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Chapter 302 – Eight Vicious Swords

The expert guarding the Rain Clan Manor was stunned. He was completely stupefied. They were berating him in a loud voice to make this young man leave just now, and their voices were extremely rude.

They never thought that the other party would be even more disrespectful. With a single palm, he directly destroyed the Rain Clan’s gate and threw everything into disorder. There was rubble everywhere, and the doors were completely ruined.    

How forceful was this? You have to understand that this was the manor of an illustrious ancient family!

Who dared to come and disturb this place? Everyone was stupefied and in disbelief. Just how daring would you have to be to behave so atrociously in front of the Rain Clan? It was merely a ten year old or so youngster, so was he tired of living?!

The entire street was  silent at first, and then a huge uproar was created.

“Who… are you? Are you looking for death?!” The Rain Clan Manor’s people were so angry that they began to stutter. This was going too far! What kind of place did he think the Rain King Manor was?

They had felt extremely suffocated these days because a single Great Demonic God had brought humiliation to their clan’s people. They were suppressed until they felt like they couldn’t breath, leaving them extremely dejected. Yet now, an immature brat even dared to come and do such a thing. This was simply too unreasonable!

Did the Rain Clan truly not decline? At this minute, these people couldn’t help but think this way. Otherwise, how would even a youngster dare to bully them?

“We are talking about you! Did you hear us? Do you want to die?!” The individual guarding the gate used this kind of roar to vent his anger.

“If you don’t want to die… then scram!” Shi Hao replied coldly. He once again raised his hand, and it possessed a similarly powerful force. That black palm was incomparably vast, and with a honglong sound, a wall was collapsed. Millstone-sized stones flew everywhere as smoke and dust rushed into the air.

The Rain Clan’s people became foolish. This… was this real? They felt a hot stream engulf their entire body. They were irritated badly. Soon after, every one of them shouted loudly before rushing up murderously.

This was too unbridled and arrogant. Did this person think the Rain Clan was full of pushovers, a place someone could bully as they pleased? Was this a place that they could tear down just because they wanted to? This was a place known as an ancient family that has been passed on from the ancient years.

They all felt that this brat had gone crazy. Otherwise, why would he dare to act so arrogant? This really was… unreasonable!

Ear-splitting weng weng sounds could be heard as precious techniques danced about. All types of symbolled light flickered, lighting up this place brightly.

However, Shi Hao merely made a swiping motion with his hand, and the sky full of symbols was completely obliterated. They turned into strands of essence energy before disappearing.

“So powerful!” These people felt a restraining fear, but they still did not stop.

Ten or so people pounced over like vicious beasts, and every single one of them was incomparably valiant. They were angered badly, and if they did not get rid of that youngster in front of them, then they would go crazy from the flame burning within them.

Shi Hao did not pay too much attention to them and did not directly take action against them. Instead, he forcefully stomped down on the ground in a forceful and domineering manner!

With a honglong sound, rubble flew everywhere, and the steps by the Rain King Manor completely collapsed. Moreover, there were enormous cracks that appeared on the ground one after another. They extended outwards, leaving behind dark and deep crevices.

Those ten or so people immediately stumbled about, and then they were all blasted outwards. They collided into the broken courtyard walls and gate, raising up a large amount of smoke and dust.

The group of people were shocked and furious at the same time. This youngster was extremely terrifying, collapsing the ground with a single step and unleashing an enormous wave of power. Even they were affected and sent flying outwards.

“Such a powerful youngster. No wonder he dared to act so arrogantly.” These people were frightened.

At the same time, they immediately left to report to their superiors because after they experienced the first alarm and anger, they realized that this matter was not simple. Even though it was a single youngster, there was still a chance that he might bring about a huge problem.

“Who dares to create noise in my Rain King Manor?” The gate was destroyed, and the courtyard walls collapsed, startling the people inside. There were some experts that just happened to be overseeing this place, so they quickly appeared.


