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Chapter 310 – My Name is Shi Hao

My name is Shi Hao; it was just four words, but it was like a bolt of lightning that came crashing down. It made the expression of everyone here change as they took several steps back. Their eyes rapidly contracted as they rigidly stared at him.

There were a few people who were at a loss, such as the younger generations that were born later and the servants that had been accepted in recently. They did not know about the situation from back then.

Those outside also heard him, and many people became bewildered. They all had a feeling that something major was going to happen in the Martial Imperial Manor. Otherwise, why would the voice be so loud, shaking all directions?

“You are saying… Your name is Shi Hao?” An elder said with a trembling voice. Even his white beard was shaking as he looked at the youngster in front of him in a daze.

As for the people from Shi Yi’s bloodline, they all revealed shocked expressions one after another, as if they were looking at a ghost. They stared at the valiant and mighty youngster with disbelief. They couldn’t help but tremble, and a wave of coldness rose from their stomachs.

The effect this name had was too great. They all felt as if a storm had arrived!

“His… name is Shi Hao. Is it that special?” A ten year old or so youngster asked the people around him in a soft voice. He seemed a bit confused.

“You… speak a bit softer!” Beside him, there was a youngster who reprimanded him in a strict tone. Only after looking left and right did he say in a soft voice, “Have you forgotten about the Hao’er that Grandpa Fifteen constantly hollered about? It is precisely this name! The great battle that happened not too long ago is precisely because of him!”

“What?! Hao’er is him?!” Those of the younger generation and the ones that did not know about the situation at that time all became stupefied upon hearing these words. They all felt that it was inconceivable.

The disaster that happened in the Martial Imperial Manor was something that the inner members of the clan knew well, and those that did not know would never know. It was a type of taboo that was sealed off and not spread out.

Therefore, the children that were a bit over ten and those even younger only vaguely heard tidbits. Their parents were not willing to go into depth.

“His name is Shi Hao, the same name as the Great Demonic God’s descendant!” Someone said in a low voice, and it quickly began to spread throughout the mansion.

Who was Shi Hao? This was a forbidden topic and something that people weren’t allowed to discuss in the manor. His identity and background made those younger disciples all shocked!

Everyone finally understood why the elders and middle-aged individuals were so serious. It was clearly reflected on their faces.

Very quickly, even the younger generation and new servants of the manor understood the situation. They began to gasp one after another.

“How could this be… ten years have already passed. How could that child still be alive?” The elder’s voice was shaky because he didn’t dare believe this.

“I am Shi Hao!” Shi hao’s expression was calm as he declared it clearly. The sound was like the cry of a dragon as it echoed through the air.

“Old Fifteen’s descendant? I am not dreaming, right? I can see that child again in this lifetime…” On the side, an elder felt as if hot blood was surging within him. He was so moved that he almost screamed out.

As for Shi Ziteng’s side, that group of people’s expressions were extremely ugly. There were even some whose faces fell ashen and deathly white. Their minds were all in a disquieted state, and they felt as if a great disaster was coming their way!

Even Shi Ziteng’s expression was changing again and again, losing the calm and collected appearance he usually had. His two eyes were like lightning as they continuously scanned this young man.

“Impossible, that person has died a long time ago. Who are you really? Why did you, an imposter, come to my Martial Imperial Manor? Are you purposely trying to cause chaos?” From Shi Yi’s bloodline, there was an elder that spoke. Cold light continuously flickered within his eyes.

When others heard his words, there were immediately others who parroted, “These really are troubled times! All types of people are showing up. There is even someone who dares to come and deceive my Martial Imperial Manor. Are you tired of living? What are you guys staring around for? Hurry up and capture him.”

People in this bloodline all had similar thoughts. Right now, they absolutely could not acknowledge his identity, and they had to immediately take action to kill him. This would completely solve all of their problems.

“What are you all trying to do?!” One the other side, several elders roared in fury, looking like old lions. Their hair and beards were all long, but their appearances were bold and powerful as they berated loudly.

“He claims to be one of my manor’s dead disciples and came here to cause trouble. It’s clear that he is here with treacherous intent. We want to arrest him, so is there something wrong with that?” On the other side, there was a middle aged man who opposed with equal harshness.

“I haven’t even stated my purpose for coming, yet you all have already convicted me of a crime?” Shi Hao asked.

