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Chapter 292 – Fighting Against the Fairy

Shi Hao was clearly different now. Whenever he raised his fist or lifted his foot, he possessed the grandeur of a master. His strength immediately erupted, and his aura became even more powerful. He now displayed his true power!

What was his purpose in coming to the capital? It was for the sake of meeting his grandfather. In other words, he would naturally collide with those of Shi Yi’s bloodline.

When that person’s name was mentioned, he immediately thought of too many things. All of his resentment and grudges were towards that mother and child. He was fated to be his great enemy. Sooner or later, a bloody battlefield would occur.

He never looked down on the dual-pupiled individual. After he obtained the ancient deity’s eye in particular, he felt even more restraining fear. He knew that he had to be careful.

Meanwhile, this fairy Yue Chan came precisely for Shi Yi. In the future, they will definitely stand on opposite sides, and a great battle would definitely break out. Rather than waiting, it was better to settle it sooner.

Of course, this was all from the witch’s one-sided perspective. However, Shi Hao’s mood was now changed. He originally only wanted to fight, but now, he was going to unleash his techniques.

“You have to understand that outside of this region, fairy Yue Chan’s name is simply extraordinary. She is known as the most beautiful fairy in all of the nine heavens, worshipped by all the young individuals. She is simply beyond sacred and extraordinary and stands above all others. If you can subdue her and make her your wife, just how fascinating of an event would that be?!” The fox-spirit spoke while giggling.

When Shi Hao raised his hand, blue waves surged and ocean waves soared into the skies. A Black Tortoise rushed out. It was incomparably vast and suppressed towards the otherworldly fairy.

“Ah gu mo ni…” Fairy Yue Chan began to chant an incantation, and light erupted from all over her body. A jade white arm slammed out with an incredibly sacred power from the incantation.

The blue seas surged, and that Black Tortoise fiercely rushed out, colliding fiercely with that spotless white palm. The two created a storm like power that was absolutely horrifying.

With a hu sound, rubble and stones rolled about everywhere. Tens of thousands jins of boulders were blasted flying. Enormous cracks appeared on the ground, as if divine blades had hacked past.

“So powerful!” Fairy Yue Chan’s heart was greatly shaken. Even though she knew that there were formidable characters in the wasteland region, she never thought that she would encounter a youngster like this.

Shi Hao soared vertically. A wave of incomparable aura surged from his body, and from high up in the sky, he slammed downwards with his palm. Waves of frantic astral winds were raised. The ground was ruined, and even more large crevices appeared.

Fairy Yue Chan lifted her head. She remained just as calm as before. Extraordinary splendor appeared within her beautiful eyes, and her sparkling white jade-like hands moved towards the sky. She did not want to evade, but rather face it head on.


The light between the two individuals became even more dazzling. Shi Hao blasted through everything, breaking through layer after layer of symbols as he flew down. He swooped down just like a falcon.

“Good! Deity-like youngster, throw yourself forward!” The witch shouted from the distance.

Fairy Yue Chan seemed incomparably pure and holy. Light continuously scattered about her body and surrounded her, but this was still not enough.

The youngster in front of her was too powerful, scattering apart the barriers of light one after another, colliding several times against the jade palm separating them. Divine light exploded between the two, endlessly erupting with shocking energy.

Fairy Yue Chan’s precious appearance was serious. The ten heavenly passages floated around her, forming a moon with her at the center. She became more and more extraordinary.

At this moment, she began to chant out sutras like a supreme deity. Moreover, the heavenly figures within each of the ten heavenly passages began to chant with her.


She resolutely attacked towards the sky. Her jade-like palms continuously slammed outwards with an exceptional and otherworldly power. At this moment, her beauty and holiness reached its peak.

She was just like a thousand hand buddha. Hands reached out from those Heavenly Passages one after another, striking together with her against that powerful youth.

