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Chapter 304 – Rain Dao’s Nine Heavens

Many people’s eyes turned bloodshot when they recognized Shi Hao. Their breathing became heavy and their muscles tightened. Even their hair seemed to stand up due to their unparalleled rage.

How could they be not familiar with that face? That devilish brat was exactly the person that they all abhorred the most. After their numerous unpleasant encounters, they wanted to kill him more than anything.

They had had a fierce clash back in the Hundred Shattered Mountains where nearly all the talented members sent by the Rain Clan were taken out. Even the restricted individuals were wiped clean.

After that, they clashed again in the Void God Realm. Their losses were heavy, with their entire pure land razed to the ground and pulled up from the roots. The chaos was extremely large scale, drawing the attention of everyone.

No one knew just how many great powers watched the chaos from the Void God Realm. It was an absolute crisis. They were severely defeated, and their pure land was flattened.

With the person they hated the most in front of them, the Rain Clansmen all went mad!

“I want to… tear apart your skin and pull out your bones!” Many people panted heavily. Their chests moved up and down violently as they prepared to take their revenge. They truly hated this teenager bitterly.

“Have you all ever wondered what kind of things you have done while hating me? It was clearly you guys who tried to get rid of me first.” Similarly, Shi Hao’s eyes became red. He did not have a single good feeling towards this clan.

He believed in his own reasoning. The dark memory of Shi Yi’s mother gouging out his supreme being bone within the Rain Clan appeared in his mind often. Every time he recalled it, his body would immediately stiffen.

There was even less of a need to talk about how the clan pursued Shi Ziling all the way to the western border, as well as how the Martial Imperial Manor treated Grandpa Fifteen and the other clan members. Their actions were simply notorious.

At the same time, the grudge for the Heaven Mending Pavilion war was even more unforgivable. The Rain Clan’s disciples cultivated within the ancient pure land, but didn’t know how to show gratitude. At the crucial time, they struck the Heaven Mending Pavilion while it was down, cutting down their ancestors as well as their senior brothers and sisters. It was all to obtain things like secret precious techniques.

When Shi Hao thought of these things, his eyes immediately became red. He helplessly watched as the elders died in battle and senior Linmu was killed. He could not calm his mind at this moment.

“No wonder! Turns out that it is you. Today, we will definitely kill you!” The Rain Clan’s people shouted. The group of people was already mentally prepared. They all brought out their various precious techniques and merged them together.

“Rain Dao’s Nine Heavens!” These people released a great howl. Their bodies all illuminated, and endless symbols emerged. Water bloomed like flowers one after another, covering heaven and earth in a rainy mist. This place became incomparably sparkling, and heavy rain poured down.

“Likewise. I don’t have any good feelings towards you guys either. All of you will be suppressed and killed!” Shi Hao shouted. He was now already cool-headed and not in his previous disquiet mental state.

On the streets, everyone began to voice their suspicions because the words from both sides were quite shocking. However, the Rain Clansmen were so angry that they still hadn’t revealed who Shi Hao really was.

Moreover, Shi Hao revealed his real appearance when his back was facing the street. After that, his entire body was once again shrouded within the black light, so none of the spectators could see him. As a result, everyone felt extremely frustrated and wanted to know just who he really was.

With loud honglong quaking sounds, waves soared into the heavens, turning this place into a world of water. They surrounded the ruins and the collapsed palaces submerged. The rubble could no longer be seen.

Rain Dao’s Nine Heavens was a large scale divine ability. It was difficult for a single person to utilize it, and so many people had to work together to activate it. Its power was abnormally great, making everyone gasp!

There was even a saying that the Rain Dao’s Nine Heavens’ final strike was a forbidden divine ability that touched upon the realm of deities!

Following a dazzling canopy of light, an enormous lotus flower blossomed. It served as both a form of defense as well as offense while it surrounded the Rain Clan’s members. When the petals extended outwards, a wave of rejuvenating life force would collapse the skies and attack Shi Hao.

This was the power of water. It was extremely great!

The devilish child’s expression changed. So many people were activating this powerful precious technique, exceeding his expectations. He couldn’t avoid it and could only meet it head on, because all routes of escape were sealed off by this technique.