Shi Hao did not say anything and merely released another palm, shattering the remaining courtyard wall to pieces. The area that was facing the street was completely collapsed into ruin.

This scene made those that rushed over so angry that their faces paled. Among them, one of the individuals directly brought out a precious artifact and rushed forward murderously. This youngster was acting too aggressively!


However, what made him shocked was that with a single one of that youngster’s fists, a sharp and clear sound rang through the air. His precious artifact cracked apart and was destroyed.

“What? So hard to deal with!”

“Whatever, this problems still needs to be quickly taken care of. Make him suffer, or else we will be strictly punished by the clan,” someone said. After experiencing the Great Demonic God’s battle, the Rain Clan’s precautions became even more strict.

These people oversaw the front courtyard, and they were all rarely seen experts. They were in charge of keeping the manor’s peace, and since a great slip-up happened today, they had to take responsibility.

They brought out a stone box with serious expressions, as if they were taking out a divine artifact. They were incomparably solemn, and then with a fierce slam, the case opened. Sparkling precious light burst from within and murderous energy seeped out.

Several people began to chant incantations, and the stone box began to ring with sound.

In just a split second, a sword formation appeared and covered this place. It surrounded the space around them, and eight flying swords flew out. They were all only the length of a palm, but they were sparkling and transparent. Waves of killing energy were released.

They quickly hacked over with a speed that exceeded lightning. Shi Hao dodged and avoided them. The eight swords actually flew past the long street, and the tough limestone was like tofu before them. It was directly struck into many pieces.

Shi Hao was given a good scare. These people could all be considered to be experts, but the ancestral treasure bestowed upon them was even more exceptional. It was definitely a great killing artifact that far surpassed these people’s level.


A blue sword sliced over. It was only about half a foot in length, but it was incredibly sharp. It was like a streak of divine light from the blue seas, full of killing intent.


Shi Hao flicked his finger, striking down on this blue sparkling bone sword. A sharp and clear sound rang out, and it was sent flying. However, it was not broken, giving him quite a surprise.

What a powerful flying sword! The material used to create it was sturdy, most likely refined from the bones of a terrifying descendant. There were a few patterns carved on top, which was most likely why it could take his attack.

At the same time, the other seven flying swords also hacked over from every direction. The sword energy was surprisingly like raging waves as they poured over. The terrifying waves of energy became larger and larger.

“What?” Shi Hao was shocked. This sword formation was quite formidable. After the first sword flew out, a second one would rush in with an even more powerful sword light. The third one would fly over after that, and the sword light from it would once again increase in power.

In a similar fashion, the next sword would always be more powerful than the last. This was truly one sword wave after another. The radiance was dazzling as it pierced into everyone’s souls.

Their energy layered on top of each other, continuously growing in power. By the time the eight sword hacked over, it was as if an ocean of sword energy was descending. It was terrifying to the extreme!

“What an impressive sword formation, This is definitely a great killing weapon passed down from the ancient times!” Shi Hao was shocked.

It was clear that the Rain King Manor became much more prudent after experiencing such a tragedy the last time. A terrifying sword formation was laid out here, and it could definitely be considered an incredible killing arrangement.

“A rare sight!” Shi Hao’s eyes began to burn with passion. He didn’t expect to see such a rare treasure the moment he entered the Rain Manor.

In the end, he only carefully thought about it, but did not meet it head on. When the eight flying swords once again flew over, he directly released his ten heavenly passages. Within the splendid sword radiance, the flying swords in the air were completely trapped. They then disappeared and no longer came back out.

It wasn’t the sword formation that was that powerful, but rather that the force it produced was too great. Shi Hao did not want to fight it head on, and so he used the most powerful and effective method to put these precious artifacts away.

“You…” These people were all shocked. This was one of their clan’s most powerful killing formations that was reputed to be extraordinary and a rare treasure. They were polished from eight types of descendants’ symbol bones. Every single sword was incomparably sharp, and their symbols, complicated and mysterious. In the end, however, they were seized just like that.

