was soft, but it still transmitted into the outside world!

This created an uproar. Shi Ziteng admitted to what happened back then, yet this child began to expose even more secrets.

“No wonder he wanted to tear apart the Rain King Manor. He actually had so much anger pent up inside.”

The outside world could no longer calm down. With the scandal of the Martial Imperial Manor released, it made everyone tremble. A natural born supreme child actually had his symbol bone seized; it truly was rather lamentable.

However, everyone quickly realized that the one who took the leading role this time was the devilish child. He was that savage youth, yet today, he was… a supreme youth!

He opened ten heavenly passages and swept through everyone in the Void God Realm. He emerged as unrivalled within his cultivation realm!

“Heavens, we almost overlooked something. After losing his supreme being bone, not only did he survive, but he is still this powerful. It is just too heaven defying!”

“If he didn’t lose that bone, then how powerful would he become?”

When everyone thought of this question, no one could calm down. Their minds were chaotic. This was all too ridiculous.

At the same time, many people sighed with sorrow. This youngster really wasn’t simple! He was originally on his deathbed, but he ended up growing up and reaching such a state.

“Hao’er, what are you trying to do in this manor?” Shi Yuan couldn’t help but ask.

It was because the more they talked, the more the events from back then were revealed. They couldn’t settle the problem at all, and the outside world now instead completely understood the truth about what happened.

“The reason I am here is to announce to the world that I am still alive. I hope that my father, grandfather, and others will no longer worry.”

“Father, mother, where are you guys? I am still alive in this world!”

“Grandfather, you don’t need to feel dejected over the death of your Hao’er anymore. So what if I lost that bone? I will still move unrestrained under the heavens!”

Shi Hao roared loudly, revealing everything to the world. He hoped that the events that shocked the capital today would spread everywhere and allow his mother, father, and grandfather to know that he was still alive and well. He wanted to tell them that he was a supreme youth!

No matter what people said or thought, today, Shi Hao’s name was destined to become one that was focused on. He became a well known figure in the capital.

Now, they finally knew where the savage child came from. They now knew about his background, that he was a youth that rose despite losing his supreme being bone. It greatly astonished everyone.

“Hao’er, what are you really trying to do?” In the end, Shi Ziteng stated frankly. His face was no longer calm, but filled with a bit of cold intent instead.

There was a wave of killing intent within him, but it was being carefully controlled. He had already wanted to take action for the demonic spider in the Green Wood Garden, and now that something like this happened, he found it really hard to hold himself back.

However, he still did not allow himself to explode. He did not want to have a complete falling out with the people here.

Shi Hao laughed and said, “Uncle, I wonder if I can give some advice?”

When these words were spoken, the Martial Imperial Manor’s atmosphere completely changed. He said ‘advice’, but it could also be interpreted as a threat!

“Hao’er, we are one family. How could we take action?” Shi Ziteng calmly said. His face was full of conflicting emotions.

However, when he saw Shi Hao’s smile yet not a smile, his mind trembled. This youngster had completely seen through his thoughts.

“Uncle, let’s go for a round. Let’s grant your wish and fight to the death!” Shi Hao said.

“You child…” Shi Ziteng shook his head. He seemed to be sighing deeply.

“Shi Hao, you’re crossing the line. No matter what, he is still your uncle. If you feel wronged, then you can speak to us. However, this isn’t too good, right?” Shi Zhonghe said.

“You want me to speak reason? Then fine. All of you guys should willingly be executed based on the family law. Are you all willing?!” Shi Hao was absolutely ruthless as he loudly berated.

Shi Zhonghe’s face immediately became gloomy. “Since it’s like this, then I will accompany you first.”

He did not want Shi Ziteng to take action first, because he heard that this youngster was quite extraordinary. He wanted to test the waters.

However, when he saw that Shi Hao’s body began to flicker with dark light after merging with the Imperishable Golden Body, he immediately felt that something was wrong. He immediately ordered, “Activate the great formation.”

“I want to see who dares!” The Great Demonic God’s old brothers spoke and cast their cold gazes over everyone.

Shi Zhonghe gasped and did not say anything anymore. His hand shook and a formation was activated. It was formed from beast bones, and the pieces densely covered the sky, trapping Shi Hao within.

Shi Hao moved his sleeves and a stone box appeared. As metallic sounds rang out, eight flying swords flew out in succession. They were only the length of a palm, but they were sparkling and transparent. Their appearances were completely different, but they all hacked forward.

“Eight Vicious Swords Formation?!” Everyone gasped.


Sword qi weaved left and right, quickly hacking those beast bones into pieces. The sword formation destroyed the opposing great formation, and those symbol bones were completely shattered.

Shi Zhonghe took action again and brought out other precious artifacts to attack Shi Hao. A great battle unfolded.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t an ordinary youngster. After merging with the Imperishable Golden Body, he was equivalent to a noble king. After Shi Hao brought out the Heaven Transforming Bowl, auspicious light dispersed outwards. With a hu sound, Shi Zhonghe was sucked inside.

“Should I feed you to the spider or just kill you?”

The little bowl appeared within Shi Hao’s palm, and Shi Zhonghe was currently crying out inside. Strand after strand of multicolored lights were moving about the entrance of the bowl.

“Don’t!” There was fear within Shi Zhonghe’s heart. He didn’t want to die.

“Then I’ll just leave you with your life. Watch quietly how the people who gouged out the supreme bone fights against a heavenly deity,” Shi Hao said.

Multicolored light flickered about the entrance of the bowl, and several streaks hacked down towards Shi Zhonghe. Strands of green energy were being emitted from the top of his head. The symbols around his abdomen became dim, and his cultivation was ruined.

The small bowl turned around and tossed him out onto the ground.

In such a simple manner, one of Stone Clan’s old ancestors was dealt with.

“Uncle, why don’t we fight?” Shi Hao said.

“Since it’s like this, then uncle will exchange some pointers with you to see just how powerful you, the supreme youth Hao’er, really are. I want to see how you compare to your brother.” Shi Ziteng spoke before taking large steps forward.

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