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Chapter 293 – Trump Cards Gathered

Shi Hao’s ten heavenly passages illuminated simultaneously as they roared in an explosive manner. They joined together, forming an enormous sun. He approached from the other end of the sky, as if a heavenly deity was descending into this world.

Fairy Yue Chan turned pale. The strike was too strong! When her delicate hand smashed into that palm, a splendid multicolored light erupted, sending a violent shock through her body.

At the same moment, the Heavenly Fox fairy approached in a fierce manner. When her porcelain arms spread out, the heaven and earth were shifted, as if the world was collapsing. A shroud of mist surged and pressed forward.

Fairy Yue Chan was attacked from both sides and could not withstand the two mighty experts at the same time. She was about to be captured.

A strange look came across Shi Hao’s face. Naturally, he still had some tricks up his sleeve. he did not lock down the space around him, did not use his flesh heavenly passage, as well as other things, yet he found that he really was about to take down this fairy at this stage of the battle.

He previously thought that he might not necessarily succeed, so he did not find it necessary to offend the fairy Yue Chan. Now, he found that the witch was a cut above. This Demonic War Domain was truly quite strange.

“Older sister, you are not going anywhere.” The Heavenly Fox fairy pressed near.

Shi Hao also charged near. With a strike of his palm, he shattered many symbols and suppressed fairy Yue Chan. With a peng sound, he grabbed one of the unmatched beauty’s arms. He immediately felt the softness and her fragrance.

“Yi, something’s not right!” Just then, the Heavenly Fox fairy was alerted. She found that the situation was abnormal.

Right at this time, the Demonic War Domain was sliced apart. A streak of blade radiance passed through the clouds from the heavens, hacking apart this world. It was just like an immortal strike from the heavens!

Meanwhile, the entire space began to collapse. The Demonic War Domain disappeared, and they appeared within the real world.

In front of them, the blue lake rippled. The unmatched beauty had a jade sword in her hand. She overcame that space and collapsed that place.

Shi Hao felt that as soon as his hand relaxed, the immortal jade-like body disappeared into a rain of light. It flew towards that unmatched fairy and entered a heavenly passage.

Fairy Yue Chan!

The witch smiled and said, “Older sis is incredible after all, cultivating your sect’s divine ability to such perfection. You have actually reconstructed a true self with your spiritual body to pass off as your real body in such a short time, seizing the force of heaven and earth. Formidable!”

When Shi Hao heard what was said, he immediately felt a shiver run down his spine. That was formed from just a spiritual body? It didn’t seem any different from a true body!

Fairy Yue Chan was incredible. Just now, she did not truly fall into an impasse, because her real body was always outside. Not even the witch was able to realize what happened.

The battle did not last for a long time. Not many people by the shore noticed them, but now, they looked over in this direction. They only saw two fairies standing by the lake. Everyone felt incredibly bewildered.

This was true for Shi Hao in particular. He didn’t even attract much attention.

Fairy Yue Chan’s expression was calm without any anger. She continuously stood their expressionlessly. In the end, she smiled sweetly and said, “Younger sister’s methods really aren’t bad!”

Following that, her bright eyes turned around. She nodded towards Shi Hao without any intention of fighting. There was no hostility.

Shi Hao rubbed his chin. This really was an unexpected event. He didn’t want to get caught up in these two ladies’ dispute at all, and never thought that he would take action like he did just now.

“What happened?” Many people were astonished.


Suddenly, a dazzling web dropped down from the sky, completely surrounding the fairy below. Even Shi Hao was caught up in it.

The web was extremely terrifying. There were stars flickering within, and it was sparkling and translucent like streaks of interweaving rivers of stars. The entire lake was surrounded.

“Our family’s young master wants to invite the two fairies as guests.”

The voice was transmitted from the heavens. Large amounts of black clouds surged over, creating the sounds of rolling thunder. Honglonglong sounded as it quickly descended.

“Many great characters will become rotten weeds. Your Archaic Divine Mountain owner’s teaching is a bit lacking. If he knew that his heir was causing such trouble, he would definitely be greatly angered.” The witch sneered.

At the same time, fairy Yue Chan took action. The sword in her had emitted dazzling divine radiance with a chi sound, cutting apart the sky with incomparable sharpness.

A precious artifact appeared in the witch’s hand, forming a sun. She leapt into the air, and with a gentle shake, all four directions began to tremble, and lightning from the nine heavens hacked down.


The large net was directly destroyed by the two fairies.

At the same time, fairy Yue Chan’s divine sword and the witch’s precious artifact shook, completely scattering the clouds in the heavens. Endless rays of divine light interweaved.

“What? How powerful are those precious artifacts?” Everyone was alarmed. They were all deeply shaken.

That net was definitely of noble king grade, and one could imagine the status of the person who used it. Yet in the end, under these two precious artifacts, it didn’t stand a chance.

