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Chapter 306 – Who He Really Is

The broken sword shook and rang out with wengweng sounds. It almost seemed like it was thirsting for the blood of a divine creature. Magnificent patterns appeared on the black sword bit by bit, and a deep profoundness was contained within them.

Shi Hao spared no effort in this final strike. Meanwhile, the Rain Deity’s projection did not open his eyes this entire time. He only raised a hand and slapped towards Shi Hao.

It was simply impossible to dodge because this was the void projection of a deity. The palm covered everything as it collapsed heaven and earth. Shi Hao was going to be grabbed.

Finally, the broken sword lit up. It was like a black sun as it hacked against that large hand. Moreover, it separated from Shi Hao on its own, and just like a black dragon, its cry shook the nine heavens as it engaged the large hand.


A soft sound rang out. The half-withered lotus flower was completely destroyed with nothing remaining. Meanwhile, the projection of the Rain Deity sitting within the air finally began to crack apart as well. It was difficult for it to remain stable.

In particular, the large hand that was struck by the black dragon slowly dispersed like a rain of light. In the end, it broke apart!

This was originally supposed to be a large-scale final collision between these two powers, but in the end, the Rain Deity’s projection became unstable. It disintegrated on its own and did not erupt with divine might like everyone was expecting.

Strand after strand of symbol light dispersed outwards, and the rain of light became dim. There was nothing left in the end; it had completely disappeared from this place.

Shi Hao’s body stumbled about. He drank a large gulp of little devil wine, because the fine liquid was equivalent to holy medicine and was the best type of healing tonic. His body rang out with pipa sounds, and all of his bones began to make sounds. They released a sparkling luster, and his flesh began to move about; he quickly recovered.

The streets were in absolute silence. Everyone was in shock as they looked in that direction.

The Rain Clansmen were the first one to become stupid. The were stunned, and none of them could believe what had happened. Soon after, they became furious.

“Rain Deity, how could it end like this?!” They cried out loudly. They could not accept their current reality.

“Rain Deity, where are you? Why can’t you return?” Everyone from the Rain Clan could not understand why there was no news at all of the Rain Deity after all these years. A figure appeared here temporarily, but it then disappeared quickly. They didn’t even have a chance to communicate with him.

In the next moment, the Rain Clansmen all shouted loudly. “Kill him!”

They couldn’t give Shi Hao the chance to heal his injuries, so they were going to take advantage of the situation to attack him together; this was what everyone was thinking as they rushed up together. Precious light danced about, and the sound of weapons echoed through the air.

The broken sword covered the sky, and with a slash, roughly ten individuals nearby were swept by the black sword radiance. They were all sliced in half at the waist: their top halves continued to rush forward, but their bottom halves had already collapsed. Blood splashed everywhere.

Shi Hao did not move from his location. His gaze was deep and cold as it swept through them. With a gudong sound, he once again downed another gulp of the little devil wine. His body erupted with precious splendor to quickly heal.

Only now did the people on the streets erupt into commotion. The Rain Deity’s projection disappeared without even releasing a final strike of lightning. It made everyone shocked and feel a bit regretful.

It was just a single young man, yet he was so valiant. He dared to rush forward in such a heaven-defying manner to fight against that unfathomable void projection.

“The divine projection couldn’t kill him, and it was actually that teenager that had the last laugh.” Everyone’s hearts were greatly shaken. This entire place began to clamor loudly, and the entire street was full of people.

At that very moment, the experts that rushed out from the capital’s great powers to watch all witnessed this result.

“He is… the devilish brat from the Void God Realm?!”

Finally, someone shouted out this sentence, announcing his identity. A large amount of doubt was immediately dispersed as they all knew who he was.

“Correct, it’s precisely him! That broken sword originated from the Heaven Mending Pavilion. In the past, he used it to unleash a great slaughter in the Void God Realm!”

Now, everything came to light. No wonder the Rain Clan despised him so much and relentlessly attacked him after finding out who he was.

