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Chapter 303 – Havoc In the Rain King Manor

“Who on earth are you?” Shouted the people of the Rain Clan. A large crowd of onlookers had gathered around, and they did not want to be a laughingstock.

By then, the streets were packed with people who began to contemplate on what was happening. The Rain Clan truly had lousy luck, having their gate smashed twice. It really was an unlucky year.

“Save your words. No matter where you come from, the things you’ve done are too sinful to let go. You will die here!” The yell almost sounded hysterical.

The Rain Clan had never suffered so much loss, and yet the provocations just kept on coming today.

A sneer emerged from the corner of Shi Hao’s mouth. The Rain Clan had always acted in a dominating manner during the past few years, but the problems they faced in succession lately must have put them on edge.

The burning anger did not bother him in the slightest, for he was here to fight in the first place. The crazier his enemies acted, the calmer he reacted, as if none of these actions affected him.

“I’m the one who sent you the gift.” Shi Hao said in a low voice.

“What? You were the one who sent that head back?!” One of them erupted into fury. It was nothing but undisguised provocation. Sending the head back first before bringing the battle to their doorstep; this was an intolerable insult.

Others were bewildered as well as surprised, for they sensed that the situation was going south. The teenager seemed extremely confident in himself, so he was definitely not simple.

Just then, turmoil broke out in the streets as the sound of thundering hoofs rumbled near. Those sent out by the Rain Clan to besiege the Tiger Gate Tavern had come back and were rushing across the crowded streets.

“Where is Yu Mu?” Some mighty experts shouted from the ravaged gatehouse.

“Lord Yu Mu was killed in action…” Someone in the cavalry answered in a weeping voice. None of their commanders had survived and were all killed in the battle. They had come back to report the situation.

“Morons!” Scolded some of the Rain Clan’s mighty experts. They had sent out so many people to subdue just one person, yet they were not only killed by the target, but also led the enemy straight to their gate.

In reality, the cavalry had moved into action in advance and was about to send a message back to the clan. However, the messenger was caught by Shi Hao and taken out on the way back.

They could not even beat Shi Hao in heading back to the Rain Clan, which made the clan members pale with anger. They deemed these people to be utterly useless!

Cultivators of some great clans who had gathered on the streets all broke into laughter at the news, and a clamor of comments spread out through the crowd.

“Is the Rain Clan really in the decline? Being suppressed by the Great Demonic God was one thing, but for a mere teenager to mess them up so badly, is there any dignity left in this clan?”

“Wu, you have a point. Even if they manage to kill this boy in the end, they’ll still be thrown into disgrace. Being chased to their home by their enemy like this, if it were for me, I would rather not have such a stylish gatehouse, hehe.”

The countenances of the Rain Clan members grew darker with the comments from the crowd. Some of them were trying to stir up trouble, while others were taking pleasure in their misfortune. However, both were mockeries to the Rain Clan.

“Kill him. No matter who he is or where he comes from, kill him now and show no mercy!” An elderly man showed up and ordered the crowd to move into action with a wave of his hand.

Words were futile now. The only way out now was to get rid of the teenager as soon as possible, or they would become the laughingstock of the entire Capital. This would be an unthinkable humiliation.

Four people walked out of the crowd. These were all Rain Clan warriors that had trained for a long time away from home and had only returned to the clan recently. They blocked off all four sides of the courtyard, trapping Shi Hao in the middle.

One of them brought out a sack and shouted, “Go to hell!”

A fierce gale sprang up, and with a swooshing sound, sands and stones were carried into the air. The whole street was shaken by the gust, and the tiles on some distant rooftops were even blown high into  the sky. The scene was terrifying.

Needless to say, the pressure on Shi Hao, who was a lot closer to the source of the wind, was much greater. He was somewhat startled. What sort of sack was that? The hurricane started as soon as it was open. Blades consisting of light flew around in the wind as well, creating metallic sounds.


Shi Hao struck out with his palm and smashed some of the light blades that were flickering with symbols into pieces. The wind, however, was becoming stronger, which made it difficult to stand still.

