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Chapter 305 – Rain Deity’s Projection

While standing atop the golden clouds, Shi Hao seemed to have various deities chanting behind him, and demons and gods danced together to the sound. It was the most terrifying scene!

The auspicious clouds shone resplendently and enabled him to move extremely quickly. This kind of feeling was unlike anything he had experienced before. In a split second, he arrived in front of the giant lotus.

Treasured artifacts of all sorts surrounded him, all of which were constructed from symbols. It was a world-shocking scene. Sounds of bells, pagodas, swords and cauldrons rumbled with ear-splitting metallic sounds.

As he lifted his hand, a great bell with a golden surface flew out. The bell was inscribed with symbols, whose long peals could be heard from countless miles away. It smashed right into the heart of the lotus to destroy the flower.


Petals shot out, and a curtain of light surged. It was extremely terrifying, as if a river of stars was erupting. Everyone could see the sun, moon, and stars flickering and displaying their power.

The great bell collided with the lotus, creating a deafening rumbling sound that seemed to never end.

In the distance, the crowd could do nothing but stare with aghast expressions. What kind of ridiculous scene was this?


The great bell seemed to have existed for ages. Its sound travelled far and wide. Many stellar bodies began to smash downwards, making people’s hearts and souls tremble.

Eventually, the great bell was dismantled and scattered across the empty air. A formidable illuminating haze that resembled the sea of stars was also forced back into the flower, leaving behind an extremely shocking scene. It was as if stars were falling from the sky.

It was the eighth flower, which by now had not bloomed completely. Even though quite a large amount of its essence energy had been devoured, the flower was still able to assemble its last attack.

Shi Hao’s body was on the edge of bursting. He could no longer take in and refine any more spiritual essence. As a result, he released another attack. It was filled with majestic divine might.


Beside him, a divine sword rang with metallic sounds. He took it into his hands, and the golden blade began to illuminate with radiance. It was so dazzling that no one could look at it directly.

He struck out with the sword, sending out densely packed symbols accompanied by countless streaks of lightning. The divine sword cut the lotus open, and as a result, the petals withered and exploded into pieces mid-air.

“What a fierce strike!” The crowd couldn’t help but cry out and gasp in horror.

However, after the strike, the golden divine sword disappeared as well. It was not a long-term existence.


The lotus trembled and more petals bloomed. Moreover, the eighth one contained much more power than the previous seven.

Shi Hao grabbed a pagoda, and this one was also constructed from symbols. He activated it with full force, piercing through multiple layers of petals to arrive where the Rain Clan’s people were. He wanted to get rid of them first to weaken this precious technique.


At that moment, something bizarre took place. The eighth layer of the rain curtain, or rather, the eighth lotus seemed to become alive. Its size expanded abruptly and tried to block Shi Hao.

Moreover, mist was diffusing from the core of the flower again. It looked like wisps of smoke formed from streams of stars and possessed an extraordinary offensive power!

“That’s the essence of the rain force!” Murmured someone. The onlookers were now all watching nervously.


Shi Hao yelled and gathered all the cauldrons and spears around him before charging with them all at once. Although each piece was only capable of making a single attack, the assembled force was still formidable.


A terrifying sphere of light exploded, not only blasting the eighth flower into pieces, but smashing Shi Hao away as well. Blood trickled down from his mouth. Shi Hao himself was also injured from this attack.

However, his physique was special. His flesh possessed unparalleled strength, allowing him to recover after a brief adjustment of his breath. He charged at the Rain Clansmen again, leaving only an afterimage behind him.


With a sweep of the broken sword, more than a dozen men at the scene were cut in half from their waists down.

However, to his surprise, despite the damage he inflicted on the crowd, a ninth lotus still managed to emerge. How did that happen when no one was operating it? He immediately backed off.

“Does the spirit of the Rain Deity still exist? Legend has it that the precious technique of the Rain Clan could summon eight lotuses. The ninth one is an image presented by the Rain Deity when he senses the calling of his descendants.”