“You came while posing under a false name! Is that not enough? It goes without saying that you harbor evil intentions. However, if you want to cause chaos in my Martial Imperial Manor, then you can forget about it!” Someone beside Shi Ziteng said.

“You asked for my name, and I answered you truthfully, yet you immediately accuse me of causing chaos. Could it be because of a guilty conscience?” Shi Hao was calm the entire time. He spoke in a manner that was not too fast or too slow.

Within the manor, everyone held their breath as they watched. Many of them experienced the events back then, and they stared at Shi Hao while trying to recall the image of that weak child from back then. They were trying to see if it was the same person.

“We’ve already been informed that you came to the capital with a hidden goal. You wish to disturb every great noble king’s manor. You’ve come with malicious intent.” A person spoke.

One of Grandpa Fifteen’s old brothers cleared his throat and roared, “I think it is you who has malicious intents. Why are you in such a rush to splash around dirty water? Can it be that you don’t even want to let him speak?”

Shi Hao smiled and looked forward. “You said that I am here to destroy every great noble king’s manor. Can you give me an example?”

“This…” The person beside Shi Ziteng became tongue-tied for words, because he knew that he would humiliate himself even more if he answered that question. It was because the place that the other party ruined was the Rain King Manor and had a great connection to the past events.

“Let me tell you then. Not long ago, I tore apart the Rain King Manor!” Shi Hao’s expression became cold as he shouted. “I think that you all should know the reason!”

“You…” When that individual made eye-contact with Shi Hao, he couldn’t help but feel weak. He couldn’t even look at Shi Hao face to face.

“What you’ve all done, what they’ve done, I’m sure you are clear about both.”

“I’ve only went to demand an explanation. The Rain Clan owes me too much!” Shi Hao’s voice was extremely loud, and it was as sharp as a blade. It shook people to their souls.

“You… are lying! You aren’t that child from back then!” Beside Shi Ziteng, someone cried out.

When one of Grandpa Fifteen’s old brothers heard this, he did not get angry but instead seemed to have calmed down. He faced everyone and said, “Open your eyes and carefully take a look. The corners of his eyes and the tip of his brows, isn’t it quite similar to Shi Ziling’s? Is there or isn’t there some resemblance to the Great Demonic God?”

These words made many people tremble. After carefully looking, he really did seem similar. In just a split second, everyone was convinced. It seems like the the Great Demonic God’s descendant really did return.

“I believe that it’s him. Hao’er is alive and he has returned!” An elder shouted.

“He’s right, it’s Hao’er. Heavens, it’s the child from back then… You’ve finally brought some justice to this matter!” There was another person who was emotionally moved.

At this moment, there was a great disturbance in the Martial Imperial Manor. All of the important members hurried over, and even those that were cultivating in isolation were alerted. They all rushed towards this palace hall.

Everyone from Shi Ziteng’s bloodline had ugly expressions on their faces. The events that happened today were just too sudden. This was like a bolt of lightning, and they were so shaken that they didn’t know what to say.

“Open your eyes and look. This is definitely Ziling’s child!”

“Shi Hao, he is the devilish child that opened ten heavenly passages! He is a supreme youth!” When this sentence was spoken, the entire Martial Imperial Manor surged with commotion.

At this moment, regardless of whether it was the young ones or the middle generation, they were all shaken. Right, they seemed to have overlooked the origins of the devilish child! He was a supreme youth!

“Shi Yuan, is there anything else you have to say? Are you going to continue questioning this child’s origins? Would a supreme youth need to come here to announce his name?”

When Shi Ziteng’s people heard what was said, their expressions all changed. They no longer said anything.

It was clear that the Martial Imperial Manor was divided into two factions. Neither side seemed to be overwhelmed by the other, and there was a feeling of confrontation.

A child that was thought to be dead for many years returned. The manor immediately began to clamor with noise.

“Let’s verify the child’s identity in a bit. This can be considered a happy event, so just let him pay his respects and return to the sect.” An elder defected from Shi Ziteng and spoke in an unhurried manner. His expression was extremely calm.

“From your tone, its seems like you think that you are doing me a favor?” Shi Hao asked.

On the other side, the elder’s expression was calm as he said, “Child, what do you still want? This is a happy occasion! Paying your respects, and having us celebrate for you, does it not make you happy?”

