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Chapter 308 – Wretched Decree

“It’s so hard and tastes gross!” Shi Hao frowned as he chewed on the divine decree with kachi kachi. However, he was able to chew through it after using a lot of strength. It was impossible to swallow it whole.

He grinded his teeth forcefully and chewed with all of his strength. There was an unsatisfied look on his face, because he felt that the taste really wasn’t all that great.

Everyone from the Rain Clan was driven mad. This wasn’t the first time such a thing happened. Back then, the devilish child was just like this in the Void God Realm. He chewed on the divine decree just like a bear and ate a piece of it.

It was also because of the disaster last time that the decree became so badly damaged. As a result, during the last confrontation against Grandpa Fifteen, it couldn’t display its full power. The divine might that it displayed then was limited, leading to the humiliation of the Rain Clan.

Ultimately, the reason that such a disaster happened was completely because the savage child ate a corner of the decree. It damaged the divine decree, causing its power to be greatly weakened.

Now that they saw this repeated tragedy, how could the Rain Clansmen not go crazy? Every single one of them erupted with fury, especially the elders. They were beyond angry.

Was there still reasoning left in this world? Why did he grab another piece and nibble on it like a rabbit on cabbage? He was chewing it with vigor.

A group of people moved simultaneously and released a storm of attacks. Precious artifacts covered the sky and blossomed with power; it was an extremely beautiful sight.

While still chewing on the divine decree, Shi Hao activated the bowl. The bowl released auspicious multicolored light, and as the radiance swirled about, more than ten precious artifacts were drawn in and refined. Their essence was sucked out and used to repair itself.

“This thing really is quite good. What kind of material is the base of the bowl made out of?” Shi Hao was rather shocked. After purchasing it, only after he used the broken sword to break apart the seal at the base of the bowl did he notice how powerful it was.


At the same time, there were several people who were pulled into the air and sucked into the small bowl. Multicolored light swirled about the opening of the bowl, and soon, those individuals were turned into a bloody paste before being poured out.

“Return our divine decree!” Many people shouted loudly.

On the streets outside the Rain Clan Manor, a group of people stared with dumbstruck faces. Everyone who watched the battle felt as if what they were looking at wasn’t real. That was the imprint of a deity, and contained within it was the divine might of the Rain Deity. In the end… it was eaten.

Everyone felt that this clan was too unlucky. If it was just once, then that was that, but it happened a second time today. It was as if the divine decree was used to feed the devilish child.


Shi Hao chewed with all his strength and finally found that he chewed enough. He swallowed and said, “It’s not that bad. The flavor is a bit stronger than last time.”

“You… Go die!” Someone shouted. A formation was activated, but it was still useless. Shi Hao backed up and did not walk into their trap.

“How could it be like this? What happened? Why did the divine decree mysteriously fall into his hands? Get to the bottom of this!” An elder shouted loudly.

They had just opened the temple and released the altar. They didn’t even truly use the divine decree to kill their opponent yet.


Golden light flickered, and from the depths of the Rain Clan’s restricted area, a large portion of the golden rain of light disappeared. It then flew out from the rear court towards Shi Hao’s location.

Of course, the small pagoda was swallowing another large piece, but it was so fast that no one could see it clearly. There were still two pieces, and they were stripped of the blazing murderous golden light. One piece entered the Imperishable Golden Body, and the other appeared in Shi Hao’s hands.

“This seems more appropriate. Everyone should have a portion.” This made the devilish child’s heart calm down. Otherwise, he would have a feeling that he was left out.


He seemed like he was gnawing on a carrot as he stuffed it into his mouth. Ka ka sounded, and it was an extremely crisp sound. There were even sounds of grinding because the object was too tough and durable.

The Rain Clan was going crazy. This really was like seeing hell while still alive. Another two pieces were seized by that brat. One of them entered the black battle clothes Shi Hao was wearing and turned into strands of light before disappearing.

There was still a piece that became his food. This… even the clan’s oldest and unflustered people were now hopping in anger. They were going mad.

“Quick, stop him! Hurry up and get our decree back!”

They were flustered and exasperated. Beards were blown about and their eyes were glaring at Shi Hao. They truly wanted to skin that youngster alive because they were being angered to death. How could something like this happen?

In the distance, all of the warriors watching the battle were stupefied. They felt speechless, because they didn’t know what to say about this situation.

It was originally a life and death battlefield that was incomparably ferocious. In particular, objects like the Rain Deity decree indicated that there would inevitably be a bloody outcome, but now… why did it seem to have become a bit gleeful?

Everyone felt as if the situation was quite the opposite of desperate, and the previous depressed mood was completely swept away. The Rain Clan was too generous. Were they giving out the divine decree as food?

“Hey, Rain Clan brothers, give me a piece as well. I wanna see what it tastes like!” Someone jeered, making many people roar with laughter.

“Little brother, does the decree taste good?” There was even someone who asked Shi Hao to ridicule the Rain King Manor.

“Not that great. It’s like leather, hard and doesn’t taste that good.” Shi Hao gave out his evaluation.

“Haha”… The streets were full of laughter.

When the Rain Clan’s people heard what was said, all of their faces ashened. This was the definition of being unrestrained and unbridled! This youngster made them feel more miserable than even when they faced the Great Demonic God! With this kind of taunting and ridiculing, how was the Rain Clan supposed to stand in the capital in the future?

For their ancient family, this was the worst event they had ever faced. Their reputation and fame were extremely important to them, yet in the end, they were completely trampled on by him.

“Report to ancestor! Several pieces of the divine decree parchment flew out for some reason. They were not activated by us!” Someone spoke in a low voice to report the current situation.