With a pu sound, the jade sword erupted with inexhaustible radiance, hacking off an enormous bird’s head, directly killing him.

“Fairy Yue Chan is so powerful. Is her sword an ancient sacred artifact?” Many people trembled. That sword’s power was just too great.


The sky shook, and that witch’s precious artifact lit up and shook that enormous bird’s headless corpse into powder. There was nothing left behind.

Following that, the two precious artifacts returned to their owner’s bodies. They stood within the blue lake like graceful fairies. The two individuals were distant and unmatched.

Many people were stirred up. These two ladies were too powerful, truly heaven warping beauties. The magical artifacts they grasped were even more terrifying, able to kill even noble kings.

“How could they be so powerful?” Many people found it difficult to believe. They just could not imagine how it was possible.

“Even if the supreme youth Shi Yi becomes their age, he would only be similar to them, right? Would he be able to become any stronger?” There were many people who sucked in a breath of cold air. They were in complete admiration of these two girls’ power.

Despite being like this, they were still beautiful to such an immortal degree. It was extremely difficult to find another person as beautiful as the two of them. They were like two supreme goddess that had entered the world of mortals.

More and more people were becoming shocked. They knew that these two came from outside this region, so these two were probably the most powerful supreme youth out there, right? Otherwise, why would they enter the wasteland region like this?!

These two were beautiful beyond belief, but their statuses were extraordinary and their strength was outstanding as well. It made the youngsters sigh, because they could only watch and not approach.

Those that had ideas before were now all silent. They were all geniuses with great statuses within the capital, but they were nothing compared to these two females.

The two girls no longer faced each other in conflict. They were at a mutual understanding with neither of them taking action. The wind between them dissipated, and without saying anything, the two sides walked in different directions.

The group of great talents separated and followed those two with passionate gazes. Even though they had put away many of their thoughts, they could still follow along and discuss passionately.

“The world is peaceful again.” Shi Hao was abnormally innocent as he reached out his arms and stood beside the lake. Those two girls did not even say anything else to him.

He knew that this was only temporary. The two were not willing to fight here, but they were still paying close attention to him. Only, they did not want to reveal his power to everyone here.

Shi Hao walked towards the pile of food. There was someone assigned to roasting meat, and all types of delicious fragrances could be smelled. There was also a wide variety of good wine that emitted intoxicating fragrances.

“I like this type of gathering!” Soon after, he tossed aside everything else and focused on eating and drinking as much as he wanted.

In reality, even though he was by the lake and relatively close to those two girls, not too many people noticed him. They all thought that he somehow got caught up in the chaos, and none of them made any connections between him and the two girls.

Therefore, he didn’t draw much attention to himself.

Only when his incredible appetite was revealed did the nearby people reveal looks of shock. Some of the girls were quietly discussing. “Do you see him? That fellow really can eat. That roasted fat cow has been almost completely consumed by him alone!”

“Yi, it’s you, the foodie!” A beauty recognized him and gave him this evaluation.

“Fatty, it’s not like I’m eating your portion!” Shi Hao replied.

The eldest daughter of the Thunder Clan’s teeth were itching. This fellow had won the mysterious bone from her at the auction house, so she had been upset for quite a while. Now, she was being called a fatty, so how could she stand this provocation?!

In the end, she stamped her feet in anger, but did not break out in fury. She walked in another direction.

“Good! You really did come. You are actually eating and drinking here so carefreely!” A furious voice sounded. It was precisely the Liu Han who had his bronze war chariot stolen from him and his companions.

Besides these individuals, there were still two other people who came along. Their strength weren’t ordinary and seemed quite powerful. They were both heirs of noble kings.

“Thanks for letting me borrow your war chariot. I’m done with it, so you guys can use it how you want when you return,” said Shi Hao. He then continued to indulge himself in the delicacies.

“You… really are preposterous!” Liu Han was incredibly furious. Born into the Lord Ling Yun’s manor, when had he ever been mistreated like this? He was beaten up, and then he had his bronze carriage stolen. It was truly a type of humiliation.

However, he still did not dare to create an uproar here. He was scared that more people would find out, because that really was like a big joke.

“Give him a beating, and then throw him into the lake!” He said in a soft voice. He then slightly hinted for those two unfamiliar faces to take action. They were two extremely powerful heirs of noble kings, and these were the ones whose carriage Liu Han’s group arrived in.

“Liu Han, remember that you owe me a powerful precious artifact!” One of them laughed coldly and said.

“Fine!” Liu Han nodded. Even though he was being extorted, he still wanted to borrow the other party’s strength to subdue that hateful youngster. Otherwise, he couldn’t get rid of his anger.


That individual took action. His palm directly struck over, and with a sneer, he said, “Go take a shower in the lake and wake up!”

