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Chapter 309 – Entering the Martial Imperial Manor Alone

There was a tender spot within Shi Hao’s heart. He always remembered that lively, adorable, and incredibly kind little servant girl.

When he was suffering to the point where he couldn’t move his body and even his memory became hazy, many of the Martial Imperial Manor’s people abandoned him. No one paid him any attention, and no one wanted to be with him. There was only that ice cold bed. At that time, only a little girl named A’man would stay next to him with tears flowing from her eyes. She would continuously remind him to never forget that he was a supreme being, a natural born supreme being!

A’man was originally the descendant of a servant, but she was naturally bright, so she was able to enter the rear residence to take care of Shi Hao. He was ‘sick’, and his life couldn’t even be saved. The enthusiastic cousins of his, as well as the clan members that predicted that he would become great one day all began to drift away after learning about his ‘ill condition’. They no longer approached him, and only A’man took care of him.

Through the Willow Deity, Shi Hao was able to clearly see his memories from childhood. The affection shown to him were all temporary. Once he lost his supreme being bone, and became a terminally ill person, he saw it all.

After so many years passed, he wondered how A’man was now. Was she living a good life?

He remembered that when his memory was becoming hazy and his mind was on the decline, she wanted him to never forget her name.

“A’man, I’ve returned. This time, I’ve come to see you and bring you out from the Martial Imperial Manor.” Shi Hao quietly said. His face was a bit emotional as he reminisced, and there was also a sense of intimacy and joy.

The capital was full of noise. After the battle in the Rain King Manor, the entire capital city was shaken. Everyone was so shocked that they were completely stupefied. When the news spread, there was an enormous uproar.

Not everyone was able to hurry over to witness the battle. There were still many who had just received the news. They were all dumbstruck. This was just too unbelievable.

Following the Great Demonic God, the Rain King Manor was torn apart once again. Large portions of its courtyard was ruined, and several pieces of the Rain Deity’s decree was even eaten by someone. This seemed a bit too… unreal.

At first, many people didn’t believe that a child that was a bit older than ten could stage such a great play. It was simply inconceivable! Everyone was shocked.

“The Rain Clan has suffered too heavy of a blow. Their manor was attacked twice. They had such a great reputation too… what a waste.”

“They were the ones that brought trouble to themselves. First, they personally called out the Great Demonic God and said that they were cleaning up the Martial King’s clan in the his place. Then, they provoked this ridiculous devilish brat, so in the end, judgment was brought onto them.”

After all was said and done, everyone was still amazed at the devilish child. Even though they knew that his heavenly talents were shocking, never would they have thought that he himself would visit the Rain King manor and create such a shocking event.

As a result, many powers began their search for him. This was a savage child that opened up ten heavenly passages! He was known as a supreme youth!

This heaven warping talent that came from the Void God Realm was worth roping in for many powers. Now that they knew that he didn’t die, they knew that his future accomplishments were limitless!

Of course, there were also those with ill-intent. They investigated in secret to see if there were any opportunities to get rid of him. These included people from the Tuoba ancient family and the four great clans.

While the capital was in an uproar, Shi Hao arrived in front of a grand and majestic manor. He looked around in a daze; was this really where he was born?

The flight of stairs were made from white marble, and enormous auspicious beasts were crouching on both sides. Vermillion gates stood in front of the imposing manor.

The mansion seemed more intimidating than the Rain King Manor. It was more vast, but the only thing it gave him was a feeling of illness and pain. He hadn’t even lived here for a year before leaving.

That year, many people from the clan fought against Shi Ziling, and his father fought out a bloody path all by himself while protecting him. Even now, it still gave him a grim feeling.

At that time, his grandfather’s old brothers and his father’s friends were almost all moved out of the mansion. This place was truly cold during that period.

Shi Hao’s emotional state was all over the place. Back then, only A’man made him feel extremely warm.