Another man brought out a drum and began to beat it. With dongdong sounds, flashes of lightning suddenly struck down at Shi Hao in an incredibly ferocious manner.

The remaining two roared at the top of their voices and summoned rolling black clouds. Heavy rain started to pour down, wrapping Shi Hao inside. The four of them together had managed to bring about such abnormal weather to this little world.

The wind howled, lightning flashed, and thunder rumbled during this heavy downpour. They indeed deserved the name ‘Rain Clan’, as they were able to control the weather and create a thunderstorm.

It forced Shi Hao into an incredibly passive situation, for both the rain and the wind  consisted of symbols. They were all-pervasive and kept attacking him from every direction. The lightning and thunder were all real atmospheric phenomenons and not illusions.

Raindrops transformed from symbols descended fiercely, blowing directly into his face. Shi Hao’s entire body lit up. He believed that if anyone else was in his place, their physical bodies would have long been destroyed by the rain.

He not only withstood the attack, but also made an aggressive move. As a heavenly passaged opened up, a golden-striped purple Suan Ni lept out with a roar. It was the size of a small mountain!

Against the windy storm, the Suan Ni roared loudly. Countless spheres of lightning were created, looking extremely fierce.

The scene was almost apocalyptic. Taking advantage of the rain, the spheres of lightning spread out swiftly with pipa sounds. Added to the shocking thunderclaps were scorching flashes that made those watching tremble inwardly.

“Ah…” The one holding the wind sack was the first one to suffer. An enormous bolt of lightning struck him, and he was shaking violently. With no one to activate the sack, the wind weakened immediately.

“Aohou…” The Suan Ni roared again, and the lightning it spat out became even more frightening. Purple lightning surged like tidal waves, sweeping out in an unstoppable manner.

This area was filled with scorching heat and purple steam. None of the four mighty experts managed to escape, and they were all struck by the lightning. They all shook uncontrollably, as if they were being electrocuted.

The one beating the divine drum and summoning lightning was worse off and immediately exploded, turning into a mist of blood and bone fragments. It was a scene too miserable to witness.

The four mighty experts were all taken out in the blink of an eye, making the Rain Clan suffer another crushing defeat. It was such a shocking result, for a single teenage boy had brought four major experts to their knees in almost no time. It was as if he was only sweeping up dead leaves.

“The purple Suan Ni, you are…” At the back, several Rain Clan members felt their eyes twitch. They were a bit suspicious and immediately thought of that devilish brat.

Could it be him? They felt blood rushing into their heads at once!

After the Suan Ni disappeared into the heavenly passage, peace and quiet returned to this place. There was no more lightning or watery mist, and the sky above looked crystal clear.

“The Rain Clan is so weak,” said Shi Hao.

After suffering from one failure after another, what the Rain Clan hated the most was this sort of ridicule and contempt. The incessant defeats had filled their hearts with resentment.

“Kill!” Shouted someone, who charged forward fiercely and summoned a giant net made from the tendons of a flood dragon. He moved swiftly and landed like a flash.

Shi Hao was taken by surprise and dodged at once. However, the web was a peculiar one and followed him closely. It soon caught up to him and wrapped around his body.

“Immortal Restraining Net!”

Someone recognised it and cried out in surprise. A clamor of discussion erupted from the crowd in the street, for they did not know that the Rain Clan could make such magical artifacts. It could follow its target and would not stop until its prey was caught.

Shi Hao struggled violently, making the net flare with great light. Countless symbols illuminated, and it almost seemed to dig into his flesh as it began to refine him.

“Kill him now!” The people of the Rain Clan shouted as they dashed forward, striking at Shi Hao all at once.

“Open!” Roared Shi Hao. Burning flames emerged from all over his body. With a loud bang, the entire net was ripped apart. Meanwhile, he summoned his treasured artifacts and brandished his fists unceasingly. With a series of pengpeng sounds, several people were knocked away one after another.

“Don’t just stand there, kill him now!” A sect elder of the Rain Clan ordered loudly.

The next moment, the whole cavalry and the rest of the mighty experts all charged together. Various symbols flew in mid-air towards Shi Hao.