He released a roar. Light covered his body and symbols appeared in dense numbers. A layer of golden spirals appeared; this was the Kun Peng’s precious technique. It was secretly activated by him. This technique was far more powerful than the Golden Spiral Rippling technique he used in the past.

On his body, it was as if golden gates appeared one after another. Stored within them were various divine beings, and it was so dazzling that others couldn’t look directly at him!

Since he couldn’t dodge this attack, then he was going to completely dispel and refine it clean!

He possessed an utmost powerful precious technique that was ranked within the Archaic Vicious Ten. With this kind of power backing him up, with his body at the consummate level of Spirit Transformation realm , as well as his flesh becoming spirit, he could directly dissolve their essence energy and use it for himself.

Their overlapping power and teamwork did not make him feel fear. Instead, he circulated the Kun Peng’s symbols in a chaotic matter and used the grand precious technique to attack.

At this moment, the black Imperishable Golden Body that had merged with his body appeared to have developed another faint golden splendor from far away. Soon after, his entire body was like a blazing sun that could not be directly looked at.


The sky trembled, and the canopy of rain began to broaden. Lotus flowers blossomed as the force of the water became incomparably more powerful. It brought with it an aura of life as it ferociously attacked.


Shi Hao’s hands began to move about, bringing forth an expanse of dazzling radiance that pierced through those humongous lotus flowers one after another. However, the divine might that rushed over continued to attack at every opening.

At this time, his body underwent a transformation. The Kun Peng technique began to shine, devouring and absorbing everything in a crazy manner. It made him seem just like a true supreme deity!

On his body, innumerable symbols appeared within the spirals. They seemed to take form, becoming small, golden supreme beings one after another that sat within.

This type of scene was absolutely astonishing. Even Shi Hao himself was a bit shaken. The Kun Peng’s precious technique was too powerful, far exceeding that of the damaged technique. He didn’t receive the slightest injury, and moreover, his body now had an abundant amount of divine force stored as a result.

The first part of the Rain Dao’s Nine Heavens was dissipated just like that!

“Show me what you got!” Shi Hao roared. A broken sword appeared in his hands, and after divine force was infused within, weng weng sounds erupted. A streak of shocking divine lightning shot out and hacked over.

Right at this moment, the second form of the curtain of rain was activated. An even larger lotus flower blossomed, and its divine might was increased by a large amount.

The two sides collided, causing heaven and earth to rumble. Everything shook with wenglonglong sounds, and it was as if the entire place was thrown into chaos. Dazzling light covered this entire place.

Shi Hao’s body began to sway a bit as he backed up. Terrifying imprints were left in the ground one after another, causing countless large black cracks to form. It was clear just how shocking this attack was.

On the other side, someone from the Rain Clan shrieked miserably. The sword’s might hacked apart a lotus, and as a result, several individuals there exploded on the spot. They turned into a bloody mist and left behind a paste of flesh.

What was terrifying was that the lotus flower reassembled and released a third attack. All of those that protected the Rain Clan as well as other experts all added in their strength, making it even more bright and resplendent.

Shi Hao’s expression became serious. He now understood the true meaning of the Rain Dao’s Nine Heavens. The lotus flower was going to blossom nine times, and its might would rise tremendously each time, becoming stronger. No wonder ‘nine heavens’ was in its name.

Sure enough, after the lotus flower blossomed a third time and covered the world with its power, a wave of boundless divine might smashed over like an ocean. It crashed down from above and shook all directions.

Shi Hao used the broken sword to slash apart a large portion of the curtain of light. However, he was still submerged in the end.

At this time, the Kun Peng precious technique displayed its divine might again. Golden symbols interweaved, and those spirals began to frantically devour one after another. The vivid and lifelike small golden figures took form again within the spirals.

“So powerful!”

Shi Hao was not admiring the opponent’s lotus, but rather the Kun Peng’s precious technique. It really was a heaven defying divine ability! It was almost omnipotent, giving him an extremely pleasant surprise.