“Hey, youngster, you’ve stood there for a long time already. If you aren’t here for any reason, then it’s better if you leave.” Outside the manor gates, there was a guard that spoke.

Shi Hao was surprised. When he came here, he didn’t feel any overbearing arrogance. The other party’s words were still somewhat peaceful, different from what he was expecting.

“I thought that you guys were here to chase me out.” He laughed in a self-mocking way.

“If it was in the past, then you definitely would have been chased away by someone. Last time when Grandpa Fifteen returned, there was a guard who dared to treat him coldly. As a result, they were completely disposed of.” Several of the guards laughed.

“That’s what I’m saying.” Shi Hao said quietly to himself.

“Are you really here to visit home?” One of them was doubtful as they looked at him.

“Correct, I am here to enter the Martial Imperial Manor.” Shi Hao calmly said.

“You are…” They were all astonished. He was just a teenager, so who was he looking for here?

Just at this time, the streets were thrown into chaos. Some people quickly rushed over to enter the Martial Imperial Manor. They seemed like they were all disciples of the manor.

“What is all the ruckus about?” A war general walked out of the manor gates and shouted at them.

“Something big happened. The Rain King Manor was taken apart by someone, and even the divine decree was eaten by that person. We’ve returned to give this report.”

Those that returned in a hurry began to speak one after another. Suddenly, one of them stared at Shi Hao and said, “You… why are you here?” He seemed incomparably shocked.

All the great clans were already informed that something major happened at the Rain King Manor. However, as for the fine details, they still needed their clansmen to report back, such as the the details of the battle.

“Heavens! The savage child came to our manor?!” The group that returned all shouted.

The guards were all shocked, and even that war general couldn’t help but take a few steps back. They sized up Shi Hao and revealed shocked expressions.

“You are here to pay your respects to the manor?” A group of people cried out strangely. This was a murderous monster! Did he come here to take apart the Martial Imperial Manor too? It made every single one of them anxious and frightened.

Shi Hao seemed rather calm as he faced everyone. He didn’t look like he was here to start a fight.

The war general nodded and magnanimously invited him into a hall to wait while a report was made to the superiors. This was an incredibly great matter, and everyone was scared that some kind of problem would happen. None of them dared to treat him lightly, because they felt as if they were facing a great enemy.

This situation was extremely strange for them. It was clearly just a youngster a bit over ten years old, yet they felt such a great pressure.

Shi Hao waited for some time. He seemed to be in deep thought, but then he suddenly disappeared from his location and directly entered the manor. It was because of the Rain King Manor sending news to Shi Ziteng that he was Shi Hao. If that happened, it wouldn’t be easy to bring A’man away from this place.

He disappeared like a wisp of smoke and made his way through the manor based on what he remembered. Surprisingly, he didn’t make any wrong turns and directly headed for the area he resided in the past.

“Where does A’man live?” He asked a servant.

“She lives over there, but…” Before the servant even finished, Shi Hao had already disappeared, startling him. This speed was just too shocking.

“A’man, I am Shi Hao! I returned to bring you with me!” Shi Hao rushed into a courtyard that was extremely peaceful.

One of the girls raised her head and looked at him with shock.

“You… aren’t A’man. Where is she?” Shi Hao had a feeling that this was not sister A’man from back then.

“A’man was brought away by Grandpa Fifteen. She had long left the Martial Imperial Manor, and never returned since.” The young girl eloquently spoke these words.

“Why is your face so pale, as if you are extremely shocked?” Shi Hao asked her. Even though the other party quickly informed him about the situation, she still looked at him like he was a ghost.

“You… are you really young master Shi Hao?” The girl asked in a soft voice.

“You know who I am?”

“Sister A’man always said over and over that you wouldn’t die. She believed that you would return one day, and that you would remember her.” The girl spoke.

A feeling of warmth immediately surged within his heart. Shi Hao sat on top of a stone block and looked at this quiet and secluded courtyard. He felt a type of tenderness, as well as a bit of sorrow.