Shi Hao definitely obtained treasures this time. The purpose of placing such a rare sword formation in the outer part of their sect was to give those that invaded a good scare, yet in the end, he stole them just like that. They weren’t even given the chance to display their might.

“Ten heavenly passages, you are…” These people’s faces turned white. It was as if they recalled something, and every one of them couldn’t help but take steps back.

Shi Hao released a cold snort and spat out a streak of purple lightning. He did not want to bicker with these people. This place was immediately surrounded by streak after streak of purple multicolored light, creating miserable shrieks.

Lightning rumbled and rang through the long streets. Everyone was shocked, because the manor was going to be greatly disturbed again.

The battle was decided extremely swiftly. Everything here was broken and in disorder with scorched bodies lying everywhere. From time to time, streaks of lightning would spill out. Everyone was twitching; these people would find it difficult to get up again.

Even though they weren’t dead, they definitely couldn’t fight back anymore.

“I don’t want to massacre everyone here, but if I am forced to, then so be it.” Shi Hao calmly said.

This place was in absolutely chaos. When the letter was delivered inside the Rain Manor, a group of people rushed out. They were absolutely furious; was he purposely slapping them in the face?

Everyone knew how the Great Demonic God tormented them not long ago, truly humiliating them. Yet now, a youngster was acting in such a similar manner. Was he trying to imitate the Great Demonic God?

“Who is the impudent person causing ruckus at my clan manor?!” Following a loud shout, ten people appeared and quickly surrounded the manor.

At this moment, the streets were increasingly noisy as well. The string of events that had just happened startled them so greatly that they couldn’t react properly. This youngster was extremely daring, making everyone tremble.

“Hurry up and go look! Another huge problem is occurring in the Rain Clan.”

“Wu, there is quite some activity today. The Rain Family’s gate was torn up again by someone. A youngster forcefully took action and knocked down a group of people. It seems like the Rain King Manor will be providing another great show for us to see today.”

The main street was full of clamoring and noise. Information was quickly spread outwards.

The Rain Clansmen’s faces fell . After today’s events, they were without a doubt a laughingstock. Everyone from the capital watched them with amusement. This was truly an example of one thing going wrong resulting in everything else going wrong.

At this moment, Shi Hao brought out the eight flying swords and carefully looked at them. He couldn’t help but be startled because these were truly good items. They were grinded from the bones of descendants, and every single sword was a different color. They shone with luster and gloss.

As expected, this was an unordinary precious artifact. If he had not opened up the ten heavenly passages to quickly collect them, they really would not have been easy to destroy. It would have been quite problematic to deal with, and he definitely would have wasted quite a bit of effort.

“The Eight Vicious Swords have fallen into your hands.” The Rain Clan’s people revealed even uglier expressions. This was one of the clan’s great killing artifacts, and somehow, without even displaying their full power, they were stolen by the other party. Everyone’s faces became overcast.

The true Eight Vicious Swords were known for their formidable reputation in the ancient years. They were refined from the primordial symbol bones of eight different divine birds and pure-blooded vicious beasts. Then, they were matched with sword arts and enchantments into a sword formation. It was known to kill saints and eliminate demons.

Only, any archaic vicious beasts’ primordial symbolled bones are incredibly precious, so how could it all fall into the hands of another?

The enchantments and sword arts were passed down, but how could the materials used to refine the Eight Vicious Swords be easy to gather? They could only be substituted. In the modern age, who could slaughter eight mature divine birds or pure-blooded vicious beasts?

Shi Hao was shocked to find enchantments on the stone box. This was a pleasant surprise for him, as it was an ancient object equivalent to a diagram. It could be used to create the true Eight Vicious Sword formation.

“Wu, I truly never thought that I would be able to obtain such a good item. Who knows, one day, I might be able to obtain eight pieces of archaic vicious beast or divine bird’s symbol bone and create the real Eight Vicious Sword formation,” he said to himself. He quickly refined them a bit. Who knows, he might have to try the swords out later.

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