“Heavens, it’s actually that vicious child! After several years had passed, he also grew up!”

This place was in chaos. Who didn’t know about that ten heavenly passage fellow from the Void God Realm? He had caused a great sensation that year.

This was because he created an enormous wave that engulfed the entire Void God Realm. It was something that no one could forget.

When the news spread, the entire capital was shaken. Many people wanted to meet this fellow, but they all had their own reasons for doing so. In the past, it was extremely difficult to find him in the real world.

Right now, his real body had actually arrived within Stone Country Capital. The great families couldn’t help but feel shocked. You have to understand that many, many people searched for him back then, but none of them succeeded.

Was he trying to arouse a gargantuan wave? The devilish child from back then would definitely not show himself to die. He had to have some kind of backing, or else how would he have dared to fight?

The Rain Clansmen’s eyes became red. Even though they were afraid of Shi Hao’s might, their murderous thoughts did not diminish. The Rain Deity was who they entrusted their faith in, as well as their unrivalled imprint for their foundation. How could he be blasphemed?

Even though it had something to do with the Rain Deity himself, creating a weak projection as a result and ultimately scattering, they still felt it unbearable. It was just a teenager, yet he unleashed the most powerful attack with the sword at the crucial moment.

“Do not disrespect the deity!”

Within the depths of the Rain Clan, a loud sound rang out from an ancient palace hall. Those previously in isolation were startled. They were woken up from their states of cultivation, and as a result, they came out.

Shi Hao remained indifferent and cold as his eyes gazed forward. He acknowledge that the Rain Clan was truly rather powerful. Just now, the forbidden technique was activated by the group of people, and even the Rain Deity’s void projection was summoned. It was not only outrageous but incredibly terrifying and astonishing as well. A slight mishap might have resulted in his death.

“Cannot disrespect? Only you guys can disrespect others?” Shi Hao said in a cold tone.

He put away the broken sword and raised his pitch-black palm. He slapped over fiercely, and with a hong sound, the palace crumbled, the halls shattered, and the elegant garden cracked apart. The large courtyard was in complete ruins.

Light surged and symbols flickered in that area. However, it still couldn’t prevent this result. The great formation couldn’t protect these palaces and ancient constructs from being destroyed!

It was as if the same things were happening again. Wasn’t the Great Demonic God also like this when he came? Yet today, a teenager was doing the same things. He demolished the Rain Clan’s ancient palaces and broke the courtyards apart layer by layer.

There wasn’t anything that made them more angry than this. This was like tearing open an old wound and making a new one. They all felt great pain.

At this time, a group of old people walked out from the depths of the structures. There were sect elders and old ancestors; this was the Rain Clan’s most powerful group of individuals. They had finally shown themselves.

Meanwhile, at this time, Shi Hao restrained the light around his body and revealed his real appearance. However, he didn’t release that black Imperishable Golden Body. He looked at them with a calm expression.

“No wonder! It really is him!”

Not only the Rain Clan, but even those on the street and in the air could see Shi Hao’s real appearance. It really was that savage child from back then. Everything was now truly confirmed.

The Rain Clan’s people weren’t the only ones who felt as if they couldn’t calm down. Even the other people’s moods were complex. This was a ten heavenly passages expert! He showed himself just like this and stood alone here.

They were the people from the Four Great families, ancient Tuoba family’s cultivators, and other powers that had been slaughtered by Shi Hao in the Void God Realm. Their heads all began to surge with anger.

However, no one acted blindly without thinking. Just now, Shi Hao’s performance was truly terrifying. That was the strength of a noble king.

Many people stared at that black armor. They all felt that it had something to do with his strength.

Without using the precious technique to devour the spiritual essence of the Rain Dao’s Nine Heavens, Shi Hao lost the incredible fighting aura from before. Now, he seemed extremely calm and regained some of his natural aura.

In reality, the Rain Clan’s sect elders had already seen a bit through the doorway. When the lotus flower blossomed, it seemed to complete this young individual. The precious technique was completely restrained.