This was an incredibly intense exchange, and even Shi Hao was startled. He used his most powerful divine force to suppress and defeat this extraordinary fairy from outside this region. Astral winds chaotically blew about, raising the opposing party’s veil. A sparkling pure white face appeared, possessing a beauty that made others feel as if they were suffocating.

With an unhurried glance, he saw his opponent’s real face. This was a great battle of life and death, and a single strike could determine the result of this decisive battle. That kind of face truly left a deep impression.


It was as if the entire heavens were overturned. Shi Hao was like a demonic bird that was swooping down from another realm as he faced that thousand hand buddha. There were palm imprints everywhere; it was a graceful yet crazy scene.

The two individuals both trembled. This was an awfully terrifying collision. Shi Hao’s valiance was unblockable, as his talents in this realm were extraordinary, surpassing those of the ancient times. As a result, he possessed an unrivalled power.

Meanwhile, fairy Yue Chen’s precious technique was exceptional as well. She was able to display this kind of divine ability in just a split second. The ten hazy figures appeared from those heavenly passages. They began to chant together, and many more arms seemed to have appeared.

Shi Hao was like a demon, his body moving powerfully left and right. He did not try to simultaneously take on all of the arms, but instead dealt with them one by one. Terrifying symbols erupted, causing rumbling sounds to fall incessantly. It was a if a supreme demonic god had burst into a palace of immortals to wage war against immortals, creating an incredibly intense scene.

This kind of confrontation was an extremely rare sight. If there was anyone else between these two, they would be killed in one strike without any suspense. They would definitely explode, because it was just too powerful.

They weren’t ordinary people, and were both incredible figures. Shi Hao stood alone and above everyone in this cultivation realm. His power flourished, and without any gaudy techniques, he struck down with a single blow!

Meanwhile, fairy Yue Chan possessed ample battle experience. Her precious technique was incredibly powerful, able to take on ten people at the same time. It was terrifying to the extreme.

Unless Shi Hao turned the tides like a demonic deity to strike all of them down, he might truly suffer some consequences.

It was because this was the thousand hand buddha like sacred fairy. All of those pure and holy bodies were taking action simultaneously. It was just too terrifying, as if a multitude of people were suppressing him together.

In the end, Shi Hao broke through everything as he descended from the skies. He almost made contact with fairy Yue Chan, valiant and unrivalled.

“Truly not bad. Seems like you have succeeded in creating your own way in the heavenly passage realm. It has rarely been seen since the ancient times.” Even the witch was full of praise.

Both sides were evenly matched with this one strike. No one was able to obtain an advantage.

Fairy Yue Chan was speechless. The opposing party was just too strong, striking down with brute force without any special techniques. This kind of domineering manner gave her a sense of terrifying power beyond the realm’s limits.

“I’ve come in search of Shi Yi only to see just how strong he really is and whether or not he really is as great as the rumors say. I wanted to take a look at this natural born deity that is regarded so highly in this wasteland region.” Fairy Yue Chan’s expression was calm as she spoke these words.

It was evident that she realized something, because she was an incredibly intelligent person. her perception was sharp, and from the witch’s words, she guessed that this youth did not have good feelings towards Shi Yi.

“Aiyaya, older sis is such a bad person! You clearly have your eyes on that dual-pupil guy and was willing to pay an extremely great price to rope him in. How could you suddenly say things like this? Oh my god, could it be that  you are acting so defensive because you are turned on? That would not be good…” The fox-spirit fairy smiled while speaking.

Shi Hao naturally knew that the fox-spirit loved chaos and wanted him to continue fighting. However, his mind was truly played by her this time.

“You really are a witch.” He said to himself. He still didn’t know whether or not this fox-spirit was just another spiritual body or her real body.

“What kind of words are those? I was just thinking of you. Fairy Yue Chan had selected the dual-pupiled individual as the overlord. That was clearly her goal, yet she insists on dragging me down with her. Deity-like youngster, throw yourself over! Pull that pure and holy fairy regarded as the most beautiful in all of the nine heavens into the world of mortals! Let her know just how unbounded the mortal world is. From now on, make her forget about the immortal and make her the wife of a man.”