With a weng sound, Shi Hao summoned the sword formation he obtained just then. In an instant, eight flying swords stirred up a thousand tidal waves as a biting coldness pressed towards the crowd. The dreadful cold was giving them goosebumps.

The knight closest to the front was immediately cleft in half by one of the flying sword along with the vicious beast he was riding. Their blood splattered everywhere.


A second flying sword swept by, beheading a mighty expert. The headless body crumpled into a pool of blood.

By charging all at once, they had actually enabled the sword formation to exert its maximum power. Almost all of the swords managed to hit a target, and the eight flying swords were growing more powerful with each strike. With the accumulation of their power, their divine abilities were able to shake heaven and earth.

Pupu sounds rang out incessantly as the number of heads rolling on the ground grew quickly. Before long, the whining of vicious beasts filled the air, and bodies piled up outside the gate of the Rain King’s Manor.

Blood soon spilled all over the ground. Dozens of human heads and mighty experts’ corpses were scattered everywhere. Such a scene shocked everyone on the street and made their skin prickle with apprehension.

He was merely just a teenager, yet the experts of the Rain Clan could not withstand his attack. The way he defeated them was as easy as harvesting crops.

Shi Hao marched inside in large strides, making the Rain Clan’s people faces ashen in fear. They kept stumbling back, as if they were seeing a fiend. They were utterly horrified.

“Move into formation!” Commanded an elder.

An array of formation flags emerged and flapped in the wind. Shi Hao did not dare to treat this attack carelessly, and had already unified with the Imperishable Golden Body a while ago. A black glow flickered around him that was extremely bright and resplendent.

Symbols appeared in batches, and the giant flags rumbled. The flags kept expanding, as if they were going to reach into the clouds. Mist shrouded the sky, filling it with flashing lightning and roaring thunder.

Unfortunately, these were not enough to stop Shi Hao. As he struck out with one open hand, the black illumination expanded abruptly and blew up large areas of symbols into pieces. More than a dozen of the giant flags were snapped in half. Shi Hao blasted the great formation open before bursting into the manor.

“You are not going anywhere. Get in here!”

Several elderly men showed up, one of whom was holding a pagoda in his hand. He threw it high into the air. The pagoda enlarged on its own to suck Shi Hao inside. A blurry multicoloured glow was flowing around the pagoda.

“Great! Now melt him down!” Yelled the elderly men.

The entire pagoda was illuminated as beams of divine light hung down from it like a curtain of burning flames. The pagoda was shaking from head to toe, trying to boil Shi Hao to death.

However, this only went on for a short while before the pagoda shuddered violently. Its size increased abruptly, and in the end, the pagoda exploded with a loud bang, resulting in a series of screams from the crowd, for the debris pierced through many cultivators and badly injured them.

While thoroughly covered in the black glow, Shi Hao dashed out like a Demonic God. He was fearless as he marched straight ahead. A group of people tried to block his path, but they were no match for Shi Hao. Blood gushed out from their mouths from the impact, and some were even blasted away.


Shi Hao struck out again, and a spacious courtyard in front of him collapsed. None of the palaces or halls survived the strike. The courtyard was now in complete ruins, covered by rubbles and debris.

“I knew it! The Rain King’s Manor is getting taken apart again!”

“The Rain King’s Manor had always remained domineering, but now the fight has been brought to their doorstep, moreover this is the second time now. Even their manor is being destroyed. This is an utter humiliation, and their reputation will be permanently damaged.”

Countless people were watching outside. Some sneered, while others sighed emotionally. All these reactions made people of the Rain Clan feel frightened and infuriated.

Standing on a pile of rubble, Shi Hao looked around in a commanding manner before continuing his march forward. His open hands swept sideways as he moved, grinding grand palaces and courtyards to the ground. He might as well have been slapping the Rain Clan members’ faces.

“Who the hell are you?” Shouted someone.

“Who am I?” Shi Hao stopped and watched the Rain Clan group with an indifferent face. He removed his disguise.

“What? It’s you!” Cried the Rain Clan crowd.

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