The Rain Clansmen were all stupefied. When the screen of light dissipated, they saw that the opposing party was completely uninjured. It was completely unbearable for them. Just how many experts had joined together to create this attack? Could it be that not even such a boundless divine ability could injure him? Was this the Little Western Sky’s Impenetrable Vajra divine ability?!

The fourth form attacked. Shi Hao did not use any of the divine might he absorbed to deal with it, but instead continued to devour and let it assimilate into his own body. The divine force in his body was vast and boundless as it circulated in accordance with the Kun Peng technique.

The Rain Clan’s people were stunned and could not believe what was happening. The fifth lotus flower blossomed, and the divine might was even more astonishing, making many of the great powers from the capital exclaim with astonishment.

After the golden spirals on the surface of Shi Hao’s body swallowed all of the spiritual essence, the small golden figures within them became larger. They situated themselves behind his body.

The divine light was dazzling even when watching from the distance. The entire world seemed to have been drowned out in the chants of deities. It was dignified and majestic, sacred and auspicious.

“What is going on?”

“Materialization of deities!”

One person called out. When there was a great divine ability user who stood apart from the masses and displayed their divine abilities, there was a chance that this kind of strange sight would appear. However, within an era, there would only be a few capable of this in the world.

In reality, none of them made the mental association of this being the Kun Peng precious technique, because this world-shockingly great divine ability was extremely mysterious. It varied from individual to individual, and so it was impossible to perfectly describe it.

The Rain Clansmen’s faces all paled. Right at this moment, Shi Hao brandished his sword and finally unleashed a strike. It collided into those six canopies of light, making the heaven and earth shake violently.


Five of the Rain Clan’s courtyards were shattered. Not even the great formation that protected the inner parts of the clan was enough. The palace, halls, buildings, and even the wide courtyards were completely destroyed.

Shi Hao staggered and continuously stepped backwards. The Rain Clansmen were in an even worse state, coughing out copious amounts of blood and swaying unsteadily from side to side. The only thing that reassured them was that there were still three powerful strikes remaining.

“Yi, what happened?” Everyone was shaken. When the seventh canopy of light was released, the symbols beneath Shi Hao’s feet flickered, forming a golden cloud. It was formed out of symbols, directly allowing him to soar into the sky and stand in the air.

“Heavens! Materialization of a magic cloud. That’s an auspicious cloud bestowed by heaven that could allow one to fly tens of thousands of li. For someone as young as him to obtain a precious cloud like this, it’s just too inconceivable!” One person cried out.

“How could an auspicious cloud have descended? It really is a strange sight!” Many people were dumbstruck, because even those that have been lords for ten years found it difficult to summon one.

Only Shi Hao himself knew that this wasn’t a true magic cloud, but rather a phenomenon created by the Kun Peng’s precious technique. He had accumulated so much divine might that he couldn’t contain the sea of spiritual essence within his body. As a result, it came out from under his feet and constructed an auspicious cloud.

He gave it a try and found that this cloud could also allow him to travel quickly. It was as if he was supported by a pair of Kun Peng wings.

“I refuse to believe that you can continue to take it all!” One of the Rain Clan’s elders shouted. He led his people to activate the precious technique together again.

When the eighth lotus flower blossomed, heaven and earth began to resonate. A wave of terrifying energy erupted within this region, drawing the attention of every noble king. They all took to the air and looked in this direction.


A boundless waterfall crashed. The lotus flower blossomed, and enormous dazzling petals flew over. As they interweaved murderously, the force of water was everywhere.

Shi Hao felt a great pressure, but he still continued to devour essence energy. Strand after strand of symbols swirled around outside his body, constructing weapons one after another. They were displayed all around him: clock, pagoda, sword, cauldron, and others began to rumble and ring with resounding sounds!

Moreover, there were still numerous images surrounding him. There were actually devils and gods moving about!

At this moment, Shi Hao’s body became incomparably powerful. With a raise of his hand, it was as if he could destroy the heavens and extinguish the earth. The magic cloud supported him from below, allowing him to quickly move through the sky.

He felt that there was too much spiritual essence within his body to the point where it felt like it was going to burst. He turned into a blazing streak of divine light and rushed towards that enormous lotus flower. At the same time, his eyes were focused on the Rain Clan’s people.

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