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Chapter 301 – Tough All the Way

The situation was going from bad to worse. Everyone was chilled to their bones, for they realised that this teenager had arrived at their doorstep to keep anyone from leaking out the news.

With the possible consequence in mind, the crowd all felt their bodies become ice cold. This was going to became an absolute slaughter, everyone here was probably going to die.

“Fight him to the death!”

One of them roared and activated his treasured artifacts. As they charged forward, multicolored flashes filled the sky and beautiful symbols glistened, covering the entire courtyard.

With a loud pa sound, precious artifacts were shattered. At the same time, miserable shrieks filled the air. One of them was directly trampled on by Shi Hao from above.

“Old Nine, you…”

The rest of them were shocked as well as infuriated. The one who got trampled down was one of their most important members, but was the first one that had thoughts of fleeing. He told the others to rush forward and attack, yet he himself was going to flee.

It was a crucial moment of life and death, and with such a great calamity at hand, they thought that all their efforts were focused in the same direction. However, the grieving and indignant group was now bitterly disappointed by the turn of events.

By now, they were more vexed than ever. Seeing the teenager in front of them whose figure resembled that of a fiend, they could only furrow their brows and use their most powerful attacks.

Meanwhile, someone raised his voice and tried to send a message out. They were also calling out to the people outside the tavern, asking them to come to their aid.

However, everything they did was futile, for the courtyard was tightly sealed off. Various symbols interwove in the air and a curtain of light had wrapped up around this entire place. They were completely cut off from the outside world.

Several formation flags were illuminating the courtyard, which had been confined and had locked down this little world.

It was clear that this was a battlefield plan that had gone perfectly as planned. Shi Hao fused with the black figurine to form the Imperishable Golden Body, pushing his fighting ability to the mighty level of noble kings!

More people arrived outside the Tiger Gate Tavern, and these were mighty experts of the Martial Imperial Manor. They had come as reinforcements after hearing that a battle had started here.

“Is everything alright?” Shi Ziming, a cousin of Shi Ziteng asked, for he knew very well that the young man was no common person. Seeing that the cavalry of the Rain Clan was standing around outside without entering, he became worried and said, “Follow me in, I am going to take a look inside!”

The Martial Imperial Manor and the Rain Clan were on very friendly terms. The two clans were allied and the family of Shi Ziteng was also related to the Rain Clan through marriage. Those present were all acquaintances, and thus everyone followed Shi Ziming in immediately.

As soon as they stepped into the interior of the tavern, they realised something was not right. The smell of blood filled the air, and they all shuddered when approaching the courtyard. A great formation was illuminated there.

“Let’s move in together and break the formation patterns.” Shi Ziming commanded.

The crowd shouted in agreement and acted accordingly. Multicoloured lights instantaneously erupted, and the entire courtyard was battered by the surging divine power.

In fact, as soon as they started, the formation flags were retrieved and the formation opened up on its own, revealing the scene within.

Several leading members of the reinforcements looked into the courtyard, and they were all greatly shaken. The soil was soaking wet with blood, and mighty experts of the Rain King’s Manor laid lifeless on the ground. Pools of blood surrounded their motionless bodies. They had all been killed.

“Yu Mu!” Someone cried out in surprise.

In the courtyard, a single person remained in the battle with the teenager. He was surrounded by a black glow, and this person was Yu Mu, a famous general of the Rain Clan. He was a veteran from the Hundred Clans Battlefield and had managed to survive that battle.

Those trained by him were among the best soldiers, and the cavalry surrounding the Tiger Gate Tavern was also under his command.

Yet now, he looked disheveled and drained of strength. He had summoned all the precious techniques he could think of, but his opponent singlehandedly forced him to bend down and pressed him into the ground up until his waist.

“He is…” Yu Mu turned to look at the crowd and tried to shout out something.


In the end, blood gushed out from Yu Mu’s mouth as the hand pressed further down. Many bones were shattered, and his entire body was smashed into the ground; he was killed instantly.