The witch was laughing splendidly. If these words were spread out, it would offend the entire world. If the people of her region found out, many young people would definitely be furious.

Another round of fighting began. Shi Hao ran along the great earth with his entire body shining. Around him, the ten great heavenly passages roared, causing those two girls’ expressions to change. Those heavenly passages were just too large.

The ten heavenly passages were identical and incomparably terrifying, as if ten worlds had simultaneously appeared within the void and surrounded him. As they crowded together, they were like an enormous sun.

Shi Hao took action. He was just as intense and overbearing as before. At this moment, he became like a demonic god, with every action causing terrifying energy to overflow into the heavens. He continued to forcefully oppress his opponent in a direct manner without the use of any ‘tricks’.

This was the power of a demon king, the power of belief that he was the strongest. He pushed forward with the strength to tear apart anything in his way!

This was the first time fairy Yue Chan encountered someone so powerful within the heavenly passage realm. Her expression became more serious. She was known as the fairy of an entire generation, not only because of her appearance and temperament, but also because she possessed true strength.

However, today, she encountered such an incredible youth.

Shi Hao’s palm descended, and the two parties collided once again. String after string of divine light burst forth with symbols erupting like blazing flames, covering this entire place in resplendent light.

“Sky Altering divine art!” The witch spoke out these four words, making Shi Hao absolutely astonished. So it turned out that this was what she used. No wonder the other party was completely able to receive this attack. It was because she actually grasped such a great divine ability.

The fight between the two were at times like eagles in the skies, at times like a demonic ape trampling down mountains, and at times like a true immortal displaying their power. Overwhelming power and delicate grace were coexisting.

Fairy Yue Chan’s white clothes fluttered about, with her jade-like white arms revealed as she continuously collided with Shi Hao. Ever since she was born, this was the first time she felt a battle was so difficult. This youngster was just too powerful.

The earth beneath her continuously collapsed, with cracks extending far into the distance. This was the power of the Heaven Altering divine ability’s might, completely refining the other party’s attacks and guiding it into the air or the great earth. She did not truly take on the attack herself.


Her spotlessly white right hand collided together with Shi Hao’s fist, erupting out an expanse of dazzling radiance. The berserk divine energy was completely dissipating, causing the space around them to ring.

The force that was unloaded beneath her feet continued to follow the patterns of the ground, causing a mountain in the distance to explode into pieces.

This scene was incredibly terrifying. Not only was fairy Yue Chan shocked, even the witch was shocked. Her intelligent eyes continuously moved about.

“Hehe, I’ve found treasure. Older sis Yue Chan, is this youngster worthy of you? This is someone who is truly shoulder to shoulder with you, and can even suppress you within the Heavenly Passage realm. I know that you still have trump cards, but you have to know that this fellow isn’t necessarily using everything he has either.” The witch said with a smile.

Fairy Yue Chan found it difficult to calm her mind. Within this Demonic War Domain, she actually encountered such an unrivalled youth. She truly might even be in danger.

“Older sis, just admit that you’ve lost the bet. You’ve said before that if you were to ever lose to another, then you would allow me to handle it and marry you off.” The witch said with a smile.

Fairy Yue Chan felt an incredible amount of pressure. This battle was incredibly unfavorable for her. She understood the witch’s power, but never thought that she would find such a strange youth. The wasteland region far surpassed her predictions.

She was known as a fairy, representing an entire great sect. She was normally high and mighty, and within her region, her identity was extraordinary. Who would dare to speak anything profane about her? Yet currently, the witch was speaking as such to strike her down into the world of mortals and humiliate her supreme sect.


Shi Hao advanced with even more boldness. With every step, the world would ring with noise. His aura engulfed the mountains and rivers; he was difficult to stop!

“Hehe…” The witch laughed and also took action to trap her opponent.

Fairy Yue Chan’s expression changed. Things were really turning bad. She was going to be captured.

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