“Are you trying to curry favor from me? Do you think that I should be deeply grateful to you? It looks almost like you are trying to chase away a beggar!” Shi Hao said with a cold expression.

“Then what do you want?” The elder spoke. His face carried a bit of chilliness.

“Do you all really think of yourselves that highly? Who is Shi Yuan? I heard that my grandfather crippled you, how are you now?” Shi Hao asked. His lips carried a hint of disdain.

Shi Yuan was Shi Ziteng’s grandfather, as well as one of their bloodline’s important individuals. Crippling this kind of lord made their bloodline extremely furious and unable to lift their heads.

Currently, Shi Hao’s pejorative attitude made many people clench their fists.

“Shi Zhonghe, do you know what you are doing?” One of the Great Demonic God’s old brothers shouted. “Shut your repulsive mouth. Don’t forget how much we’ve let down this child. Right now, do you still dare to speak with this kind of tone?!”

“Uncle Eighteen, there is no need to be angry. Hao’er’s return is a joyous occasion. We wanted to help him celebrate.” Shi Ziteng finally spoke. His expression was quite calm.

“Did you guys really think that I returned to pay my respects to the sect?” Shi Hao said.

“What are you trying to do?” Shi Zhonghe asked. His face turned cold.

“Regardless of whether I decide to return or not, I don’t need your acknowledgment.” Shi Hao’s expression turned cold as well as he shot them a look of contempt. “Your so called family’s glory and honor has nothing to do with me. I couldn’t care less!”

This sentence was extremely disrespectful, making everyone from Shi Ziteng’s bloodline change their expressions. Even a few of the Great Demonic God’s old brothers frowned because they didn’t want to hear words like these.

“Do you know what you are saying? By what authority can you say such things?” Shi Zhonghe shouted.

“Why can’t I say such a thing? I have never decided to join you! Ever since my father was forced to leave by you all more than ten years ago, there was already no connection left between me and the Martial Imperial Manor!” Shi Hao’s tone was extremely severe.

These words made many people speechless. The Martial Imperial Manor truly let down Shi Ziling’s bloodline through those events.

Moreover, now, this child was known as a supreme youth in the outside world. Did he really need someone else’s so called ‘kindness’? Did he really need the title of being a disciple of the Martial Imperial Manor? He absolutely didn’t!

As long as he nodded his head, countless great powers, even those from the Archaic Divine Mountains would lower their heads and would courteously invite him to join them.

As for how high he would reach in the future, noone knew. This was a true supreme youth that had the qualifications to seize the Stone Country’s title of emperor!

To him, the Martial Imperial Manor was just too small!

At this moment, the outside world was completely silent. When they heard what was shouted from within, all of them trembled inwardly. The Great Demonic God’s Hao’er has appeared?

There was no wall that could completely block the wind; the outside world was informed as well. The Great Demonic God’s grandson was a heavenly supreme being, and he was backstabbed secretly. This was the reason for the great battle last time.

Right now, a young man named Shi Hao returned, so how could this not make everyone tremble? An incredible storm was brewing!

“If you aren’t willing to enter the Martial Imperial Manor and aren’t willing to pay your respects to the clan, then why did you return?” Beside Shi Ziteng, Shi Zhonghe asked.

“My name is Shi Hao and was originally a natural born supreme being. However, my supreme being bone was gouged out by you all and added into Shi Yi’s body. Today, I’ve returned to demand an explanation!”

Shi Hao’s voice shook the heaven and earth, spreading into every street and alley in the city. These words travelled extremely far, as if a dragon roared or a tiger cried.

He did not try to conceal it at all and used an extremely simple sentence to directly uncover the tragedy from back then. Everything was exposed to the world.

“What?!” At this moment, every single area in the capital was greatly shaken. This kind of news was just like a hurricane as it swept through the entire city. There wasn’t a single great power that wasn’t shaken.

Even though they had heard of such rumors a long time ago, it was still rather concealed and unclear. No one knew exactly what happened. Even when Grandpa Fifteen threw the entire capital into chaos, he did not explain anything to the outside world, so no one knew the situation.

Yet today, the child personally revealed everything after paying a visit to the Martial Imperial Manor. This was equivalent to raising shockingly great waves!

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