Someone whispered in the distance. This was obviously a king-level expert who was keeping a close eye on the battle.

The crowd nearby also cried out with amazement, for they had also heard the rumors about this last forbidden form. The ninth lotus would not show itself under normal circumstances and would only activate under specific conditions.

Only a handful of people knew that it was a representation of the Rain Deity that could send a streak of the Deity’s power from endless time and space away to bring calamity onto this world.

Shi Hao activated his precious techniques in a frenzied manner and continued to draw in spiritual essence ceaselessly. The fading cloud beneath him made its appearance again. He faced the attacks of the flower head on and refined the divine might.

Moreover, metallic sounds rang out around him as all sorts of weapons reappeared. Meanwhile, the images of various deities became more vivid as they resonated and arranged themselves around him.

Those images had emerged from the golden spirals. They covered the skies, making everyone gasp in surprise!

It was no different from the reappearance of a demonic god who had materialized in this world!

This was a demonstration of the Kun Peng precious techniques’ power, only now, the crowd had mistaken it for an abnormal phenomenon.


Unfortunately, the ninth flower failed to reach its full bloom, withering after it was only half open. However, the power it exerted was still awe-inspiring enough to everyone. Shi Hao felt the hair on his back stand up.

He was immediately blasted away by the impact. This time, he was unable to refine all the spiritual essence. He coughed out mouthfuls of blood and was shaking violently.

Although the flower was half-withered and had turned into streaks of misty rain, the fog that was spurted out from its core was more terrifying than ever. Was the thin smoke really made from a rivers of stars?

Stars swirled about, with suns and moons flickering about. The scene looked extremely bizarre. To Shi Hao’s astonishment, a half-transparent figure appeared and sat there in a cross-legged position. The mist and the stars surrounded it.

At this moment, not only was Shi Hao shocked; even the crowd was dumbstruck. The precious technique was a cohesion of the force of water and a combination of rain symbols, so where did this unusual figure come from?

“Heaven pitied us! The Rain Deity is not dead, he is still alive!” Shouted the Rain Clansmen.

“Hahaha, he really is still alive! Our ancestor the Rain Deity is still there. There might be endless time and space separating us, but he is still in this world.”

The Rain Clansmen went crazy. They were crying and shouting at the same time, making others feel rather scared. All of the clans that had gathered were feeling this way.

The Rain Deity was still alive! Such a claim not only made Shi Hao uneasy, but other cultivators watching the fight began to shudder inwardly as well. Could it be true?

At the moment, though, that was not the most pressing problem for Shi Hao. Gathering all of his effort, he charged with all the weapons around him. They were all transformed from symbols. The bells, pagodas, swords, cauldrons and other weapons resonated before falling down at once, pressing against that figure in an attempt to scatter that haze.


Most of the mist was blown away, revealing the majestic figure that was sitting with his legs crossed and his eyes closed behind it. The person had such a solemn and sacred feeling that those who saw him felt an urge to kneel down and bow towards him.

Up in the sky, some noble kings whispered, “He… Can it be that the Rain Deity really is still alive and is confined in some place endless time and space away? He can’t be in this region, or he wouldn’t have projected his image here.”

The weapons constructed by symbols had been destroyed, but the auspicious cloud still remained under Shi Hao’s feet. The broken sword remained in his hand as he stood there, confronting that figure.

In particular, in his surroundings, there were still the images of deities. They were all sacred and brilliant while they seemed to chant incantations. A terrifying aura overflowed into the heavens.

Even though Shi Hao could clearly feel the pressure, he still smiled. Was that the Rain Deity? But beside his own body, there were still many images of divine beings.

The crowd also watched them with their mouths opened. This kind of scene was truly unique, and they were both powerful enough to oppose each other with equal harshness.


The cross-legged figure seemed to be ready to make a move. He tried to open his eyes several times, but failed to do so.

Even so, with a movement of his body, a frightening power was exerted, shaking the entire place. Shi Hao was among the first to take a hit. Despite trying all he could to defend himself, he was still wounded and spat out mouthfuls of blood.