The crowd was petrified. Who was Yu Mu? He was a ridiculously powerful man who had survived the Battle of One Hundred Clans! Regardless of their victories and defeats inside, those who could return were all heroes!

Yet now, he died such a miserable death under such suppression. A palm nailed him into the ground and turned him into a lifeless body. Such a scene was so unsettling that the crowd felt the hairs at the back of their necks standing up.

“You’ve done it now, young man. Your heart is truly fierce, taking all these lives. You really are a demon king!” Shi Ziming shouted.

“Do you even care about your dignity anymore?” Shi Hao asked in a calm voice, which also had an awe-inspiring quality to it, unsettling all those listening to him. His tone turned cold as he went on. “You came here to kill me first, but died at my hand instead, yet you are accusing me of being ruthless? This is simply the peak of shamelessness. Is this just how you guys always are, or are you trying to make a joke?”

His question was sharp and humiliating. It not only made the group of furious people’s faces become thoroughly red, but also incredibly resentful.

“Rain Clan, you all are truly outstanding. You haven’t made any progress. What kind of people did you send? It’s completely not enough to kill.” Shi Hao shook his head.

The Rain Clansmen’s eyes were completely red. Yu Mu’s group of experts took the lead to enter first, and they were supposed to provide support at any time. However, they never expected that in just a short period of time, their experts had all withered.

Currently, none of them could see Shi Hao’s expression, because once he merged with the Imperishable Golden Body, unless he took the initiative to show himself, everyone else could only see dark light and killing intent circulating around a humanoid individual. However, they could feel that he was ridiculing them with absolute contempt.

“Who exactly are you?” Shi Ziming shouted, because it seemed like Yu Mu was doing everything he could to shout out this person’s identity before death. However, he only managed to spit out two meaningless words.

In reality, everyone here felt their hearts beating like crazy, to a point where they wanted to run immediately. Even Yu Mu was killed, so they definitely weren’t this individual’s opponent. It didn’t matter how much they outnumbered him.

“You all should go down to hell and have a reunion.” Shi Hao’s voice became cold. He rushed up and directly went for Shi Ziming.

In terms of bloodline, this could be said to be one of his distant cousins. However, as of this moment, how could there be any affection between them? Even if the other party knew who he was, if he had the power to kill Shi Hao, he definitely would not show mercy.

He soared high into the sky like a cold and expressionless black metal. He swept out with a banner, and with a hong sound, the world seemed to be distorted as wind and lightning danced chaotically.

With a pu sound, Shi Ziming was shaken so hard that he spat out several mouthfuls of blood. This result greatly affected the minds of everyone here. They had just met face to face, yet one of the Martial Imperial Manor’s experts was already injured.

“Noble king?!”

Only these two words could describe this power. Otherwise, how could he be so powerful and frightening?

Shi Hao did not say anything as he looked at these people. He took action again, because he did not want to turn into an asura and murder these individuals clean, but he also was not willing to let the leaders of this group go.

“Charge together!” Shi Ziming shouted. The opponent’s strength definitely couldn’t be underestimated, as one person wasn’t enough to defeat him. He called for those from his clan and Rain Clan’s cavalry to charge together.

Unfortunately, Shi Hao did not want to give him that opportunity. He forcefully took action, because he did not want to tarry here for too long.

Ten heavenly passages were opened, and the space was warped with brilliant symbols. They swamped over like a great tide, completely freezing the space here. Shi Ziming’s and those other leaders’ movements were sealed.

This was an absolute imprisonment. There was absolutely no suspense involved, as they couldn’t break free at all. It exhausted quite a bit of essence energy, but Shi Hao did not hold back. He wanted to end this battle quickly.

He rushed over, and Shi Ziming was beheaded. His headless corpse fell onto the ground.

At what seemed like the same time, several others were beheaded and killed here. There wasn’t any chance for them to escape.