“Activate the fucking decree!” An elder roared. He couldn’t take this humiliation anymore and hollered at those individuals. He wanted them to use the divine decree to kill the devilish child.

Even though there were doubts in everyone’s hearts and they had a bad feeling, they still did not hesitate. How could they not follow the orders of an ancestor?!

The Rain King had half of his body shot through by the Great Demonic God last time and was crippled. As a result, he had long left the capital to recover in the ancestral land. Currently, there were several old ancestors that were in charge of the matters here, and their orders were absolute.

The splendid divine decrees soared. Those were all pieces, not an entire sheet. However, they were pieced together into a whole, and at this moment, they released a blazing radiance like that of a sun.

The golden multicolored light flourished and flew out in streaks. The peaceful and holy light scattered down in all directions, and at the same time, there was an incredibly imposing aura that felt undefiable. They could only acknowledge its power.

This was a medium that carried the will of a deity, a divine artifact. After being passed down through countless years, it had long since developed intelligence.

It could be seen how many characters were packed on that decree parchment. Every single symbol was a type of dao, and it was an embodiment of divine chains of order. If it fell onto a person, they would immediately be killed.

The reason why Shi Hao was able to chew on the decree was because the small pagoda had already stripped off the parchment’s symbol light, making it so that it couldn’t cause any harm.

The decree was activated. It merged in the air before descending. It possessed boundless divine might, and multicolored light was roiling in waves. It threw everyone’s minds into chaos and made them tremble.

The people on the streets all shut their mouths, because they were enduring too much pressure. Those that had weaker wills immediately collapsed onto the ground, and there were even more people who were backing up with their entire bodies shaking.

“This decree is missing a few corners. Could one of them be the one that I ate?” Shi Hao said to himself quietly. However, many people still heard him.

When the Rain Clan heard what he said, their faces became green and pale. Meanwhile, the people in the distance almost burst into laughter. In the end, the Rain Clan’s decree seemed to really have suffered under this teenager’s hands.

Only, under this kind of divine might, no one could laugh. Only a few people’s mouths twitched as they backed up.

“Kill!” The Rain Clan’s old ancestor shouted. He wanted to see with his own eyes the force that was seizing the decree fragments.

However, that great killing artifact didn’t descent. It’s flourishing radiance dimmed, as if it was being stopped by a mysterious energy. Then, three fragments suddenly disappeared.

“It’s here again. This thing really is gross. I don’t really want to eat it.” Shi Hao’s voice sounded, and sure enough, another piece appeared in his hands. It was currently stuffed into his mouth.

Another piece fused together with the black golden battle clothes and disappeared. As for the third piece, the Rain Clan didn’t even see where it went.

After continuously chewing on two pieces, Shi Hao’s body began to light up. There were some indescribable symbols that appeared from within his body, making him feel as if he was an inflating balloon. The radiance was incredibly shocking.

“This really is good stuff. The divine might is astonishing. I’ll save it for now and use it after I enter the Engravement Realm.” Shi Hao said to himself before stuffing the third piece into his Heaven and Earth Pouch.

“Give it back to us!” The Rain Clan’s people roared.

“No way!” Shi Hao shot them a sidelong glance.

“Return my clan’s divine decree!” Those people’s eyes were turning red.

“All mine!” Shi Hao looked at them with his large and lively eyes. It made those people stomp in anger, but there was nothing they could do about it.

With things reaching such a state, the Rain Clan’s ancestor’s face fell ashen. His mood was beyond terrible. He ordered his people to retrieve the decree and to never bring it out like this again.

At the final moment, the decree pieces disappeared one after another for a total of six pieces. When the now dimmed golden decree merged together, only half remained.

At this moment, there were even thoughts of suicide among the Rain Clansmen. Many people had sullen expressions because this was just too shameful and humiliating.

“It’s time to leave.” The small pagoda reminded.

“Why didn’t we take all of it?” Shi Hao was confused.

“I am already walking on a thin rope. If this continues, then the balance really will be disturbed,” said the small pagoda.

A wave of cold air rose from within Shi hao’s body. He didn’t know why, but every time he heard it speak the word ‘balance’, he would always feel as if a wave of frozen killing intent had swept through this world.

Shi Hao turned around and walked away.

“Where are you going?!” One of the Rain Clansmen stepped on a great formation and pursued into the distance.


Shi Hao turned around. The broken sword swept out, and sword radiance surged. Several people were hacked at the waist, and one of them was actually a sect elder. He was one of the Rain Clan’s important individuals.

In front of the strength of a noble king, not even a sect elder was enough. Even an ancestor wouldn’t suffice and would still fall a bit short.

“Rain Clan, it’s better if you know your place a bit. You all still can still live for a few more years, understand?!” Shi Hao turned around. These were the last words he left behind, and they were an undisguised threat.

The little pagoda no longer took action, so he had no way of defeating the divine decree. He couldn’t continue his offense, so he left with large steps.

As for the true great slaughter, he was saving it for an existence like that archaic demonic spider and not here. He felt that using the small pagoda’s chance here was truly a bit  wasteful.

Everyone was astonished. This really was unbelievable. It was just a single youngster, yet he berated and threatened a great clan. It was just too domineering. When he turned around to leave, there wasn’t even anyone who could stop him.

Shi Hao disappeared from the Rain King Manor with a few flashes. With the Kun Peng’s precious technique, his speed was just too fast.

He knew that his identity had been exposed. The Rain Clan knew who he was and was definitely going to tell Shi Ziteng’s bloodline.

“Rather than it ending up like that, I would rather pay them a visit and tell them myself!” Shi Hao decided that in the future, he would be Shi Hao. There was no need to cover anything up anymore.

Moreover, the most important thing was that he had to meet someone. This person had left behind a wonderful impression on him.

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