“So what if you are a deity?!” Shi Hao refused to give in and continued to charge forward, for he noticed that the figure was slowly lifting his hands. This was a terrifying sign.

An incredibly powerful aura forced Shi Hao to illuminate his body and unify with the Imperishable Golden Body. Blinding multicolored lights were released from Shi Hao; he was going to exhaust everything he had in this fight.

That was not the real deity, but only a shadow projected by someone from an endless time and space away. He would defeat it!

“Where is the Rain Deity trapped now? If he is still alive, is he being tormented? After so many years of silence, he has once again demonstrated his spiritual energy. His mightiness is truly unfathomable.” Someone whispered within the royal palace.

After combining with the Imperishable Golden Body, the fighting capability of Shi Hao improved abruptly and reached the level of noble kings. Black light shone resplendently all over his body. Even the images of deities became more solid around him.

At the same time, he secretly activated the Kun Peng technique in preparation of releasing a great blow!

One had to admire the devilish brat’s utter fearlessness. His daredevil manner remained the same even when facing the Rain Deity, and he was bold enough to try to defeat the deity. He was surging with fighting spirit.


Countless golden rain drops fluttered in the air as Shi Hao activated the Kun Peng’s precious technique. His first movement was to lure his enemy in instead of an offensive move. An endless curtain of golden rain descended on this place.

However, the real power of Kun Peng had already had already taken effect on the broken sword, which turned into a black beam before chopping down rapidly. He did all of these in secret, for he did not want others to realize that he had obtained a divine ability from the Archaic Vicious Ten!

He believed that unless the dual-pupiled person was here, other people would never see through his plans!

It was a strike that could shake the heaven and earth. Accompanied by the spells of numerous deities, Shi Hao strengthened his body to become even more terrifying. His fighting ability had reached an unprecedented level.


The lifted hand of the indistinct figure collided with the black light, and the two devoured each other without a sound. A violent explosion was then set off, creating an earsplitting sound.

The scale of the explosion was enormous. Shi Hao did everything he could to release all the spiritual essence and divine energy he absorbed earlier in this one strike.

He was blown away by the blast, and blood was continuously coughed out from his mouth.

The Rain Clansmen were about to cheer for the victory when they noticed that the arm of the sitting figure cracked up and exploded.

“What? Rain Deity!” Cried out the crowd in astonishment.

The group of people fell into chaos. How could this happen? The Rain Deity had lost an arm in the attack. How could it be? This had to be an illusion!

“Don’t panic. The Rain Deity was not harmed. It is only a projection of him, which means that he is too far away from the wastelands to control the image he projected to this world. Hence, the power of it has been significantly weakened.” A sect elder showed up and explained in a loud voice, which calmed the crowd down.

Many people were watching the battle from the distance, while others were whispering. All of them were noble kings.

“It seems that the past rumours and news were not accurate at all. The Rain Deity was said to be dead, but from what we are seeing now, he is obviously somewhere extremely far away and very much alive.”

“Nevertheless, he should be in a very bad state right now, or his projection wouldn’t have been so weak.”

Shi Hao steadied himself and climbed back to his feet. Wiping the blood off of his mouth, he took out some spiritual medicines and stuffed them into his mouth. He chewed them like eating carrots.

His body illuminated, and streaks of symbols flowed around him. The golden cloud under his feet had disappeared, and the shadows of various deities had faded away. As for the bells, pagodas, swords and cauldrons, they had long been scattered.

Shi Hao remained fearless, however. He pointed into the distance in front of him. The Imperishable Golden Body was glistening coldly and the broken sword in his hand seemed to be recovering on its own as light undulated around it. Shi Hao pointed the sword directly at the projection of the Rain Deity.


This was the final strike. Shi Hao approached the figure with one charge and used all of his strength to chop at his front.

The shadow of the Rain Deity was actually shaking and becoming unsteady. His eyelids were quivering, as if they were about to open. An exceptionally awe-inspiring aura was spreading out from him.

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