The remaining troops were in an uproar. This battle had just started, yet the result left everyone trembling in fear. Even though they had all experienced bloody battles, they were still absolutely terrified.

“Kill!” There were several people who shouted loudly. They could truly be called warriors, as they did not fear the demon king like youth.

In the end, a streak of light flew past, and these people were cut apart at the waist. Their corpses dropped to the ground, making this place reek with the smell of blood.

“My Rain Clan won’t let you go. No matter where you flee to, you will still die!” Someone shouted, but he was clearly appearing fierce while being cowardly at heart.

Shi Hao pointed his finger at the space between that individual’s brows, causing blood to bloom from that location. He collapsed with his head still facing the sky.

“There is no need for your Rain Clan to search for me. I will go pay your sect a visit right now!” Shi Hao left this place with large steps.

The events at the Tiger Gate Tavern were quickly spread out, triggering an enormous uproar. Those nearby were all stirred up and quickly rushed to the scene. All of them were shocked.

What kind of youngster was this? He was actually so unrestrained and unbridled. He killed those of the Martial Imperial Manor and challenged the Rain Clan; this was just too forceful and dominating.

In reality, while the Rain Clan’s experts were being killed, there were already armored horses frantically rushing towards the clan to report the situation. However, how could they be faster than Shi Hao?

He did not utilize the true Kun Peng technique, and only used the damaged technique, but he still travelled as fast as lightning. Behind him were a pair of golden wings as he traveled through the capital and hurried to the Rain Clan’s Mansion.

This was an enormous manor with a tall and lofty gate. The main entrance was grand and imposing with two powerful stone beasts at the sides. It gave this place a spectacular and vast appearance.

Not long ago, the Great Demonic God had completely destroyed this place, but through the Rain Clan’s renovation and reconstruction, the mansion became even more massive.

Ashy red courtyard walls and faint gold tiles stretched out in front like a city. The Rain Clan arranged everything meticulously, with many symbols and great formations carved on them to protect the sect.

As Shi Hao stood there, he immediately thought of many things. The Rain Clan did not leave him with a single good feeling. Without mentioning Shi Yi’s mother, just their attitude back then already left him an extremely nasty impression.

When Shi Ziling brought him out from the capital and travelled to the western border, the Rain Clan sent out large groups of experts to hunt them down, making his family experience misfortune again and again.

Back then, the clan used the divine decree to kill their family and eliminate them completely. In the end, Shi Ziling suffered a serious injury, and his body became extremely weak.

After many years passed, the Rain Clan still was not willing to give up. They had continued to look for information about his family, and even found the second ancestral land. Even though they knew that Qingfeng was a substitute, they still injured him heartlessly.

The Rain Clan’s cold-hearted and unrelenting attitude, as well as their domineering style would always make Shi Hao clench his fists. They truly bullied others intolerably!

“Without mentioning the grudges from the Hundred Shattered Mountains and the Void God Realm, just the way you wanted to deal with my grandpa alone needs to be settled!”

This was not the first time Shi Hao came into contact with them. Malice between them had long been brewing, so there wasn’t a single bit of hesitation in making the decision to come here. There was a raging battle intent within him.

“What kind of person are you? Leave, don’t block our Rain King Manor’s gate!”

“We are speaking to you! Are you deaf? Did you hear what we said? This is not a place where someone like you can stand on!”

It was quite obvious that those guarding the manor were not welcoming. As soon as they saw Shi Hao temporarily stand there while looking at this manor, they immediately began to berate and chase him away.


Shi Hao directly took action, ignoring these people. He created an enormous black hand, and with a honglong sound, the majestic hand slammed towards the majestic gate.

Even though this place was guarded by great formations and symbols, under Shi Hao’s full force, it was still shattered under a single strike.

With the destruction of the majestic construct came an enormous noise. The sound spread far into the streets, and the nearby people were all astonished. Who was this person? The Great Demonic God had come before to create a huge disturbance, yet someone else now directly collapsed the Rain King Manor’s great gates!

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