The surrounding individuals immediately moved out of the way. These types of things were happening too frequently here. It had not been long since the gathering began, yet there were already numerous battles that had broken out, to the point where some people almost died.

A gathering of geniuses was just like this. In addition to mutual interactions, there were also harsh and intense battles.


The lake surface rippled, and water blossomed high into the air. Everyone was astonished, but then they all burst into laughter. There was someone who landed inside in an extremely embarrassing manner.

“You…” The person who just took action felt his face go completely white. With just a single exchange, he was tossed into the lake. That youngster didn’t even get up.

“Just stay in there obediently. If you dare to get up, then I can’t guarantee that there will be no danger to your life,” Shi Hao said calmly.

“How could that brat be so evil?” Liu Han cried out.

Immediately after, putong sounds continuously sounded. Liu Han cried out miserably, because he had been sent flying together with several other people into the lake.

“Hahaha…” Everyone laughed loudly, making the faces of those in the lake become thoroughly red. This was truly shameful.

In just a short moment, all of these people were left in sorry states. None of them dared to climb ashore on Shi Hao’s end, so they all swam towards the opposite bank.

“I wonder if this brother can part with his item? During the auction, we weren’t able to obtain that bone, so we want to purchase it from you now.” At that moment, a youngster  walked over.

He seemed to be from the same sect as the Thunder Clan’s eldest daughter. They arrived to the Green Wood Garden together, and he also made his appearance in the auction.

Shi Hao mind slightly trembled. His spiritual awareness was sharp and already felt that this was a powerful pure-blooded creature. The Thunder Clan was truly not simple.

“Sorry, I don’t want to give it away.” He shook his head. Who was this guy kidding? That might be another piece of the True Primordial Record, so he definitely could not lose it.

Could it be that the other party also noticed and recognized that this might be a piece of heavenly bone?

“That really is too regretful. I hope that this brother will contact me after he thinks things through,” said the young male.

“The exchange gathering is occurring. Let’s see if there are any amazing treasures.” In the distance, there were some people who spoke. Even the imperial princes couldn’t wait any longer and quickly left.

Thunder Clan’s eldest daughter and that pure-blooded creature also left for that area.

Not only could the geniuses spar at the capital, they could also exchange magical treasures and other things. This was a rare exchange gathering.

In fact, there were times where this place also became a place where a few noble king heirs tested out their precious artifacts against each other to see whose was stronger. The noble king heirs that carried grudges would also use this chance to take it out on their enemies.

It was extremely lively that day, because other than all the geniuses, there were also a few precious artifact store staff invited. They all brought with them some of their best treasures.

For the precious artifacts to circulate about, these people were naturally needed. Only with them here could the battle treasures become even more appealing.

“There are things I need here!” As soon as he walked in, the little pagoda in Shi Hao’s hair began to move and transmit sound.

“These are some ancient treasures dug up from ruins. They are almost completely damaged, but there is no lack of amazing items among them. Not long ago, we even found a sacred artifact inside!”

This was spoken by the manager of one of the capital’s most wealthy and well known weapon stores. In addition to several of his store’s best treasures, he also brought over a parcel. Inside were a few broken ancient weapons like a wolf fang dagger, flood dragon tendon bow, and others. Even though they were all in terrible condition, it was still quite clear that they were unordinary.

“It was something good in the past, but as time passed, it has become been deformed and ruined.” Many people took a look here, but they all shook their heads before leaving.

Shi Hao was able to smoothly buy that wolf fang dagger with a low price. It was in quite bad shape and almost broken.

The small pagoda quickly devoured it in a place no one else was at. Soon after, it told Shi Hao that it would allow him one more life saving opportunity.

“You… are behaving so straightforwardly. What exactly was that?” Shi Hao was extremely shocked. How could the other party suddenly become so generous and not only giving him half a use?

“This isn’t made out of a wolf fang, but rather formed from a dragon’s teeth,” replied the little pagoda.

Shi Hao immediately became frantic. What? That was actually a dragon fang? It was… consumed just like that?!

“To be precise, it is the teeth of a dragon child. It isn’t the teeth of a true dragon.” The small pagoda told him that the aura it felt when it first entered the capital was precisely this dagger. However, it didn’t expect that someone would actually bring it here, saving it quite a bit of effort.

Shi Hao sighed and then completely calmed down. Now, even if he waged a huge war with Shi Ziteng and the people behind him, he would still remain fearless!

“Archaic Demonic Spider, you forced my grandfather to leave, so I demand an explanation.” His voice was extremely soft as he spoke to himself. Now, he would not be scared of exposing his real identity anymore. He could stir up absolute chaos within the capital and advance his plan.

“Grandpa, I want to tell you that I am still alive. I am still in this world. You don’t have to wait much longer, because you will soon hear news about me!” Shi Hao clenched his fists tightly.

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