“Youngster, you truly angered us intolerably. In the Void God Realm, you killed our clansmen, and now, you came to my manor to cause chaos. Do you think there is no one in my clan?!” an elder shouted.

“Too unbridled! Block him!”

The Rain Clan’s experts obeyed the order. Many of them personally experienced the Void God Realm event, having their heads sliced off by that youngster. They had to spend a long time recovering in the real world. It was not something easily forgotten.

That type of suffering and death was not much different from the real world.

“It really isn’t me that is angering you guys intolerably, but rather because you all are too forgetful. Are you starting to forget about what you did in the past? I did not only come here to rebel. You all have done too many evil things. It seems like you all will only remember the things that others do to you and never think about the wrongs committed by yourselves.” Shi Hao replied.

“Who are you really?” Right at that moment, a middle-aged man suddenly shouted. Light began to flicker within his eyes as he stared at Shi Hao. He wanted to find some clues from his expression.

This was because there were a few people that were suspicious. This child could possibly be the ‘disaster’ that should have died back then, or Shi Ziling’s child.

“Haha… Hahaha…” Shi Hao laughed loudly as he faced those individuals. He didn’t claim to be that person, but he didn’t say he wasn’t either. His ridiculing laughter was particularly ear-piercing towards the Rain Clan’s people. However, those that were familiar with what happened back then all trembled!

“Fetch the Transparent Bone Mirror!” An elder said in a low voice while staring at Shi Hao. His mind was unsettled, and his expression became more and more serious. He had a really bad feeling.

“What do you all think?” Another important individual spoke up and asked the people there. He began to feel as if the tips of his brows was more and more like Shi Ziling’s, and he also possessed a bit of the Great Demonic God’s characteristics.

This made the group of important figures’ faces turn ugly. Their hearts began to pound unceasingly. That child… could it be that he really survived?

At first, they were merely making guesses and only made a connection on a whim. They never thought that it could really be the case. However, after encountering each other so many times, it made their doubts become stronger and stronger.

“The Transparent Bone Mirror is here.” Someone said in a low voice. An ash colored stone box appeared, as if it had been buried under dust this entire time. It was dull and without luster, giving off an ancient feeling.

“What are the Rain Clansmen doing? It seems like they brought out an incredible ancient treasure.” Outside the manor, there were people who muttered as they looked towards the ruins.

The stone box was opened. The interior was cushioned by a piece of beast skin. A middle-aged individual quickly opened it to take out a bone mirror. It was polished from a primordial symbol bone, sparkling and full of luster.

WIth a chi sound, the bone mirror seemed to have resuscitated. Multicolored lights curled up about it, and symbols shot out one after another. A wave of mysterious energy began to flood outwards.

“Yi, could that be the legendary transparent bone mirror? It could bring out the soul of a deity when projected on flesh and bone!” From the distance, there was a noble king who cried out.

“The Rain Clan is indeed formidable and worthy of being a family that has produced a deity before. They even have ancient sacred objects! Truly unordinary.” Someone sighed in admiration.

The multicolored light arranged into unique symbols. The entire surface of the mirror seemed like an eye as it shot out a strange beam of light. This shocked the individuals at the noble king level, because they recognized the object.

The Transparent Bone Mirror could be used to trace back the source of a bloodline, similar in use to the Demonic Reflection Mirror. It could even see the history of a person.

A strand of strange light was released and aimed at Shi Hao’s location. He had heard of the Transparent Bone Mirror before. This kind of object did not possess any battle strength, and could only see through some ‘truths’. It was far from being as powerful as the Demonic Reflection Mirror.

As a result, he was not scared at all. A cold sneer appeared at the corner of his lips as he confidently swept his eyes over the Rain Clan’s people.

“What… it’s him… it really is him!” The middle-aged individual controlling the transparent bone mirror cried out loudly. His hands were trembling, and he almost lost his grip on the precious mirror. His face was full of shock, as well as a bit of fear.

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