A’man actually had such faith in him. Everyone in the Martial Imperial Manor all thought that he was terminally ill, and only A’man carefully tended to him. Tears flowed from her eyes as she told him that he had to remember who he was, and that he had to keep living.

After so many years had passed, she still hadn’t forgotten. She said that he would return, and that he wouldn’t forget her.

“A’man…” Shi Hao softly called out. He still remembered her large eyes and how pretty she was. Only, after so many years passed, she probably changed quite a bit.

When he saw that A’man wasn’t here when he first rushed in, he became terrified. He was scared that something unexpected might have happened, but never thought that his grandfather would have brought her away.

“Why?” Shi Hao asked.

It was clear that this girl was extremely intelligent. She knew what he wanted to know about and quickly told him everything.

“Grandpa Fifteen learned about what happened back then in the manor and knew that A’man took care of you before. In addition, sister A’man was the most intelligent, and her natural talents were extraordinary, so he brought her away.”

“Was A’man really that great?” Shi Hao smiled.

“Extremely great. She’s a natural genius. The clan purposefully concealed the fact and did not let the outside world know about her. This was kept as an inside secret.”

“In addition, when Grandpa Fifteen fought intensely against that spider, sister A’man even gave him advice. At that time, she drew Grandpa Fifteen’s attention.” The young lady chattered continuously and talked about many things. It was clear that her relationship with A’man was quite good.

“A’man…” When Shi Hao thought about the events of his childhood, he felt extremely warm. At that time, A’man really was intelligent and extremely bright. Even though he didn’t see her today, he heard extremely good news.

“Are you really the one that A’man always spoke about… young master Shi Hao?” The girl mustered her courage and asked.

“I am.” Shi Hao nodded.

“Heavens… You are a natural born divine being!” The young lady felt as if her brain was overloaded. Did the individual who many people thought was dead really return?

“Where did my grandfather bring A’man?”

“I don’t know.” The girl shook her head.

Right at this time, the Martial Imperial Manor was in chaos. There was noise everywhere, and the areas outside the mansion were stirred up. Many people were looking around with looks of shock.

“What happened?”

“That savage teenager entered the Martial Imperial Manor, but later on, he mysteriously vanished. The manor seems to have encountered a great enemy!”

As a matter of fact, the manor was truly in a state of chaos. The murderous brat came to their doors and suddenly disappeared, making many people incomparably nervous.

You have to understand that this brat had just dealt with the Rain Clan, but now, he was here. Who here wasn’t completely terrified?

Shi Hao heard the noise and hurried to the main hall with large steps. As soon as he appeared, with a hu la sound, he was surrounded by a large group of people. The atmosphere was tense to the limit.

From the distance, Shi Ziteng walked over with large strides. A group of people followed behind him.

From another direction, a group of elders rushed over. It was clear that they did not get along with Shi Ziteng as they confronted each other.

“This is precisely the child from the Void God Realm who created countless disturbances. He just made a mess in the Rain King manor and tore apart many of their palace halls.” Someone said in a soft voice.

Many people looked over at the same time, as if they were facing a great enemy.

“Rumor has it that he opened ten heavenly passages and is known as a supreme youth. Moreover, didn’t he break Shi Yi’s records?” Someone asked.


Those that heard these words in the Martial Imperial Manor felt completely different. Shi Ziteng and his people had cold light flashing through their eyes, while those old individuals were shocked and regretful.

Originally, the Martial Imperial Manor was going to have another supreme youth, only… he had passed away.

“You truly are incredible. After causing chaos in the Rain King Manor, are you going to behave atrociously in my Martial Imperial Manor as well?” Someone next to Shi Ziteng shouted coldly.

“Who are you really?” Another person shouted.

“My name is Shi Hao!” Shi Hao declared his name frankly. There wasn’t a single bit of concealment, and his voice was like thunder as it shook the Martial Imperial Manor. His voice even rang outside the manor.

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